Hello and welcome to the Herdercraft WWW Classroom.

In a realistic Herdercraft, we would all be around almost all of the time, but in OUR Herdercraft, we tend to miss getting together. The times staff members are around are often not the times Apprentices are around.

Any Craft member can submit a lesson, though Senior Apprentices and Journeymen are among those most strongly encouraged to do so. The lessons can be emailed to HerderCraft and are put up here for everyone to see. While actually RPing the lessons is fun and great, it doesn't happen as often as we'd like, so this is the next best thing.

As with the mailing list, questions about a lesson's content can be mailed to me, now using the link I will put at the bottom of each page. I will put the question plus its answer on these pages, as if it were asked during the session. If I didn't teach the lesson, I will get the response from the teacher.

So, I want you all to teach as soon as you can, as much as you can. I want you to go out there and read up on some aspect of animal care/breeding/medicine and then teach us what you learned. MOOmail them to *herds or email them to us using the same format used here, narrating it as if it were a session of RP between you and other Herders. Remember, Apprentices are perfectly allowed to do this; in fact, showing that much initiative and knowledge would be a certain way of getting promoted to Journeyman soon.

Basic Runner Skills:

In the Ring:

Runner Health:

Small Animal Care and Training:

Avian Care:

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