Herder Dinner: Promotions and Mayhem

Jahan walks in from the KH Sales Pastures.

Jaclyn treads softly in from the KH Sales Pastures.

Estelelen walks in from the KH Sales Pastures.

Coram strides silently in from the KH Sales Pastures.

Brier walks in from the KH Sales Pastures.

Beka is here, yo. What does that mean? It means she's hollering to the cooks and cooly arranging the last-minute tablesettings. "Appies over there. Journeymen at -that- table. Masters here. Yes, right -here-," she confirms to Tnhelys before he can say anything. "You go sit -there-, with the senior journeymen." Hectic, much? … Well, yeah.

Dalaynia is here too. Grumping a bit at all her slaves being called away from doing hides to get to come play. "What if I don't want to sit at /that/ table?" She asks feeling just a bit grouchy.

Shelana walks in from the KH Sales Pastures.

"Then you can swap knots with, uh, Shelana, and become an apprentice for a day," Beka waxes sweetly to Dala. See the halo?

Coram has dragged Brier because, well, he was loafing. So Brier is here, and…Woah! Double take! Coram is /out/ of the stables? Holy Shards! TYhats amazing. But yes, the redheaded Showcaser is here, quiet and unresponsive to Brier's complaints, but here.

Ralin bounces out into the field around the lake. He's got a look in his eyes, what could the boy be planning. Well at least he's not stuck at some stupid table, he can pick his own place to sit.

Jatraenik walks in from the KH Sales Pastures.

Shelana blinks as she walks up to the group and hears her name in a sentance, "Huh?" she says as she walks over to Beka. "Did I hear my name?" she asks as she tilts her head.

Brier has been drug here, too bad! Sighing, he grouses more at Coram, "Why couldn't I have stayed back at the hall…?" he asks, eyes perusing a male apprentice as he wanders by and then turning his gaze back to Coram's back.

Dalaynia looks thoughful and eyes Shelana "Hmm nah, I'll just keep the knot, the girl doesn't need the hassles of being a Master, even for a day."

Darmalo has come over with the other herders, though he knows he's not been doing anything to warrent promotion. However, it's a nice ride, good food, and a chance to see old friends again, so he's here.

Jahan is here, just making as little of himself as possible. Kind of hiding in the outskirts of the crowd.

Arianya is quiet as she comes out to the dinner. She gives a nod to a few people as she finds a seat on her appointed table. One right at the age. Makes it easier for quick escapes.

Jaclyn skips along, eyes scanning for her mentor, because well, she wanted to ask about those wild kittens, yup, they'd been hidden away and Jaclyn had finally remembered them in the midst of hide-copying. And hey why wasn't she copying more hides, ummm, well… Maybe she'd find out, yup!

Lirena bounces out with her brother. After all, such excitement isn't often seen and well… why ever not take advantage of it, and with their mother and da not right in front of them… wow… it's a day for the taking.

Tagging behind Arianya is Kalikxyl, looking properly threatening to any who— er— get close. Crazy ex-barlet gives in, however, and settles over to plop down at the appy table. Sulk. See the sulk? Kali -is- the sulk.

Laurelyn wanders around aimlessly, making small talk here and there with those she knows, and even with those she only barely knows. She especially pauses here and there to talk with some of the apprentices, she really does need to take one on sometime.

Jatraenik comes down onto the lake at a jog, though he slows down as he get closer to where the dinner is taking place, waving to the people he sees, and knows.

Dharsheva looks just a bit out of place with all the people around. Can't she stay with the avians? One of her friends yanks her along "Come /on/ Dhar, we'll loose the best seats!"

Vielia walks in from the KH Sales Pastures.

Beka waves to Jatra, keeping an eye on her mentee through the chaos. She really doesn't have that many, see. Doesn't pay to, er, lose 'em. Right. Then it's back to organizing, flashing a grin to Shelana- "Yes, you did," — and a laugh to Dala. "Dude, the people." Reflection occurs, as she stares.

