Curls of black gleam with shades of reddish gold, a hint of light in the darkness that frames a cute little face. Little blue eyes, flecked with shades of green, shine like a smooth pebble in a creek bed, cool and warm all at once. Pale pinkish skin, tinted with brown surrounds his busy little fingers, which match perfectly with his little toes. Long and slim in body, he does not show the plumpness of some kidlets, a hint to his figure to come. Running constantly on his little legs, he shows a curiousity that matches those of any small child towards shiny objects and moving animals. Watch out, world!
Sturdy dark blue trous, cover his lower body and a yellow shirt, liberally covered with dust after a day following behind one of the older apprentices. Sturdy boots cover his feet. He wears a knot of herder colors, only an apprentice, though with a posting at Ista and the special ribbons of his mentor.



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