Storm at Sea

A spirited winds begins to pick up slightly, creating tiny little caps of white to appear on the waves. Off in the distance dark clouds loom, while jagged edges of lightning cause a glow on the darkening horizon. The sails begin to whip in the wind and the ship lurches a little.

Dalaynia grabs onto the table she's been looking over and glances out the window. Crew members running in and out confirm her fears as they start calling orders to lock everything down and secure anything loose. "Shards." she murmurs as she actually looks a little sick "I hate storms."

Issri looks up, startled, from the same table at Dalaynia, "A storm? But that dolphin said the weather was fine!" Of course that was days ago.

Dalaynia stares at Issri and then shakes her head. "Well, nice to know at least one of you has found the rain we've had here and there fine." she states with a bit of a grin. "We've been lucky so far, I'd been hoping to make it all the way without one." She oofs a bit as another lurch tosses her into the table. "That's gonna leave a mark.

Issri winces, "Are you alright? What should we do? I've never been in a storm before." She looks frightened. Hawk pops out of between and lands on her shoulder, the young brown curling around the girl's neck until she has to pry him loose.

Dalaynia gives a bit of a nod "Yeah, might have a bruise, but I've had worse." she notes and then moves off to the side to grab a railing on the wall. "Id suggest holding on? Can even tie yourself to something as well. Shards but I hope we don't lose anyone overboard."

Issri winces again, face paling, "We can l-lose people overboard?" She looks panicked, now, as she grabs onto the railing. "But what if we tie ourselves to the railing and we sink? Wouldn't we drown?" She shivers, "I hate this I hate this I hate this I want off!"

From the sea, Amongst the wind the sounds of squeeing can be heard and then the ringing of a bell. Seacrafters race to the rails and look over the side. Dolphins have come up with dire news indeed. Word filters back down the ship, a squall has grown and the ship is directly in the path of it.

The dark clouds are gathering quickly, hiding the sunlight while brightening the sky with flashes. Thunder booms dully in the far distance, rumbling is discontent with the world. The wind picks up some more, creating even larger caps of white on the waves. The ship almost dances as it rides the beginnings of a storm.

Iasri wobbles her way into the wheelhouse, lacking any agility or grace she might carry on the land. "Oof.. shard it." She snaps to herself as she jams herself against the doorframe, and she braces herself against the wall as she inches herself forward towards the other Herders, "What is this? What /is/ happening?" the girl whines, panicking as she's flung against the wall with every lurch. "We aren't going to die? Right? RIGHT?"

Rozalija was just poking her head out from the quarters, swaying her way across the deck towards Dalaynia with big watery eyes and her face paler than ever. "Master Dalaynia! We're…. we're not gonna be okay, are we? We're gonna drown, aren't we?" Panicky apprentice that she was, she starts sweating and looking around her, catching sight of Iasri and wincing. "We are!" Ever the pessimist… "Faranth, I should have stayed at home!" she sobs, wringing her hands and starting to look just the bit green again.

Drowning? Dying? The appies are certainly full of doom aren't they? "Don't panic and likely you won't die." she states and then as word comes back about the dolphins she purses her lips together "Don't panic. Storms happen all the time and Captain Kerri's crew are seasoned at this. After all, she names her ship for the love of these storms. We'll be fine. Most generally blow out quickly." She's hoping.

Issri reaches out to try and grasp at Iasri, "I think we are!" she squeaks, terrified. "Oh, Iasri, I'm sorry I've been mean to you before! Rozalija, I wish I knew you better!" She picks up on the other's panic and begins to cry, "I didn't want to burn and I don't want to drown!" Dalaynia's words are not helping the girl.

Iasri must be the only one in the group that doesn't cry when frightened. When her little heart is broken… yes. But not with impending doom afoot. "Both of you, stop blubbering," she snaps, bracing herself against the wall from all the lurching. If there's anything she hates more, it's crying. Lots. Of. Crying. She takes a moment to compose herself, shaking off Iasri's wailing to close her eyes and take a deep breath. "They have life boats right? So in case.. I don't know, this boat starts to come apart, we can jump ship?" She's trying to be the voice of reason here, but her voice is shrill. "Because, you know. I can't shardin' swim…" A moment's pause. "Well, there are dolphins anyways.. right?"

