Quite small in size, this young lady has topped out at 4' 8. Her tiny bone structure lends a delicate look, though gentle curves that are slowly filling out, add a bit of softness as well. Silky brown hair frames a thin oval face and her soft blue eyes as it drifts down in waves to drape across her shoulders. Her slim hands are callused and tipped with dirty nails.
Tiny blue buttons line the front of an azure cotton tunic, the sleeves falling just past the curve of %n's shoulders. Klah colors the thicker weave of flax that forms %p over-alls, the straps fastened with brass buttons in front and criss-crossing in the back. The trouser legs, seeming slightly long, fall to cover the back of a pair of plain brown hide shoes.
A Herdercraft Journeymans knot dons her shoulder


This poor child is but an orphan. Parents were lost in a shipwreck during a severe storm in which she was the sole survivor. Her brave canine risked his own life to drag her to a distant shoreline. Upon reaching it the waves carried her in but her canine went under from exhustion. She wondered down the coastline a bit until she came to Ista Hold where she wondered until she was fostered by Veraldaine. Circumstances has seen her move from Ista Hold to Blacksands and then back again. There she joined up with JaydeHold and became the Master Miner. But then once again she moves. This time to Keroon.

Arianya was a shipwreck survivor when she was about four. She was fostered by Veraldaine at Ista Hold. A time later they moved to Blacksands where they spent some turns before moving back to Ista Hold. She was a part of JaydeHold, a childrens 'Hold', where she played the part of the Master Miner. That is until she was moved to Keroon. From there she spent time helping in the stables before eventually apprenticing at the HerderCraft where she became a mentee under Rebecca. She started out as a jockey, since she was so little and then moved up to breeding racers as well. She lost a lot of her broodstock in the hurricane, but enough survived and she brought some back that her bloodlines didn't completely die out. She's still not been reconciled to moving to the High Reaches area, but she's managing.


Name Relation Location Position


bronze Kerwin
Smooth, silent, and shadow-dark, the intensity of his morbid purpose cloaks his honed frame in gloomy noire. Mottled scarlet mars hook-sharp talons, but his bearing is deceptively serene. Compact form and agile wings are made for speed, for strength. But he takes pleasure in darkness, in victory, in death—a hunter he is, and forever will be.

blue Bartok
Cute, for the most part; loyal, most of the time; good natured, when it suits him, this tiny blue has one thing, and one thing only, on his mind, 'himself'. All things, no matter what they be, or how important they seem, come after that one, all-important, VIP of a firelizard. Everything this little one encounters is carefully weighed with a tip of his small blunt snout, so that he can take full advantage of it, or make wisecracks at it, making sure it suits him the best. Somewhere beneath all that self interest and ego, there is a sweet little fellow hiding.

green Beljuril
Though small and slight, her size does nothing to mar her proud outlook. Held head high, she gives a little shake, settling her wings against her hide. A deep, pleasant, sea water green splashes down her slim neck pooling around her shimmering wings and dribbles down along her rapier thin tail. Along her head, the green seems to have almost faded away, leaving only a pale whitish green, that gleams around her sparkling eyes.

green Malachite
This hatchling's red, panic-stricken eyes dart about as her warm egg-shelter melts down into a goo-flecked circle of shards. A pleading creel issues forth, as she slowly picks herself up, shivering with fear in what's left of her egg. Stepping slowly forward, her every movement seems to cry out, no no! It's too early. However, her hunger swifly takes over, compelling her to move away and out towards the food.

blue Perri
Graceful length seems to dominate this fellow, hide of periwinkle and clover turning light blue to nearly soft, dusky, sunset purple. Strong muscles can be seen rippling just beneath the smooth hide, every motion one of calculated grace. His muzzle, slightly blunt and angular, is often held tipped just so, the blue darkening over his snout and headknobs, light as it slides down the underside of his neck to touch upon his legs and lighten his belly. Darkness spreads out over his back, coloring the even ridges in night's blues and dancing on down past his tail to end in darkness again as it spreads over a slightly too-big, elongated tailspade. On each side of the ridges her held two powerful, long wings; the wingspars dark, though a dawning takes place over the wingsails, bringing sky blue to touch the near transparent sails, veins dark on the undersides as they criss-cross about. A dancer on the wind as well as on his feet, he seems built just to play in the breezes, having never a clumsy moment in his life.

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