Where's the Binky?

Foal Room
This large open room as had several small stalls built into the two walls to either side of the divided door. Each one is small enough to accomadate a foal confortably without being too large for comfort. Several haybales line the other two walls, and are covered with colorful saddle blankets, providing ample seating for those in the room. A few blankets also line the walls, helping to block out extra sounds as well as add a touch of color. Nestled up on the far wall are a couple of cots, for those that might need to stay overnight to keep watch on a foal or two.
The sweet smell of fresh cut hay permeates through the room.
There are 6 stalls here.
The stables are basically very clean. Curled up in the hay are two firelizards.
You see Foal Classes and Spice here.
Obvious exits:
Covered Walkway Dala's Loft Stall#

Coram walks gently and very softly in from the Covered Walkway.

Damria crawls in from the Covered Walkway.

Coram walks in quietly and looks aroundthen finds a seat and slides into it.

Dalaynia blinks a momemt as she looks at Damria and makes some comment about appies getting younger and younger each turn. Casting a glance at Coram she gives a soft smile and checks for any other apprentices.

Damria squeals and grins when Mungojerrie comes tumbling in, crawling towards the hapless and um should I say, luckless flit, holding onto Queenie as usual. Can't not have her even if she's after another pretty.

Cirra walks confidently in from the Covered Walkway.

Lucan walks in from the Covered Walkway.

Mungojerrie blinks in from ::between::!

Cirra waves to Coram, "Hi."

Coram looks over to Cirra and smiles "Hello."

Mungojerrie once again, as always, chrashes into the floor as he tumbles in from between, though this time sliding into a haybale, little one unseen and unheard as he lays there either relxaed or dazed.

Lucan hesitates for a moment at the doorway, then, seeing the other apprentices, makes his way in and finds a space.

Cirra walks over to Coram and sits down beside him.

Damria giggles as the pretty crashes again as usual within her reaching distance and she scootcrawls over reaching out to grab him around his beautiful little neck and draw him into her lap along with Queenie, who as usual, doesn't want to share her hatchling and hisses, sticking her face up so that Damria can't forget who's really important here.

Dalaynia gives Lucan and then Cirra a nod as she moves around to position herself in front of them, a watchful eye going to Munjo and then Damria before looking towards the nanny, this could be interesting. "Okay everyone, first we are going to start out learning some basic information concrning foals, Now I hope you all are familiar with what a foal is right?"

Glitz blinks in from ::between::!

Cirra calls to Glitz, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Sehrahn blinks in from ::between::!

Cirra calls to Sehrahn, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Coram smiles at Cirra then turns his attention on Dala.

Cirra goes home.

Lucan just sits, face blank. He's assuming that the Journeyman's question must have been a rhetorical one, see. Everybody knows what a foal is.

Kagold walks in from the Covered Walkway.

Coram nods as he knows what a foal is and raises his hand to the journeywoman acknowledge that he does know.

Dalaynia tilts her head a bit and hmms, quiet class "Alright since none of you have said otherwise, will go on the asssumption you do know. Now first off you should correctly handle a foal from birth. The sooner they are used to handling and people, the easier it will be to handle them as the grow larger and more powerful. This also makes breaking them to a rider easier as well, for a well-handled foal is already half-trained for it."

Damria gurgles and grins, giving Queenie her usual openmouthed and um slobbery kiss then holds her down a little while she patpats Mungojerrie, jarring him a little for every pat she bestows.

Coram nods knowing some about runners but not much and asks "How does a runner get used to people?"

Lucan sits forward slightly, listening, but quietly so. Dark eyes flick from the Journeyman to Coram and then back again as he waits for her to respond to the question.

Dalaynia blinks a moment at Damria and then at Mungo who seems to be taking it quite well though he is looking a bit limp. She smiles at Coram, constantly handly and touching does get them used to it. Formal lessens however are not needed, but correct treatment, handling, commands, as well as behavior should take precedence. But also never treat the foal like a puppy, think anyone can tell me why?"

Coram thinks for a second before awnswering "Because the can not be trained like pups?"

Damria pulls Mungo more tightly into her arms, and bestows a generous kiss onto him as well, a little grin on her face. Limp is good. Limp doesnt' fight back or go between as the more selfpreservationist Queenie does.

Lucan's brow furrows for a moment, then one hand lifts, somewhat tentatively. "Pardon, ma'am; but what way do you mean 'don't treat the foal like a pup'?" Of course, he has to clear his voice twice to get the words out.

