Never make a Master mad

Jungle (#11945)
Thick, humid and cast in perpetual shadow, the jungle is teeming with the sounds of avian life. The undergrowth is thick, making passage through difficult at best. Howver, there seems to be no sign of any sort of tunnelsnakes, though there is evidence of small sport whers.
It is a winter afternoon.
You notice Rozalija, Roeberan, Hyotan, and Beka asleep here.
Vostarik and Iasri are here.
Obvious exits:
Cliffs Plains

Activity can be found all around the campsite, from people working on cutting logs down to size to someone stirring up a stewpot. Small animal life is fairly abundant in the form of avians and some edible tunnelsnakes. Not to mention fish. What is really interesting perhaps is that a group og journeyman herders is starting to direct apprentices to fetch and carry long and fairly straight branches.

Vostarik is Not A Fan of manual labor. He and another apprentice are carrying a few saplings between the two of them, huffing and puffing as they hustle it back toward the camp. "Put your back into it," Vos snaps at the other apprentice as they make their way back. "Where does this /go/?"

Dalaynia watches as Vos and the other apprentice brin in the sapling "Nice one, very nice ones. Just set em over there the others." she notes with a smile on her face. Ahh industry, she loves it. "Make for a good strong fence." she states with a nod of her head. Now, why she's wanting a fence?

Cue eyerolls! Iasri is following behind herself, dragging her own split saplings and half cut logs by herself. She likes to work alone, and she has enough strength to half carry, half drag it along behind her. "How about this one Mastr' Dala?" She grunts a bit, repositioning her sweaty hand around the wood. She wouldn't mind this if it wasn't so bloody hot out.

"Fence?" Having reached the pile, Vostarik drops his end of the saplings with a thunk. The other apprentice nearly goes down with them. "We're not .. staying here long enough to need a fence." Are they? His tone is deeply disapproving and more than a little apprehensive. He glances over his shoulder at Iasri and her log as she drags it up. Hmm. …his is bigger!

Dalaynia hmms a little "Iasri, take those ones down that way. They'll make for a good gate I think." she notes and looks thoughful and then there's a smile at Vos "Well, iffen no one wants to get on the ship, I guess we will be here awhile." she states with a shrug "Sides, we might want to keep something penned up or something."

Gate?! "I want to get on the ship!" Vostarik protests. "I would be /more than happy/ to get on the ship!" Being wet beats dragging logs around in the jungle. He straightens up, bracing one hand on his lower back. Man, does he feel old. "Besides, what needs penning up? Besides Ias—" Wait. He's not allowed to do that around Dalaynia, she'll hit him. "Er. What needs penning up?"

Iasri follows Dala's orders, giving those logs the heave-ho to where the master told her to. "Pen what up?" she ponders out loud, dusting off all the dirt and muck that was collecting on her shirt. Vos's comment causes the girl to glare, suspicously the Senior Apprentice's way. "Do we have any runners on this trip? Are there any on the island?" If that's what they're going to round up, count Iasri in. Unless they could pin up Vos too. Awesome.

Dalaynia hmms a little "Well, I've seen some really pretty foliage on some of the wherries." Only Dala would call it foliage. "Was thinkin' about pennin' some up. You know clip the wings and such." she states and then glances over at Iasri "Hope, no runners, they don't transport by dragon real well and all. And I ain't seen any runners, have you?"

"I am not going to wrestle a wild wherry to the ground so I can clip its wings," Vostarik declares, lifting his free hand to run through his hair. Ew, sweaty. "The tame ones are bad enough. Why isn't Issri here? Ugh." Runners. If only.

Vostarik looks uncertain whether he should huff at being called a weakling or beam at having gotten off of wherry-wrangling duty. He settles for looking mildly miffed, crossing his arms instead. "So how big does this pen have to /be/ then?" He doesn't want to build up /too/ much muscle, now.