Damria has actually washed her hands and face, though she hasn't changed yet. Prolly won't get a chance, because of those blasted hides. It's already time for the dinner and she's just now coming down from the hayloft and yeah….She looks around grumpily and sighs…. she's a master, why does she have to be here? Though, where her chair and table's supposed to be she has no idea. She wanders through the crowd looking for /her/ chair, nothing more.

Fehin has managed to find time somewhere, somewhen to clean up and change. His hair is still wet however, suggesting he just barely found time. He notices Damria and quickly hurries over her way, he'll hear it later if he doesn't "Your seats over this way." he offers quickly. He's been saddled with enough extra duties to not want more.

Estelelen walks along, looking around at all the festive preparations and people running hither and thither. He stops and looks around in a 360, wondering where he's supposed to sit. He smiles and thinks, wow, there's a lot of people here, as he continues to walk around in search of his elusive table.

Shelana blinks and pauses for a moment before speaking, "Ok.. So why was I mentioned? Didn't do somethin bad that I wasn't aware of have I?" she asks looking somewhat concerned.

Dalaynia hmms a little as she looks around and nods "There is quite a number of people." she notes dryly "Imagine that, and to think I thought the craft had hardly any." Sarcastic? Dala? Nah… She makes her way over to her seat and sits down. Her seat, yup. Even if she'd rather have the apprentices slaving away, she won't give up her seat.

Ralin pauses and takes a look at the surroundings and then whispers to Lirena "Hey, what should we do first?" Okay, his sis is the brains of the outfit, he's the brawn. And he's raring to go.

Brier shakes his head and rolls his eyes, just standing there aimlessly. Spotting Fehin, and eyeing him carefully, the lad wanders in that direction. Whistle. Whell hello there!

Beka sniggers quietly. Faintly. "Hey, dude, I didn't know this many people would show up." She's just like that. Her gaze lingers over the crowds, though, searching for- no doubt, her best friend, who hasn't shown up. See the beginning of a sulk about her expression? She sends Tnhelys a Look, to behave himself, and plops down in her chair.

Jatraenik slips through the crowd, and toward the apprentices table. "I'm glad I'm not too late." He chuckles lightly, and quickly claims a seat.

Arianya gives a smile to Kalik before the appy takes off for her own seat. "Thank you." she murmurs softly. Runners are ever so much easier to deal with then all the people that come out of the wood work for these things.

A cook rises her bulk to a table to a side, and hollers, good and loud. "SIDDOWN!" .. Well. That would be the gist. "First course!" she then bellows, lumbering off the table; minions scramble to get the soup course down before the masterbaker can wander over and kick 'em where it hurts.

Jahan quietly weaves through the crowd, glancing here and there, looking at faces and recognizing a few, but is unable to put names to anyone. Keeping a small bundle close to his chest, he tries not to make it seen that he's brought along a very young, very hungry firelizard.

Estel continues looking around, then smiles and notices the apprentice table. Maintaining the grin, he sits down in a chair at the apprentice table, quietly saying, "Finally found it!"

Chaemelle finds her seat and settles into it, somewhere near Dala. After all, she's second in command and needs to be here. Least that's what Beka'd told her the other day.

Dharsheva is yanked down in her seat "Not so hard." she whispers to her friend. "Wow, look at that, I wonder if they'll serve chicken later, and I wonder if it'll be any that I helped raise." she adds.

Xinea gracefully glides in from the KH Sales Pastures.

Darmalo scuffs around the edge of the mass of people taking in all of them. Maybe he should just take an outer ring chair somewhere at the back.

Dalaynia glances around a smile hits her face as she spies her son. She's about to get up when the cooks get beligerant as always. Okay so she'll try to get to him later. It's been to long.

Shelana quickly slinks over to the apprentice table, finds an empty seat and promptly sits down. Food is good… Really good… She glances around at all the people. There sure are alot of people aren't there?