Mungojerrie blinks as his tongue flicks over his muzzle in a comical fashion. Dalaynia fights back a laugh and gives her head a bit of a shake as she concentrates on the apprentices. "Well some people allow a foal to get away with playful activites like rearing up on them, much like a pup jumps up on people. Some get allowed to play buck or even butt their head into people. All this might be cute when they are small, but as they get larger, it becomes very dangerous. Many a runner has been killed because of this."

Coram nods "Foals should not be allowed to ram people either beacause they can get hurt too." he says wondering if that bit of information is true too.

"Oh." Lucan's comment is mostly to himself. He opens his mouth as if to frame another question, but notes the number of people in the room and flushes slightly instead and nods. Perhaps he'll save it for later.

Dalaynia nods softly as she smiles at Coram "Yes butting their head or ramming is not good at all. After all all of it becomes hard to handle, and can also confuse the runer since all of a sudden they aren't allowed to do what they were encouraged to do. Now continueing on, the first winter, if a foal is not weaned, they should be kept indoors at night." She looks at Lucan "Now why do you think we should do this"

"Uh." Lucan, put on the spot, stammers just a bit. "Because of the cold?" He'd know the answer, really he would, if he just weren't so nervous.

Dalaynia gives a grin, as her eyes dart over to Damria and the lizards before glancing over to Coram "And what do you have to add?" she asks with a tilt of her head.

Coram thinks "They have to come in so that they don't freze and die?" he asks, quietly and thoughtfully as he looks up a her.

Kirai trots in from the Covered Walkway.

Kirai slips silently into the class and jou(joins) the group "Sorry for being so late, I had to take care of Sunfire and…" she decides it's best to just keep quiet now and not be a pest.

Dalaynia smiles softly "Some do die, mainly it's because some do think it'll make them tougher, though it won't. In fact it usually stunts their growth, because they don't take in enough nourishment to protect them from the cold. All the nouridhment is used to keep them warm as opposed to helping them grow. On the other hand though, you do not need to keep the dam and foal cooped up in a stall for the first couple of weeks either. But you should only turn them out into the field if the weather is nice, otherwise, let them out in a indoor excercise area, as long as the floor is not dusty. Ypu can do this a couple of days after teh foal is born.

Kirai nods and tries to play catch-up on all the information. She's beginning to understand what they're talking about and even learning some do's and don'ts of foals.

Aneka quickly gets a pad of hide and a writing utensil, jotting everything down as Dalaynia speaks. She raises her head, glancing back at Dala again and listening for more.

Lucan lifts one hand. "Uh, ma'am? Why does it matter whether the floor's dusty? I mean, why is that bad for the foal?"

Coram nods thoughtfully at Lucan as he too considers the question "Does it make them sick? To have the floor dusty?"

Dalaynia smiles at Lucan "Well the dust is not good for them and can cause many respirotry problems as well as dust. And the flooring should never be dusty anyways, since it is also bad for the health of the people."

Kirai ponders the question also and waits respectfully for the answer. She is after all curious. She gives a slight nod and an "oh" after the answer is given.

Dalaynia looks around at the apprentices before asking "Now why do yuo think letting them out after teh firt couple of days is good for them?"

Aneka raises her hand slightly, perhaps knowing yet unsure but takes a try at the question.

Damria giggles at her pretties and takes the two of the, pulling them together in her hands, nearly making them see eye to eye as the case may be, and bestows a Damria-kiss on the two of them, illiciting an indignant squawk out of Queenie and who knows what out of Mungojerrie. Patpatting them now, she grins up at the others in the room, getting ready to haul her prizes around to the front of the room, and of course, the spotlight.

Kirai umms and thinks up a good guess "So they can practice walking around with their mums? To stretch their legs, I suppose?" she asks the question/answer uncertainly as she looks up at Dalaynia hopefully.

Lucan goes home.

Coram raises his hand "Because that will strengteh them?" he asks now wondering all about runners in general.

Kagold raises her ha'd.

Aneka replies to Dalaynia and her question, "Perhaps to allow them to have some fresh air, and have a first chance to enjoy the outdoors? It wouldn't be too good to have them cooped up in the stables as they grow."

Dalaynia nods softly to the apprentices as she jumps at the squawk and watches Mungo cringe back from the green and burrow his head into the infant. "Umm uhh.." she shakes her head a moemnt and then goes back to the apprentices. "Yes it does help the foal to learn to use his legs, as well as develop strong bones and muscles. THis also allows him to learn what the world is about. Also the mare can gently revover. THough they should be left alone at first and then gradually introduced to the rest of the herd."

Kirai umms as she re(raises( her hand in thought "Are they left alone so they can form a bond with each other? So baby knows mother and all that or is it dangerous if they join too soon?" she throws out her question and once again looks up towards Dalaynia.

