Runner Trip: Four Weird Appies


Vaedelle balances herself on the railing, though the ship's not rocking near as bad as it was before. Rubbing one hand against her arm, she thinks that she just might run back down to get her something long-sleeve. That is, if she brought anything. Nodding a hello to everyone, the ship decides to take that exact moment to rock, making Vae grope for a steady surface of some kind. She really needs to build some sea legs.

Callianna wobbles her way over to Vaedelle " A bit nippy y out 'ere, huh?" she asks in a calm , conversational vioce while she hangs on white knuckled to the railing..keeping her eyes either on the horizen or inside the ship.

Palia stumbles her feet around the deck like an exaturated foot-dance, her feet trying to craft around the rocking of the boat as if it were some kind of flexible surface. But as it is seeming to move beneath their feet as they know it, there's not much to believe but that. With a slow, plainly loud groan, she rolls her eyes as she stares off the side of the boat. No, Palia doesn't get seasick. She just gets sick from the sight of others deciding they can't stand it. So in conclusion, she decides to go join Vaedelle. The soft toe footing of hers bounces around, as she's mainly bored and would like to see some type of entertainment. "I wish those dolphins were here." she grumbles in a low, mumbly manner.

Callianna smiles as Palia joins them at the rail, offering a soft greeting as she clings to the rail.

Callianna says, "wish the floor would stop dancing away from me feet..""

Palia nods to Callianna, forcing her face to produce a smile. "Oh," she starts to state with a half smirk. "How I'd love to just jump overboard and /swim/ the rest of the way. I mean, /anything/ seems to move faster than this boat right now." Stiffly treated yes, but Pal misses being able to run around, ride her runner across the meadow, do the other activities that made the wind wisk her hair subtly. Here, it was only strewn violently, and the faces of others brought on a surge of pain in her stomach. How long did she have to live cooped up, like a rabbit in a tiny cage? She deserved better.

Callianna laughs and nodds, gulping at the sudden plunge of the ship and settles herself more securly 'gainst the railing " know whatcha mewan, Palia.." she glances over at the other 'prentice, humur lighting her brown eyes. " n when do you think, we'll get our sapposed sea legs?" she queries in half jest, closing her eyes for a moment as another wave dipps the ship.

Palia sniggers under the cover of her mouth. "I don't think we'll be here for much longer. And if we are, I'll hail down one of the giant fish to give me a ride. After all, that's what they love to do? Pull people around?" With a fascinated smile, she looks over the side of the ship, her dragon eyes scanning for the thread color of one of the mystic dolphins. She finally lifts her face from the perilous lean, and sets her stare onto Vaedelle. "Oh how I hope you don't get sick dear. That'd be just /awful/. We'll reach there soon enough…" Her older statment repeated for ratification, she adds a quick little smile - packed with timely quirks - and she zips the sizzling eyes of dray back to watch the aqua sparkle beneath, /way/ beneath, their feet.

Callianna nods " Hope yer right 'bout that..this herder is partail to dry land..with an ocational river or nice cove.." she mumbles, trailing off as she snealks a peek at the ungulating waters beneath..what pretty colors. She relaxes her hold on the rail, then renews it wiht a vengence when the sea slaps against the ship and almost sends her tumbling to the deck. She grins shakly" not this time.." she lightly teases the great rolling mass over the rail and at teh same time holing on for dear life.

Palia booms a shattering laugh - not too hard on the ears though -, and sighs, smiling into the curved lines of each of those restless waving rolls. "Oh yes, coves and rivers are better than the sea. But really nothing can beat the smooth, fresh, saltine air bound around us like a bubble. No doubt one can become sick of it after a time." Her mouth pulls to the side in confusion on what she liked better; the smell of horses as they pace by you on a racetrack, thundering to the finish, or of the sea's misty fog of salt lined breezes. "Hmmm…" For a few moments, all she cares to do is 'hm'. And if it stays that way, she won't dare jump over.

