Welcome to the Jungle?

Many of the seacrafters have actually ventured on up past the stream and via word through firelizard, trees have been found and so they're setting up a secondary camp near it. Dalaynia on the other hand is organizing apprentices herder and seacrafter alike to carry the rest of the things. "Come on you all. Really don't wanna be here if another storm comes through do you?" she calls out and then helps on smaller apprentice with his pack. "That's it, take you're time, not sure how hard it'll be to climb, but there's some climbing to do.

Vostarik is already staggering under the weight of several packs - what, just because he's a boy he has to carry more? so not fair - as he makes his way toward the new camp. "I still don't get why we have to move that far," he can be heard complaining. Because really, when isn't he? "Wouldn't it be /worse/ to weather a storm /under trees/?"

Iasri is doing her best to saddle the weight of one or two bags, her thin figure bending over the weight of them. She's cheerful than most, doing her best to keep her distance from Vos and closer to the front of the pack. The beach, which fine, wasn't condusive to an adventure. That's what this girl wanted. The unknown! And she couldn't get there fast enough, with all this baggage. "Ugg.." everyso often, she's grunting. Too heavy. At this rate, she'll never get off the white, sandy beach.

Dalaynia glances back towards Roz "And here I thought you never wanted to set foot on the ship. No one's stated seeing any felines, wherrys and sport=whers and the like as well as smaller avians. But no felines." Thank goodness. "Though Beka might be disappointed, I think she wanted to come with as a chance to take in another pelt or bring back more cubs." she wrinkles her nose at that and then shifting her own pack heads up the stream.

Vostarik shuffles along, sidling through the sand as he adjusts his grip on the bottom-most pack in his arms. "Felines or no felines, I still think we'd be better off on the beach," he mutters, looking sulky as he falls into step with the girls. "What if some dragons fly overhead and miss us 'cause we're in the trees?"

Iasri climbs up from the beach having followed the difficult terrain that borders the stream.

Vostarik shuffles along, sidling through the sand as he adjusts his grip on the bottom-most pack in his arms. "Felines or no felines, I still think we'd be better off on the beach," he mutters, looking sulky as he falls into step with the girls. "What if some dragons fly overhead and miss us 'cause we're in the trees?" (repost for Iasri!)

"Stop whining about it." Iasri grumbles, turning to give Vos an annoyed look. "It's better that we move from the beach and into the forest because they probably need our help getting wood." She's matter of fact about it, and tries her best to move foward past the older boy. But she can't, with all these damn bags. "And you'll be fine Roza. If a feline comes out, it'll eat Vos anyways. He's the most annoying one here." Snicker.

Rozalija looks wide-eyed at Dalaynia. "C-course I don't, but… but there aren't any f-felines on the ship." The words seem to reassure her for the moment, but she still doesn't look happy with trekking out into the trees. She looks around her constantly before nodding back to Iasri. "I-I guess so. B-but I'm the slowest." Sob. They'll sacrifice her! That's what they're bound to do. She hefts her back and hurries to catch up and mingle closely with the others.

Dalaynia glances back at the apprentices "What a whiny bunch. She states and then shakes her head. She eyes Vos and then rolls her eyes "Honestly, they couldn't exactly miss the ship now, out there in the water now, could they?" she asks and then shakes her head "And it's not as if people won't be down there fixing up the ship, but it ain't safe on the beach. There's some nice water marks up some of those cliffs, tide can come in pretty high it seems. Course, iffen you want water for your bed." she shrugs a little and makes her way up till she's up on the plateau. She looks around and smiles "Just look at that." she murmurs and nods thoughtfully "There's the rift they were talking about, it's up on the other side of it. Said there's a bit of a trail down and then back up again. YOu all wanna chance to rest before going on?" she asks as she peers down the path at the stragglers.

Vostarik isn't whiny. He'd prefer to be thought of as audibly contemplative. Sulk. "Well I don't see why we have to go /this/ far," he grumbles, following Dalaynia up the plateau path. And then, "/Rift/?" That's never a good sign. He casts a wary eye in the direction Dala is looking, then seizes upon the chance she offers. "Yes! A rest. Good idea." He drops all of his packs abruptly on the ground, never mind what the other apprentices want. "Chill, Roza. Maybe if you weren't so busy flippin' about felines, you wouldn't be the slowest," he suggests, more conversationally than maliciously. The look he shoots at Iasri, though, most definitely has some malice in it.

