Damria has bright red curls reaching down her back, hair much longer than it seems, set above a soft cream forehead and piercing blue sapphire eyes, inherited from her da. Her hair is controlled behind a band holding her hair in a braid tightly woven, because her curls would escape elsewise. She's not very tall, barely five feet. Callouses are evident on her small hands. She has muscles as befitting anyone who works hard day in and day out.
Damria wears a set of overalls the color of dust. Why not, when she spends all her time outside with the runners? She has pockets on either side in the front, and two pockets in the back. A tunic covers her overalls, almost exactly the same color, whether by design or accident, or just dirt, one can't quite tell. Strong wherhide boots cover her feet, scuffed from all the work she does. A little bracelet, complete with a shiny runner encircles her wrist, left over from babyhood.


She's still quite young, especially for a master, but her intelligence shows through in every question she asks. She is an insatiably curious child, cunning as well. Most of her behavior is muted, well, as compared to when she was small, that is. She wants to know exactly what you're doing, however, she seldom asks anymore. Especially not at that deafening roar she used when she was tiny. She still wants to know what you might have that she might like to keep, but in general now, it's mostly runners she likes to collect. Her pert little nose sticks up just above pink lips. Little hands keep to themselves unless you have something of hers, and unlike her younger, more 'angelic' self, that temper inherited from her mother is generally hidden behind a solemn reserve. Now, don't anger her, don't patronize her, for that temper she hides might just peek through. A younger Damri would, when crossed, throw a screaming tantrum that would have to be witnessed to be believed. Now, now you wouldn't know she has a temper, unless you know her very well, for there are subtle signs that she's well and truly her mother's daughter. But time has shown her other ways of getting her own way, or avoiding that which is an anathema to her. Those sly little wiles, which were just hints before, can easily be seen if one knows what to look for. They are there, just, well, sly, and hidden for when those well-honed skills are needed.


Name Relation Location Position
Damista Mother Ista Retired Master
Flarra Foster-Sister Ista Retired Journeyman


bronze Ice
French vanilla drips down a pale, creamy-bronze hide, covering over a rounded wedge-shaped muzzle thickly. With smooth, thick, creamy consistency, the sweetened color slides down a slim neck and around the hide covering a slightly rounded out body, dripping down his tail and gathering at the tailspade, which looks much like an inverted drip. Shadows of patterns leave drip-like curves rippling across his sides, while he tends to take on a slightly frosty look as wings are spread, almost looking as if tiny ice crystals are spreading around wingspars and stretching over wingsails. His eyes whirl the colors of rainbow sprinkles, adding that splash of bright color to his smooth, pale goldeny-bronze hide.

green Velvet
This little green firelizard sparkles with subtle shades of emerald. If one stares at her long enough, they'd swear that she's many different colors, but not one person can pinpoint the exact shade of green, for each and every patch of skin differs subtly with brilliant color. Headknobs aren't very big, for this little one isn't very big, her multifaceted eyes though mimicing that which her mistress feels, so the whirling eyes tend to change shade endlessly, depending on how Damria feels. Wingsails are nearly transparent, the greens there subtly blending to golds, though of course, not enough to give rise to doubts as to which color Velvet is. Sharp talons protect her mistress if necessary, and she seldom or should one say never, is apart from her mistress.

gold Fire
Bright splashes of gold sparkle along her neck and back ridges then drift out along her wings, becoming translucent the further the color runs from her body, leaving them a whitish gold, with darker shimmers along her wing sails. Her petite head is held high, her little nose in the air, where a tear drop shape of gold rests along her muzzle, amongst the lighter shades that are washed over her face. Streamlets of gold and white gold twist and twirl along her graceful body, ending in ribbons along her tail. Her pose is not that of a dainty girl, but one that is determined to have her own way, no matter what. Proud and arrogant she is, and she is not afraid to let someone know just when something is /not/ to her liking.

blue Water
Steel and titanium form the base for this boxy blue. He's not precisely /large/ but his oddly squared frame make him seem some how larger than he is, or perhaps /denser/ would be a wiser word. For his compact frame is as solid as it is pale. The short tail remarkably slender, almost antenna like. The wings seemed to have been designed for the perfection of function rather than beauty, perfectly formed to gain the utmost advantage from lift to aid both stamina and agility. Unlike most of his kind, stamina seems to be his strong point, rather than sheer lithe agility. Lithe he is not, though he is markedly flexible. Blunted claws are echoed by the equally blunt muzzle and curiously flat head, the wedge shaped as if formed from slats of stone, or metal. He is built for purpose not aesthetics.

brown Wind
Shades of klah mingle with a touch of cream that lightens the dark hide in varying hues of color. A dollop of cream makes the dark brown shade of his intelligent head a pale shade of it's former color, but yet it seems to had to the eccentric personality he seems to sport. The oddly colored brown is certainly not one to follow convention, not with his mismatched wings, one a dark unadulterated shade of brown. And the other wing a swirl of colors as the cream and brown intertwine upon on another. His body is broad, the chest muscular and large and dark as freshly brewed klah. His tail is quite a different matter, long and thing, the flickering whip of a tail, is sinewy and tipped with a cream as if it was dipped.

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