Class Log: Showcase Runners

Runner Classroom
This room looks and feels like a stable room. Tack can be found on the floor and on hooks on the walls. Blankets are piled in a corner of the room. The walls are colored to a resting tan and pictures decorate the walls. Two of these pictures are framed in golden wooden frames. The first picture shows a proud toasted chestnut mare in full show barding. The black mane is braided with yellow ribbons. The tail is equally dark and flows liquidly from the mare's hindquarters. A small plate hold's the name Wild Fire under the picture. The second picture is a mighty stallion, also in Herdercraft barding, standing in an open field. Like the mare, he is a toasted chestnut. From the picture you can tell that he is a powerful runner. The ebony mane looks like it is flowing in the wind and his tail waterfalls into the air behind him. The plate under this picture reads Maximus Both pictures are on the wall, across from the door. Two charts are posted next to the door. One is a list of chores, the other, a list of classes. A few trunks are scattered about the room, making excellent chairs for when the Journeywoman teaches a class here. The room is cozy, but obviously not one to socialize in.
A small light wooden desk sits off to one side, looking a little unused and worn with dust. A chair is near the desk, but bits of hay lay upon the seat. It is as used as the desk, very little.

Damista is sitting at her desk for once, oblivious to the world around her.

Laurelyn sticks her head through the door a moment before steeping in on her exploration of the hall. She stops though as she notices that the room isn't quite as unoccupied as she thought it was. Her eyes are on the Master as she backs up a bit hoping she's not distrubing her.

Damista hears a footstep and jumps slightly before turning, "Um, ah, Hello?" She asks adjusting her eyes to look further then the Record she was reading.

Well know help for it, she's been spotted. Laurelyn ducks her head a little as she tilts her head a bit. "Umm, well, umm," she says with a gulp, her eyes flicking towards the knot again. "I don't well, umm, mean to distrub you Master." she says with a sheepish look. "But I was well, I was just having a look around and I hadn't realized anyone was in here and well I, umm. I'm sorry." she stammers out.

Brown eyes peer at the Apprentice before a smile comes over Damista's face, "Must be new around here eh? I am Master Damista, Ista Weyrherder and Showcase Trainer Master. I am the primary Master for Runners. I am sure you have heard horror stories about me by now." She chuckles, "They are all true you know."

Laurelyn blinks at that and then gets a tentative grin on her face "I've heard about you, but not really anything bad." she says as the grin turns more to a smile. "My mentor told me a bit about you, though it was more like she told me what you do." she adds brightly. "Mainly since I'm interested in Show err.. Showcase runners." She states firmly stumbling a little over the term, but not to much.

Damista raises a brow and looks at the child, "Who is your mentor?" Her voice is somewhat gruff, though her face hasn't really changed.

Laurelyn frowns a little as she wonders if she said something wrong "Journeyman Flarra, Master." she states though looknig almost ready to hold her ground, or defend her mentor against anything she might have said in error. "She didn't say anything bad about you MAster, honest."

Damista snorts and chuckles slightly, "She would be the only one with anything good to say. Flarra is my daughter."

Laurelyn is silent as she ponders this information. Mainly since it came as a bit of a shock. "She is?" she asks almost dumbly, after all it was just said. She gives her head a shake and then gives Damista a large grin. "You've a wonderful daughter then." she says brightly as she relaxes just a little. Not much, just a little. "I'm proud to have her has my mentor. She's been as great as any Captain I've served under."

Damista chuckles, "Just take anything she says about me with a grain of salt. She is biased and thinks the world of me. Now if you hear for others about my bad temper, that is more truth then what Flarra would say. Now what has she tought you?"

Laurelyn cocks her head a bit as she thinks "Well she's not given me a proper class yet, mainly because she's finishing getting things together for when we go up to the Weyr, but she has given me some information on Show runners and Showcase. Though I'm still trying to remember the differences." she frowns at that, mainly since she prides herself in her learning. "But I do remember that Showcase are much better then Show runners and that they stay in the Hall."