Jaclyn is in her chair, sure, she found the table all right, though she looks a bit funny, she feels weird not being surrounded by dust and hides and ink and well you get the picture. Arms propped up on the table, she sighs and murmurs away about some or other that she'd wanted to ask Master Damria about before she'd been scooted out of the hayloft, see… there's still a straw clinging to her overalls, silly girl.

Laurelyn inhales the scent of the soup and smiles "Well I knew there was something good about showing up here." she notes to the journeyman next to her.

Jatraenik winces as the cook calls to sit down, so he stays seated since he was already sitting. "Wonder what the main course is." He remarks softly as he watches the soup get passed out.

Lirena chuckles and whispers to Ralin. "Well, we could you know, crawl under the master's table, sorta silent like and let out some crawlies…. that'd liven up the day, doncha think? Or, well, lemme see. We should wait until they've eaten and um, they can't make us go hungry." Though she's thoughfully looking around, a gleem in her eye. Now… someone say they don't have enough to do?

Kalikxyl leans over towards Jatraenik, hearing his remark. "I heard it was going to be something really bad," she replies, shaking her head warily. "After all, Master Beka helped plan it. Something about Master Bryann, too.." A faint consideration, as she sniffs the soup. "Is this wherry rivergrain? It tastes a bit.. odd." A brow furrows thoughtfully.

Estel looks around from his seat, amazed at all the people that are here. He leans over to Jaclyn and quietly murmurs, "I've never seen so many people in one place at once."

Jahan finally finds the apprentice table, going by the knot on the shoulders of those seated. Taking a seat, he drops the small firelizard bundle into his lap, finds a chunk of meat in a pouch and feeds it to the lizard, who hungrily cries for more just as the first bit is swallowed.

Xinea walks towards the lake in her formal teal dress that comes to her ankles with heels on her feet. Her hand is on Galan's arm who is in a royal blue suit to match his wife's. Xilan walks alongside the couple, looking like a good image of his dad. She waves to those she knows and sends Xilan off to play with the other kids. "Now don't get too dirty Xilan!" Galan whispers something to her and she laughs as they make their way to the master's table.

Damria sees Fehin hurrying her way, calling for her about her seat, and so goes over to him, grateful that someone takes care of the details for her. After all, the hides have been occuping her life for the last month or two. "Thanks Fehin. Just where is it?" she asks, not even irritated at him. At being dragged down from the loft, yes, but not at him in specific."

Vielia finally takes the moment to slip in with the crowds, fingers spanning across the length of sleeves to smooth nonexistant wrinkles from them. Pace slows to an easy stroll as the Apprentice breaks from the crowd, nodding to a few of her friends before heading toward the apprentice table.

Ralin hmms thougtfully as he listens to the suggestions. "Well no they can't, sides it's easy enough to pilfer food anyways. The cooks are suckers for a sorry looking face." he whispers. His eyes flicker on to Xalin. "Hey look. Someone to do more dirty work." being a kid is such a chore… "Hey Xalin! Over here!"

Beka sees Xinea and Galan. She waves 'em over, grinning faintly. She leans back in her chair, and eats her soup quietly. Spotting Darmalo, she keeps an eye on him, too. Because, y'know. Felines seem to have an affinity for him. "So, how've you been, Chaemelle?" she questions to the person across-the-way from her.

Jatraenik blinks at Kalikxyl, and nods lightly. "Don't let Beka or Bryann hear that, we might get in trouble." He says to him. "The soup smells good though." He adds, having cleaned up as well before coming here, yep.

Fehin is oblivious to the glances of Brier as he makes his way with Damria over to her seat. "Here you go Master Damria." he says formal like and then scurries over to his seat. Wouldn't do to be late to eat and miss out on it all.