The wind begins to howl as the storm slowly moves in overhead, taking it's sweet time as it whips the waves into a frenzy. The ships rocks back and forth as it gets caught by the swelling waves, peaking on the crest and then slipping down into the trough.A flash of lightning casts an eerie blue glow along the ship, scenting the air with ionization. Almost instantly a peal of thunder cracks open the sky and a deluge of rain begins to fall.

Rozalija stares at Issri with her mouth agape, but the look quickly passes as she's flung towards them and the railing, gripping it for her life. She sniffs towards the two of them. "I'm sorry. I wish I knew you better, too," she says before turning her weepy eyes on Iasri. "I-I c-can't help it. We're going to die because I can't swim, either. I can't swim and I hate the seat." Blaaagh. There goes whatever she had earlier as the ship tilts and she leans her head over the side of the railing. Perhaps with an empty stomach, she'd do better, too.

Dalaynia slides a little and is knocked into by one of the Seacrafters and then she yelps with the sound of thundar breaking out. "That was close." she murmers just as one of crewman yell that all non-essential people tie themselves down and is bringing out straps for just that purpose, and life jackets. "Come on! Get 'em on." Dala orders to the apprentices as she shoves one at Roz "Better make sure this is on tight. We are /not/ going to die. We might get a little wet but we won't die." She's hoping.

Issri blinks at Iasri and Rozalija, aghast, "You can't swim? And you came on this boat trip are you INSANE?!" she shrieks, her voice reaching new heights. "I can't carry both of you! I don't know who to save! Iasri, I like you a lot but sometimes we don't get along and Rozalija…I don't know you hardly at all we might end up best friends but not if you drown because I can't save both of you! I don't know what to dooooo!" Oy. She grabs at the life jacket like it's, well, a life jacket, and quickly pulls it on, cinching it so tight she can barely breathe. Hawk tries to wiggle in between her body and the vest, squeaking with the effort. Issri doesn't think to send him back home.

The waves swell up to ten feet and more, throwing the ship around like a child's boat in the water. There isn't a moment of silence as the storm continuously belts the ship with rain, while the lightning dances overhead. The thunder rumbles on without end as the wind turns the rain into icy shards that can sting the skin.

Iasri shoots a frightened look out towards the window, eyebrows knitting themselves together as she grabs frantickly for a life jacket. "Don't worry Is," she stammers as she ties it to her body, "I'll just bank on getting picked up by a dolphin if we go." Or Vostarik? If he can swim too. Immediate gross face as Roza throws up, and Iasri groans a little herself. Now she felt sick. Ew.

Issri shakes her head, clinging to the railing and holding on tight. Hawk chitters angrily at Rock when his clutchmate vanishes, the brown snuggling closer to Issri and trying to comfort her while he himself tries not to have an accident. "I'm glad I left C-Charlie at home," Issri stammers. "I hope you don't die," she says fearfully to Rozalija and Iasri.

Dalaynia stares at Roz "If you're going to be sick, you'ld best risk getting wet, else you'll have everyone sick and yourself sick again and everyone getting sick again as well and not to mention if you fall and sliding through it and FOr Faranth's sake go through the door." she snaps as she gets people strapped to the rail. She holds on for dear life to rail as she watches the water rise up "Sweet Faranth Mother of dragons." she says, though it sounds hardly more than a whisper with the booming.

Issri shakes her head, clinging to the railing and holding on tight. Hawk chitters angrily at Rock when his clutchmate vanishes, the brown snuggling closer to Issri and trying to comfort her while he himself tries not to have an accident. "I'm glad I left C-Charlie at home," Issri stammers. "I hope you don't die," she says fearfully to Rozalija and Iasri.

Directly overhead lightning flashes once again, this time hitting the ship. The world is turned negative for an eternity of seconds. Fire flares briefly, before the rain puts it back out, but not before a sail tears loose, cracking like a whip. Then, as if things couldn't get worse they do. The tiller breaks loose from it's ties and sends the ship lurching into the looming steel grey ocean.

Iasri curses under her breath at the sight of her little bonded. The little bastard, always popping in at the wrong moment to tell everyone just that, and then leave. Just as fast. "Strap, I need a strap!" She panicks, grapling for a piece of rope to tie herself to the railing, gripping it forcefully. "We won't die Issri. Don't say that," the girl screams, but the sound of the lightening hitting the boat makes her inaudable. At that time, she can't hold her gag reflex back, and she turns to throw up onto the floor. Oh ew.