Aneka nods at that, absently writing it down as well. She glances at Kirai as she speaks then looks back at Dalaynia for the answer to Kirai's question.

Coram nods as he digests this new information storing it for later use if need be he raises his hand and asks a question "In the first few minutes after the foal is born do mares neigh or nicker to let the foal learn her voice?"

Dalaynia smiles softly "A foal can bond with his mother even with other around. The qiet time alone, allows them to recover from the stress of the birth, and allows the mare to regain her health, as well as allowing the foal to get a bit stronger. You should introduce them slowly, but keep them in as much of a herd enviroment as nessacary. Foals do set a pecking order, finding out who is the strongest and the weakest. Some can even get a bit nasty about it, and a newly born foal is at a risk for that." She tilts her head at Coram "Well that all depends on the mare, some are fairly quiet and others make quiet a bit of noise. MOst however do nuzzle and lick their foal, and the smell is learned, though the foal does soon learn to regonize the voice of his mother."

Damria hugs a little too tightly and in her usual move of self-preservation Queenie betweens and hovers a couple of feet away, always at eye level with Damria. This of course, causes Damri to pause and stop, screaming her indignation at Queenie. "Nonono." comes from her and she scoots forwards, the hapless Mungojerrie still clasped in her tiny arms. "Qeqeqe" she screams again, reaching for her again, little fingers grasping for her pretty.

Kirai ahhs "I see" she says quietly when the answer is given, her questions are sated for the tim4e being and she ponders over the new information and tries to imagine what is being explained.

Icala glides in from the Covered Walkway.

At the sound of the scream, caprine that was once quiet is now skittering out of her Pen. Dala blinks as Spice leaps out, while Mungo lets out a timid sqeek as he's dragged. DAla blinks again as she drops onto a haybale and shales her head a moment as she looks up at the nanny and turns back to the appies "Well that finishes of the first class, anyone have any questions?"

Kirai shakes her ehad "Thanks Dala

Kirai has disconnected.

Coram nods at Dala as he listens to her and all this facinating information and he shakes his head and shifts in his seat.

Aneka grins, "Thank you, Dala." But she stays to listen to the questions and answers if there are any to be asked.

Dalaynia nods softly "Now are you guys interested in learning about feeding foals or have you had enough?" She asks with an anxious look given to Damria.

Coram nods "i'd like to learn some about feeding foals." he says looking at Dala.

Aneka nods, pondering if anybody else wants to take the class as well, "I might want to stay for 'Feeding Foals'."

Jenae strides in from the Covered Walkway.

Damria frowns, pouting at Queenie and with another shriek, reaches for her and drags her back into her arms, though the caprine scares her after she's gotten her pretty back. A look of alarm comes across her face and the angry screams become frightened screams and she scoots out of the way and out of her nanny's reach. After all, she's small enough to get under something and away from everybody's reach, her pretties becoming blankies more or less…. dragged with her as she scoots.

Dalaynia nods as she jumps right into the info, after all it's fairly quick and the quicker the better with the little one. "Now this little bit of information concerns foals that are not orphaned, that is coverd in another lessen, and since this is fairly short I'll add in weaning as well. Now a foal starts out life drinking his dam's milk for the first few wekks, however you should allow them to experiment with their dam's feed, if he wishes, though they are unablke to digest it at this young of an age." Wincing at the shriek she scoots off the bale and grabs Spice who is just as frigtened as she tries to calm things down again.

Coram grimaces at the shriek but listens to Dala intently…

Jenae comes in at a hurried walk, nearly tripping over a bale when she heads to a perch at the wall. Embarrased, she ducks a haphazard bow to the teacher and quickly settles down, hiding behind a drooping fringe. As furtively, she takes out notes and prepares to record.

Damria shrieks and screams, hugging her pretties now that she's in a relatively safe place. Bad Queenie for starting such a ruckus in the first place.

Dalaynia glances around a moment and then pulls down a blanket from teh wall and quickly lays it near damria, maybe that will help. Mungo on the other hand is looking much like the warn toy of any kid, poor guy. Taking a breath she continues "Now when the foal starts taking in more of his dam's feed, you can gradually start giving the foal it's own feed. A creep feed, whicch is something else that is covered more indepth in another lessen, is a good thing to use. But don't be suprised if they spit it out at first. Now what type of condition should the feed be in?"

Aneka raises her hand, "As a foal, I suppose it should be fed smaller types of feed." Well, that was a simple answer yet logical.

Coram raises his hand and asks "Does it have to be softened?" looking up at Dala.

