looks at you with warm brown eyes, her oval freckled face framed by shoulderlength chesnut curls that are tied loosly at the nape of her neck. She has a softly sloping nose above full pale pink lips. At first glance her face is guarded, but then relaxes into a shy smile. Short in stature, her wiry frame is tanned and her long fingers callussed, she is no stranger to hard work. A pale scar curves from middle finger to thumb on the back of her right hand, with nicks and scratches scattered over her hands and arms.
a tooled leather vest, dyed forest gren, lays on top of a plain cut, cream cotton blouse, sleeves gathered at the wrists, a gleaming tigereye bead peeking out from under her left sleeve. Light brown cotton trousers atre tucked into scuffed black wherhide boots and her hair is tied back with a strip of tattered leather. The flower pattern of gold and red beads on her vest catches the light.
wearing the knot of a Herder Journeyman, golden yellow and gleaming silver, along with three grey ribbons, are woven into the yellow and white denoting a CsS of Feline Specailties, posted at Smith Hall.



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