Basic Feline Anatomy

Log From Callianna

Basic Feline Anatomy

First class in Journeyman Project

IH Kennels

A fairly average looking room, the kennels are home to just about all the hall's small animals. On one side, a row of spacey cages are graced with a number of felines, while opposite them, a line of runs is occupied by quite a few canines.Separating them, on the far wall, are a collection of the more exotic animals.Broken into this collection, a small closet for equipment, tools, and pet food,is tucked in.

You see Ferret Runs, Feline Cages, Rabbit Hutches, and Canine Cages here.

Obvious exits:

Training Ring Courtyard Stables Classroom

Beka would prance in, if she would stoop to something such as prancing. Instead, she strolls in aimlessly, thick chestnut braid tossed over one shoulder to dangle. The blue-eyed lass allows her gaze to roam the class, before she settles back in the back, obviously there for - moral support? Definitely.

Auralak walks in from the Ista Herdercraft Courtyard.

Meguet stumbles along in, noticing the feline on Callianna's lap. Interesting, so she's going to be taught about felines today eh? Might as well make the best of it. She finds a spot and prepares for the lesson to begin.

Auralak walks in with a smile, noticing the feline. "Aawww. Look at the cute little thing!!!" he said, ignoring the rest of the crowd. He takes out his notebook and gets ready for the lesson.

Wrapped in the girl's cradle of arms, little powdered-blue Lomp looks up pitifully at his warm-eyed bonder as she spends the morning lavishing the sensitive pet with love. "It's okay. Don't listen to Crowe. You aren't small.." Crepe's tan face quirks a bit, poking her head through the doorway. Okay, so that was a lie.. "You're.. under grown, ya?" Insignificant Lomp cranes his neck around to casually hiss at a couple by passers on there way to.. a class! Yay! The apprentice hurriedly scrambles to a hay bail, crossing her legs in her lap while plopping the flitter into his pocket-cradle. Yes. Class. Class is good!

Callianna shifts on her bail, waiting a moment or two to see if anyone else to jion, then with a friendly smile she slips off her hay perch " Well, I guess everyone's here.." she cradles her feline charge in her arms. " Today we'll be learnin 'bout feline basics with the help from my assistant Sper." she lifts the feline up a little for the others to see. The feline eyes the crowd with interest. " Now the first topic is basic anatomy. Can someone tell me one of the distinctive traits of a feline?" she asks.

Samara perks up with interest. She settles down her writing utensil before looking around the room. She wasn't too interested in talking - more of the only listening type of student. She'll just wait till someone gives the answer.

Beka beams to herself, hovering like a mother hen. Well - not really. She's got a purpose, beyond her Dutiful Supervisor role: apparently involving that stack of hides she crated in here with her. And so, with one eye firmly settled on the apprentices, she settles down to grumble about training equipment and something that sounds suspiciously like 'budget cuts'.

Meguet watches the feline and also listens for someone else to answer. She is no expert at felines and doesn't pay much attention to it until now. She's more in to runners. Not answering, she decides to take out her notebook and write down notes.

Auralak sits still and tries to listen. He hmms. "I see, he muttered. The eyes and ears of a feline??"

Callianna nods with a smile " Aye, one of their distinctive traits are the feline's excellent hearing and eye sight." she strokes the tom's ears. " The cup like appearance and muscles that move the ears help to pinpoint n find the prey a feline's hunting. Another thing that helps in hunting is their eyes. They are on the front of a feline's head, not the sides like a runner or herdbeast. Can anyone tell me why?" she looks around the group" Crepe?"

Samara sighs. She knew that the feline has excellent hearing and eyesight but why their eyes are not on the sides, this she didn't know. She turns to Crepe for the answer.

Meguet couldn't care less but didn't bring herself to say it. She's too busy watching the feline more then listening. Excellent hearing and eye sight? Whoa, a feline would make a great pet.

Sper lays limp and relaxed in his person's arms, the only thing moving the tip of his tail and an occasional ear twitch. He watches the watchers, knowing he is the topic of discussion.

Crepe has disconnected.

Auralak smiled. "I'll add that to my notes he muttered quietly." Inspecting the little feline carefully, it would probably be great for an owner. Looking at the feline, he sighed.