Damria sniffles as she calms just a bit, her piercing shrieks diminishing as her beloved pretties stay with her this time, holding both flits in one hand, and reaching for the blanket.

Aneka grins, "Well, mostly the food should be easier to consume."

Jenae mms to herself, "Fresh?" she blurts out illogically. "Easy to consume, aye." is further mumbled in agreement with other apprentice.

Dalaynia gives a sigh of relief as the little on quiets "THe feed should be absoulutly clean, there should be no dust or dirt particles in it. And fresh is always a must" she says with a nod to Jenae. "Also water should always be availible, at all times, and that should be fresh and clean as well."

Aneka ahhs, tilting her head to look at her pad of hide, twirling her writing utensil into it's writing position then writes that down in addition to her many notes.

Jenae nods, fingers tapping slowly on the piece of hide she holds. Murmuring her understanding, she scribbles down the required information.

Coram thinks far a second as he watches Dala and stores a few notes on a hide he forgot he had in his lap.

Cirra walks confidently in from the Covered Walkway.

Cirra peeks around the corner then slowly walks in, "Can I stay for the rest of the class?"

Omelette glides in from the Covered Walkway.

Dalaynia smiles at Cirra as slips on into the last class topic "Well I am just about to start the last one on weaning. Now weaning is genrally a gradual process whjen it is allowed to occur naturally. Even mares with a new foal can be seen with last turns still taking the occasional suckle, and this does no harm. But alot of people tend to wean them at six months."

Cirra smiles and sits down.

Jenae wonders, "Is there a difference, if they're weaned naturally or by people?"

Dalaynia takes on a serious look "Now weaning can be a traumatic experiance and can leave life long mental scars if done too early or too suddenly. Now how do you think is the best way to wean?"

Aneka turns her head around to see who else just joined the class, abruptly focusing on the teacher yet again.

Cirra raises her hand.

Coram raises his hand.

Damria frowns at the now quiet caprine and crawls out from under the chair headed over towards the new object. Now that she's over her fright, maybe a new pretty might be in order. Dragging her current pretties she crawls closer.

Dalaynia eyes the apprentices and notes "Go ahead and just ask your questions"

Cirra puts down her hand, "Wouldn't it be better if they were weaned naturally?

Coram lowers his hand ands starts to ask his question "Um…when you are weaning do you leave some food out and seperate the runners into different pastures that are next to each other?"

Dalaynia tilts her head a bit "Well if it's done correctly, it doesn't really matter, but it also depends on the people raising the foals. Most want them weaned before any thought of selling comes up, and some just belive it's the right way to go. Harm doesn't come to the foal or mare if care is taken though. It's a matter of prefernce alot of times. And as for the weaning the process, the bet way is to gradually introduve nanny mares, those without milk, to the herd, and gradually remove the dams of the oldest foals who will soon attach themselves to the nannies."

Damria crawls closer to Spice, her attention on the legs of this creature. Something new to touch and um drag? Who knows. Flits are her bestest pretties and must of course come with her, though Queenie and Mungo both object to her method of carrying them and let out protesting squawks. After all, what's being carried by the neck to a flit?

Lannas strides in from the Covered Walkway.

Holmes hops in from the Covered Walkway.

Cirra nods and scribbles all this quickly down.

Spice, now quiet and calm again once more, begins to nibble on Dalas clothes a bit as well as some of the hay as herder pushes her away. "Gradually remove more and more mares from the herd until all that are left are those with no milk."

Cirra wonders, "How do most Herders do it?"

Aneka blinks, facing the hide again and scrawls this all down, trying not to miss anything important. Her hand goes in rapid scribbling motions, writing everything down so she can catch the next information to write down.

Lannas grabs a bale of hay and pulls her notepad out of a pocket, dusting hay and fodder from it and putting a hoof pick back in the pocket, "My apologies, J'man, I was busy helping a Lord's steward, and missed the beginning of class."

Jenae opens her mouth, then closes it dumbly as intended question is voiced. Shifting to catch the answer, hand poises with the writing stick.

Coram glances over as Lannas walks in and gives her a small smile before turning back to Dala as he listens quietly.

Dalaynia grins at Cirra "Well it's about even really, all depends on the time they have to spare, myself I tend to do it gradually myself since it makes it easier to train and work with them if they aren't hanging on their mothers." She glances at Lannas and gives a nod.

Cirra nods, "So gradually is the best?"

Kagold says, "im going."

Sadie has arrived.

Damria reaches out, little hands eager to grab ahold of Spice's nearest leg, thankfully she approached from the front instead of the back. All sorts of interesting marks could have been left on Damria if she'd approached from behind.