Damista snorts once more, "No proper class? Sit down in here child and let me see what you do know. She can't neglect her duties just because she is moving to the weyr. Now, what color are Showcase runners, and how does that differ from Showrunners?"

Laurelyn blinks a bit and then straightens up and gives Damista a salute. Some habits die hard. "Yes Cap, erm Master" she says as she blushes at her mistake but sits down quickly. "Showcase runners are a special color." that much she certainly remembers. She takes a breath as she tries to remember but cringes a little as she says "Chestnut Toast?" knowing that it has to be wrong. "And showrunners can be any color?" she adds just a little unsure of herself. She pauses a moment knowing that isn't the way to impress yourself with your teachers and does her best to dig up some other information "And Showcase have to be the best of the best. The fastest, the strongest, the most agile." she adds. Well thats her interpretation on things.

Damista sighs and shakes her head slightly, her brown eyes flaring with life as she turns more towards the apprentice. "Toasted chestnut. Now are Showcase allowed any markings?" She says nothing else about the answer given her as she continues the questioning. Her posture is that of authority which surrounds the air around her. She has been a Master for a long time and her reputation was earned even longer ago. She is as hard as stone and almost as untielding.

Laurelyn shakes her head "No Master, but they can be used for breeding purposes if they have the right coloring and conformation." she says after a moments thought, seeming to respond well to the tone of authority. That is something she is familiar with.

Damista snorts, "Flarra is not up to date. I allow a star or socks but facial marking need to be small , no blazes or white faces. Now what are the steps of showing a runners or a Showcase runner?" She leans slightly on her desk making small notations.

Laurelyn frowns a bit, it's probably not Flarra's fault, but her own. She's gonna need to pay closer attention to information just tossed out. She takes a breath as she thinks. "You mean the paces they go through? Like the walk, trot and gallup?" she asks. They hadn't gone much into the subject. "As well as some of the moves such as the capriolle and peroet?"

Damista nods slightly, "Give them to me in order of the Show. There is no differences here between to the types."

Laurelyn takes a breath as she thinks a little "Lets see, walk, trot, Canter, stop." she stops her face a look of concentration. "And thats all I know. We didn't go into a full class. Just a little overview of things."

Damista snorts disgustedly, "That's it? That's all she has taught you?!?" Her brown eyes are flashing nowand her face is devoid of all emotion other then her eyes. "I can't believe this, shells and shards, she should know better then that! Do you have a clss coming up now or chores that need to be done? I can teach you one class before I head back to my Weyr and then I will give you a note for Flarra."

Laurelyn ducks back a bit "She's not had the chance to Master. That was what she told me the day I got here, and it was late at night. And I've been bandied about the hall so much I've not had a chance to pester her more on the subject. I've seen more of the inside of a kennel and a stall then a class Master." she says as she straightens up again. Her Mentor shouldn't get in trouble for something not her fault. "I don't have a class coming up yet, and I had just finished my chores for the moment and had some free time to look around and eat." Not that she ever got around to eating yet.

Damista nods slightly and snorts once more before sending Killa off, "then we shall gather a class together and teach you kids properly."

Laurelyn looks a little indignant, but she holds her tongue. No point in making things worse. If she won't listen, she won't listen.

Killa returns and a drudge comes in with a laden tray. "No sense in going hungry while we learn."

Laurelyn can't help the grumble in her stomach as the smell of the food hits her. It's been a long time since she last ate. She shakes her head "No, no sense in it. A full belly can mean a full mind, if going hungry means your mind isn't on the subject." she says with a grin.

Damista nods the apprentices to seats and the laden tray of meatrolls and bread. "Find a seat and grab some food. We shall wait just a bit longer to see if anyone else is coming."

Lilah steps into the classroom pulling back long silver locks. Glancing about silently before the apprentice mooved to a vacant spot in the cozy room. A nod is offered towards the one whose stomach was growling, Achenar, Kyera, and Damista. "G'day!"