An' here comes in everyone's resident Green Blonde. How do you get a /green/ blonde, you ask? Well… take a blonde, put her on a ship for the umpteenth time in her life, and make her sleep in a hammock, that sways to the motions of the boat. She slinks along, surprisingly straight, without wobbles, her sea-legs straight and solid — but it still doesn't matter. Her face is still green. Oh, yes: this is Beka. This is most /definitely/ Beka.

Callianna smiles " I guess it is..envigourating" she offers hesitantly, still clinging on the rail like a barncle to a hull..she blinks and frowns as she unconscously uses something she overheard one of the sailors say. She grins as Beka strides over , a frown creeping back as she notices the odd tinge to her face. " Ye all right Beka?" she queries.

Palia /was/ faintly standing, peering into the rustle and bustle and thrustle of the waters masquerade, but the thunks of feet is enough to startle her from her transe. "Beka? Is that…you??" Mouth flies open, and Pal's expression could only be read by the obvious. Just Bek's face was enough to make this girl's stomach flip inside out and over board, but something in her sparks, and she now can only show sympathy for her fellow apprentice. "Oh dear, dear dear dear. Why don't ships ever have healers! We could sue one about now…" Those clenched stff hands find Pal's hips easy as she walks over to wrap around Beka. Friendliness can help at the strangest moments. Not like Pal could do /anything/ else other than show support and comfort to those who seem to desperatly need it?

Beka leans against Palia, crumpling 'gainst the other apprentice. "I feel /sick/," she miserably states, tone unvariably pained. "..can't..sleep..can''t..breathe.." Yes. That's the extent of Beka's seasickness. In a moment of considerable introspection, she offers up, "..can't even throw up." Face screws into a tight scowl, and she most definitely leans against Palia. Yep — just like a runner leaning against a pasturemate. Like runners, like herders? ;P

Callianna winces at each of Beka's mentioned ailments, fighting her own niggling ..unease from the motion " Ye think she'll be better sitten down..or below deck?' she asks Palia, taking a moment from her battle for balence to glance around for one of the sailors..

Vaedelle turns away from the rolling waves, swiveling her head to the direction of the unappealing sight of the grass colored Beka. Wrinkling her nose in what appears to be a mimic expression of the poor blonde, Vae begins to feel the agony of Bek's seasickness. Oh dear. Not again. She just got her stomach straight with the sharding ever-rolling, cresting, toppling waves, and now her comes Sunshine to bring her back to square one. "Oh sunshine, you don't look so hot." With that, neither does Vae. The waves are actually kinda calm today, but that doesn't stop her from going pale. She drags a crate over close to Beka for her to try and relax sitting down.

Palia seems to lend her strength, which really acts like adrenilin now, to the sickly Beka. "Now just /calm/ down, and um.." her face pauses. Calm down and do what? Two years of herdering doesn't do much for becoming a healer. "Well, sit down for one thing, uh uh, don't speak and…don't try realy hard to breathe. It can sometimes make it worse." Well, it'll work if Beka is anything like poor, distraught, Palia. "Uh, she should get some fresh air, I think." Nodding with a half smile, half extremely-not-knowing-what-to-do face, she seems to drag her little patient to the /middle/ of the ship to seat her. A soft breeze blowing in this apprentices eyes though makes them water and tear, and her nose begins to clog and sniffle as her feet trudge the path to the center.

Beka plops down where Palia seems to drop her. "Darlin', you don't look so hot yerself," she misers over at Vae, blue eyes staring out hypnotically at the waves. Rolling, roiling, cresting and topping, spindrift dancing a crest o'er cerulean waves: it reminds her of something long past, and she actually loses a slight tinge of green. Then, quite suddenly, she leans down, head 'tween her legs, panting hard, in short, light gasps. "Okay. There goes the nausea." Pantpantpant. "Oh, Faranth, why'd I ever tell Dala I'd go for this? I don't care if there's striped runners.. I just want to /get/ there, and stay there forever, so I don't have to be on this boat any longer!" Pantpantpant. Shell, she sounds as if she's gonna hyperventilate any minute now…

Callianna glances worredly at her fellow 'prentices ' Hey now, doncha go changing colors on me Vae.." she tries for a tesing tone as she eyes the sick duo, trying to keep calm herself as her fellows loose their battle with the sea. She wobbles over to where Beka sat and , with a graceless thump sets next to the crate..unsure of what to do then tentivly rubs Beka's back " it'll be alright..' she murmers " we'll be there..soon?" she glances at the others for support..

