Class Log: Beasthealing

Tarmel looks around as apprentices stream in "Ok everyone have a seat," she gestures to the benches set up around the room.

Arilynne leans against a wire cage and watches Tarmel with undisguised interest. Beasthealing is what Aril wants to do with her life, so this class should be very enlightening.

Dalaynia smiles as she grabs an empty spot to det, her attention on the class.

Kiltern finds a bench (thinks he's dislexic as he spells dinfs instead of finds) and sits down.

Arilynne settles into a bench at the Craft Master's direction, wiggling just a bit to find a comfortable position.

Kilari sits down quickly

Mirra for once makes her way towards the /front/ of the aprentice crowd, but still remains completly silent as she waits for the class to begin, shuffling in messy pockets for a bit of hide incase she needs it

Tarmel nods as all the apprentices find seats "Ok everyone, I see most of you are our newer apprentices so welcome. As I'm sure you know not only am I CraftMaster around here, I am also the head Beasthealer, and this class is to introduce you all to the specialty.

Kiltern grins and sits back, watching quietly.

Dalaynia nods as she listens attentively

Arilynne settles back, Tarmel having her full attention.

Mirra grins, fidgeting the edge of her hide scrap, as she waits for whatever's next

Tarmel leans against the fron table as is her tendency when lecturing "Most of you won't go into this specialty as there aren't to many who do, but all of you will learn the basics of it during your apprenticeship. What do all of you think a Beasthealer does?" Ah the opening question.

Arilynne raises a hand to offer a guess.

Tarmel nods at Arilynne "Go ahead."

Mirra's hand hovers in the air, not really high enough to be considered raised

Arilynne guesses, "A beasthealer takes care of and administers medical attention to animals, sort-of like a healer for beasts?"

Tarmel nods "That is part of it, in fact the major thing we do. But there are some other things that most people don't think of. Any one else have any ideas?

Arilynne glances around the room but doesn't raise her hand as Tarmel had specifically asked for someone else's input.

Dalaynia hmmms as she thinks

Kiltern hmms softly, trying to think but not coming up with any guess, its been way to long since he's had a class in this, that time in Redsands has gotten him used to only raisings his pets and the runners, along with a few other stray animals.

Tarmel smiles as she watches, usually she doesn't get an answer to this "Anyone?"

Dalaynia shakes her head

Arilynne shakes her head, having no clue to the answer for this question. She waits patiently for the master to enlighten the students.

Mirra slumps down, wishing even harder now that she hadn't chosen the front row

Tarmel smiles "Ok, like we've already heard the main thing Beasthealers do is just that, heal beasts. Also we work in training people and animals, work with specialists in breeding to try and look at what the offspring might be like..any thing that has to do with the welfare of animals.

Dalaynia nods, that makes since

Arilynne grins as the answer seems obvious once out of Tarmel's mouth.

Mirra blinks, and scribbles furiously on the hide scrap, as she realizes that beasthealing was more interesting than she'd thought it was

Tarmel okays and gives just a personal note "Also you'll notice that most beasthealers are trainers and breeders of one specific species or another, personally I work in canines such as Nimitz here. Why do you think that so few people specialize in beasthealing?"

Dalaynia raises her hand

Tarmel nods at Dalaynia "Go ahead

Dalaynia bites her lip a moment "Um because the training is longer and harder?"

Mirra glances to the canine, letting others answer if at all posible

Tarmel nods at Dalaynia "Exactly." She waves her hand around the clinic indicating the many cabinets and shelves "Beasthealers usually start out as apprentices here, then spend a full Turn with the healers, then another two+ going between the two. It's a long hard training that requires a lot of work. Beasthealing is one of the most frustrating without question but also rewarding in my opinion jobs there is.

Arilynne gulps a bit, looking frightened, before her chin lifts with determination. She can do it.

Dalaynia nods as she listens, happy to have gotten it right and amazed at what you have to do

Mirra bites her lip, once again scribbling details onto the hide as her intrest rises

Tarmel looks at the expresions on some of the faces with a smile "For those of you who don't want to be beasthealers you will have classes with me in which you'll learn how to treat minor injuries and how to deal with emergencies, where an animal needs to be treated right away but there isn't a Beasthealer in the immediate area.

Dalaynia nods as she grins a bit like a crazy feline who had sliced a canines nose…

Arilynne nods, beasthealing first aid, good idea.

Tarmel nods "Out of curiosity how many of you are interested in being beasthealers?" Translation? Who's interested in not sleeping again for about 5 Turns and being under Tarmel's intense instruction for 3 of those..the last not as bad as it sounds honest.

Dalaynia hmmms she could learn even more about runners perhaps….

Kiltern hmms and stays silent, nope, well, he wanted to specialize in canines once a long time ago, but.. he keeps his hand down as he looks around the room.

Mirra nods, once again letting her hand slip a little into the air, but she dosen't speak

Arilynne raises her hand slightly, glancing around her to see who'll join her in the long suffering haul. A smile is given to Mirra as Aril notes that she's not alone.

Tarmel smiles "Ah good I see there are a couple of you." A grin " Which means you two will be seeing more of me and this room than you probably ever wanted to. Does anyone have any questions for me, about specializing in beasthealing or just the topic in general?"

Kiltern says, "nope, none for me.."

Dalaynia hmms as she raises her hand

Arilynne raises her hand and then drops it, figuring that she'll talk to the Master personally after the class.

Tarmel nods at Dalaynia "Go ahead

Dalaynia nods "What exactly would runner beasthealing involve."

Tarmel nods at the question "You'd work a lot with the jockeys and the breeders, really it would depend on what exactly you wanted to do. That's another thing about beasthealing, like the Healercraft there are many things you can specialize in or you can, like me be a general one.

Dalaynia nods softly as she listens and thinks

Mirra keeps quiet, once again mussing at the edges of the hide as she goes over her thoughs as to what she should ask… after the class, when there aren't so many listening

Kiana pads in from the Courtyard.

Tarmel nods "All right then if there are no other questions you all are dismissed, the next class you have with me we'll actually get into the act of beasthealing. Have a nice day everyone, and if anyone comes up with any other questions I'll be around here for a while, and my office door is always open.

Kiltern strides to the Courtyard.

Kiana pads to the Courtyard.

Mirra lingers in a corner, shoving the hide back into her pocket as she lets the crowds of apprentices leave

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