"Greetings!" Grinning broadly the apprentice scrambled into tthe small classroom. Smells like runners. A bob of Kyera's head is offered towards the Master before taking a meatroll and settling herself down.

Achenar slips into the room from the stables, a smile offered to everyone as a greeting of sorts, a slight bow offered to her Mentor. She's going to watch the fun class, see. She's slightly more calm than normal; this may be an effect of working on a certain project almost non-stop. "Heya." is offered, still with some of her normal cheerfulness in her voice.

Laurelyn glances around at the other apprentices who enter and then scrambles out of her seat to grab some food. "Thank you Master" she says as she takes a handful and sits back down to watch the other apprentices, not having met any of them as of yet.

Damista nods once and then turns towards the group that Killa gathered for her. "Now today I am going to gover what Showrunners and Showcase runners are, how the differ and what you can expect in a Show for both types. Now other then Achenar and Laurelyn, are there any other Showrunner or Showcase runner specialists in training?"

Laurelyn ponders as she tries to remember some names Flarra gave her. "Umm Bran something and umm SIri? Sira? umm…" she trails off and hides a sigh, names were never her forte

Damista nods as a few raise their hand for Showrunners and none for Showcase. "Alright then, the rest of you can use this class for an elective. Now some basic info. Showrunners can be any breed and any color. They are showed with others of their breed to determine which is the best in conformation and temperament. Showcase is far different in that only the breed I have developed can compete and then only the color called Toasted chustnut may enter."

Xinea gracefully glides in from the Stables.

Achenar looks around at the other students, before smiling to Laurelyn. "Siria." she offers. "But I think Master Damista meant ones here….." She looks to her Mentor-type with a slight smile; she opens her ever-present notebook, flipping pages to her notes on this class. And blinks. "Remind me to kill Chadoyn." is muttered; for her notebook pages have claw-shaped holes in them, making the notes illegible. She flips to a new page, beginning to write.

Laurelyn blushes a little and nods to Achenar. So she's not been good with the questions tonight. SHe looks curiously at Achenars notebook as she takes a bite of her food "Oh my what happened there?" she murmurs and then gulps, hope the MAster didn't here that. she quickly turns her attention back to Damista.

Lilah yawns some as she blinks back into "'realizy[C y" (reality).. A brow is arched as she completely missed what was really going onn. Something of course about Siria aaand (and) something happening. Hrm.

Xinea comes in from the direction of the stables and Tusce's stall where she has just put him in to eat and then hopefully sleep. She raises an eyebrow at the looks over a class and mutters her apologizes for being late to Damista and then sits down nearby on the floor.

Damria sneaks in, cause she wants to. Isn't that reason enough? And she's smart enough /not/ to be cheerful, nor familiar with the teacher. Soooo…. she slips to the back of the room and leans up against the wall. Good enough place, right? Though she does give a respectful nod towards Master Damista when she gives her a glance, as she indubitably will.

Damista nods as some come in late, "The Toasted Chestnut color is a chestnut with black flaked into the coat, almost giving it a firey or burnt look to the runner. The breed which is as of yet unnamed, has been breed from standardbred, Istabred and Shire. The breeding of this new breed was my Journeyman project."

Lilah offers a sidelgance towards Damria with a chuuckle before turning her attention back to Damista. Pulling out a piece of parchment and a quiill to begin scribbling notes. Or atleast trying to! Toasted chestnut. Unnnamed breed from standardbred. And such. Simple.

Laurelyn looks suitably impressed and gives a brief moments thought to granduer as she imagines breeding her on race of runner. She does quickly write things down on the her pad she pulls out of her pouch. She's not gonna get herself in trouble for not remembering again.

Achenar smiles to Laurelyn. "Firelizard." is the soft, one-worded answer. Attention is momentarily diverted to Xinea, then Damria; one hand is lifted slightly before she scrawls down a few more notes, watching Master Damista. So she can remember some of the stuff from her other classes - her notes are still needed.