Iasri pauses, letting go of her packs and sighs, swinging her shoulders around in a languid streach. "What are you looking at?" she snaps Vos's way, catching that look and sending one back. Take that bitch. "I say we keep going." she quips. "The faster we go, the faster we get there. And get there before dark."

Dalaynia hmms a little as she sets her packs down and heads over "I don't think so. Obviously, it's stopped pulling apart some time ago. Look at all the trees and vegetation there." she states "I think a short rest will be good, looks a little steep. Best to have your breath before going down there." she notes and then heads back to the apprentices "Can't have you all breaking a leg on me, I don't have a cross-bow on me to shoot you and so I'd have to send for Beka and all.

"Iasri could go on alone," Vostarik drawls, flopping to the ground beside his bags, hands out behind him. "Try not to fall into the rift." He's not concerned about tectonic activity. Or Iasri falling into a giant hole in the ground, apparently. "I think I would've preferred fixing the boat to all this hiking."

Iasri snorts, dropping to the ground to sit next to her packs, bringing her legs in up to her chest, glaring over at Vos with a look of pure hate. "Yeah well, why don't you come with me? Then I can /push/ you first." She rests her chin upon her knees with a small, mean grin. "That'd solve all of our problems." Another sigh and she looks away. "Jerk."

Rozalija stays standing there among the travelers, unsure what to do. But seeing that they were taking a break anyway, she sighs and moves closer towards Iasri. She carefully sets her stuff down, finding a comfortable seat. "It's… it's good that there's no activity. Earthquakes and possibly lava flows. No volcanoes, I hope." She looks up to the trees and then sighs, holding her knees now. Rest. Rest. Rest. "We're… we're not going to be /that/ close to the rift to fall in, are we?"

"That is enough!" Dalaynia snaps as she looks back and forth from Vosterik to Iasri and then back to Vos "You are a Senior Apprentice and as such, I expect you to show some decorum in your manners, unless you want to be demoted to the proper maturity level that you are showing. Not to mention at your age you should certainly be more mature." she states and then turns on Iasri "And if you would stop instigating things, perhaps there'd be a moments of peace. I'm ashamed of both of you. Breaks over." she states and gets her pack back on. "If either of the two of you fall, don't expect me to shed a tear." A glance at Roz "We're going to be going down into the rift and back up again and I'm told there's some grassy area to cross." she notes and then heads for the path that's been hacked out by the ones who went before. Not much of a path, but least it's fairly free of vegetation.

Vostarik looks almost ready to protest, but thinks better of it at the last minute and shuts his mouth to sulk instead. Huff. 'She started it' doesn't really seem like the right excuse in this case. He settles for looking vaguely vindicated as Iasri is upbraided, too, though it gives way to a grunt of displeasure as he stands and starts hoisting his bags again. "Never thought I'd miss a friggin' draybeast," he mutters instead, squaring his shoulders and stalking off after Dala. Hrmph.

Iasri staggers to her feet, jaw clenched, grabbing her bags and flings them back up onto her back. She doesn't say anything to Dala, just knit her brows and glance towards Vos with a small sniff. She didn't instigate, she swears! But she guessed that by this point, it'd be a waste to argue. "Yes ma'am." She mutters, following after Master Dala and the rest of the group, sulking a little.

Rozalija was just getting settled on the ground, sighing as she relaxes her legs, when Dalaynia goes off on the other two apprentice she was getting used to. She winces, even if it was not directed towards her and bobs her head. "R-right, back to marching." But she now wanted that break! She doesn't whimper too loudly a she picks her packs back up, hanging her head as she marches in the back. "S-sounds a bit dangerous," is all she mentions about the rift, gulping. She glances back towards Iasri and Vostarik, looking sympathetic.

Dalaynia doesn't even wait to see if the apprentices are following her down and takes her time to watch her step as she carefully makes her way down. She does pause a moment to see who all is following and notes the two girls. Well that's something, maybe the other chickened out? Hmm. As she hits the bottom of the rift she sighs a little "Least it's a sight cooler down here." she notes thoughtfully as she turns to look up the eastern face to gauge the progress.

