Runner Trip: Palia/Vaedelle Fight

Oct 2002

Callianna leans against the railing, absorbed in trying to untangle a bundle of stubbern twine from a length of dark stained wood. Almost done with the task she jerks her hand back and puts her finger in her mouth.." SHards.." she mumbles..

Palia gallops onto the deck, quite smily and lovable of course. Her bright face simply flops when she sees the water though. They haven't moved a bit! Not only is the shore just as far away as it was before, she longs it even more. Here gaze finally stops on Calli. "Hiya Cal! Whatcha doin?" Upon hearing her heards, she flinches and practicaly bounces over. With her hand clutching her nose, of course.

Snoring begins to become audible coming from behind some crates on the deck. Somehow Vae managed to fall asleep with the waves.

Callianna grins as Palia bounces over " 'ello Pal..jus trying to use this fishing line one of the sailors gave me..though so far all's I have coaght is meself.." she shows the other "prentice her pricked finger, mock glareing at the bundle of twine and offending hook.

Palia's mouth flumps to a smirk. "Well I'll say that that hook is just as evil as…as…she-who-must-not-be-named!" She whisps her hand up to rub her nose, before lying it strategically by Calli. "Can I try? I've always wanted to see if I could fish before." Then she perks her ears. "Vaaaaeeee. Stop snoring." Grin.

Vaedelle snorts and jerks straight up, only the top of her head visible from behind the crates. Mumbling something in retaliation towards the girls, she falls back down into blissful sleep. Thunk.

Callianna nods and offers the still tangled bundle carefully to the other ' prentice..making sure to hold onto the hungry hook with one hand " Sure, go on n try yer luck..wonder whats out there to catch anyway.." she muses as she leans 'gainst the rail. She smiles at the slumbering Vae, wincing a bit at the thunk..

Palia giggles as she takes the hook into her hand. "Oh, I'm sure there's stuff. It just doens't like the hook, is all. Do we have nay worms? Or should we stick something else on this for fish…" She eyes the boat around her. Nothing! Grr, she'd have to look deeper then the face of the deck. "Um, VAAE, dont oyu think you should WAKE UP! Its a bit late in the day to be sleeeeeepiiiiiiiiiinnng!" Mean mean Pali just has to pick on someone today.

Vaedelle gets extremely startled upon that wakening, thrashing about and jerking straight up, barely missing the edge of a crate sticking out.

Callianna hides a smiles as she looks out into the waves, then swings her pack tothe deck and stats rumaging.."know I had something.." she mumbles over the clinkscuffle of moving stuff " here it is.." she pulls out some pieces of dried redfriut wrapped in a cloth " could try these.."she offers

Palia spreads a sickly smile over her lips, her hand reaching forth and taking the redfruit. "I suppose it will. We'll never know the real appetite for" Pali /hates/ fish. And lately, shes dropped a lot of food from her diet. She's going vegetarian. "Take this, you slimy little..silver things!" And with that, the hook is off and away with it's bait, lunged into the water. "Let's see if they like it." An evil grin sheers out and mists to Vaedelle. "I do think that all there is to do here anymore is sleep. That is why I vote we all wake up and find something to do." Sigh.

Callianna grins at Pal"s challenge to the beasties beneath the waves " Ye tell em Pal" she chuckles, tracking the twine and hook with its sweet cargo sink down into the briny deep " I guess well have ta wait.." she trails off with a sigh and a glance at the sleepy 'prentice

Vaedelle stops thrathing and looks around, blinking. How'd she get back here? And who sharding woke her up!? Oh, someone's gonna pay. Grumbling the entire way to the fisher men, she wondered why she had an huge headache.

Palia starts to twine the 'reel' around her hand, making it sortof a loop around her hand. As soon as it looks like it's a good length over her fingers, she slips it off- with a pained look on her face -and holds it out to Cal. "I think you'd better do it. I'm…gonna go find some stuff." Her sheepish little face bustles into a happy grin, and she starts to wander her sight from corner to corner, looking for something. And it obviously wasn't the angry looking Vae. Run away run away!