Coram erks softly at the cook and grins silently to himself, making his way over to the journeyman's tables and settling down in between a couple of other guys and offers greetings and such. You know, he brought himself straight from the stables too, so hay is evident in his hair, as much as in other people's.

Xilan turns as he hears his name called and slowly walks towards Ralin. "Whatcha eatin'?" He sits down at any empty seat and waits to be served. Mom and dad taught him good table manners, yup. Well, at least for formal occassions like this.

Jaclyn blinks at Estelelen and frowns, usually happy and bouncy face turning something horrible looking and than… she just sighs, ignoring the boy with a roll of her eyes, she really didn't feel like being the one for got followed around everywhere, at least by boys… and she hadn't been able to get rid of this one, not that he was horrible, just well,..

Brier hears the cooks call for people to sit, and he turns his gaze to Darmalo, grinning, or leering, randomly as he plops down in a chair next to the other boy. "Hi." is his simple, Malfoy type greeting.

The soup is fully served, after a few moments of intense scurrying; the cooks retreat, and the ranks break loose just a bit; surreptuous mingling from journeymen and apprentices, and senior appy Khalast weasels his way into the senior journeyman table, somehow. What the?

Dalaynia gives a nod to Chaemelle as she tastes the soup. Hmm she's had worse. "I do hope that feline of Damria's hasn't been causing problems to your office." she notes as she continues to eat.

Xinea spots Beka and guides Galan to that side of the table before taking a seat a couple spots down from the apprentice master. "I hope I didn't have to wear my knot tonight. I didn't really feel like pinning it to my dress." She smiles as Galan sits down and nods to the cook as a bowl of soup is placed before her. "So Beka, what meal did you have ordered up for us this time?" She winks and picks up her spoon to have a taste.

Lirena grins at Xilan and eyes the chairs next to him. "Well, it looks like soup. Wanna crawlie?" she asks him, mischievous look in her eye as she holds out a hand with a crawlie in it. "I suppose we should sit down and eat first, but hey, Xilan. Wanna play later?" she asks, nowhere near the polite young man that's sitting down.

Beka grins. "I doubt anyone wouldn't recognize you, Xin, and nobody would refute your rank, especially with Galan there." She grins to the beasthealer and leans back. A mysterious grin; "Well, you know how all those Fortian apprentices were getting on my nerves?" she deadpans in reply to the meal question.

Chaemelle smiles at Beka "I've been fine." she says. "It's a little bit noisy in my room, what with that cat being sequestered in my room. She's getting bigger and noisier as time goes by. I'm hoping Damria will do something with her so I can get some peace and quiet."

Ralin eyes the soup "I dunno if it's safe to eat that, from what I've been hearing. I heard Master Beka specifically ordered ground spinners and trundlebugs to added to it."

Jatraenik picks up his spoon and stirs the soup for a moment, before trying a spoonfull, and mmms. "Not too bad." He picks up another spoonfull, blowing on it to cool it off.

Xilan's brown eyes brighten. "Maybe I'll have one later. I'm hungry but I'll play after dinner." He digs into his soup and concentrates to try not to mess up his shirt too much. Mom will have a fit if he does.

Kalikxyl nods to Jatraenik with a little grin. "Yeah, I guess you're right." Leaning back, the woman peers over to the others, musing at Jaclyn. "You okay?" she questions, keeping a suspicious gaze on Estel.

Jahan has enough trouble with his blue hatchling and soup isn't going to satisfy the little beast. "Oh, be quiet, Khalil!" he mutters, glancing this way and that at the apprentices sitting around him, an embarrassed smile spreading on his face. "He's too young to leave on his own," he explains.

Damria settles down in her chair and with an absent smile directed towards the retreating Fehin, starts in with her soup. She glances around the table and gives everybody a smile. "Nice day, isn't it?"

Dharsheva picks at her soup a bit as she listens to the other apprentices. Soups okay, but not generally her favorite.

