Class Log: Ferret Colors

The smell of klah fills this large room. Several couches and chairs fill the
room, most of them surrounding a large fireplace. A bookcase sits in one
corner, filling most of one wall, filled with books written by several of the
herders on various subjects. A large oaken table sits in the center of the room
where several mugs of klah and platters of meatrolls can usually be found, a
small section in the corner of the room appears to be used as a kitchen of
sorts, containing a small stove and cabinets filled with mugs and bowls and
plates. Doorways lead in every which direction. A stairway is set to the south,
leading down to the hall's main corridor and up to the staff area.
Preening on the warm mantle are Gibson, Togne, Defiant, Mysty, Tiger,
HeartsBlood, and Qadir.
You see Bookcase, Renah, Chore Board, Tessa, JayJay, Ragdall, Egypt, Canine
Bed, Caramel, Large Exotic Flower, Scrappy, and necklace here.
You notice Shelia asleep here.
Danaka is here.
Obvious exits:
Female dorms Male dorms Staff Office Suite Stairs

Dalaynia steps through the door into the warm solace of the lounge.

Sariani steps through the door into the warm solace of the lounge.

Fawn steps through the door into the warm solace of the lounge.

Danaka turns on the OOC light.

Aerrek steps through the door into the warm solace of the lounge.

Dalaynia settes herself down lightly into a seat and leans back with a smile as
she glances at Danaka and then the others. Shifty slighty she gets comfortabe.

Aerrek walks in rather exasperated from his cleaning session and looks for a
seat. "Sorry I am late. I was cleaning out the stables." He looks around at
the others and prepares his hide to take notes.

Danaka says, "Ah okay this is all OOC. :) I'm not that good to know enough
about ferret breeding…to get color patters so….i'll just spew what i
learned just for Descing"

Danaka says, "I did take some creative liberties.. in actuallity there are NO
blue ferrets or long haired ones as of yet RL."

Sariani nods and settles comfortably in. okay, ready to listen to lesson-spam
on colors and other ferret-desc stuff.

Dalaynia nodders and listens, always a good idea to get more descing ideas,
really it is.

Danaka says, "Ferrets have both color and pattern. One form of pattern is color
concentration. Another is markings. One refers to a ferret by Color and then
one or more pattern. "

Danaka says, "say Black- Guard hairs are true black in color the undercoat is preferred is
white, but a slight golden hue is acceptable eyes are black or near black and the nose is
Preferred is black or near black but Speckled black is acceptable "

Danaka says, "i'm doing the colors first… of course this is all in a ncie table i borrowed
from a ferret page:) hehe… its helpful:) and these are color standards RL."

Dalaynia hmms speckled back now that woud make a cute nose, with a golden hue. hmm
the possibilites

Sariani nods. didn't know they could be speckled. future idea in progress.

Danaka says, "if some one could log and edit this lesson…. big pan of brownies…"

Dalaynia is aready doing that

Danaka says, "Chocolate (but when descing refer to this as KLAH) guard hairs are warm
milk chocolate brown and the undercoat — preferred is white, but a slight golden hue is
acceptable and for the eyes brown is preferred, dark burgundy is acceptable and finally for
the nose preferred colors are pink, beige, or pink with light brown 'T' outline. A brick
nose color is acceptable ."

Evora steps through the door into the warm solace of the lounge.

Danaka says, "Cinnamon the guard hairs are a rich light reddish brown while the
undercoat color — preferred is a golden hue, but a white is acceptable and for the eyes —
light to dark burgundy; and finally the nose — preferred is brick colored, beige/pink with
light brown or brick 'T' outline. Pink is allowed but not preferred. "

Fawn trys unsuccessfully to hide a yawn. She pretends to cough, hoping no one noticed.

Dalaynia hmms klah, creamed klah ould be even better. Tilting her head she noddles so
some pink some not

Evora enters the lounge, sratching Sunny's coat. "What's going on in here?" Sh glances
around, as she akes a seat at a table.

Sariani hmmms. Odd. Lotsa animals, pink is the preferred color for the nose.