Xinea takes out her small notebook as well and begins to pen notes onto the scrapped hide. She leaves some space at the top in case she can fill it in later and writes down neatly what has been said, but not the whole thing of course.

Damria doesn't often take notes. Mostly she just listens. When a class happens anyway. Usually, they're hands-on lessons. "These runners are bred also for strength of leg and chest, arent' they?" She asks, wanting to clarify something she's been thinking.

Damista nods, "Yes, mostly for the tricks that they are trained to do. They are also bred for speed and dexterity to add to the show. Showrunners are bred solely for conformation and looks, this also differs from the Showcase."

Lilah nods silently once more, murmuring softly, "Alright. Comfo[C[Dformation and looks." Scribbling down the stats for shhowrunner hos.."before glancing back up to Damista. She understood that much.

Laurelyn listens curiously and ponders "So a Show runner doesn't do tricks then?" she asks noting down the information. THen she pauses "Is it true that one of the tricks is standing bareback on the back of the runner?" she asks, not quite sure if she can really believe that.

Masaiya walks in, slowely, sitting down quietly so as not to disturb the class, though she can tell that runners are being discussed, and that perks her interest. She waves a shy hello the the gathered hereders (who she knows none of..)

Damista chuckles and nods, "Showrunners don't do tricks so anyone can show them. And yes, one of the Showcase tricks is standing on a galloping runners. Flarra and I are the only ones to have done it in show though at this time."

Laurelyn is doubly impresses now, her mentor having gone up a few notches in her eyes. "I want to do that." she whispers, her eyes bright with the idea. "Sounds even better tehn being up in the rigging when a storm hits." she adds with delight.

Achenar smiles slightly. "But Showcase runners are still absolutely gorgeous anyway." she comments, pausing a moment to scrawl a few more notes, before she begins sketching a small picture of her own Showcase runner. She looks to Laurelyn, nodding. "I saw Flarra stand on her Showcase runner's back for her journeyman show…" she says softly, with a slight smile. "I'm gonna try an' do it, too."

Damria chuckles. She's been known to stand on the rump of her walking runner, but never galloping and nobody's seen her. Nope, she's not foolish enough to get caught. "So, how many turns of training does your showcase runner have to have before you attempt a trick like that? And Master Damista? That means their temperament has to be absolutely steady, doesn't it?"

Damista chuckles slightly, "It takes alot of hard work and a lot of time with the healers. Not to mention broken bones. Now the show part for both types is the same. You start by standing your runner in the middle of the field and you salute the judges." She looks over at her daughter and smiles slightly, "I trained Cinder to it after three turns and Flarra took about the same. And yes, they need a steady temperment as well as a steady gait. If their gallop is choppy don't expect to stand for very long without loosing your balance."

Masaiya nods, totally captured in the lesson, but not quite asking any questions. Yet. She loves runners, and this sounds…. fun, really really awesom…

Laurelyn shrugs a little, borken bones are things she's familer with, a deck is hard after all.. very hard. "What does the salute look like?" she asks curiously. "Is it much like what a sailor gives her Captain?"

Damria nods, then asks. "What other types of 'tricks' can you do with your showcase runner, besides that one? Tricks that you can do from the back of the runner? Or are all the others done on the ground with you guiding your runner with whistles?"

Damista nods slightly and then performs the salute, her left hand going to just above her brow and then back to her side. "Like that, I am not really sure how the Seacraft does their salutes."

Damista chuckles, "Hold on Damria, we will get to that part as soon as we finish the show part."

Damria nods and sighs, shutting up as all good apprentices do when they're cautioned to go slowly.

Lilah glances to Damria with a slight chuckle, covering her mouth some. Nodding towards Damista. She's seen that salute in several different places before. Mmhm. Continuing to scribble down little tips and such with the occasional doodle here and there.