Coram glances at Damria for just a second and watches what she is doing in horror.

Lannas smiles at Damria, well familiar with the kidlet's actions and keeps a keen ear to try and pick up enough to understand later.

As everyone turns towards Damria so does Cirra. She watches her attempts and a strange expression of amusement and disgust crosses her face. She shakes her head then turns back to Dalaynia.

Aneka smirks at the child, watching her for a couple minutes until she finally remembers that she is in class and turns her full attention to the teacher.

Spice picks her head up quickly from Dala's shirt where she was eating and then steps back a bit from the tiny hands. Dala blinks and then scoops up Damria "Hey now, Mungo is one thing, but I'd suggest leaving Spice alone there sweety" she says softly looking a bit awkard with the child as she finishes the class. "Also you can seperate teh foal and damfor short periods of time, gradually increasing the length of time until they are living sperately."

Coram looks back at Dala as he concentrates on her instead of watching Damria.

Cirra says, "That seems good to do. How long would a process like that take?"

Lannas raises her head when the question is asked, writing notes and future questions to ask.

Damria wrinkles up her little nose, it being put outta joint as her 'new' pretty is taken from her grasp. Screams eminate from her again as she's disappointed in being scooped up… Not fair oh no… /her/ new pretty was snatched away, flits dangling awkwardly from her arms and held tightly. No use losing all of them.

Jenae nods, fiddling with the edge of the hide which she alternate crumples and smoothens. Attention doesn't wander off exactly, she's still listening, only writing fewer notes. She watches Damria curiously, rocking back and forth on folded knees.

Aneka goes over her notes for the day, adding anything that she left out from the lessons so she won't forget, reading them again after and acknowledges it with a satisfied smile.

Lannas raises her hand, "I'm sorry J'man I know I was not here before, but what was the first way to seperate foal from mother?"

Coram looks at Lannas thinking for a moment as he looks at some of the things he wrote on the small hide he has in his lap.

Dalaynia winces as the sccreams soar through her ears and attempts to speak over it as she tries bouncing Damria in her arms. "IT all depennds ont he personality of the foal and dam. Some are so independent they take every opportunity they can to be free, while others are the exact opposite." she looks at Lannas, balancing Damria as best as she can "The way is to introduce nanny mares into the herd and gradually remove the dams of the older foals until al thats left are foals and mares with no milk."

Lannas smiles, "Oh, now I understand…"

Cirra repeats her earlier question, "How long would something like that take?"

Dalaynia eyes Cirra again "As I said It all depends on the pair, some it's done reall quick others take awhile, there is no set time limit."

Cirra nods, "Okay. Sorry." She scribbles in her notebook.

Damria squirms, her little body becoming like lead. "Dow dow" she screams, reaching with one hand for Spice and nearly dropping one of her pretties. Determined little character, isn't she?

Mungo starts to squirm in Damria's grasp and adds in his own shrieks causing Dala to wince even more as she struggles with the kidlit. "Takeing a deep breath she makes her way back over to the dropped blanket and sets teh child down and then quickly grabs Spice by the collor and sticks her in the pen againa and looks at the class "umm if there are no more questions" she says speaking over damria hopefully "Then the class is dismissed."

Cirra puts her notebook in her back pocket and stands up wincing at the screams, "Thanks."

Cirra walks confidently to the Covered Walkway.

Damria sniffles, her screams intensifing as she sees the object of her desires led away and penned. "Nononono" and she tightens her grip on her pretties. They won't get away.

Coram calls over Damria's shrieks "Thank you Journeywoman Dala." he gets up and goes to the dorms to study he waves to all of the people and moves to leave.

Jenae crumples the hide into a proper roll and stands. "Thanks for the class." she says, jogging to join the leaving ranks of apprentices.

Lannas stands and waves to the J'man, "THANK YOU DALA" she yells.

Lannas strides to the Covered Walkway.

Holmes hops to the Covered Walkway.

Coram walks gently and very softly to the Covered Walkway.

Jenae strides to the Covered Walkway.

Aneka grins slightly, standing up and walking closer to Dala so the Journeywoman can hear her over the screaming, "Thank you for the wonderful class. I learned a lot." She turns around and heads out, following the other apprentices, glancing down at her pad of hide.

Aneka wanders aimlessly to the Covered Walkway.

Dalaynia watches the class leave and then looks at Damria and then her Nanny "Do something with her please?" she asks lookinmg quite a bit frazzles as she retreats herself."

Kagold walks out.

Damria wrinkles her nose and stands, hauling her pretties with her. Humph, everybody wented away except the poor frazzled nanny. Can you imagine putting up with her alla time?

Damria goes home.

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