Vaedelle's stomach begins to slacken up on her lunch as Beka turns back to a normal shade of pink. Settling on the deck by Bek's feet, she pats each leg in turn. "Your alright now, sunshine, well be off this boat in no time." Vae glances at Calli with a reassuring smile, but her eyes tell that she's not really sure /when/ they'll be there. The waves seem calm enough and the wind's got the sail good, so maybe it wouldn't be too much longer. "And besides, sunshine, doncha wanna be one of the first herders to ever catch the fabled striped runner?" For all it's worth, Vae's not even sure if the legendary dumb-witted four-legged animal even exists. Oh would it be the day that they sailed all the way to Southern just to look for something that isn't even there to begin with.

Palia wipes away one of her salt draught tears and pains her gritted eyes to look at Beka. Beka actually looks quite a nice shade of lavender through this point of view, and Pal practically let's go of Beka like she's afriad of her when she looks and sees nothing but blurr. Her hands moving exactly like the tough waves against the ship, she tries and rid her face of blotting streaks and dots, before they blink sharply and see everything normal. Or…Not. "Beka, don't go on me!" The little herdie slips and slides as she tries to run across the deck, looking for a bucket; any bucket. There, in the distance, a large metal one appears clearly, and she runs toward it. Slipping, and falling on her face to the point that she ends up crawling half the way. "Um, who exactly polished this surface?" Mrph. And Pal never read anyone's words right anyhow; Beka might not get sick, and the whole world would be good. If only Pal had to go make it seem worse than it already is. Her muffled yelps can be heard from the other side of the ship as she goes. "And we're alreadyfar enough there anyways Bek! Only way to turn back without it bein' worz is if somehow you got us a dragon." Pal wipes her nose and picks p the bucket finally, her joyous and confident face only falling when she looks down at her arm. "Shards!"

Callianna watches silently as Palia scrambls for a bucket and the ship conspiring against that mission. She sighs and leans against the crate, continuing to gently rub Beka's back.

Beka clamps her jaws together, and trembles, before the words of her friend seizes her. Blue eyes peek o'er leatherclad leg, and she blinks at Vae. "True.. Striped runners." Striped runners do make up for it. "Just seein' one, even." The young woman finally just shakes her head, and rights herself, still a queasy shade of green — but not green as grass as she was before. She sends Callianna a grateful smile at her sympathy, and then actually cracks up at Palia's antics. "I ain't gonna throw up," she finally states, though voice is still miserable from obvious seasickness. "Tolja I was too sick to throw up." An', indeed, she means it — and every time she looks to the water, it's always going smooth; so. Perhaps, if she watches the water long enough, she get.. de-sickened? Er. Yeah. "..well, I could always yell at Ike to come pick me up. He takes excursions to Southern lots, anyhow," she mumbles.

Callianna grins as Beka seems a tad better, giving her leg a reasurring pat before recaliming it to preserve her pracarios perch on the v ever rocking deck. She glances at Palia when she was reletivly sure of her seat " whats wrong..?" she calls, peering over beka and the crate to where Palia was.

Her face falls warily. Pal had wasted her entire days supply on energy? Well, at least it was for a good cause, no? "Well, at least then I don't have t bring this thing back." She rubs her aching, sore neck, as she stumbles her legs once again across the floor of the deck, trying to keep herself stable from the light wind that could blow the Pal-string bean overboard. Her attentive ears then catch Cal's words, and she wipes her nose again, showing the back of her forearm to the apprentice, a long stain of what looked ot be red blood.

Callianna frowns " Shards" she softly echoes " Whatcha do Pal?" she attempts to get up but is foiled by the roiling deck so she projects support from where she sprawls..

Beka quietly blinks over at Palia. "Okay, Pal, what did you do to yourself?" Even though she's green, she reaches up and grabs at her fellow apprentice's wrist. "Siddown on the floor.. or deck.. or whatever the shell this is, an' lemme see that cut of yours." Atleast.. she's presuming it's a cut.