Danaka says, "Champagne (or Dalay's creamed klah :) ) the guard hairs are tan or diluted
version of chocolate (KLAH) and for the undercoat — preferred is a white to cream but
not yellow. The eyes can be a light to dark burgundy and the nose color preferred is
beige, pink or pink with a beige or light brown 'T' outline. "

Dalaynia giggles "hmm yellow undercoat would explain the nasty dirty look some have
even after a bath"

Danaka says, "Sable the guard hairs are a warm deep brown and for the undercoat
preferred color is a white to cream or light golden but not yellow. The eys can be brown
or near black and for the nose preferred is a light brown, speckled/mottled brown, or
brown 'T' outline. "

Mirae steps through the door into the warm solace of the lounge.

Shelia steps through the door into the warm solace of the lounge.

Danaka says, "Black Sable the guard hairs are a dark ash blackish brown with no warm
brown tone with noticeable black glossy shine. The undercoat preferred is a white to
cream but not yellow. The eyes can be dark brown or near black and for the nose —
preferred is ash blackish brown through mottled or heavy speckled blackish brown is
acceptable. "

Dalaynia hmmms "Are there any undercoats that have dark colors?"

Danaka says, "Albino the guard hairs must be white to cream, with white preferable. The
under coat is white to cream, with white preferable. And the eyes must be ruby red and the
nose only pink. These are /true/ albinos. "

Danaka says, "I haven't seen any color pattern with the under coat a dark color."

Dalaynia noddes okay no dark colors in the undercoat

Sariani hmmms. So the pink is needed in the albino, but not preferred for others, correct?

Danaka says, "Dark-eyed White (this termed used so the animal is not confused with a
true albino) the guard hairs are white to cream, with white preferable and the under coat
is white to cream, with white preferable. The eyes are burgundy only and the nose pink
only. (if the eyes are ruby the ferret is Albino and not a dark eyed white) "

Danaka says, "yep sariani:) Albino's can not make any pigment color at all. "

Evora says, "Albinos, Black Sable, Sable, Champagne, Dark-eyed white, what other

Danaka says, "Dalay is making the log. *tosses dalay a big pan of brownies*"

Dalaynia beams and hordes the brownies, but will share if asked nicely "So even though a
white ferret is dark-eyed you couldn't get a brick colored nose either?"

Evora nods. "Okay." SHe'll compile all this info, one day.

Mirae wonders — "How common are albinos? Not very, correct? And what is the most
common color?"

Danaka says, "now i don't know if this next color is REAL or if i made it up:P *giggle*
sometimes i confuse myself. *shakes her head at dalay* Nope i haven't read anything
about that. I believe for the white/albino animals for somereason they just don't have dark

Danaka says, "I dont think there is a common color anymore RL. All the colors seem to
be represented…. and albinos are quite common. I've seen several with red eyes in pet

Evora guesses the next one, "Blue ferrets?"

Danaka says, "Silver: a distinctly silverwhite undercoat with black ticking and black eyes.
The kits are born gray. The ferret may or may not have a mask. There is a tendency for the
guard hair to lighten to white evenly over the body. As a ferret ages each progressive coat
change has a higher percentage of white rather than dark guard hairs. Eventually the ferret
could become all white. "

Evora scratches her guess, and changes it to Silver.

Danaka says, "and /that/ i can't remember if thats real or not:P"

Dalaynia grins "Sounds very pretty though, need to keep that on in mind for descs :)"

Danaka says, "I think i made that up:P hehehe. I'd imagine the nose color would be
dark…pink not preferable."

Aerrek falls asleep.

Danaka says, "Blue: a rare color for the pernese ferret. The guard hairs are a distinct blue
color from a solid deep blue with white ticking to silverblue with black ticking. The
undercoat is white to cream. This color scheme has /no patterns/ or markings."

Sariani chuckles. sounds pretty. There's a feline color like that, though, so it could be real.

Danaka says, "the eyes are black to dark brown and the nose is black to dark brown."

Sariani merphs. i was referring to the silver color, not blue…

Dalaynia patpats Sari "We there is blue for felines as well" :

Danaka says, "Next.. PATTERNS!"