Iasri lets a small, amused smirk cross her lips when Vos is accused as being weak. Sure thing. She'd agree with that. "I don't know anything about Wherries are we suppose to clip their wings?" She shifts her eyes towards the edge of the forest, clearing her throat as she does. "And what about that… screaming. Shouldn't we maybe not pen here? Maybe near the ship. On the beach?" Worry wart.

Dalaynia glances at the two apprentices and then laughs "Well, clippin' wings entail cutting their flight feathers." she notes "Not real hard, so long as you don't get bit or eaten and then there's a thoughtful look at Vos "Well beach ain't the best place, they'd fry out there and that'd do us no good." she notes and a look out towards the grassland "As for whatever was screamin' I ain't seen anything here in the trees. Have you?"

Vostarik catches the simultaneous looks from Dalaynia and Iasri. Huff! Indignant huff! "I'm not going to get /eaten by a wherry./" He is very certain about this. "I think I've seen it again," he volunteers about the thing moving out in the trees. "White! And fuzzy." A moment of consideration. "Maybe it's a feral llama."

"Yes, because every llama I've met screams like that." She shivers a little, shooting another look Vos's way. "I just don't want to get mauled. Or eaten. Or killed." The gangly girl hadn't seen anything herself, but she'd heard enough rumors from everyone else around her. "Yeah." She follows along, blindly. "White flashes. Could be some type of animal never seen before." Frown. "A /killer/ one."

Dalaynia ponders "Well, if it's a llama, make sure it don't spit on you. THat green goop is nasty smelling it's just plain gross." she notes as she directs some people to actually start building the pen. "Well obviously no one has died yet, so maybe it's not hungry, but who knows. DOesn't seem to be much in the way of people on this island so."

"All the same," Vostarik grumbles, arms still crossed as he watches a few other apprentices start dragging logs to set up the outer perimeter of the pen. What, you thought /he/ was going to do more? "Maybe it's watching us to find our vulnerabilities. Picking off the defenseless first." A pause. "Hey, wehre's Roza?" Maybe she got eaten!

Iasri sighs, turning round to grab another few pieces of wood and drags them back, grumbling as she does so. "Stop making everyone scared Vos." She shoves her way past him to help the other apprentices. "Roza's with some other apprentices /helping/. Do you understand that concept? Of /helping/ and /working?" Indignant huff as she drops her log and turns to get another one. "I just hope I'm nowhere to be found when whatever that thing is comes after us."

Dalaynia laughs "No, but she might be eating" as she points to the apprentice who got put on KP duty. " she remarks "And if you're going to stand there and watch, you might as well go get more logs, there ain't near enough ones here." she notes "Course, if you want, You can hunt me down and bring me back one of the oddly colored wherries…" a thoughful pause "Course, if it's watching and waiting, and if we want to draw it out in the open, then we'll need bait." she adds as she advances on Vosterik. "Something that makes a lot of noise."

Vostarik backs up as Dalaynia approaches. She's scary. "I /help,/" he insists to Iasri, though he doesn't take his eyes off Dalaynia. Who knows what she might do?! "I dragged! I carried!" His voice squeaks a little. "I'll .. go drag and carry more, I guess. /Quietly/." He's not loud, honest. Nor is he bait.

The thought of being bait makes Iasri clamp her mouth shut, teeth gritting, and she pulls with all her might at the logs she's transporting. The thinking is, is that if she works the hardest, she wouldn't be put up for some unknown creature's attention. Please oh please. "Yeah, yeah." she mutters Vos's way. "If we're quiet enough, we won't be put in another bad situation."

Dalaynia smiles brightly at the two. Now there's some good appies. They may be whiners, but they're not dumb. "Yes, quietly would be good. You wouldn't want to attract undue attention now. Would you?" Course, who knows unknown white screaming thing might be preferable to the known Dalaynia factor.

"I dunno," Vostarik mutters back to Iasri, retreating toward the trees. "Maybe you should just scream back one of these times. Bet that'd scare it off." And he veers toward a little clump of fallen branches and shrubs. Anything good there?

