Animals of Pern

*Please note that Herders do not deal with dragons, firelizards or whers.


This is a general term for the birds that the Craft deals with. These include your typical Earth domesticated fowl, such as chickens, ducks and geese. On our version of Pern, they keep the same names as their Earth counterparts.


These are the sturdy work-beasts of Pern. A breed indigenous to the planet, they have been described as being huge, resembling a cross between an ox and a rhinocerous, and being sturdy, reliable ungulate creates that are used mainly to carry or pull things (such as carts and so on), as their name would suggest. They are not commonly eaten.


'Canine' refers to what on Earth would be called a dog. They are four-legged, furry creates that are known for their sense of smell, sight and hearing. Many different breeds of canine exist on Pern, though for the most part they are of the more robust type, seeing as how they are used mainly for work rather than as companions.


Known as goats on Earth, caprines on Pern exist for a number of reasons. First and foremost is for meat, though they are also used for milk, leather/hide goods, wool (from the long-haired breeds), and of course they come in handy as waste disposal units.


Draybeasts are the name given to Earth donkeys. On Pern, draybeasts are a cheaper alternative to a runner or a burdenbeast, and can be used for a number of purposes, though mostly they are employed in the hauling of goods (mainly over shorter distances and with lighter loads, as they are not as durable or strong as the burdenbeasts).


There are two types of felines on Pern. The most common type is the small, domesticated cat, though larger wild-cat hybrids live on the Southern Continent. These wild felines are extremely dangerous, as they were enhanced using metasynth during the early settler days (not that any of the modern Pernese would know that), and they have been known to attack not only humans, but dragons as well. Herders do not deal with these wild animals.
As for domestic felines, there are many different breeds on Pern, mainly bred for hunting purposes. They make excellent tunnelsnake-catchers, while also being adept at capturing other pesky creatures.


Exactly the same as their Earth ancestors, ferrets can be found on Pern, though they are not as common as felines or canines. They are used almost exclusively for hunting as they are able to get into places that other vermin-hunters cannot. Their rarity means that they are quite expensive, and so not many people will own them, and they will not often be bought as mere pets.


This can refer to any animal which is raised in a herd-like environment for consumption, though more often than not they refer specifically to bovines, or, as they were known on Earth, cows. Bovines on Pern are used for exactly the same uses as those on Earth - meat, milk, leather/hide, horn, glue and other burden-uses, such as pulling carts or ploughs.
Dependant upon where the herdbeast comes from on Pern, they will have different features; for example, those from the High Reaches region will have longer, shaggier coats that are suited to cold weather environments than those in Ista. There are different breeds, such as meat herdbeasts and milk herdbeasts (sometimes referred to as milchbeasts).


The mascot of High Reaches Weyr, llamas aren't the most popular creatures on Pern, but they do exist, and in much the same form as their Earth relatives. They are used mainly for wool and pack-beast purposes, though they can be eaten.


In other words, Earth sheep. There are a number of different breeds on Pern, each bred specifically towards providing better wool, hide, meat or milk, which are their main purposes.


Known on Earth as pigs, these creatures are common on Pern, though perhaps not as much so as ovines or herdbeasts. They are almost exclusively used for meat purposes, though their hide is also used and they can be handy when used for waste disposal.


Rabbits are bred on Pern for three reasons (meat, fur and wool) though they are also kept as pets, particularly in Gar. There are a number of different rabbit breeds on Pern.


Quite possibly the most common animal dealt with by the Herders (definitely in an OOC sense!), 'runner' (sometimes runnerbeast) is the Pernese term for an Earth horse. With plenty of different IC breeds to choose from, there are runners to suit most purposes, such as pleasure, racing, burden, mining and many more.

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