Callianna takes the rod n reel from her skittery friend..sneaking glances at the approuching Vae " Ye sure ye don want to catch a big One?" she asks playfully,..

Vaedelle stamps her way around the deck, her anger obviously showing. Someone had either have a good excuse, or a good way to divert Vae's attention. Brows flat with annoyance, Vae glares. "Alright, who was it?" Ouch. Glaring so entirely hurt her head. Why did her head hurt so much!? That made her even angrier.

Palia raises an eyebrow, and laughs at her friend. "Nah, I dont want a giant wriggling thing slipping out of my hands. Ew." After a timely shudder, her eyes finally meet what they've been looking for. There it is, right ontop of a crate. On top of a crate next to a moving person. Next to a crate with the /angry/ Vaedelle. Uh oh. "Um, um, um…" With her sheep manner she starts to skip /so/ innocently away from Vae's spot. La de da de daaaaa.

Callianna goes home.

Damria closes down door.

Vaedelle glaring around at the individuals, she actually manages to pinpoint the pest. "PALIA!" Eyes targeted on the victim, Vae barrels towards the girl. Her anger actually vents in that steamroll (yes I stole your word Pal), her revenge actually turns into a game.

Damria wanders up from the hold, the noise of all the stomping getting the better of her curious nature. She shuts the hold door and looks around, taking in the other apprentices and their various moods.

Palia screeches on the top of her lungs when she hears that wretched word. It will be the death of her one day, her name. Her scream is audible all to much, and so are her thumps on the deck as she begins to run to the other side, speaking 'help me help me' all the way there. Skid, slip, flump, ouch, stand, run, screech. They all are exihbeted.

In the Cargo Hold, Cognac shifts nervously in his make-shift stall and gives a loud snort of discontent.

Damria almost disappears down the hatch again, but steadies and walks toward the railings. "So, what's all the noise around here?" she asks.

Vaedelle barrels after Palia, yelling just as loud right behind with obscene threats. She screeches to a halt as Damria appears out of the hatch. "She woke me up, the little trundlebug." She exclaimed, pointing at Palia. Sending a mock glare her way, Vae inches closer to Pal in an attempt to sneak a bab upside the head.

Damria eyes the two of them, then asks incredulously. "All this screeching and screaming is because she /woke you up?/" She shakes her head. "Good thing the runners are used to you two, or you'd be down there settling them down. It's like thunder down there."

In the Cargo Hold, Cognac lets out a loud whinny, seems the noise above is causing him to be even more antsy then normal.

Palia meeps quite loudly, screeching as she fumbles to the right, dives to the left, jumps to the east, leaps to the west. "Help me Damri, help meeeee!" Bouncing here and there does nothing for her stamina, and it fails just as easily as it has before. Slowing down, she starts to eye both Vae and Darmia. "I know! She's gonna kill me for disturbing her /beauty/ sleep! Eeek!" With a duck in case there's a swipe, she dives down by a crate and grabs a lid for a sheild against the Vae, and a perfect little pole made of wood is held up. "Un guard!"

Vaedelle points and defends herself against Palia. "Dam, she didn't just /wake/ me up, she scared the living daylights out o' me doing it!" Jumping back and grabbing another crate lid just in case Pal decided to use that stick, Vae inches her way behind her moving barrier to that fishing pole near the railing.

Damria laughs, then shakes her head again. "Well, I'd consider slowing down and quieting down, or you /will/ be down there quieting runners." Giving Vaedelle and Palia each one of her famous looks, those like which her mother gives erring apprentices, she steps towards the two of them, her sea legs evident in that she rolls easily with the ship itself as she walks.

In the Crew Quarters, Kerran opens up door.

In the Aft Deck, Kerran closes down door.

Palia starts to lunge forward with her play sword, twisting it like a samari at Vae. "You shouldnta been sleeping in the first place! I was makin' sure you weren't gonna get in trouble, you know! A master couldve popped outa no where and yelled at you for sleeping!" Her eyes mist as the flit to the senior apprentice. "I would perfer not letting down my guard, dear Damri, or I shall be stuffed into a sack and tossed out to sea!"