Iasri glowers, dropping her log and reaching for the nearest hard object. It's a small pebble, and she turns with an angry frown and chucks it at Vos's head. "Shut up. Why do you always have to be a jerk? No wonder nobody likes you at /all/." She lets out a gutteral cry and grabs the log again and begins to drag it to it's place. That jerk. JERK. Even when she tries to be nice, he always has to have a stick up his backside.

The rock misses Vostarik's head but it still stings hard on the back of his neck. He claps a hand to the spot of impact. "Ow!" Pansy. "It's not being a /jerk/ to suggest that you have a voice that could scare off feral llamas," he sputters - in his defense, to him it's not, in Vos-ese it's practically a compliment - rubbing at his neck as he shoots a dark look at her. But Dala is back there, somewhere, so he won't try anything back. Yet. He kicks his way through the dead shrubbery and grabs a low branch of a tree, pulling it toward him. Crrrack.

Nice shot. But still "ENOUGH!" Dalaynia belts out. "Iasri, you are now in charge of the latrines. You are to keep them sprinkled with ashes and as it gets full you may dig a hole out in the grasslands and bury it." Her eyes are flashing and she's pissed "I do not care what he says, that is no cause to assault him." A glance towards the trees where there's sounds of movement and the sound of breaking "Vosterik" she calls out. "When you bring that branch out, you are to help build the fence. If it's not put together the right way the first time, you will take it apart and put it back together again. "If I hear one more complaint about the actions of either of you…" she glares at Iasri, glares at the woods. "You'll be wishing your parents had culled you at birth."

Iasri looks defeated, face dropping, brows knitted, weird, short sounds coming from her mouth. "Uh.. Uh." It definately isn't fair. And cleaning the toilets? Oh, well shardin' shell. No one ever sees it Iasri's way. She finally gets her bearings about her, blinking back the first influx of tears from her eyes, and she wipes them quickly. "Yes ma'am," she chokes out, dragging the log the rest of the way, in an arch away from Vos. As far away as possible. From now on, he doesn't exist. And she keeps her head down, to prevent Dala from catching her eye. She doesn't want to get fried with laser beams of death.

Vostarik gloats under his breath - ha! - until he hears his own possible punishment. Hey now. "I didn't even do anything…" he protests faintly, but trails off as he turns and catches sight of Dalaynia. Laser beams of death indeed. "Fine." Mutter mutter. A few more wiggles of the branch and it snaps off the tree entirely, and he drags it back toward the camp, stripping off leaves as he goes. Sigh. "I'll have to take it apart and put it back together again /by myself/, or…?" He looks hopeful.

Dalaynia eyes Vosterik "If you put it together wrong, you're taking it apart and putting back together the section that you messed up. There are plenty of journeyman and even apprentices who have a better grasp of issues who can tell you what to do if you'll listen. THough, from what I've seen you don't listen very well. "I expect it to be built this evening and then I want to see you at my tent." she turns around and stalks away. "Iasri, I expect to see you at my tent this evening as well." she stops looks back and forth at the two of them "And you'd had better not be late." she adds in a too calm voice.

Iasri blanches as Dala comes near, and she seems to shake, dropping the pile of small wood scraps she had just collected. "Y-y-es ma'am." The girl definately wants to cry. She won't, she refuses, but she knows that she's very close to wetting herself in abject fear. Right now, the master scares her more than whatever is lurking in the woods. On that note, Iasri turns, picking up the spilled wood and hurries over to place for use. Then, she bows, literally bows, and runs off in the direction of the latrines. At this point, she'd rather be poop scoopin' than be around either those two. Yikes.

Vostarik looks vaguely disgruntled, but Dalaynia's threat isn't really that unfair. So he won't bitch out loud, at least. "Yes'm." So he continues dragging his branch over to the pile, and gets to work with the other apprentices hacking up logs to appropriately sized bits and stripping logs for posts. Sigh.

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