Basic Feline Care

Log from Callianna

Callianna cocks her head to the side, grin softening to a smile. "Ye be all right, Beka..don usually ferget a I mean class."she leaves acouple of cages as she found them.

Crepe blinkblinks as she sways into the doorframe, cheeks flushed with red as she huffs-n-puffs in attempt to catch her breath. Ahh.. classes, classes, /classes/! Oh, look! A Beka! She shuffles in giddily, peering at the two in question. Wait. Where's the sharding class?!

Sper santers over to the other, voicing a demanding meow for attention. He waits a moment, tail tapping impatiently. lots of people but noone notices the feline..

Callianna looks up as an apprentice shuffles in. " no worries.." she assures " yer not late."

Beka slumps against a wall and judiciously eyes everyone. Yes, everyone. "Hey, what are you teaching, again, Calli?" There's a confused blink. Is Beka out of it, or is she out of it? … She's out of it. Snicker. Crepe gets a vague little wriggle of the fingers.

Sorri strolls in, batting her black hair behind her shoulders as she whallops down on top of a seat — casual. Just casual. "I'm here." Attendance nescessary?

Callianna nods with a smile as another walks in. "Feline care, jus the basics.." she murmurs to Beka as she waits acouple more minutes for people to come.

Crepe nodnods, taking a side-shuffle to a seat. A return wave is given too Beka, along with Sorri. Malchik simply sits, watches, and waits.. for a spare moment to snatch one of those fuzzykitties! err..

Sper weaves his way through the gathered, investigating new peoples, tail a curious curve.

Auralak walks in from the Ista Herdercraft Courtyard.

Meguet walks in from the IH Stables.

Callianna waves as the last 'prentices trickle in " Looks as if everyones here. This class'l be on the basic care of a feline..I've left some cages as I found them to show you how its done." she becons the 'prentices over to a cage.

Auralak smiles. Good another one on felines! He carefullay takes out his notebook and listens up.

Crepe scoots closer to the cage and watches, hands held at her side as she surveys a few of the cages. Oo, she hasn't had any classes on felines yet..

Sorri flops off the seat, groaning her lazy self up towards Calli and the cage, casting an eye of anticipation towards the class-accusative.. felines.

Callianna kneels next to one of the cages, opening the door and coaxing out a sleepy feline, cradling it in her arms. " Now, the feline is a self sufficient animal but does need help in its care, whether it is an outdoor or hold animal.." she looks around the small gathering, then offers Crepe the feline to hold. The fuzzy brown fluffball yawns and wiggles in her grasp. " You would usually put a feline in a clean unused cage while your cleaning, but for now.." she moves the lil tom closer to Crepe.

Auralak peeks at the little feline. He admired little creatures like this one. He carefully looked at the feline once more. He quickly muttered, "How cute!

Sper pads over to Auralak, intriged by the wiggling, scritching thing he was moving acros the hide. He places two front paws on a boot, all the better to watch.

Ooo, keetie! ^__^ Crepe coos as Calli moves the feline closer to her, reaching up to take the kittie from her. "Awwww.." She pets the cat giddily, eyes wide as she tries to pay attention on both the animal and the teacher. Crepe's such a sucker for purring.

Callianna smiles as the kitten snuggles and dozes off in the 'prentice's lap. " First thing ye do is clean the litter box. This only applies to indoor and caged animals.." she says over her shoulder as she takes a pan of clay sand out and dumps it into a waiting barrow. " Ye clean it periodicaly cause a feline will ignore a dirty litter and go someplace else…" she refills the pan with more of the clay sand and puts it back in the cage. " A feline that lives out of doors will take care of this on its own. Any questions?" she asks as she waves the clay dust away.

Auralak nods and starts writing very neatly in his notebook. His gaze turned back to look at the kitten.

Beka rouses from what, um, she was doing. She wasn't dozing off! Really!

Crepe nodnods, continuing to stroke the kitten's head as she makes mental note of what Calli is saying. "Alrighty."

Callianna nods and turns to get the food and water bowls from the cage " When ye give a feline more food and water, first ye need to dump out the old stuff and wash the bowls out.." she does it as she says it " n make sure the food bowl is dry, 'specailly if its dry food ye be pouring." she pours water from a pitcher she filled before hand, into the bowl and tilted a measure of dry kibble into its mate, placing both into the cage. " Lastly ye clean and, if need be , change the blankets n bedding in the cage. " she takes a blanket and pillow out and shakes them out, blinking and coughing at the resulting fur and litter storm" though shake it away from ye.." she rasps with a sheepish grin. She sets the cloth aside and puts a clean one in." This one needs a changing..all right so far?" she asks, dusting herself off.

Auralak has disconnected.

Auralak is asleep.

Meguet goes home.

Beka scratches at the side of her neck. "I get it," she oh-so-helpfully pipes up. Cough. Yeah— the supervisor gets it. That must count for something, right? … Yeah.

Crepe continues to nod, and pet, and watch attentively. "Okie." She scoots forward or a closer look, cradling the feline. "Got it."

Callianna eyes Beka, biting her lip to hide a grin " Good. On to grooming, n since ye already have 'im out, ye can practice on lil Burr, Crepe" she says with a smile as she grabs a couple of combs on top of the cage. " Felines do clean and comb themselves with their bristle like tongue, but both indoor and outdoor felines need help in grooming because of matts and other things that can tangle in their fur." she offers a brush to Crepe.

