Runner Grooming

Log from Callianna

Callianna stands at the cross-ties with a golden yearling, murmering softly to her and every once in awhile looking nervously at the enterence.

Ryana walks in, looking around the less familiar stables. She sees Calliana, eyes taking in the knot, and gives her a nod of greeting and respect, walking toward her. A smile is given to the yearling as well as Ryana admires her.

PaleEye stomps a hoof. Groom meeeeeeeee… Or not. He's glistening, as it is.

Callianna offers a warm smile in return, seeming a bit more confident as she strokes the runners nose. " She's a buet, Aye?" she asks to break the ice. " Ye be here for a class?" she quiries. She looks around the stable for any 'prentice that might suddenly pop up.

Zahavi nickers and visably preens as she is admired

PaleEye leans in Zahavi's direction. Mmm. How about you an' me get to know each other better, beautiful? Niiiiiiicker.

Ryana smiles, nodding to both. "She certainly is. And yes, I am. Would that make you Senior Apprentice Callianna?" She takes a few steps closer, grinning at the soft nicker and watching the young runner.

Callianna nods. " That would be me.." she peers around the stable a last time then shrugs " n it seems ye be my only student fer this session fer runner grooming." She takes a breath then walks over to Zahavi's head. " Now, the first thing ye need to know is how to get a runner into the cross-ties. Ye could ground tie the runner but cross-tying gives ye more security while ye groom.." she looks to her student. " Interrupt ifn ye have any questions or sumthins not clear, hear?"

Ryana smiles, trying to be polite as she listens to things she's done all her life. An inward sigh as she reminds herself that she knew this would be part of joining the Craft so much later than most, and her full focus goes back to Callianna. "All right."

Callianna nods and, getting the feeling this 'prentice knew the basics, she just touched on some of the more basic points." all right walk the runner over, keeping an eye on his o her gait to catch any hoof problems hoof no horse.." she gamly repeated what she heard one of the Master's say. " Attatch the ties first then take off the lead..check the clips an yer ready fer grooming. n if the runner decides to be hornery or is spooked the ties are made to break so as not to hurt the runner. " she nodds and stoops to a box by her feet. "all right so far?" she asks

Ryana nods, smiling as the lesson speeds up a bit. "Sounds good to me," she says amiably, peering over to check out the contents of the box as she watches the other Herder teach.

Callianna nods again and comes up with a wooden oval covered in small bumps in her right hand. " This here is a curry comb, ye use it in small circular strokes to loosen up the shed hair and dirt on the muscular part of the neck, shoulders and the back til about half way down and the hindquarters. Now its these area we do because the curry comb is a hard object and musnt be used on bony or sensitive spots." she lets Ryanna see the comb and touch it if she wishes as she slips the strap on.

Ryana nods to each of these comments but shakes her head at the offer to touch it, eager to move along.

Zahavi shifts slightly , arching her neck to lip at the comb.

Callianna she grins and gently but firmly moves the mare's head aside.She turns and starts brushing the areas mentioned in firm strokes, talking in a calm mellow voice as she continues to teach. " Now to prevent the runner from spooking ye musn't make any sudden moves and keep a hand on 'em all the time ye handle them, n try to avoid walking behind a runner, better to back track then to risk being kicked.." she glances behind her over a shoulder to make sure that point was understood.

Zahavi leans into the curry comb strokes, nudging the 'prentices shoulder when she stopped..

Ryana giggles, watching Zahavi's enjoyment. "I love the faces they make when you groom 'em." She grins, watching the apprentice work, and takes note of a few points that are brought up. They're all things she knows, but she's realizing as she watches that she will eventually need to teach as well as know all of this.

Callianna grins. "Aye, they be big babies when it comes to a groom." she scratches the yearling's chin then continues to stroke, dulling Zahavi's golden hide to tan as loose hair and dirt are dislodged. " Now on to the hard brush, or dandy brush.." she gently nocks the curry comb clean then transfers it to her left hand and takes out a long bristle brush, about the length of her hand with bristles a fingers worth in hieth. " Ye use this in short staight swipes, going over what ye did with the curry comb to remove all that dirt n hair ye loosened. Keep the curry comb handy to clean the hard brush every few swipes or ye'll only spread the dirt around." she puts words into action and retraces the curry comb's strokes, dislodging clouds of dirt and hair.

Ryana blinks, fanning the cloud of dirt away from her face as she watches, grinning, and nods to indicate her understanding.

Callianna continues to brush til the golden brindle coat shines through the dulling debris. " Now fer the soft brush, or body brush as some call it.." she swipes the hard brush against the curry comb to clean it, then grabs a very similar looking brush from the box. " Ye can use this brush in long smooth strokes, on a runners whole body, as the name suggests. Ye remove any remaining dirt from the main body and go over the face, throat, legs, and stomach…in short all the rest ye've not brushed" she summerizes with a shrug as she brushes the rest of the very willing runner, looking over to Ryana every now and then. " In the summer ye should check a runner's ears fer bugs,using the soft brush or clean rag to dislodge scabs and bug eggs. Don ferget to clean the soft brush 'gainst the curry comb every few swipes.." she cautions. She checks Zahavi's ears, recieving an annoyed snort in answer.

Ryana nods, grinning at Zahavi at all the snorting. "Sound advice."

Callianna grins and gives Zahavi a friendly pat on the neck. " Ye can also brush out the runner's mane and tail with the soft brush.." she moves to one side of the tail, trailing a hand now free of the curry comb lightly down the runner's side. " Ye take hold of the whole tail, drop a little to hang loose then brush it out, tackling the tangles with yer fingers. Drop a bit more as ye go til the whole tail is done.." she spent a moment brushing through Zahavi's whitegold tail, frowning slightly as a challenging tangle gives her pause, then looking up with a grin as the whole tail lies nice and neat. " N that's the basic's of grooming a runner..any questions?" she stands easy, pulling hair out of the soft brush.

Ryana smiles, shaking her head. "Think I'm set. Thanks for the lesson!"

Ryana stops, realizing something, and changes her mind, asking quickly, "Actually…what changes in the way you use cross-ties for a smaller foal or a larger adult runner? Are there different safety catches or anything?"

Callianna grins and sets the brushes in their rightful place " My pleasure..n I'm sure this lil lass dina mind at all..""she pauses to think for a moment" Well, slack in the cross-ties is a good thing , so as not to make a runner feel trapped so a larger runner would'nt be a problem. Fer a youngling ye would use extentions to ensure slack n not force the head into an ackward position..tha make sense?" she asks, hoping that was explained all right.

Ryana nods. "Got it, thanks." She smiles, both at Callianna and at Zahavi, and tilts her head, asking, "Is that the lesson, then?"

Callianna grins "Aye, thats all ye need to know bout grooming basics, course ye always need te keep an eye out fer any sensitive spots while ye groom to counteract anything that might be botherin the runners as quick as possible. Ifn ye notice anything then get a beasthealer n tell a Master. n o course check the hooves." she says with a nod, pushing Zahavi way as the mare nuzzles the 'prentices pockets in search of..something.

Ryana nods. "Sounds ood. Thanks again for the lesson!"

Callianna grins, fishing a redfruit piece out of her pocket before Zahavi nibbles through to it. " No problem Ryana." she says warmly as she offers the covited fruit to the runner.

Ryana grins. "Have a good evening, you two."

Ryana moves silently to the Courtyard.

Callianna waves with her free hand, the other holding the fruit under the runer's questing nose as she reduces it to pulp and juice " G'eve to ye, n safe journey.." She calls as the 'prentice leaves.

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