Her unusual violet eyes are deep pools reflecting every emotion, large sparkling almond shaped orbs set in a tanned oval face above slightly prominent cheekbones. Light freckles sprinkle across a lilting nose, upturned just the perfect amount at the tip while nicely shaped lips curve up into a friendly smile, genuine and inviting. Thick locks of hair threaten to envelop the pretty face, the long golden cloak hanging to her slim waisted torso. It is occasionally tamed with a tight leather thong that seems to reside mostly on her wrist. Arms that are no stranger to work are wiry and ready of any task. They are tanned slightly darker than her face, testimony to the outdoor nature of her chosen profession. Despite being physically fit and a bit on the thin side from Herder chores, she does retain a feminine figure. Her slight hourglass figure curves in at waist, sliding in from her not quite smallish breasts, and back out at hips leading into lanky legs, long and muscular, making her a tall woman.
Deep purple, nearly blue, clads her form closely, a rounded neckline gracefully revealing her collarbone without exposing too much skin, the back of the dress swooping to not far below her shoulder blades. Loose sleeves fall to the middle of her forearm, a simple pattern of waves, in sky blue embroidery, accenting the bottom. The material falls lightly over her chest, falling without a waistline to her ankles, skirt widening over her hips without becoming cumbersome. The same simple pattern adorns the skirt, the waves close together and then spreading out as they work their way up the fabric, away from the starting point. Criss-crossing thongs create sandals that cover her feet, protecting them from the ground, the same rich hue dyed into the hide.
A double cord of yellow and white is looped twice with one tassle on Bryann's shoulder. Threads of gold and lavender are twisted into it, showing that she is a Herder Master, and specializes in rabbits.



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