Suddenly a shaft of light breaks through the clouds, casting a ray of light onto the ship as the rain begins to let up. The waves begin to grow smaller and smaller as the storm moves on. The lashing rain becomes a light drizzle while the thunder grows softer and softer into the distance.

What with all the insanity going on around the ship and Rozalija still looking sick, she doesn't catch a lot of what their Master says. But by the end of it Roz stares at her and goes. "W-w-what? We're still going to die, aren't we?" Yup, her mind was stuck on one thing and one thing alone. Her face was streaked with tears, which she turns to Issri and sniffles. "I hope you don't die, either. B-but—" Whatever pessimistic thing she was going to say is lost to an ear-splitting shriek that was probably lost to the lightning and other screams, and Roza sways and starts losing the grip on the railing.

Dalaynia wraps an arm through the railing and her eyes are wide. Yes, she's scared, you can even see the whites of her eyes so to speak when the ship is hit. Her feet slide out from under her as she struggles to stay upright, course the ship isn't helping that much. She graps for Iasri and then is instead is grabbing for Roz "Stay with me you all." she cries out as she gets her feet under her and then is starting with a bit of wonder out the window.

Issri spots the fire before she sees anything else. "FIRE!" the girl screams, completely panicked even when the rain clearly puts the small blaze out. Then she has bigger things to worry about as the ship veers off. She clings to the railing, screaming and sobbing. This has got to be damaging. The poor Herder Apprentices. Avoiding death at every turn. "I should have been a Harper!" she shrieks. "It's not safe in here, what if the ship sinks? I have to get off." And she begins making her way for the exit, slipping on Iasri's vomit. "My shoes!" Ah, the mixed priorities of teenage girls.

Iasri lets loose a relieved moan, and her stomach stops flipping as urgently as it was a few minutes ago. She's squinting, cluching her stomach from the last of those dry heaves before leaning back against the wall. "Oh, deal with it." the girl growls, righting herself back up against the railing, peeking out the window. "It looks like it's going to let up soon… I hope." There's a bit of reluctance in her voice. She really doesn't believe it. "I really want off this boat…. nooow."

A light zephyr chases away the last few remaining dark clouds that pepper the sky, removing the evidence of a storm, even the sea takes on a peaceful deep blue look. What seemed on the verge of tearing apart the ship, has gone as if it never existed, leaving behind the telling remains of a shredded sail and soaked sailors.

Dalaynia watches as the sun comes out and then shakes her head a little. She watches Seacrafters darting back and forth, luckily enough only injuries and no loss of life. She glances over at the apprentices and then down at Roz "See? It didn't last all that long now…did it?" She frowns a little as they don't seem to be moving all that quickly though.

"Really, do we need the crying?" Harsh and frazzeled, Iasri's words come out sharp and almost angry. Well, to be fair, she is angry. Furious that this boat had to go through a storm. At least when that hurricane came through Keroon, she was in a place that wasn't /moving./ "Stop crying Roza, it's over. We aren't dead." Shakey fingers are trying to pry loose those ropes so she could get out of there. "Okay. I reaaally hope that we're almost to Southern. And I really hope we are taking dragons back."

Rozalija stays silent on the ground for awhile longer before she shakily turns her chin up to look first at Dalaynia and then towards Iasri. "B-but I'm s-so scared," she says, in response to the sobbing. She sniffs again and looks between them. "I-is it r-really?" Her trembling hand pushes hair out from her face. "D-dragons, yes. I… I cannot step on a boat again." Or she'll just have to jump ship.

Issri nods, "Yes, dragons. Dragons are safe." Mostly. Watch, they take dragons back and one of them gets lost between. "Great," Issri says with thick sarcasm, "Now I'm afraid of fire /and/ water. This isn't fair."

Dalaynia excuses herself away from the apprentices, unstrapping herself from the rail and heading over to one of the SeaCrafters. She listens to a murmured explanation, glances back towards the trip, glances back at the crafter and frowns. "Shard it all!" she exclaims and mutters a little to herself. She eyes Roz a moment "Get yourself together. We're a long ways off from Southern still, but we are landing soon. There's no help for it. The ships too damaged to sail for too far a distance."

Issri nods, "Yes, dragons. Dragons are safe." Mostly. Watch, they take dragons back and one of them gets lost between. "Great," Issri says with thick sarcasm, "Now I'm afraid of fire /and/ water. This isn't fair."