Achenar tilts her head slightly as she listens, nodding. She eyes Damria a moment, thinking, before offering a slight shrug. She wants to train her Showcase filly with some basic tricks before something too advanced. She doesn't like broken limbs. A bit more scrawling on her notepad; more detail is added to the sketched picture. It's not a terribly good picture. But no-one's perfect.

Laurelyn mms softly as she ponders this "No the Seacraft does it a bit differnt, I like this type though, it's" she pauses for a moment for the right word and then finishes "Elegant."

Damista chuckles, "That is all part of the show. Now after the salute, you walk your runner to the first flag and then go into a trot. At the next flag on the course you go into a canter. The next flag you stop the runner at and salute the judges once more. The you walk back to your original position on the field to a stand once more. Everyone follow that so far?"

Masaiya nods obediantly, still in a half trance. C'mon, it's her first lesson, give her a break. She realizes she should be taking notes (takes out her handy-dandy-notebook!-well, sorta..) and starts jotting things down.

Begins to scribble down a Lilah-like course of each flag and doodling what was to be done, "Why do you have to salute twice? Is it just because of seniority?"

Damria nods. "I do. So, what commands do you use Master, to clue the runner into what you want? Or does it just become habit on the runner's part?"

Damista nods slightly, "It also shows that you acknowledge the judges." She glances at Damria, "Never let your runner make a habit out of it. Some judges like to change the pattern, I am one of those. I use mostly hand signals and pressures from my knees to talk to my runner for shows."

Damria nods. So, you're actually /on/ the runner for the course? You salute the judge from the back of your runner and handsignal your runner with what you want them to do?" She's spent a couple of turns improvising with Cinder. It'll probably take a goodly amount of retraining to do it right, she suspects.

Damista nods, "The show is down completely on runnerback. At least this part of it. Showcase differs from here on out."

Laurelyn listens attentively, hand signals and pressure changes "My but it almost sounds like running a ship." she murmurs. "Do you use whistles at all?" she asks as she thinks of some other signals the sailors used.

Achenar nods; she sketches a quick square for a field, making appropriate flags, arrows, and small captions on it to explain that. She watches her Mentor intently. She needs to retake her notes all over again, thanks to the evil, fat, brown firelizard. She looks to Laurelyn. "You're sea bred, I take it?" she asks with a slight grin.

Lilah archers a brow at Laurelyn with a slight nod in agreement with Achenar, "Whistles. Wouldn't that distract a runner? Especially if they are trained by "hands-on" commands, pressure and such." She also figured some runners weren't intelligent enough to figure out whistlecommands.

Damista chuckles, "Showcases use whistles. And then only for the second part of their show. Which is where we are now. A Showrunner would then clear the course for the next runner. A Showcase must now perform three tricksusing only wistle signals. We already discusses one of those tricks. Others can be trained a little more easily and safely then that one." She glances at Lilah, "If the runner is not smart enough to learn whistles as well as other signals, then it doesn't deserve to be Showcase."

Laurelyn nods softly to Achenar "I spent much of my childhood on ship as a cabinkid" she murmurs and then grins as she actually seemed to show some intellegence for once. "Though if this gets anymore like the SeaCraft I'm gonna be worring about fish heads in a show." she adds in a light whisper. "What are the other tricks Master?"

Damria grins at Achenar. "Runners are smart. Generally they can all be trained to a whistle. Especially, if you work with them and they understand you need something special from them." She oughtta know. Cinder was trained to a whistle so that she could get onto her. Being small and young can be a handicap. You gotta train them to stand when you want on the back of a runner when they're lots taller than you and you can't just swing into the saddle or onto their backs.

Achenar grins; as the class progresses, she seems somewhat more lively, her eyes alight with het impending wave of cheerfulness. She tilts her head slightly, nodding. "Ahh.." A slight giggle as this is offered quietly. "Unless the SeaCrafters are certifiably - wow, ain't that a funny word - insane, you're safe from fish heads."