Dalaynia jumps and then grins

Mirae cheers? ;)

Sariani goes slowly insane with lag. Whoooo, patterns.

Evora is finding a ferret colors site :)

Danaka says, "Okay even though a 'solid' may seem like it is all one color it is not… the
GUARD hairs are all te same color…the UNDERCOAT is still the light color…. so a
ferret always (except for white or albinos) always look like they are twotoned."

Evora interrupts, but for clarification. "There are silver ferrets in RL."

Dalaynia nods hmm twotone the ferret be a cute name…..

Danaka says, "Solids: The percentage of colored guard hairs should be ideally 100%, no
white (0%) GUARD hairs are present. This pattern gives an appearance of solid color
concentration from the head to the tail. Mask: full or 'T' bar mask the Nose: Appropriate
for color standard "

Danaka says, "Standards: The percentage of colored guard hairs should be approximately
90% to 100% in relation to white guard hairs but the color concentration is not as heavy
as in the Solid pattern. The body will appear lighter in color (concentration) and the points
will be easily discernable. the Mask: full or 'T' bar mask and the Nose: Appropriate for
color standard "

Danaka says, "Color Point (Siamese): The Color Point pattern will show a distinct
difference in color concentration between the body color and the points. The mask must
be a thin 'V' mask for black, black sable, sable, cinnamon and chocolates, not a full or 'T'
bar mask. Champagnes may have a 'V' mask or no mask. The nose color should be lighter
than the above stated nose colors meaning pink, beige, or 'T' outline. "

Danaka says, "Roans: 50% to 60% colored guard hairs (any color) vs. 40% to 50% white
guard hairs. The mask depends on the color and underlying pattern. The nose color also
depends on the color and underlying pattern. "

Danaka says, "And now Markings:)"

Dalaynia grins "oo fun thinks those are

Danaka says, "Mitts: (white feet or toes; also called silver mitts) and together with this
marking a ferret may also have bib (a mark at the throat like a bib:) and knee patches may
be present and a white tip on the tail."

Dalaynia giggles ooo knee pads… hehee

Danaka says, "Blaze: There must be a long white blaze from the forehead, between the
ears, down the back of the neck, preferably to the shoulders. Mask will vary depending on
the color concentration standard. Minor color rings around the eyes and small masks are
acceptable. Full masks are not acceptable in order for the marking to be considered a

Danaka says, "This blaze marking might be accompanied by knee patches and a white tip
on the tail. Bib, white or speckled bellies, and roaning are also acceptable."

Mirae steps through the door into the warm solace of the lounge.

Danaka says, "or even white tips or nips on the feet."

Mirae baps her computer on the head.

Danaka says, "Panda: The preferred Panda should have an almost completely white head
which includes the neck and throat. Colored guard hairs forming eye rings are acceptable
but never a mask. white mits on the feet usually accompany this marking. And also you
might see white knee patches or a white tail tip."

Dalaynia oooo's pretty… yes I am a panda bear, people watch me shake my hair.. bounce
my knees… hehe

Danaka says, "and a few other terms i've heard — Stockings: (mitts that progress up the
legs) Badgers (white blaze or stripe on top of the head) Siamese (dark colored or black
legs and tails and a v-shaped mask; also called a POINT) Self: (entirely solid)"
Evora says, "I wonder if the markings are inherited through traits, or what."

Danaka says, "Throat Stars: (White patches on the throat also called throat stars, throat
stripes, or bibs)"

Danaka says, "I believe so evora….there are some combinations that don't exist…though
there are LOTS of variations as it is."

Danaka says, "and I was considering adding one more pernese variations as thus: Spotted:
(unusual pattern of the pernese ferret found in only the champagne, and paler klah
varieties in which the coat is spotted/speckled on the underbelly with a lighter color)"

Danaka says, "(changed that lighter color to darker color) so it won't really be
spotted…all over…as ferrets really should be twotoned…makeing spotting impossible. but
a light underbelly with concentrations of guard hairs would work:)"

Dalaynia hmmms and nods, she likes that one

Sariani oooos. Cute.

Danaka says, "And i have finished with color spam:)"

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