"It's damaged?" Iasri fumbles herself loose from the railing, wobbling a bit on her feet before pushing away. She fells lightheaded, sick again, but not enough to puke. Thank Faranth. "Meaning… are we landing where /people/ are? Near… civilization? Or are we going off somewhere we don't even shardin' know?" There's new panic in her voice. "Damnit," she hisses, to herself, but loud enough for people to hear. "We should all get promoted for this mess."

"I-I'm good," Roza replies with a growing blush now at her position on the floor. She will probably need a change of clothes after this, too, and toss the ones she was wearing overboard. She gets back onto her wobbly leggs, but then turns wide eyes back on Dalaynia. "W-wait, it isn't? W-we're not going to be lost on an island now, alone and hungry, are we?" Here goes the watery eyes again at that thought. "N-no, 'course not," she answers herself, glancing towards the firelizard. "We can call for help."

Dalaynia snorts a little at Iasri "Good try." she notes though she smiles "It means, we're landing where there is timber. Doesn't mean there are people. Course it's possible, but actually they're looking to avoid people. Undesirables can be let off on islands and all." she notes as she looks out around them. She then smiles at Roz "Doubt we'll get too lost, most the islands aren't that big, they're not like ISta or anything."

Issri nods at Iasri, "Promoted. No kidding." Hawk chirps his agreement. She fumbles with the straps of her life jacket, trying to loosen them so she can breathe better. She looks forlornly down at her messed shoes. "We're stopping? Can we go home? Please? Call a dragon or something? Please?" she begs. "I want to go home."

Iasri lets out a labored sigh, leaning her head back against the wall. "Kill me…" she mutters, folding her arms over her chest. "Well, do you know /when/ we are getting to where ever piece of sand.. island, /whatever/?" She can only imagine what the beds down in the cabin look like. Flooded, drenched most likely… "And seconded. I'd like to go back to the hall too. Or a Weyr, or anywhere that has a hot meal waiting and a bed to sleep in." Cranky, cranky.

Rozalija shakes her head, her breathing irregular as listens to them around her. "Y-yes, the dragons. Mom's a dragonrider, I bet…" But her voice trails off as she whimpers. "More time on a ship, I… I don't know if I can get back on this ship." She sniffs and falls quiet, bowing her head down.

Dalaynia shakes her head a little as she listens to them whine "And here I thought you all were made of a bit more than that. I can't say anything about dragons, depends if anyone's available and all and well, it ain't always wasy to convey location and such. Most likely they'd have to fly straight and find us." she notes quietly. "Not sure how much longer." she notes and then hmms as she peers out the window "Maybe not much more." she notes as she points out the window at an island slowly getting closer.

Issri shakes her head, "I don't mind being labeled a wimp if it gets me off this boat," she mutters. "I already almost died in that f-fire. I don't want to ever be in t-that situation a-again." She slumps to the ground and reaches out to Rozalija and Iasri, needing contact from her fellow apprentices.

Iasri scoots herself down to the ground, moving over to Roza and Iasri with more labored sighs. Fine, fine, she'll act as the surrogate parent and coddle you both while you blubber and sob in her arms and on her shoulder. If only you were tall and named Vostarik. Wiiiishful thinking. "And you know what else?" the girl grumbles, "I'm hungry now."

Dalaynia eyes Iasri and then just laughs "You would be." she notes "Getting sick, wait, that was you right?" she asks and then shakes her head. "Well, sure we can get you some dried meat or something if the stores aren't saturated." she notes and then whistles as she eyes the island they're coming up on. Luckily with storm surge and high tide anyways, the reefs surrounded the island are well covered.

Issri clutches Iasri's hand. She does not do cuddling. She just holds her hand while she waits for their ship to, ahem, come in.

Iasri 's tummy grumbles, echoing it's owner's own hunger. "Yep. I threw up." She glances over at Issri with a tentative smile. Sure, she'll hold hands. Closing her eyes, she lots out a small yawn. Hopefully, they can unboard this crazy train-er- boat, sooner than later.

Dalaynia watches through the windows as the ship limps it's way into the bright turquoise blue waters of the lagoon. Cliffs loom up over head and the beach sparkles with the brightness of white sand. "Well, looks umm, promising enough?" she notes as she eyes the vegetation.

Issri nods, "Anything. I just want off," she grumbles.

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