Iasri grunts as she follows after Dala, the weight of those packs making her slip a little in her step. "Yeah, no more sun beating down on us." At the mention of Vos being absent, she swings her head back behind her. She stops, for just a moment, brows knitting together, before she turns back and continue down. "If he breaks something, he deserves it." She mutters almost to herself as she makes it down to the bottom.

Rozalija follows obediantly. That's what she does best, afterall. She was huffing and puffing from all the hiking, not quite used to walking so much. Mucking and helping around the crafthall, sure… Her frizzy hair was clinging to her face, making her push it out of the way every few paces. "It… it really is nicer. But— What? V-vos isn't here!" Was she the only one that didn't like that thought? She looks up with worried eyes towards Iasri, her feet still moving her along though.

"I'm /here,/" comes Vostarik's annoyed huff, voice raised as he tries to make his way down into the rift - he's carrying the most bags! Of course he's slow! "Shells. What's all this about tying people together?" By the time he's caught up at a shuffling jog, he's got one pack slung over each shoulder and one under each arm, with a mess of straps connecting the whole bunch. Phew.

At the sight of Vos, Iasri lets out an inside sigh of relief. Even though she hates his guts, she'd be sad to see him go. Just a little. She pales a little at Dala's threat of tethering them together. Oh, if that happened, she's throw /herself/ over the edge. "Can we go then?" A sympathetic smile Roza's way. "The sooner, the faster we're there."

Vostarik shoots a mildly alarmed look at Iasri as Dala clarifies her threat. Truce much? "Hmm," is all he says, hefting his packs again and moving onward. "What exactly do we /need/ to do there?"

Iasri sniffs, rubbing a hand across her face before shouldering her bags again. Alright, alright, she knows now. No snide remarks. "Can we go?" It comes out impatient really, and the girl hops from one foot to the next, trying her best to keep the weight of those bags steady. Come on Master Dala. Hurry up!

Dalaynia has headed up the side and then sets her pack down after moving a fair ways from the edge. "Break time." she notes as she glances over at the trio. She's not completely cruel. Well least so long as there's a modicum of peace and all. "Best drink and all." she adds as she pulls a waterflask of her belt.

Vostarik has his own waterflask! But he's going to be manly and not drink. "Already?" Not that he isn't tired - he's a little out of breath and a lot sweaty, but he's now officially with the girls in that he wants to get there and get back already. Huff. "We're not tired. Right?" He glances over his shoulder at Iasri and Roza. Eye. "/Right?/"

"No. Not really." Iasri mutters, rubbing a boot into the ground as she waits. "I am thirsty though, I could use a drink." Hands streach out almost expectantly. She's ready to get going and there, but she's no idiot. She needs water.

Heading out into the plain, Rozalija was starting to get just a bit nervous again. Twitch. "Break?" she squeaks out. She fumbles at the flask on the side of her pack, struggling with it for a moment. Finally she's able to take a drink, still not sitting down. Her head bobs frantically towards Vos. "Y-yes, not at all. Please?" she squeaks. "T-this reminds me of what I read f-felines like to hunt in." Grassy plains.

Dalaynia points a finger at Vos "Drink." she states as she stares him down "If you pass out on me from the heat I will not carry you, I will leave you for the wherries to eat." she stats and then looks at Roz "There are no felines. There have been no signs unless someone brought some along." she snorts a little and then eyes Iasri, satisfied that she's drinking. While she's waiting for Vos to drink, there's movement off in the distance behind her, a flash of white that is there and then is gone.

Vostarik's eyes narrow slightly as Dalaynia stares at him. "I will not /pass out,/" he protests, shifting the packs over his shoulder - and then he spots the sudden flicker of movement over Dalaynia's shoulder. "Dude. What was that?"

Iasri blinks, jerking her head to the sound of Vos's voice. "What do you mean, what was that?" She was too busy drinking that water to notice anything. She starts to shift again nervously, hrming under her breath. "We should.. I dunno.. leave. Go." Starting to sound like a broken record here.