In the Cargo Hold, Cognac stomps again and gives out another screaming neigh. All the rucus above is something he's not used to. Though he's not started to try and kick his stall down yet… just stomping a bit.

In the Cargo Hold, Will-O-The-Wisp starts to shuffle around a bit, whinnying at the runner stomping around. His own hooves jumble against the wooden flooring, and with a soft neigh, he steps to the side, trying to become free of the cramped space. Yet of course, that won't happen.

Damria shakes her head. "Not if I have anything to say about it. We've just enough people to make camp and find these fabled runners of Dala's. I for one will /not/ see it jeopardized by infantile behavior on anybody's part. There's a runner down there that needs attention. Who's going to /volunteer/ to go down and calm it down?" she asks, deceptively calm.

Vaedelle is still slinking behind her barricade, yelling the whole way. "Well I don't think a Master would've approve of the unjust manner of you waking me up like that! And not ta mention, you hollerin' coulda woke /them/ up! And then ya woulda had a lot more to deal with than just me!" Vae pouts a bit as Dam calls off the ruckus, but does not relenquish her grip on her moving fortress, giving a gleaming eye around to the dancing Palia.

Palia twists around to view Damria. "Ah, there is? Well, I'll say that I will only quiet it down if /she/ drops her shield. Then I will. And then she'll go calm the runner." With that she swings fully back towards her advasary. "How dare you accuse my voice of being to loud! You are the one threatning to, to, to…" Ending short with that on words, she bursts into resounding laughter, dropping all her items to the deck and howling with hiccup giggles and rumbling, resounding amusement.

Damria just stares at Palia for a moment. Okay, this has gone on long enough. "Vaedelle. put down anything that can be used as a weapon, and you /and/ Palia go down into the hold and calm /all/ the runners, now. I hear more than one acting up, including Wraithe, who detests the noise coming from up here."And, indeed Wraithe gives out a ringing neigh, much like a stallion that's not in a good mood, which is what he is.

Dalaynia arrives on deck, looking neither too happy.. or like she's slept much at all. She glances back and forth at the apprentices and seems to be waiting.. for an explanation perhaps?

In the Cargo Hold, Cognac thuds up against his stall wall, seems frantic runner may have lost his footing and slipped.

Vaedelle sends a firing glare towards Palia and tries to control laughter welling up inside her belly, but to no avail. Blinking at Dam for a moment, she drops her barricade. Vae then procedes to collapse into spasms of uncontrollable laughter with Palia. Upon noticing the Master, Vae miracously dries up the cackling and looks in any other direction than Dala's, not wanting to explain anything to an unhappy Master.

Palia tries to stop her laughter, but undoubtedly can't. She just falls to the dec, almost rolling back and forth, her gigglefit tearing from her lips as if they were giant tsunami waves, pulling Pal back into herself each time with her over-exagerated happiness. This apprentice's gona mad! Until, now. Her eyes /barely/ catch Dalaynia appear on deck, and she whisps an /extremely/ innocent look onto her face, smiling too-wide at the Master. "We were doing nothing, nothing at all. Weren't we Vae? Just playin' around a li'le before we went and calmed the runners down. Right Vae?" Her head turns hopefully towards her friend. OH please oh please oh please written all over it.

The sound of a slipping runner thudding against a wall, changes Damria's expression again. This time, it's nearly frantic. How can these two young apprentices just stand there laughing when there's a runner that might easily injure itself? "Now!" comes the word, almost like a crack of thunder. "If that runner's injured, there will be hell to pay!" Her look is ominous and she's glaring at the two girls. (Forgive the un-family moo word? I cant' think of anything that would fit, Pern-style)

Dalaynia glances momentarily at Damria and gives a nod, that all sounds well and good. She arches an eyebrow at Vaedelle and then eyes Palia, her gaze narrowing briefly before she glances again at Damria 'See to it that they do.." and with that the Master walks off.. towards the side perhaps, out of view though…….