Lilah nods some taking note of whistles and such. /Obviously/ she didn't specialize in showcase runners and such. "Oh. I understand that then." Resting her right elbow on a knee, palm up where her chin is moved to rest on. Offering a soft snicker at Achenar's comment before turning her attention back to Damista.

Damista chuckles and tilts her head slightly to one side, "Some tricks are, a figure eight, a hind walk, a back kick, a double rear, a bow, and a Dance up. Now I will go over each trick one at a time."

Damista settles more in her chair as she begins on the trick list. "The Figure Eight is just about what it sounds like. The runner dows a figure eight at the command os three sharp short whistles. The tighter the figure the moer points awards." She tilts her head, "One thing to note, each trick is worth up to twenty points and the first part of the show is worth fourty points. The one with the most points at the end is the winner."

Damria nods, filing the information away in her mind. "So, which one do you start with? Just the walk, trot and canter from flag to flag? That takes about how long? In months, I mean, starting from a fairly well trained runner? Not from a raw recruit."

Laurelyn carefully writes down the various tricks, and leaves a space to write down the descriptions. "How are points given or not given?" she asks as she imagines herself on a runner who brings in top points. Firelizard dream to be sure, but a pleasant one.

Achenar smiles, nodding, though more to herself than to anyone else. A grin is offered to Lilah; she quickly scrawls down more notes as her Mentor continues. She thinks a moment, then raises her head. "Master, the list of tricks - were they in order of difficulty?" she asks.

Lilah glances at Laurelyn and then Damria with a slight shrug. "Would commands be in different orders, like what you said earlier. How different judges mix up the commands?" Pausing some; of course she didn't know. One of her random guesses that was probably wrong.

Damista considers her daughter for a moment, "From a basically trainered runner is should only take about 5 to 6 months for the first part of the show. The tricks I wouldn't give any runner less then 3 turns to learn. I will not accept any runner under the age of 5 turns to enter a Showcase show." She then turns to the other students, "The points are awarded by the judges. At this time there are three judges besides myself. Master Dalaynia, Journeyman Flarra, and Journeyman Jyrol." She looks at Achenar, "Yes, they were." And then to Lilah, "The tricks are yours to choose. The judges give points for diffuculty and how well the trick was exacuted."

Achenar nods, smiling. She'd thought so, and all, see. "Then I'll start at the top of the list when I'm training Coal Dancer…." she murmurs to herself. A grin is offered as Flarra's name is heard; she hasn't talked to her friend for what seems like Turns.

Laurelyn sighs a little, it's going to be a long time before she can show a showcase. Provided of course she can get one. "Is there going to be a show any time soon? I mean so we can see what an actual one looks like?"

Damria ;'s ears prick up. Both Flarra and Dala are judges? Ooh… wonderful. She grins to herself and nods… good things to know. Specially Dala. Glancing over at Mungo she chuckles to herself then sobers to listen. Wouldn't be polite not to. "How many tricks are shown in a show and are there more points for a more difficult one? Or, does the execution of a perfect trick count for more than the difficulty? And then, why would anybody take a more difficult trick over an easier one?"

Damista chuckles, "I will be doing an exposition show with Cindercloud at Ista Weyr in a few sevendays. You are more then welcome to come and watch. The heralds will let everyone know when it is." She turns to her daughter, "More points are awarded to more difficult tricks. Easy tricks are considered warmup exercises." She nods slightly, "Now the Hind Walk is where the runner lifts up on her hind legs and walks a distances away from her starting point. The whistle for this trick is a long followed by two shorts. The farther the runner goes the more points awarded."

Damria nods. "Who can we work with … just you and Flarra? Though Flarra's taking her runners to High Reaches, isn't she? Can we work with our runners on our own? Or do you have to supervise?"

Achenar nods; she begins scrawling in her notepad again, her writing nearly illegible to all but herself. A slight thoughtful grin; after a moment, she raises her hand. "Has anyone attempted to be on the runner's back when they do a Hind Walk? It'd be very dangerous, I should think.."

