Meeting SeaCliffs

Seacliffs Common Room
A large, yet still cozy, hall. Set in one wall is a large fireplace, where a crackling fire can be found, day or night. Above, a sturdy mantle holds a collection of glass ornaments, brightly painted ceramics, and, of course, a fair of firelizards warming themselves. Before the fireplace, a huge, no longer fluffy rug spreads out across the floor, softening and warming it. A decade of use has turned this once lovely rug into something that must be replaced. Several rocking chairs and a long, low-slung couch piled high with pillows are pulled close to the warmth. On the far side, tables have been set up for more formal dining, with long wooden benches resting on either side. Scents from the adjacent kitchen mingle throughout the hall. Most of the room has been stripped of it's textiles, from the windows to the tapestries. The tapestries are being cleaned and the window coverings are being turned into something entirely different. Toys for the children or something. The room actually looks quite bare at the moment.
Lounging by the fireplace are five firelizards.
You see Chess Set, Rysse, Foal, and Mare here.
You notice Tolarin asleep here.
Ellana is here.
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Ellana makes her way into the common room, and over to the chowder that is always out, no matter what year it is. Her hair is currently pulled back and she's still wearing an apron on. Seems sh'es not bothered to remove it as of yet. Sitting the choder down at the table she returns for a pitcher of juice and a glass.

"But I'm a /herder,/ I'm not supposed to be fetching and carrying for cooks—" comes Vostarik's complaining raised voice, as he stumbles in from the kitchen's direction, arms laden with two stacked trays of mugs. As the kitchen's door swings shut behind him, he shoots a glare back at it, shuffling forward toward the table of food and drink. "'scuse me," he mutters to Ellana, standing by the juice, as he tries to heft the trays onto teh table without upsetting any of the mugs.

Ellana can't help but laugh as she watches the young man. "Would rather be doing something more herder like, like gutting fish and chopping off heads?" she asks curiously. "Everyone works around here, even the youngest child that can walk." She shrugs a little "Generally nothin more than they can handle. Need a hand with that?" she asks as she gets up.

Kharron walks in from the Steward's Office.

Vostarik looks thoroughly displeased. "But I'm not /from/ around here," he grunts, heaving both trays onto the table with an echoing thunk. Grumble grumble. "A hand would be nice," he admits grudgingly, starting to pull the mugs off the tray and stack them on the table instead. "So what do /you/ do, then?" Huff.

Ellana smiles as she helps unload "I work up in the pub. Serving drinks mostly, sometimes fending off some of the fisherman who've been out a might too long." She shrugs a little. "Help bus the tables and clean up and sometimes throw in a hand at helping cook and all." she notes "Have you tried the chowder yet? Best on the island, or anywhere for that matter."

Kharron makes his way in from the stewards office, wearing his formal tunic with his knot clearly on display on his shoulder. The guard captain's walk is slow, though as he makes his way, looking about casually as he smiles to himself a little. He usually has a wide smile on his face everytime he leaves the stewards office.

Vostarik casts a glance at the pot of chowder as Ellana brings it up, eyes narrowing slightly. Desert boys don't need no chowdah! "Not yet. Why? What's in it?" The guard captain's entrance is marked with a look up and, as Vos notes his knot, a nod of greeting. Hmph.

Ellana follows Vos's glance around and then gives a wave to Kharron. Shaking her head a little at that smile. But, never mind that. "The chowder? Well, fish among other things. Some vegetables and seasonings and all. Good stuff though. Doesn't have an overly fishy taste. The cooks do wonderful things to it."

Rozalija walks in from the Tunnel.

Kharron alters his stride enough to take him towards Ellana and Vostarik, his smile growing a little more as he returns the wave. His gaze looks from one to the other before taking both in. "Definitely should try the chowder if you haven't yet. Made fresh daily and good enough to make you miss it if you leave."

Vostarik eyes the chowder again. The glowing recommendations make him, if anything, slightly more suspicious of it. "Maybe in a bit," he responds dubiously, hands still automatically stacking mugs on the table. "Is there anything else less .. chunky?" Picky, picky.

