Class Log: Basic Foals

Basic Foals - Taught by Sr. Apprentice Dalaynia - Jan 31, 1998

Breeding Pastures

A favourite place of many herders and visitors as well, this lush green pasture houses newly born runners, their mothers, and mares at many different stages of pregnancy. Carefully maintained by the runner breeding specialists, it is clear of rocks and other potentially harmful debris leaving only acres of green grass and large trees to provide shade on those harsh Summer afternoons. Down a small trail to the west is a large shelter erected to house the runners during extreme weather and threadfall. Following a gentle slope to the south is a large, clean pond filled with fish is where the runners drink, play and swim. Overall, this pasture has a very peaceful feeling to it, and it's not a wonder why so many spend their free time here.
This place could use some small tidying.
Standing quietly are Aislinn's Foal, Wi'nd, Leda, Song, Shetana, Ra'in, and Melody.
Gliding around are Thirst, Ice, and YoungBlood.
Obvious exits: Lower Pastures

Talasi silently creeps in from the Lower Pastures.

Kanal walks quietly in from the Lower Pastures.

Talasi wavels hello to Dalay as she walks in.

Thirst glides in from the Lower Pastures.

Kanal releases Ice, who launches into the air.

YoungBlood blinks in from ::between::!

Dalaynia watches as everyone comes in and waits for any straglers

Kanal sets down on the softest place possible.

Dalaynia smiles "Okay looks like this is everybody who's going to show. Well today you'll get to learn about foals" she says with a smile.

Talasi grins as she flops down to the grass always ready to learn anything to do with runners.

Kanal blinks.

Dalaynia grins " A foal starts out life with long legs in proportion to it's body. Normally a foal is able to stand on them withen two hours of birth. So you shouldn't need to help them, however if they havn't stood by them you should help them out."

Kanal frowns, "How do you help them though?"

Dalaynia smiles "Kinda give them a boost to help them stand and even help steady them if need be but you need to be gentle."

Kanal nods.

Talasi grins as she listens and nods her head every so often.

Dalaynia grins as she continues "You should correctly handle foals from birth. The sooner they are used to people and commands, the easier it will be handle them when they grow larger and stronger, as well as when breaking-in time comes."

Dalaynia continues "Foals that are well handled are half-backed already making your job easier.There is no need for formal lessens, but correct treatment, commands and behavior should take precedence whenever you are doing anything with the foal."

Dalaynia smiles "Are than any questions so far?"

Kanal grins, "So what you're basicly saying is, use common sense?"

An Apprentice asks, "Well what if there are TWO."

Talasi shakes her head no as she tries to memeorize this all muttering a few things to herself to meke sure she remembers.

Dalaynia smiles at Kanal and nods "That's right", she smiles at the other apprentice "I'll be getting to that soon"

Dalaynia glances around at everyone "Now no matter how cute you think a foal looks, it is not a canine and should not be treated as one. Because a foal rapidly matures, what was once thought of cute soon becomes dangerous and hard to handle as well as confusing to the runner"

Kanal nods.

Talasi nods and mutters, "they are cute though.."

Dalaynia continues "Strong runners may think it's acceptable to rear up and put their hooves on you or turn their quarters to you and play buck. A runner will usually be unable to be sold and someone can be seriiously hurt. I can't stress this enough"

Kanal nods and thinks, that /would/ hurt…

Talasi nods her head.

Dalaynia smiles and nods "I'm glad you understand. Now to go on. All foals should be kept indoors at night during their first winter, with their dams if the are not weaned. Leaving them outside will not toughen then up at all. In fact it will stunt them permanently as they will be unable to take in enough nourishment.""

Dalaynia smiles "However as some might think there is no need to keep foals and their dams cooped up in a stall for the first couple of weeks. If the weather is nice, you should turn them out either into a field or an indoor exercise area that has a non-dusty flooring after the first few days."

Talasi nods her head then starts to ask a question and stops as she hears it already answered.

Kanal nods his head.

Dalaynia grins "Can anyone tell me why this would be a good thing to do?"

Kanal grins, "It strengthens the foals muscles?"

Dalaynia smiles and nods "As well helping the foal to learn to use their legs and strengthen the bones. Along with letting them get to learn about the world. Also it helps the mare to gently recover"

Kanal nods.

Dalaynia smiles "The mare and foal should be left alone at first, but they should gradually be ntroduced to other mares and foals and kept in as natural a herd environment as possible. Foals will form groups together and learn herd manners, as in who is strong or weak and who is friendly or not . So if you have more than one foal to care for they are better off being together than kept seperate."

Talasi nods her her head, "what do you do if you wind up with some foals who don't like each other?

Dalaynia smiles "Well are there any questions on what we just covered?"

Dalaynia smiles at Talasi "Well often times they will work things out themselves, if things get serious it would be safer to seperate them so they don't hurt themselves"

Dalaynia smiles "Any others?"

Dalaynia smiles "Well if there are no more questions that concludes this lessan on foals"

Talasi stands grinning, "thanx for the lesson."

Dalaynia smiles at Talasi "And thank you for particapating"

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