The Bridle

The browband should fit comfortably straight across the forehead. If it's too tight, it will pinch the runner's ears; too loose, and it will bounce around and annoy your beast.


You should be able to fit the flat of your hand between the jaw and the throatlatch so it won't restrict your runner's breathing.


The caveson noseband should be adjusted to lie two fingers below the prominent cheekbones to avoid chafing. If it it too low it will pinch against the bit.


Holding single reins. Holding the "bight" of the reins with your thumb and index finger, place the single snaffle rein between your pinky and ring fingers.


Holding double reins. Place the snaffle (top) rein on the outside of your pinky and the curb (bottom) rein on the inside between your pinky and ring fingers.

Paraphrased from Miller's Catalog no. 126, ©Miller Harness Co., Inc. 1994

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