In comes Rozalija, with her eyes glued to a hide-bound book and oblivious to everything around her. Not that the Hold was coming down around her head or anything like that… She was already familiar with the placement of the area, heading where she knows there would be warm klah set up and sidestepping all the other obstacles. Besides people, those she couldn't really predict.

Ellana laughs brightly "Chicken." she states as she finishes stacking up some and then goes back to her won that's been cooling "Really should try it, goes well with Gar cider as well. Warms you up through and through." she notes. She sends a smile Roza's way and a wave to go with "Chowder's piping hot, get it before it's gone".

"Less chunky…" Kharron remarks as he pauses for a moment. As he ponders, his eyes glance around to spot Rozalija. Herders really are coming out of the woodworks now. Oh well, as long as they don't bring their animals into the hold. "I'm sure there is something less chunky, but would you really risk offending the cooks?"

"If the cooks would be offended by that, I'm not sure I'd want to eat their food anyway," Vostarik mutters, finishing off the last of the mugs and picking up both trays. And then he spots the other herder. "Rozalinda! Here. Take these trays back to the kitchens." A pause. "And then come back here and try the chowder like these nice people say." Not that he knows their names or anything. "And bring me some chicken."

Rozalija's head pops up from the books, and she blinks in surprise as she finds herself near the small group (and fellow Herder). If she wasn't already called out, she would have made a run for it. "J-just Roza is fine," she tells Vostarik. At least he got half of her name right. "Oh?" She ducks her head, closes her book, and tucks it back under her arm. The other two are regarded curiously before she nods her head and makes her way for the trays. "Okay, I… I guess," she says meekly, doing just what she is told.

Ellana hmms a little as she watches Roza and Vos and shakes her head "Sit down girl, you're our guests here." She eyes Vos "Honestly, if you really want something, feel free to get it yourself." A pause "Unless you really are afraid of teh cooks." She looks thoughtful and gestures the girl to go sit while she gets her a bowl of chowder and calls back into the kitchens "We need some chicken for the chicken." okay, so her time tending bar and all tends to stick with her. She sets the bowl down in front of the girl "Good for what ails ya." She glances over at Kharron and rolls her eyes. She knew herders were weird, but…

Kharron watches the herders for a moment still with his amused grin upon his lips. A small shake of his head is given then as he looks back to Ellana. At least she's trying to keep them on the straight and narrow. "Indeed. You're our guests, so no need to go ordering anyone around down here. That's my job anyways." A small pause is had then before he turns with a murmured. "moment." and strides off to find himself a drink.

"She didn't mind doing it," is Vostarik's indignant protest to Ellana. "Did you, Rosalisa?" Huff. "And I'm not /afraid/ of the cooks—" Huff! There goes his tiny moment of awesome. He turns around and throws himself into a rocking chair, on the verge of a Mighty Sulk. Don't mind him.

"N-no, it's okay," Roza starts but, after some insistence and Ellana already taking everything into her own hands, the younger Herder simply bobs her head and takes the offered seat. "R-roza is fine," she repeats towards Vostarik. To the others she tries for a smile, setting her book aside away from the food. Just in case. "T-thank you. I'm Rozalija." Her amber eyes stare at her chowder for a moment before they look towards Vostarik again with surprise. "You're afraid of the cooks?"

Ellana a curious glance at Vos and the emphasis on afraid. "Terrified then?" she asks curiously and then smiles pleasantly at Roza "It is a pleasure to meet you, I'm Ellana, I tend to work up at the pub. Or elsewhere at times as extra help is needed. Still, he's a guy, I'm sure he's more than capable of getting things himself. After all. It's not like he's a weak female, is it?" Oh yes, she's a brat.

Kharron comes back with a mug in hand just in time to hear the last bits from Ellana. "Weak females?" he questions for a moment, one brow raised. "Heh, best not let the steward hear you say that." he remarks before looking back to the two herders. "You know, if you still want something other than chowder, I'm sure I could have one of the cooks come out here and bring you something extra special."

Vostarik shoots Rozalija a withering glare. Or at least he hopes it's withering. "I'm /not afraid of the cooks,/" he repeats, glancing over to include Ellana in the glare's path. Kharron's return is viewed with a slightly less rancorous eye. "Special? Like what?" He's still waiting on Roza's opinion of the chowder.