"Y-yes, ma'am. O-of course." Rozalija just has to be reassured about that many times. While she likes animals, she's not too fond of the ones that can eat her. In fact, she was looking everywhere still, catching the movement she freezes. Cue the hyperventilating. She stutters over the word 'what' before she takes one deep breath. "What was that?" She echoes Vos too, staring. Fidgeting and staring and nodding quickly to Iasri.

Dalaynia turns around to look where the others are noting and hmms "Don't see anything." she remarks and then eyes VOs again "See that you don't." she states and then walks off again towards the jungle, up down, up down, over the hilly plains. Every no and again something shifts on the edge of peoples visions. Well some, because dala doesn't seem to notice. At least not until there's a screeching noise and a wherry is taking off, or suddenly off towards the north a flock of avians is suddenly taking flight.

"There was /something,/" Vostarik insists, though he hitches his packs and trundles along like a good little apprentice as Dalaynia keeps moving. He drops back a bit until he's matching pace with Roza. "You saw it— aah!" Okay, just avians. "Aw, jeez," he mutters, craning his head to watch their flight. "Where the shell is Issri when she might actually be relevant?"

Iasri is becoming edgy, and she tenses her shoulders as she walks, teeth clenched, eyes wide and darting. She slows a little so she falls behind Vos as they walk. This way, hopefully as her logic seems to dictate, if there's a feline attack, it'll maul the senior apprentice first. "What did you see?" The girl questions, speeding up a little to catch up with the pair. She wants to feel apart of their little group. "I didn't see anything."

Dalaynia hmms a little "Avians." she notes and then she pauses and looks thoughtful as there's an odd and almost familiar sound on the wind, it's high and then goes low, but it echoes slightly and then fades away. "Avians." she notes again and trudges on, once again missing a flash of white from near where the avians took off.

Okay, well. Vostarik is on the lookout now, and once he sees that flicker of movement to the north again, he balks. He's not going any further! "There's something /else,/" he says, eyes scanning over the rolling hills before turning to back to the girls. "Can't you get her to calm down or something?" It's directed toward Iasri, thinly veiled in his usual irritated tone. "Before she passes out, preferably."

Iasri frows, saddling up to Roza and reaching out to grip her shoulder. Hopefully, that'll calm the girl. She shoots Vos an irritated look. She's starting to wonder why he's such a jerk all the time. Small man junk she's assuming. "It'll be okay Roza. See. We're all here. We're not going die. Maybe you just saw something that wasn't there. Optical illusion." She glances back at Vos with a hopeful look. Play along dude? Maybe?

Well, with her edges slowly going dark for a moment, you'd think Roza wouldn't have caught the flash. Except she was still looking that way, and she definitely caught it. Swaay, hopefully right into Iasri. "I-it's… it's still there. Tell them it's still there," she says, looking up to Vos with large eyes, passing a thankful look to Iasri. Except she was trying to make them lie.. "T-there is. Don't stop." Except she was still frozen. A few more breaths and she takes a step forward.

Dalaynia frowns a little as she's looking again "You all sure it ain't avians. They'res plenty of them on the island." she notes and then eyes Vos "You're the Senior apprentice, perhaps you should do something help.' she notes and then she turns to walk back to Roz "If there is something else besides avians, it'd be best to hurry on then to the camp. There's more people there." she notes.

But Vostarik is a wimp! Everyone knows this! "I'm helping," he sniffs, looking vaguely offended at the suggestion. "I'm .. looking out." For whatever's out there that's going to eat them! "Figures," he mutters, and makes general shooing motions at Iasri and Rozalija. "Fine, fine, let's all listen to Master Dalaynia and hustle along. If it helps," he offers to Roza, "if it was a feline and jumped you, it'd probably get a mouthful of baggage first. You could probably still get away. Maybe." What? He's trying!

If Iasri could facepalm at this moment, she would, but she doesn't, mouth slightly agape, brows knit together, a look Vos's way with an expression that deemed him forever an idiot. "What? Uh. No. Roza. Don't listen to him. There is no feline. You'll be fine. Lets keep moving." Later, if she would get the chance, she was going to throttle Vos until he whimpered and cried like a little girl. The nerve!