Callianna scoots alondg the deck closer to the wounded 'prentice, ready n willing to help..

Palia pinches the sides of her nose together, trying to grin. "It doens't /hurt/. I think that just when I fell I kinda hit m'nose a little bit to hard." Each cheeks follows the slope of the lips down as she frowns at her clumsiness. "I really should get a Harper to teach me how to walk without falling." Her eyes stare down at the deck to make sure she doesn't foot in the wrong place, her legs strutting like a prancing runner unaware of its stride towards the small grouping off apprentices. She lays back when appointed by Beka, and her hand waves to her face as she notes, "Iz m'noz". Well, kinda obvious now, she's caused her nose to become a catastrophe. What next? Her hair? Well, she hasn't got enough to anyways…

Callianna rumages around her pack and comes up with a relativly clean rag..she shrugs with a sigh and offers it to Palia " 'ere Pal, use this on yer poor nose.."

Beka gives a nod at Callianna. "Yeah, apply pressure to that nose of yours. 'N tilt your head back," she commands, personality once more resurfacing: never mind that she's still tinged with green. Yep. She'll be seasick the entire trip — and she knows that the sailors are betting how long she'll stay green. Already overheard some of the rougher types mumbling about the 'blonde that would be pretty if she was actually a normal color'. Mrph. "Palia, just gotta getcher sealegs. You'll get 'em. Eventually." Beka got her own after three trips in a boat.. just never got over the whole seasickness. Shudder.

Callianna sighs n glares at her own legs " eventualy is right.." she mutters as she holds up the rag..the rough material flapping in the stiff breeze.

Palia was never even able to walk straight on /land/, so a ship multiplies it by too much. Her face shows an attempt to block a surge of laughter, and she tilts her head back, finding Calli's cloth with her hand. Pressure is applied, and Pal gives a thumbs up to indicate she's completed the steps to 'healing of the bloody nose'. Her mouth whispers out the faintest words before she starts to breathe heavily : "Keeb yur coo Beg an Bae".

Callianna watches worredly as the rag darkens :" Yer doin fine, Pal" she reassures as the 'prentice goes through the motions of stopping the bleeding " Ye know what yer doin?' she breaths softly to Beka, casting another worried glance towards Palia.

A muffled chuckling is emitted from Pali as she gets an idea; not a very wise one, but at least it will serve as transportation. Deciding that Cal won't mind, the rag is stuffed into her nose to provide the pressure, and Pal finds her 'footing' with her hands on the ground. Looking upside down at the world as she lifts herself up with both hands and shoes plastered, stationary, to the deck, she giggles and starts to wheel around. "Wook! 'Ma sbiderr caw!" She carefully begins to lift each 'leg' up to scuttle /very/ unlike what she said, around the other apprentices.

Dalaynia is looking a little green around the gills herself.. poor Master doesn't travel well at sea.. she tosses anxious glances down towards the hold.. her mind always on her runners. She comes out from the cabin though she doesn't quite move away from it, staying well away from the rails.

Beka gives a nod to Calli. "Of course I know what I'm doin'," she mutters. "Sit /down/, Pal, er I'll.. er… throw up all o'er your boots!" Biiiiig threat, Beka. Cough. The young woman continues to sit on her own crate, face a fine hue of pearl-green.

Callianna struggles to hold her seat on the roiling deck, watching worridly as Palia scuttles around. She clings to Beka's crate perch, giving a weak grin to Dala as she comes on deck " elo Master Dla" she attempts to lighten the scene..' jus enjoying the sea veiw.." she trails off as she notes her masters slight gren tinge…

Dalaynia gives a bit of a smile, not quite forced, but not quite.. well not quite thrilled either. "Hello." she murmurs softly as she stays back a ways.. there's a certain paleness to her face.. and a worried or perhaps fearful look in her eyes. "I'll be glad when we get to shore.