Damista chuckles, "You train your runner. I judge the results of your training. Though I am not planning a Apprentice show for anytime soon. I believe I put Achenar in charge of that for her Journeyman's project, yes?"

Damria grins at Achenar. "I suspect, that's like trying to stay on the back of a rearing runner. And that's difficult enough bareback and sitting much less standing." taking in Damista's words as she talks in an aside to Achenar she nods. "Where are you stationed. Aren't you at Ista Weyr as well, with mama?"

Laurelyn carefully notes down the proper whistle sequence along with the description, though she looks up at the thought of an apprentice show and then gives a long sigh. "I wish I could participate in that." she whispers softly. No she doesn't have delusions of granduer, and her just now in the craft.

Achenar offers a nod. "You did, Master Damista. And I'm working on it. Promise." Tone sounds almost pleading. She's just having some slight problems with her notes, is all. A grin and a nod to Damria. "That I am. I'm the one that terrifies the Dragonriders." She winks.

Damria chuckles and sighs. "But mama. I don't want to be at the weyr. Can't I train Cinder by myself? If I'm careful and someone comes checking up on me for progress every few sevendays? Wouldn't that be okay?"

Damista chuckles, "Most Apprentice shows are for Sr. Apprentices, though I have seen Apprentices in them. Now the next trick is the Back Kick. This is commanded with one low long whistle followed by two shrill short whistles. In this the runner kicks back with both hind legs. Though this looks simple, it is hard to train a runner to do this on command."

Laurelyn frowns a little, maybe she should have left ship a few turns ago, she could have made Sr. appy maybe by now, and maybe have a runner and maybe be in a show. Hmm maybe she should talk a bit with Flarra.. "How long does it generally to take to train for the back kick.

Damista looks at Damria, "The show will be at Ista Crafthall, not the weyr. You can train your runner whereever you want."

Damria looks over at Laurelyn. "You're stationed where?" she asks curiously. She also nods at Damista, a curiously triumphant look on her face. Dala is stationed at Ista Crafthall and she can be dragged out with the right incentives to check on her progress.

Achenar nods slightly, continuing her notes quickly. Gaze skims around classroom for a moment as a thought crosses her mind, before it is dismissed and forgotten. The sketch of her filly is completed quickly as she thinks.

Laurelyn sighs again "I'll be stationed at Reaches" About as far away as she can be from the future show. Though she pauses a moment "THough you said Journeyman Flarra is a Judge, so that means she'll be here for it…" hmm maybe she can go.

Damista chuckles, "I would take a turn on that alone. Now unto the double rear. This trick is where the runner rears up onto hind legs and then kicks back like the Back Kick. This combo trick is hard to train as well as perform elegantly."

Achenar nods slightly. "They'll generally do it naturally - at least other runner breeds do - but that's just a ..spontaneous.. kinda thing, right, Master?" she asks. She thinks a moment. "..Or is it?" She flips back to her destroyed notes, as if hoping for them to be magically fixed.

Damista chuckles, "It is more of a thing that wild runners do to buck off unwanted riders."

Laurelyn hmms a little "So how do you go about training them to perform the tricks?" she asks finally. "I mean you don't hurt them do you?" she asks not likeing that idea. Though she never did like force reinforced training.

Damria notes. "Cinder hasn't lost me in turns. Not since I believe the third or fourth time I was on her back. Couple of turns ago or so. The back kick and the double rear are tricks that don't involve having a rider, do they?" She's just making sure, she is.

Damista chuckles, "Nope, never hurt a runner. You first have to teach them trick much like you would a canine. Working with them for candlemarks a day, every day until they perform it right. You give them enouragement and treats for doing it right and so forth."

Damria wonders "How many candlemarks a day? And can you work for a little while in the morning and then repeat it in the afternoon, or would the runner get bored and start balking?"

Achenar tilts her head, nodding. After a moment of silent contemplation, she grins. "Coal Dancer likes tubers." is commented, more to herself than to anyone else. "And they're not unhealthy, either. So they'd make good treats, methinks."