Samara decides to answer this question. "Can it be because it's kinda hard for them to notice something if their eyes are on the side?" She didn't know and hesitated to guess.

Meguet nods in agreement with Samara before turning to watch Callianna. It did make sense that runners should have their eyes on their sides while felines have theirs in the front cause that's just how it goes.

Beka yawns, continuing doing her.. stuff, half-ignoring the class, half-ignoring her work. Ahh, a recipe for disaster, absolutely no doubt. Cough.

Callianna looks around the group as the silence stretches, about to pick someone else when Samara offers an answer. She smiles and nods " Aye, that's the gist of it. A hunting creature needs to pay more attention to what's in front of them then a runner or herdbeast..who need to see all around them to spot any predators sneaking up on them. " she looks down at Sper as he tracks the moving Meguet, the feline nods his head up and down . "Now see what Sper's doing?"

Samara grins, pleased that she had gotten that question right. She than turns to noticed the feline's behavior. "Is he, like acting as a predator would? Like stalk than come out for the kill?" Yep, Samara's has read tons of books about predators.

Meguet frowns at Samara's answer. " I thought he's sniffing me out. Getting my scent." Maybe Meguet's not as talented at the behavior of felines?

Callianna nods, biting her lip to keep from laughing. " Yer both right, though the main reason is to help a feline focus on what's in front of him..though I'm sure Sper's not aiming to hunt ye Meguet..cept maybe fer a good scritching.." she smiles " Felines also use their nose to track and identify scents on the air, though they don't need to move their heads to do it. Sometimes you'll see a feline sniffing with his mouth open. This is to better help them at labeling scents with a certain ..filter like organ on the roof of their mouth." she glances at Sper, who stares back at her" Though I don't think Sper will oblige us.." she says with a rueful smile. " Any questions?"

Samara shakes her head before writing all those down. "Nope."

Staring at the Feline, Meguet shakes her head no. Felines are sure interesting animals.

Auralak scribbles some more notes onto his notebook. "Easy enough, he muttered."I don't have any questions either", he replied, nodding.

Callianna nods. "All right then. A feline is a well equipped hunter with large canine teeth and retractable claws to better hold on to prey. Another reason for these retractable claws are to help a feline climb. What else helps a feline climb?"

Auralak grins. He umms. "It's teeth?? it helps grab on to whatever it's climbing on??"

Meguet hmms for a while before unleashing out an answer. She would also say teeth but she wasn't so sure. "Umm… teeth?"

Samara truly doesn't know anything besides the fact that claws may be the only thing to help a feline climb. She shrugs showing that she didn't know the answer.

Callianna waits a moment for other suggestions then shakes her head with a friendly smile. " No, a feline's teeth are strong, but not that strong.." she strokes Sper's tail " the tail helps the feline balence as they climb trees, fences, or people." she grins down at the feline. " The last thing I'll speak on is a feline's habit of keeping clean. They are very clean animals when treated well n healthy n to keep their fur free of dirt they have their own built in comb.." at that moment Sper shows off his large canines and long tongue in a well placed yawn, revealing a fuzzy coating on his tongue. " Thankye Sper." she grins" Felines have a rough ,raspy covering on there tongue that they use to comb and clean their fur..though they still need help from their people from time to time..but that is another class. That's it fer now, 'less there are questions?" she asks with a friendly smile.

Auralak shakes his head. This one was a fun one, he thought. It's the end though. He leaned over and pet the feline on it's head.

Samara shakes her head and copied down all she's learned today. She also walks over towards the feline. "May I pet him?" Was asked in a timid voice.

Sper leans into the pet, enjoying all this attention..

Callianna nods " Sure can..he loves pettin.." she stands still as she offers Sper's attention.

Meguet also walks over to pet Sper. Muttering quietly, she strokes his fur. "He's lovely!"

Auralak looks at the girls. "Hello, he said politely, holding up a hand. Looking back at the feline, "it's cute isn't it?"

Sper leisurely tracks all the 'prentices around him, a rusty purr starting as he enjoys all the petting. He mews encouragingly, vocalizing his approval and looking as cute n lovable as possible.

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