Palia deepens her fce to a lowly frown, her eye twitching as she stares at Beka. "Iv oo towup aw ober ma boos, den youll hava ge me noo pai!" With a swiffle kick, she gathers up a small amount of energy and borrows herself up for another round of scuttle-bug, until she sees Dala. "'hy ewo Dawa masder!" She brushes the rag hanging from her nostrils out of her eyes as she continues to peer at the world in it's reverse order. "Wook! Dee sgy is uner dee ojjeen!"

Beka quietly gives a slight eye-ment to Dala, an' turns to Calli. "Seeeeeee? I told you! I'm not the /only/ one countin' the waves to see just how *fast* we can get to Southern.. an' not jest cause of the striped runners, either!" Triumphant, her voice plays a strange paradox unto itself: misery on one spectrum, happiness on the other. And gloating, all around. Cough. "An' I'm not buying you a new pair of boots," she addresses to Palia, "Even if I /do/ hurl on 'em." Halo.

Callianna just grins and shakes her head then, after some ungracful attempts to rise stumbles towrds the crw quarters " I think I'll try to tap a nap.." she calls over her shoulder with a wave..wobbling her way across the deck..

Dalaynia sorta kinda waves to Calli and just sorta shakes her head a t Beka. Not that she'll disgrace herself..just ships never were her thing.. least they don't try to eat your runners..

Palia rolls her eyes underwaysly (since she just happens to be upside down, of course), and gulps loudly as she slips and bonks her head on the ground. "I ding im gon stob now nybays." She leans up, and takes offf the rag to find it stained with her nose blood. Her face purses as she blows into it - ewwwww - and then dizzily spins around a tad, before falling back wards and hitting now the /back/ of her head on the deck. "Y'know, when you look at the stars, you always find a different one that you never saw before. Unless you're some tybe ob Sdarcwaft genius." Her eyesight then gets loaned to the master again. "Hab you eber lerned sduffb on dee Sdarcwafd?" A long, lone sigh is exhaled before a burt sneeze into the rag.

Beka mournfully returns her gaze down to the deck, shuddering. "Hammocks make me dizzy, anyhow. But sleeping on 'em on a /ship/? Who was insane enough to do /that/?" Grumble, grumble, grumble away, Beka. "..nothin' on the Starcraft ever interested me," the Herder lass states, near-shortly. "…never, really." Perched on her crate, the Green-Blonde Appy(tm) stares out o'er the waves, almost a bland look appearing in blue eyes.

Dalaynia blinks a little at Palia as she tries to fuddle her way through that mess of words. "Well.." she says after a moment of thought "I know a few things I suppose." she gets a little wistful smile on her face. "I used to star gaze… many many turns ago though." she adds. Is that a faint blush on her cheeks?

Palia mindfully chooses not to giggle at any rosie color coming to anyones cheek. She merely grips a smile to her lips as she returns her watchful eyes back tothe sweet scenery above them. "If I could describe their magnified beauty , I would. But I'm too lost in there charm and grace, just the way they dance in my sight, to even find the words that could express how they stand out in the glim, dark, days of Pern…" Her mouth snaps shut when she realizes that she's speaking outloud, and she becomes greatful it is dark outside…

My… someone's waxing poetic tonight. Dalaynia gives a bit of a smile as she looks up. "I'll simply say that well.. they're beautiful, and nice to look at especially when you hace someone to share them with."

Beka wistfully glances up. "Someone to share them with," she hollowly echo's the Master's statement. "That would be.. quite nice." Palia's poetic waxings flip by her mind as 'normal' — the appy was always odd, of course. The blonde, herself, is on a much different track, contemplating. "Someone to share them with," she continues, mostly to herself, musing that statement over, turning it around, over, and about, contemplating it.

Palia rubs her warming face, and tries to cool it down by fanning the soft, fluxuent air onto her cheeks. She doesn't like it when her mouth does things that she doesn't want it to, but it happens, and sometimes in the right place, the right time. A mumble of thanks can be heard, as she's not quite apt to letting more words spill at that point. Just a warm smile, like thick klah they didn't have right now. What she would give for a mug though. Finally, her brain convinces her her jaw to move. "Yeah. Pretty nice to look at with someone. Yup." She wishes she could share it with people more often, though spilling out peotry must /not/be inculded.


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