Basic Feline Vocals

Log from Callianna

IH Kennels

A fairly average looking room, the kennels are home to just about all the hall's small animals. On one side, a row of spacey cages are graced with a number of felines, while opposite them, a line of runs is occupied by quite a few canines. Separating them, on the far wall, is a collection of the more exotic animals. Broken into this collection, a small closet for equipment, tools, and pet food, is tucked in.

To the west, you see two people.

Perched atop a run are two firelizards.

You see Ferret Runs, Feline Cages, Rabbit Hutches, Canine Cages, Sparkle, and Ganav here.

Chanthea, Meguet, and Iqe, are here.

Obvious exits:

Training Ring Courtyard Stables Classroom

Iqe sits pleasantly on the ground, early for once. She watches as the other people start to gather around in the kennels. Felines, that should be fun.

Jatraenik walks in from the IH Stables.

Meguet glares around the room, oh Iqe's here… with her rabbits, doesn't she know that this is not going to be about rabbits! Still at least Callianna is teaching. She thinks to herself as she tosses her hair from in front of her face.

Callianna walks into the kennels, settling her canine by the door and walks up to a table set at the far side of the room. She leans against it for a moment, watching the 'prentices arrive and coaxing a feline down form her shoulders. "Well , looks to be all that's comin…this class will be 'bout the vocal signals a feline uses both with other felines and people. Now, for any that need reminders…who can tell me the most important body parts of a feline…"

Chanthea's stood at the back of the kennels, stroking a puppy. While she's in Ista she's agreed to do a few little chores, and sitting in on classes is one of them.

Jatraenik comes in curiously, why's an apprentice specializing in runners there? Who knows…

Iqe thinks this question over slowly, "Well would it be the head and the main body?" she asks for she is not to sure if she were at all right. She thinks back to the tiny feline that her friend once owned it certainly couldn't survive without its head!

Callianna smiles with a nod " Aye, one surely couldn't survive without them…but what specific parts are specialized fer a feline?" she tries to narrow the question, stroking her hand down the felines back to maybe draw attention to him..

Jatraenik walks to the Stables.

Callianna shifts her weight easily and hops gently onto the table, shifting Sper from her arms to her lap. She glances around the assembled 'prentices, then with a shrug and smile, lifts the tom into a sitting position. " The main parts ye would notice are cone shaped ears that the feline can move any which way, eyes set in front of their head, a good sense of vision and smell, sharp retractable claws…" she looks up at the group at each item, pointing to the spots on a semi cooperative feline. " Now some of these things won't seem important now, but they are all part of feline communication. For today we'll be focusing on vocal signals. Now why would a silent hunter need to be vocal?"

Meguet has disconnected.

Aithne walks in from the IH Stables.

Iqe smiles and just shrugs. She did have a good point why should a silent hunter need to be vocal? "But those features of felines would be useful for vocalization…"

Aithne is tromping into the kennels and comes to a complete stop, ooh people. "Whatcha doin'?" is asked of Iqe somewhat quietly. Ahem, he's not interrupting anything, right?

Callianna nods. " The feline's flexible ears let them pinpoint sound …now our lil felines wouldn't have to worry bout the major hunts the Southern felines must do in order to get food, but there are some things that are the same. When dealing with an animal…whether a canine, 'nother feline, or even a person ..that frightens them or challenges their territory, this lil feline will use a low pitch warning called a growl…am sure ye've all heard growls in the kennels. What other sound would a feline make it were scared or angry?"

Iqe says, "well I guess that they could hiss too, like when they get their tail steeped on…" she laughs a little, then she goes on not as sure this time "They could squeak if they got hurt?"

Aithne peeks, ooh they're talking about felines? So he plops cross legged on the ground and watches. Quietly, amazing as it is.

Callianna grins. "Felines hiss when they are defensive and fearful…put in a place where they cant run away…a sound called spitting, not literally, can follow the hissing for the same reasons…a very distressed feline. The highest level of distress warrants something called a shriek… load and high-pitched call when they are extremely fearful or panicked…like when the beasthealer comes a visiting." she peers at her audience "Any questions so far?"

Iqe nods along, she had heard things like that before. "I don't have any questions!" she smiles and looks around. Oh, No! She's late! She Stands up and runs out as quickly as she can. "Thank you Callianna! That was all very interesting!" she yells over her shoulder as she runs back to where she should be. "Bye!"

Iqe goes home.

Aithne peeks over at the Calli and tilts his head. "Why do they shriek if the beasthealer's comin'?" Ponder. He doesn't get it, nope. Okay, he's forgetting that he screams and squirms when having to see the healers.

Callianna glances 'round and, seeing no one offering a question goes on.." The last vocal sound I'll be talk'n bout is the chirp and chitter, a sound usually used by a feline when it cant get to its prey..a way to let out frustration since it wouldn't work to be noisy in a hunt." she grins at the 'prentices. " N that's all to basic feline vocal calls…next class will introduce more complex social calls feline's use…ifn there's no questions, class is over" she hops off the table and hovers for a bit, in case any one comes up.

Callianna smiles at Aithne's question, moving over to the kidlet. " They be mighty upset cause felines don't like the smells n the poking n prodding…" she explains, cradling a relaxed Sper in her arms.

Aithne giggles slightly and tilts his head the other direction, peering at the Sper. Ooh. "Just like kidlets?" Ooh, see he remembers now. Beam. Anyhow, he's also gotten the teacher's attention, yay.

Callianna nods, lowering Sper so Aithne could pet the relaxed feline. " Jus like a kidlet; you were very good in class Aith…good listener.."

Aithne giggles a little bit. "I just came ta the kennels…" He hasn't been here long either really. "Ooh, feline!" And he pets away happily. Yes, he has Spruce at home, but all felines are wonderful.

Callianna smiles as Sper delights in the pettings of small hands, a rusty purr rumbling to life.

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