Rozalija winces as she catches her fellow Herder's glare, as if it were a physical blow, and she returns her attention back to the chowder. She stirs the chowder with her spood, pokes at bits here and there, but she wasn't touching it just yet. "This l-looks good. They don't have to bring anything else out." And just to prove that, she takes a big spoonful of the chowder into her mouth, gulping it down, but there was no facial change on whether she enjoyed that or not. "Nice to meet you, too," she finally replies back to Ellana with her trademark smile.

Ellana eyes Vostarik "You're just a bit big for yer britches aren't ya?" she asks with a bit of a drawl. She then shakes her head and glances back at Kharron "Maybe he feels helpin' out in the kitchen is women's work? Need any help? Perhaps you've something manly and guardy for him to do." Yes, she'll make up her own words, she always has.

Kharron glances from Vostarik to Rozalija and back for a moment before giving a shrug of his shoulders in answer to both Vostarik and Ellana. "Anything you like, though I'd personally just stick with the chowder." he adds beforetaking a sip from his mug. "Hmmm, I guess the herders could always join us in the courtyard in the mornings to excersize."

At Ellana's remark, Vostarik resists the urge to look down at his pants. "I'm just the right size for my britches, thank you," he responds curtly, crossing his arms over his chest before he glances over at Rozalija. "Iunno about the chowder. She doesn't look like she's enjoying it." He ignores, pointedly, the remarks about exercising. Psh. He doesn't need /exercise./

"It's very good," Rozalija quickly says, reassuring the Seacliffs residents and fellow Herder. See, she's still eating it, too. She even tries to smile between bites. At Kharron's words she coughs lightly and shakes her head a moment. "N-no, that's alright. Thank you, but… we n-normally have other obligations in the morning." Her eyes turn from Vos to the other two.

Ellana snickers a little at Vos and then remarks to Kharron "I just love boys, they're so much fun to tease." Yes, someone never grew up. A smile for Roza "I'm glad you like it. We'd ship some up to the Weyr, but it doesn't travel so well. So many a time we've riders that come down and visit for a while. Reaches and Ista both. We can easily provide for both of them." Yes, there is more than a touch of pride in her voice.

"Suit yourselves, though I'm sure I could arrange it with the Herder Masters for you all to be able to come bright and early and excersize with us." Kharron states before smirking towards Ellana. "You just like to get them back for all the pinching you get while in the pub." ANother sip from his mug is taken as he goes back to eyeing the two herders.

Vostarik seizes on Rozalija's excuse. "Yes! We have obligations in the morning." If Jadall somehow gets wind of this and signs them up for morning exercises, Vostarik will have to kill himself. Straight up. He leans back in the chair, stretching legs out in front of himself. "That much chowder? Good grief. What, do your kitchens just make chowder all year long?"

Rozalija shakes her head to Kharron, eyes wide. "No, you don't have to do that. We get a lot of exercise with the runners and the herds we have to tend." She started to look a bit pale at the idea of exercising with the guards. The look of horror doesn't last long, as she bobs her head back to Ellana. "Yes, very good. We had a lot of good chowder recipes in the South, too. Dad loved to cook."

Ellana ohs softly "Do you happen to remember any of them? I'm sure the cooks would love to have more recipes to play with. Course, we can use some up at the pub as well. We like to vary the fare and all. Not that fisherman complain so much. If it's hot and doesn't kill you. It's good." she wrinkles her nose a little at that.

Kharron frowns just a little bit. "I still think I'll see what the masters say. A couple days a week wouldn't be too bad." NOt to mention it'll most likely give his guards something to laugh at. "Either way, I think I'll keep my eyes on the two of you while you'll here." His grin is as wide as ever as he looks back to Ellana. "Did that new shipment for the pub come in lately?"

Vostarik's expression more or less mirrors Rozalija's. Exercise = bad. "A couple days a week," he repeats after Kharron. "..Right." And at that he gets up from his chair, hands shoved into his pockets. "Well. Maybe I'll go .. see if I can find some of the masters and see what they think." i.e., stop the madness before it starts. They could always go back to High Reaches! And so he shuffles back down the hallway toward the herders' area again.

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