"N-no. S-something out there." Rozalija was sure of it. But Master Dalaynia's voice makes her snap out of her slight faint finally. The one step is followed by another, but she keeps close to Iasri and therefore Vostarik. No, the latter wasn't helping at all. Her dark skin was completely pale about then, and her hands were working wonders on each other. Wringing them, her shirt, and unable to stop fidgeting. "O-of course. No f-felines. None. None at all." She was rambling now.

Dalaynia reaches out to thwap Vos on the back of the head, and whether she misses or not she admonishes him "Behave and be nice. You're not helping matters." she notes and then pauses again as there's that sound again. "Strange." she murmurs "I know that sound, and it ain't wherry." she frown again and then shakes her head "Ain't feline either." And she's quite sure sounding on that "You never forget the sound."

"Ow," is Vostarik's complaint, reaching up to rub the back of his head gingerly. "I /was/ being nice!" he protests, looking between all three of them. The injustice! "Oh, calm down," he tells Roza crossly - well, now he's been thwapped on her behalf - as he shifts his packs again. "See? Not a feline. What's so bad about felines, anyway? There're lots of other things that could kill you."

Iasri grumbles to herself, shooting eye daggers Vos's way. Yep, she's convinced. He has to be nasty all the time to compensate for his really small— "Oh, yeah. Like me shoving you off a really high cliff." Is Iasri's response, leaning into Roza to support her. She doesn't want to friend to pass out. Then someone would be carrying another heavy load. "What type of animal makes that sound Master Dala?"

Sounds, flashes of something in the distant. Rozalija is going to throw her knot in when she gets back, or if they dare to take another trip like this. She uses Iasri for support, aware that she doesn't want to put too much weight on the younger teen. She's at least moving along. She blushes and looks to the floor at Vos's words. "N-not a feline. That's good. C-cause they're fast and quiet and… Faranth, t-there's something worse out there." Her eyes look up again towards their Master, waiting for the answer.

Dalaynia looks at Vos "Don't make me hit you again." she threatens as she makes her way across the grasslands, least the jungle is getting closer, not that much further now. Least the avians have seemed to settle down again, course it is getting darker and all. She hmms a little at Iasri "It escapes me. Driving me crazy, I know that sound. It sounds off, but I know it."

"I didn't /make/ you hit me the first time!" Vostarik protests. A pause. "Ma'am." Just in case that wasn't respectful or something. Huff. Women. He shuffles along, no longer trying to offer comfort (since he was so good at it and all). "It sounds off?" He is intrigued. "Off how? Like .. stuck in a tree off, or .. starving and about to prey on humans off?"

If Vos knew any better, he's just stop talking straight off. It'd help Iasri from hearing his shardin' annoying voice. "It's getting dark," the girl finally notices. "Can we move? Please? Faster?" She doesn't want to be stuck out here, and she's starting to imagine the horrors of Roza freaking out, running rampant and then having her head explode. Oh Faranth. And being in the dark with Vos? That'd be bad… good.. bad.. oh stop thinking that way Iasri. You're about to maybe die.

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"M-master Dalaynia," Rozalija whines when the name of whatever the blurry-thing was keeps escaping her. She was looking around before her face snaps to the sky. Her head was going to explode, and Vos still wasn't helping. The best thing now was for her to faint and force him to carry her. His fault, anyway. "F-faster, yes. I-is it going to kill us?" she finally asks Dala, trying to keep her breath even.

There is soundly a loud echoing scream that almost seems to be around and even under them and then an answering one and a look passes over Dala's face at the sound. "Interesting." she murmurs after a moment and then hurries the apprentices on "Come on, we'd best be getting out of the area." she states and even forgets to give Vos another thwap, and she had meant to as well.

Vostarik goes slightly pale(r) at the shrieking sound, and does indeed speed up, sticking right on Dalaynia's heels (and well in range for another thwap, just in case). "/Interesting/?" His voice doesn't /quite/ crack. "That wasn't /interesting,/ that was frigging /death knell./"

Iasri hurries after Vos, with a look back at Roza. "Come on. Come on. Shards, I'm going to vomit." She's tagging along behind the older boy as fast as possible. This trip, was a very /big/ mistake.

Screaming? Screaming is bad. Are they sure it didn't come from Roza? Of course, her terrified little squeal sounds nothing like it, and she reaches out to try to hook herself around both Iasri /and/ Vostarik. The more protection, the better. At least she hadn't fainted yet and she's keeping up.