Crepe takes the brush, looking it over eagerly for a moment. "Just like combin' a canine, right-o?" She runs the comb through the kitten's fur, combing through the happyfuzziness. "Ooh, this right?" Squee!

Beka ponders. "Hey, Calli, what's with the different fur types? I mean.. are some sorts more likely to get mats or…?" She's interested, she is; Crepe gets a vaguely maternal smile at the eagerness. Beka.. maternal.. okay, who's this chick and what'd she do with Beka?

Burr wiggles around to watch the brush move, trying to catch it in lil paws.

Callianna scoops up a drozing Sper and sits down next to Crepe. She glances at Beka with a smile, holding onto Sper til he decides to settle in her lap." There are differnet fur types that will affect the risk of matts. Long haired felines are more likly to have matts, 'specally the ones that look fluffy..they have another layer of fur to keep em warm." she watches as Crepe tries to brush the kitten " The strokes are the same fer both beasties but fer felines ye might want to start petting first then brush to yer petting rythem..the key is to keep the feline interested." she strokes Sper to folloew her own advice. " The other types are medium and short..all felines have matts, though it seems worse in the longer furred ones.." she watches Crepe to see if she has any problems.

Crepe gahs as Burr assaults the comb, glancing over as Callianna gives her a few words of advice. "Petting, eh?" Who woulda known? Matching her grooming with petting, she grins broadly as she feels a sudden ping of success! "Hey, this is pretty fun, eh, little guy?" Beaming down at the kitten, she pats his head. Wheefun. ^_^

Burr settles down , a tiny pur starting as he's stroked, eyes halfclosed and kneading into a leg, he hardly notices the addition of his former plaything.

Beka ponders. "And I guess that those with naturally curly fur would be more vulnerable to mats, right?" She shifts against the wall. Is she innocently interrogating Calli? Well, in a word.. yes.

Callianna nods as the kiten settles down, taking up her own comb to start in on Sper. The tom eyes the comb then, giving it a rubb of his check submits to brushing. She nods again " Felines with long fur , fluffy , and curly fur are at higher risk fer matts since its easier fer a small matt to be missed or fer something to get tangled up. " She looks to see how Crepe is doing " That's just as a review, ye always go with the fur, starting at the top of the head, going down the spine then to either side. Some felines are sensitive about certain spots bein brushed, usually the stomach. Ye need to pay attention to a felines body language as you brush. Each one is differnet but the usual thing to watch out for is tension in the body, the tail getting more energetic, ears going back n maybe a clawless warning pat. If this happens back off abit n let the feline be for a bit. Ye can try again n if the same thing happens leave 'im be fer the day. If it continues to happen talk to a beasthealer cause it might be injured."

"Ooh," Crepe says in a quiet, hushed voice as she slows the grooming to long, careful combing through the kitten's fur. "Ahh, I see. They're a little finicky about their paws too, eh?" A small, curious grin tugs on the corners of Crepe's mouth, causing her to beam warmly down at the kitten. Of course, she -doesn't- even try to mess with the kitten's tail. Crepe knows canines, and considering she finds them very much the same grooming-wise, she is wise not to try and.. 'groom' his tail. "Wow.. he's so sweet!" ^_^

Callianna smiles, "Aye, he's in a good mood..sometimes he'll jus play bop the comb n not stand still.." she continues her grooming of Sper, down his sides, under his chin..trying for acouple of swipes down his tummy and tail but gets a little warning bop. " All right lad.. not today.." she murmuers with a chuckle. " Felines can usually handle mats by themselves, unless they get too big or the feline is getting old n is not as flexible. Jus like a canine when you run into a matt ye tug alittle n if it doesnt run through you start the stroke again. Try not to pull the matt out since..well it hurts." she says with a shrug. " Another thing that combing helps is to takeout loose hair, specai in hot weather. Helps'em stay cool n helps stop hairballs."

Crepe nods agreeingly. "Yeah, I can see what 'ya mean. Poor things have so much hair, and I imagine it'd get pretty dang hot.." She continues to watch the blissful feline, scratching him behind the 'ear tenderly. "Ah.. Don't think I've ever spent so much time with a 'line in all my life! Not that I'm complain', though.." She flashes a grin at Calli, and the seemingly daydreaming Beka. Who woulda known cats were such delightful little creatures?

Callianna smiles. finishing up with Sper " If the matts are really bad ye jus have to go to a beasthealer n they will cut them out." she sets the comb aside " That's it fer grooming..if theres no questions then class is dismissed. " she glances at Crepe " Ye want to put lil Burr back in his cage?"

You take Sper.

Crepe nods, once again, picking up the kitten and cradling him in her arms. "Okie, I got it." She's a bit reluctant to put the kitten away, but with a sniff, she staggers over to the cages, opening the door of labled as his, and placing the sleepy kitty inside. "Thanks for the class, Calli! And nice seein' you again, Beka." She grins and waves cheerily.

Callianna smiles and waves back "yer welcome" she calls then cleans and puts away the combs and the other debris from the cage cleaning. She glances over at Beka "ye going to help" she teases lightly.

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