Deep emerald eyes don't seem quite so crisp anymore and often peer out from under a mane of deepened aubrun hair with a touch of confusion. Strands of translucent white hair have sprouted out from around here ears and just to either side of the peak in her hair. Soft tendrils still frame an impish face, though the face now as wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Spirals of curls cascade down to the small of her back, though it's just a tad thinner then in previous turns. Sunset rose lightly tints her petite lips that curve into a light mischievious smile. At a height of about 5'8, she stands fairly well-balanced on a set of long, smooth well-muscled legs, giving her the look of a well-conformed runner. Long shapely fingers, no a little gnarled, extend out from a lightly callused hand, which leads up to a smooth muscled arm, complete with age spots.. Gentle curves cover a lithe and yes, still elegant, and yet a common body of a mature woman.
Blue as pale as the glacial ice glistens in endless abandonment down the soft front of this lustrious cotton satin dress. The short slightly puffed sleeves, slip down off of %n's shoulders,and are edged in a fine dark blue scalloped lace lace. The bodice is almost daring in it's rounded cut, but a trim of dark blue lace keeps it modest and yet elegant. The waist narrows and is higlighted by a deep blue satin sash, with the tails tucked neatly to one side. The full bodied skirt has been carefully gathered along the waistline so that it falls in neat little waves down to her ankles. Upon her feet are a set of deep blue satin slippers with leather soles that are dyed to match.
Adorning her shoulder is a knot signifying her to be a Herder Master, albeit a retired one.


Dalaynia grew up in a small cothold near Neret Hold. She always stayed out in the pastures with the runners, if she wasn't busy terrorizing her older brothers. In her mothers eye's she could do now wrong, being the baby of the family,. But her father noticed how much she drove her brothers nuts with wild rides on her pony when they were supposed to be watching her. So he decided that perhaps her love for those runners should be put to could use, and had her apprenticed with the HerderCraft. Now for Dala this was great news and sad news. Great because she would finally be working and learning about runners, but she had never been away from home other than going to the main Hold. Shortly after arriving at the Hall she got swept up in the Runner Trail and become one of the assistants for Journeywoman Danaka. Too her surprise she was promoted from a probationary apprentice to a full apprentice after helping out on the Trail.

After spending some time at the Hall, Journeyman Danaka invited her up to Redsands to help her out with the foals that had been orphaned during the trail. She gladly accepted and traveled on up to Redsands. There she spent much time getting to now not only the runners but Danaka as well and soon had her as a Mentor. Soon a promotion ceremony arrived so she went down to the Hall with Danaka to watch. To her surprise and amazement as she sat listening she soon found herself called up as well and promoted to Sr. Apprentice. Though still up at Redsands taking care of and training the young foals, occasionally she makes her way back down to the hold, to teach classes on foals.

Time goes on and has a way of changing things, in due coarse she was called back from Redsands and then moved with the Craft back to Keroon when the Hall at Ista was mostly destroyed in a fire. And still time goes on and she finds herself back at Ista and eventually second in command to Master Myra. And after some Turns MasterHerder Tarmel retired and Master Myra took her place, leaving Master Dalaynia in charge of the Istan Hall.


Dala came into the craft when she was 16 turns, and took an immediate interest in runners. From the start she showed an aptitude in learning and was put to work by Danaka who became her mentor. Many of the skills she employed in later life, she picked up on the Runner Trails that Danaka ran. Including, but not limited to haggling. She tended to finangle her way into getting top marks even for some of the poorest runners and was able to pick up a hefty amount of marks from the commissions. At the end of her first one, she was rewarded with one of the runners she had purchased for the Craft, a lively mare she named Wine Spirits. To this day, she'll still talk about that runner. Time went on and she worked her way up in ranks, had a brief affair with another Herder by the name of Lothar, which resulted in her first child, a boy, named Lothar. They had a falling out, he cheated with another Herder by the name of Dahlia, who compensated Dalaynia by giving her a runner. Dalaynia was happy with the trade, she had her son and a decent runner. Later on she had another brief stint with some man at Redsands, a hold where she had been posted in the past, this resulted in her daughter Tirania. The two have ever been at odds with each other. Dala's ambition took her all the way up the ladder to CraftMaster where she spent several turns guiding the craft. And then her mind went. Even though she was only around 50 turns of her age, she started suffering whort term memory losses and seemed to be living int he past more and more. During a fairly lucid timeframe, after her actions had prompted a renegafe raid, Dalaynia started grooming Kirai for the position and then left it in her hands before she really took the craft down. She went back to her runners and from time to time, she'll come back to the world of the living and even interact with the apprentices


Name Relation Location Position
Darmalo Son High Reaches Crafthall Journeyman
Tirania Daughter Ista Herder Hall Journeyman
Kalayni Grandaughter Ista Hold Herder Child


blue Mukhtar
Midnight blue wraps around a lithe body like a cloak. Blending into the shadows, his stomach ripples with hues of blue so dark they appear almost black in some places. Powerful wings stretch out to their full expanse, a brilliant silver trims them, adding a uniqueness rivaled by none. Triangular head is always moving, bright eyes normally shining a harper blue, absorbing details, secret information. Dark golden flecks adorn his neck, complimenting his even darker gold-tipped tail. Always listening for tidbits of information, he hopes to gain some delicious food in the process. He carries a stealthy air with him everywhere, sure of his abilities to say the least.

bronze Tawno
This bronze fellow peers around at his surroundings with his refined head. Delicate wings stretch lightly as they gleam in the light. Albeit he's a small bronze, he makes up for it in speed and agility. As well has a pleasant demeanor. Shades of burnished bronze and copper, coalesce on his silken hide. Dainty paws hold his body aloft as he silently pads across the ground.
A small metal band situated comfortably on a hind leg is inscribed with the word Tawno.
A yellow and white band has been carefully painted on Tawno's neck showing him to be from the Herder Craft.

brown Mungojerrie
With a comical grin curving his tiny mouth, and brightly whirling eyes, this firelizard seems to have no desires other to amuse. His hide is an odd shade, with dappled spots over shoulders and hindquarters. Paws continuously trip over each other as their owner forgets them in pursuit of other interests. Wings askew, and tail twisting, the little lizard delights all that set eyes on his.

gold Azusa
Dazzling…. the purest white gold shimmers on this little lady. Headknobs, face and neck are of the whitest of white golds imaginable, then darkens down her chest and across her back and tail to a deep golden gold. Proud, she is, of course, for she's very beautiful and shines blindingly in the sunlight and only a little bit more subdued that that in the moonlight. Wings of pure sparkling transluscent gold highlight her body, making her shimmer and sparkle on a sunny day. Calm whirling eyes, usually colored a bright blue, take in everything around her. Although she seems deceptively calm and almost sleepy with her economy of movement, she notices everything and everybody around her, alert as most firelizards are to any overt or covert threat to her humanpet. Calm around people, calmer yet around animals, she's the very essence of ladyhood and is ideal for a herder. She seems to empathize even more than most firelizards with her humanpet and seems almost to disappear around skittish and high-strung animals. Sharp talons are usually invisible, but warning be given. Don't ever threaten her human.

blue Freckles
He tumbles out of his egg, landing, of course, on his head, a bit too big for his body. Oops. He rights himself, and shakes his swirled wings to compose himself. Sunlight pours over the pretty little thing in quantity, no matter /where/ he is. And, likewise, he brightens the room, goofy as he may be.

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