Vaedelle snaps to attention as Dala gives a look towards her and Pal and nods, a glare fixed on Palia. "This woulda never happened if it weren't for you," Vae mumbled under breath at Pal. Breathing a sigh of audible relief as the Master walks off, she continues to take on the task of calming those hare-brained runners down. Still grumbling comments at Pal, Vae walks, trying to keep deliberate bumps and babs out of authoritive view. Anything that was seen could just be blamed on the limited amount of walking space and an accidental ran into encounter.

Palia jaw quivers, the shake slipping down from her head to her hand, which enthusiastically grabs the other to keep from bapping her fellow apprentice. A snake like hiss emits from her tongue as it pops out of her mouth, and she giggles at herself while she hops along by Vae, trying to reach the ramp down /last/. "Well, if you weren't /sleeping/ in the middle of the /day/ then I never would've woken you up!" Rolling her eyes, she glares down at the deck. Grrr.

In the Cargo Hold, Cognac shifts backwards in his stall, not quite rearing, but the banging up against the side, scared him and now he's feeling trapped.

Damria sighs as she hears Wraithe's hooves doing damage that she's gonna be in trouble for. "Okay, guys. For the last time, Down into the hold and take care of those runners!" Or, they go on report. Straight to Dala, then to Dami, and perhaps to Myra. It's good, not to be king, but to be related to all the important people sometimes. Suiting what she said to words, she descends into the hold to try and calm Wraithe, but he's been cooped up for days on a rolling ship without exercise and he's moren' antsy. Now, the noise has set him off big time.

Damria saunters down.

In the Cargo Hold, Darmalo has his hands full with the runner he's been assigned. "So, tell me. What's going on?" He looks over at Wraithe and the other runners in exasperation. "Whoever it is, oughtta be shot." is his only comment as he offers a bit of mash to his runner to see if that calms him at all.

You go to the Cargo Hold.

Vaedelle makes her way in from the Foredeck.

Damria goes to the mash and measures out a level cup ful, then moves deliberately over to Wraithe, talking him down calmly. How much that works is anybody's guess, but with the mash laced with valerian, maybe he'll get curious enough to eat it.

Cognac shifts in his stall but with Wraithe acting up too, he now acts up even more, going so far as to kick at the stall with a resounding thud.

In the Foredeck, Frosty suddenly disappears ::between::!

Frosty blinks in from ::between::!

Vaedelle calls to Frosty, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

Damria eyes the apprentices as they troop down after her. "Mash…. valerian… one level cup per runner!" Gee, is she reduced to one word sentences now?

Vaedelle trots down in the cargo hold with the aggrevated runners. Great. Pout. She makes her way over to Cognac, trying to shush him, though he gets even more fearful as hands reach for his nose. Jumping at Damria's words, Vae skids to the mash and yanks out a cup, accidently sending a little bit everywhere. Swearing she'll clean up later, she dashes back to Cognac to calm him down, inadvertantly stepping on Pal's foot along the way.

Palia does another high pitched screech before her canine whistle voice finishes off and she ducks down to the ramp, and trundles to the cargo bay, stopping right at the 'gate' to view all the runners that are rampaging in their stalls. "oh dear…" She dares not to apporach the ringed Wraithe, and with an unpleasent flounce she trudges sheepishly towards her own runner, to make sure it's calm. Glares slip back and forth like hot potato between the other three herders. Growl. Moo. Hiss. Ftft. Ruff. Baaah. She hops to the mash, takes a whiff, and her seemingly broken nose turns up on the smell.

Darmalo didn't know clowns came with the apprentices, however, he's getting resigned to these two.

Cognac rears upwards with the hands in his face, though he slips in his stall as he does.. luckily he doesn't fall over backwards.

Will-O is generally a calm runner, so Palia has no trouble getting him to stay put as she tried to feed him the laced mash. "Go on, it's not doused with anything, perfectly ok, not to worry Will.." With a confused and horrified look onn her face, she strays her vision to the other runners. "Boy, aren't they all looking swell." Se mutters to herself, forcing the 'food' up to Will's nose, and he wiffs it. And doesn't eat. "Oh come on…I bet it tastes good!"

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