Damista thinks a moment, "I worked Cindercloud for 10 candlemarks a day straight and she never balked."

Laurelyn carefully writes down her notes but she frowns 'How do you treat them like a canine? I mean you can't very well push down on their hindquarters as you say sit."

Damista chuckles, "well, not that one of the tricks are sitting.." She looks over at the group, "Basically you get higher then the runner and give the command while holding a treat for them above them, thus gettiung them to rear."

Laurelyn frowns as she eyes Damista "And how do you do that? Stand on another runner?" she asks with a little grin/

Achenar volunteers a question on this topic. "Is it the same, only backwards, for getting them to bow? Getting lower so that, to get the treat, they have to bow, or kneel?" she asks with a cheerful grin. She's been working too hard lately. Which is scary, for this insane one.

Damria grins "Naw, stand on a barrel or on the fence railing or something. Something next to where you have your runner standing." She can see them balancing the way they want their runners to balance. She chuckles to herself.

Damista chuckles and nods, "And that is the next trick, Bow. Basically it the the runner lowering themselves and taking a bow."

Achenar grins, and nods; she scrawls down a quick note or two, checking what she's written so far, before she raises her hand. "Master, what's the whistle code-thingy for the double rear?"

Damista thinks a moment and then says, "A shrill long and then a low short whistle. And for the bow, it is a sharp long followed by a low short and then a shrill short."

Damria wrinkles her nose. "What if you use different whistles? Would there be problems? Does it have to be a set set of whistles? Surely, if you're runner is trained right, then other runners wouldn't be listening to your whistle."

Achenar nods, scribbling down a few more notes on that topic, before she grins, looking up to watch Damista cheerfully. She looks to Damria, nodding her agreement with that. "If there were numerous trained runners around, and you whistled, they'd all do the set trick, wouldn't they?"

Damista chuckles, "That hasn't happened yet, but then we don't have that many Showcase trained yet. I suppose that you could come up with your own whistles or other signals as long as the runner responds to them when you are not on their back."

Damista smiles "The last trick we are going to discuss is the Dance up. There is no whistle for this one, as I just trained Cindercloud to it. The runner rears up, similiar to the Hind walk but instead of walking forward, the runner does a circle. Much like a dance move."

Laurelyn hmms curiously at that "And then no one could use the same signals on the runners. They would truely respond only to you if you were the only one who knew the whistles."

Damria nods and notes that down in her fertile little brain. "So, the whistles she's already trained to don't have to be modified?"

Damista nods, "I trianed Cinder though to answer anyone with basic whistles. She reposonds only to me for trick whistles."

Achenar smiles, and nods. "That'd be quite hard. Cause if you were above the runner, to make them rear, you wouldn't be able to move around easily.. Right?" she asks thoughtfully

Damista nods, "She is trained to respond to trick whistles is I give them and within her sight."

Achenar nods. "Ohh…" is simple enough comment.

Damista chuckles, "Well, that's all for today. Any questions?"

Laurelyn shakes her head and then glances up "Can I borrow a showcase to work with?" she asks brightly, knowing full well what the answer'll be.

Damria has lots of questions, but they can wait. "Well, can you take a look at Cinder sometime and tell me how her training is going?"

Damista chuckles, "Can't just borrow one. Let me talk to Flarra, maybe we can get you one of your own here shortly."

Laurelyn nods softly as she ponders the tricks to teach a runner and come out on top.

Damista nods, "Class dismissed,"

Damria stands and stretches. "Thank you Master Damista." she says with a grin.

Damista grins as the class breaks up.

Laurelyn stands as well as she gathers up her notes and a bit of food that's left ovet "Yes, thank you very much Master Damista." she says brightly as she wonders off, her head full of ideas.

Damista steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

Damria saunters to the Outside Classroom.

Damista returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.

Damista steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

Damista returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.

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