And yes, lots of trees and just a short way in from the plains is the camp. Course it's just small make shift shelters of sail cloth and the like, but there's people and sounds and light from many glow baskets and a fire. "Come on you all." Dala remarks with a thoughtful look on her face. She's looking back towards the plain and there's a gleam in her eyes.

People! Sounds! /Flames/! "Oh, yes." Vostarik is happy. And alive. And even unmauled. "Where do I put these?" The packs, of course. Now that the camp is within sight, he doesn't care about the weird movement out on the plains.

"Oh, thank FARANTH." Iasri nearly screams, shoving her way towards that camp with an eagerness never seen before publicly. "We made it. We made it!" She's nearly jumping, and she does something nearly unthinkable. She jumps at the nearest person, Vos, and wraps her arms around him and big ol' back hug. And then, as quickly as she started, runs towards camp. Don't ask people. Don't ask.

Rozalija was still hyperventilating up to the point that she notices that they were finally at camp. She stops and breaths. Just does that for a little while, nodding carefully towards Iasri's enthusiasm of having arrived in one piece. With her weight on her pack, she just flops down on the ground. At least she was in sight of people! But she's there. On her knees. Staring at Iasri. "Y-yes, thank Faranth," she says softly.

Vostarik isn't quite expecting a hug, and is nearly knocked off his feet when Iasri leaps at him. "Wh— ack!" And she runs off. He looks after her, wary, until he catches Dalaynia telling them where to go. Sa-weet. "Right. Uh." He hefts the packs again, then starts wandering off toward the camp as directed. Yeah. He'll .. be in his bunk. Er, tent.

Roeberan steps quietly into sight, still wearing his old junior apprentice knot."Captain says that I was good helping with repairing the ship… Thank goodness I helped out with shoeing runners… the boards are less fidgety than runners any day…"

Rozalija doesn't take long getting up from the floor. She has to, anyway, to put her things away like Master Dalaynia told them. "Y-yes ma'am," she says. Her color was slowly returning. With a nod, she goes to do just that, dragging her packs along and following the other apprentices to the tent.

Roeberan also has a pack on his back, and he steps closer into where the group of apprentices is and the master.

Dalaynia hmms as she watches the apprentices run off, you'ld think they'd just had a harrowing experiance, wouldn't you? And it was only a semi-short trip up from the beach. She turns her attention to Rpbe "That's good. I'll just be glad when the tiller is fixed as well. And hopefully there ain't any more storms. You'v enot seen anything odd out there on the plains have you?"

Roeberan shakes his head."Nothing but darkness and rain… Took me trying to listen and look for broken branches to find you. I'm glad as well I also talked with one of the hunters visiting some time ago… he told me how to track things.

Dalaynia chuckles "Better watch it or Beka will have you out hunting for her. Not that she really needs the help, she just likes doing things like to people I think. Course, I think she might be happy on here. At least I think so." she frowns thoughtfully.

Roeberan tilts his head, watching as Iasri heads to the tent."I'll be careful…" He fiddles with the old knot."This was getting too small… Was considering giving it to a master for recycling and getting a new one…"

Dalaynia eyes the knot and then snorts "Whatever in the world are you still doing with that old thing?" she asks and eyes the man "Honestly, didn't anyone ever get you a new one?" she asks and then frowns and shakes her head "Enough with you, no more slacking off for you, honestly, trying to pass yourself off as an apprentice, you outta be ashamed. You darn well better find yourself a Journeymans knot." she snaps.

Roeberan nods his head, bowing it, and his cheeks go red."Yes Master….I was thinking of unbraiding this one and making a smaller one until I get a real one when we get back home…. But maybe one of those Seacrafters has some plain yellow or white rope…" He can't believe he just said that to the Master.

Dalaynia snorts a bit as she removes her knot and starts undoing it until it's seperate strands "Here, make on with this." she notes and eyes him. "Honestly, I dunno what we're going to do with you boy.

Roeberan blinks, but works diligently, remembering the shape of one of the Seacrafter Journeymen's knots as he whips the cords into the proper configuration and then sets it on his shoulder.

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