Coldsilver Valley

Location: In a glacier valley high in the northern Reaches mountain range.

Colors: Red and yellow. Yellow for Herder, and red to signify the main interest of the project - protecting bloodlines.

History: In the summer of the twenty-first Turn of the Tenth Interval, Journeyman Issri brought an idea to Craftmaster Haveen. "We need," she said, "a secret beasthold. A place where we can keep breeding stock separate from the rest of Pern."

With a recent plague on humans, and a beast plague not too far back in peoples' memories, the idea was given the go-ahead and the Herders began to prepare.

The first step was finding a suitable location. Issri spent much time talking to people and pouring over old maps and records before traveling to a few possible locations. In the end, Coldsilver Valley was chosen. It was remote, it was difficult to find, and it was well suited to the purpose of raising beasts in the northern Reaches.

The Herders got to work on their secret project, telling no one but a select few outside the craft what the plan was.


Coldsilver Valley:


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