Class Log: Ferret Basics

<Editor's Note - This log was taken by Britt in her quarters on 8/29/97.

<[Note: The beginning of the log was lost, by the person[Britt] who supposedly logs this lesson. :) A brief list of what we had already covered:

* What ferrets are: Not Hold-rodents, small, sleek creatures that resemble a small cat in some ways, though they're more like canines. *

This part begins after Britt had asked what an "albino" was, with Treg answering "white"…

A beam lightens Britt's countenance; she offers her smile towards Tregaron, then says, in mock-surprise, "And I thought you, Tregaron, didn't know about ferrets!" With a wink, she says, "Yes, Treg's right, again. An albino is a white ferret, with red eyes and pink nose."

Tregaron says, "I think I saw an albino runner before.."

Rebecca idly pets Kobe while she listens in fascination.

"Rebecca, can you tell me what color you think a dark-eyed white ferret, is?" Britt wonders, attention shifted to the girl.

Rebecca after thinking for a minute, she slowly shakes her head, and admits quietly, shrugging, "I don't know."

"Not even a guess?" Britt prompts, then smiles. "Well, that's alright.
Tregaron, can you take a guess on what a "dark-eyed white" is, just from my words?"

"Exactly. A dark-eyed white ferret is white, with more of darker eyes thanred." Britt shifts upon her cushions, then settles her gaze upon Rebecca, again. Perhaps — "Do you know, or would you like to guess, what a "sable" is?"

Phere gives one more curious glance around before going ::between::!

Rebecca smiles, Kobe is sable, she knows. "Sable is a brown one," she says.

She thinks that sables also have the mask, but she isn't sure so she
doesn't say anything about that.

Kiltern strides in from the Inner Staff Hallway.

"Wonderful!" Britt giggles softly, then clears her throat. "A silver ferret is gray, with white or black hairs."

Kiltern hopes he hasn't missed much of the class.

Tregaron smiles.

Muffy (#1226)
A sliver of silvery-grey flashes by, only to quickly disappear again. speedy, but gorgeous little ferret prances through, once more, this time pausing long enough to reveal her undercoat, ivory-white with hints of a brilliant silver. Rich red-brown eyes peer at all around, sniffing in disgust at anything less beautiful than she. Muff's adorable, and knowing that herself expects everyone else to recognize this as a fact, too
She is 4 Turns, 3 months, and 12 days old.

"Muffy is a silver ferret; her hairs have been getting lighter — to a white — as the Turns have progressed." Britt smiles to Kiltern, then beckons for him to take a seat.

Kiltern smiles and sits at where he was before he left.

"Anyone have a clue as to what an unnuetered male ferret is called?" Britt inquires, her head tilted to one side.

Fudge suddenly disappears ::between::!

Kiltern says, "hmm…" shrugs, "I have no clue…"

"Rebecca, what about you?" Britt inquires, then smiles, innocently. "Do you have a guess."

Rebecca shakes her head, "A ferret?" she guesses, not knowing at all.

"Good guess — but a male, unneutered ferret is known as a," Britt smiles, patiently, "a "bob"." A beat is skipped to allow her words to sink in.

"And an unspayed female ferret is a "jill".

"Now, though these words aren't commonly used, a regular female is a "sprite" and a regular male is a "gibs". Britt clicks to Muffy, who trundles over. "Muffy is a sprite, and has already had a litter of her own. Her babies, of either gender, were called "kit". Any comments?"

Rebecca shakes her head.

Not waiting to see if one does or not, Britt continues: "When you get a ferret — what do you look for, hmmm? It's similiar as to what you look for in puppies. Any ideas? Anyone?"

Rebecca says, "An active kit?"

Kiltern shrugs.

Britt nods. "That's one." As she speaks, one finger is held up. "Kiltern, tell me another thing to look for in a healthy ferret, please."

Kiltern says, "ummm… it's size?"

"Mmmm, that's not exactly a thing I was looking for." Britt twitches her lips into a smile, then prompts: "Take another guess…? What do you look for when you want a canine?"

Kiltern says, "well, I usually check to see if it's trim or over weight, which are sometimes signs of how active it may be, but then again…" Kiltern says, "Umm… sometimes the nose can tell you if a dog is sick or not, would that be true with ferrets?"

"Tregaron? Do you have a guess?" Britt shifts her attention from Kiltern to Tregaron, then to Rebecca, as well. As Kiltern answers, she considers. "Weeeeel, maybe. Yet, do you want a pet with matted, unhealthy coat? — it should be soft. That's another."

Rebecca says, "bright eyes?" she asks thinking, "Do you want to look for one that isn't too shy?"

Rebecca walks south.

"Great, Rebecca! Bright, alert eyes, active attitude, healthy coat." Three fingers are held up to represent the three main points, as Britt tilts her head to consider the other's statement, then hmmms. "Possibly — though, young kits are generally pretty sleepy and uncoordinated. That'll change, though, as they grow."

Tregaron smiles, trying to remember what he can of the lesson.

"And questions, or comments?" Britt wonders, head tilted.

From above, Phere appears in a blur of blue from ::between::!

Kiltern says, "hmm… well, I don't really want to have you go over what you said while I was gone, so I won't ask ;)"

Tregaron shakes his head, "thanks for the class"

Phere perches on Britt's shoulder, chirpling curiously.
"Well, then, our class is concluded! Thanks for attended!" Britt waves from her seat cushion, then giggles at the blue. "Hey, there, little 'un." The ever-jealous Itche makes a firelizard form of a scowl, then chitters to Phere.

Tregaron waves.

Tregaron walks south.

Kiltern says, "Bye britt"

Kiltern strides south.

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