A sip of soup, a moment to taste, and the spoon is set down. Galan turns his eyes down the table towards Beka. "Thanks Beka, calling me old are you?" He winks and then continues. "Fortian apprentices? I've heard their worse here at the hall. Xin has managed to keep them in line at the Ista hall but then again she only wants to torture those poor…ow!" He rubs his side after Xinea put her elbow in his rib and gives a smile to her. "Galan, you might want to watch what you say." She then continues to eat.

Estel gives a look of confusion, wondering why Jaclyn would roll her eyes at him. Estel shrugs it off, and looks at his soup, steam clearly emanating from it. He stirs it a bit with a spoon, scoops up a bit towards his face, and blows on it a bit to cool it off, the eats the soup. "Pretty good", he says quietly, and lowers spoon to soup again.

Dalaynia smiles at Damria "Nice to have a bit of a break don't you think?" she asks as she starts to get her humour back. "So tell me Beka, just what sort of surpises do you have in store for us with the rest of the courses?"

Iqe walks in from the KH Sales Pastures.

Between Chaemelle and the pair of Xinea-Galan, Beka laughs. "Damria, you still keeping Catastrophe in poor Chaemelle's office?" she calls down teasingly, before shaking her head at Galan. "Of course I'm not calling you -old-… you're like a fine wine. Just keeps on gettin' better with age. Right, Xin?" A sly wink, before the blonde gazes to Dala. "Oh, just the regular." Impish grin, and a wink. "Y'know."

Coram will absently play with the soup, not being a soup sort of person. Spoonful is held up, then slowly tips and dribbled back into the bowl. Heh, cultured herders, eh? In fact, can't stand soup, soup, soupie type things, soup with cracxkers, soups with rivergrains, soup with….

… the buxom blonde cook journeywoman that leans over Coram's shoulder settles a basket of bread down, and amusedly smirks at the journeyman's antics.

Shelana looks at the soup for a moment before trying some. "Pretty good." she murmurs to herself before trying some more. Yep! Real good soup. She looks around the other apprentices at the table for a moment before going back to her soup.

Jatraenik tilts his head and looks to Jaclyn at Kalikxyl's question, looking concerned. "Yes, are you alright?" He asks her, and eats some more of his soup.

Jaclyn glances at Kalikxyl and shrugs, giving a pert nod her face reverting back to some of her happy-go-luck normal self… "I just…just tired." the girl stammers and turns to her soup, the whole air around Jaclyn just shimmers with thoughts that she'd rather be back re-writing hides, why? Because she's strange and weird, and… Jaclyn manages a smile at both Kalikzyl and Estelelen, see all better, and settles into a companionable silence, not touching the soup before her yet.

Darmalo turns to the boy sitting next to him and smiles. "Hi, I'm Darmalo. I've seen you around the stables at Ista, haven't I?"

Brier nods and grins, "Oooh, yes. I'm Brier. But uh, you may have seen me there, but running as fast as I could. Them runners are out to get me, I'm sure of it." he notes quie positively as he starts in on that soup a bit, more interesting in looking at Darmalo than eating.

Galan laughs and continues eating. "Speaking of wine, love will you get be a glass of red please?" Xin bats her eyelashes at Galan, who relents and gets up to get two glasses. "The usual Beka? I better have some chamomile tea ready tonight then." Another wink and she works on finishing her soup.

Jahan for one, doesn't really mind soup, but is kept from testing it by a very annoying firelizard, digging its talons into his thighs. "That hurts!" he exclaims, wincing from the pain and dropping his spoon into the bowl, creating a minor splash out over the table.

Dalaynia hmms at Beka "That's what I was afraid off." she murmurs softly and turns down some wine in preference for some juice. Wine does such terrible things to her after all.

Kalikxyl keeps an eye on Jaclyn. "You looked terse, there, for a second. Someone bothering you?" she sotto-voices sideways, finishing her soup, slurping the last piece of whaterver-meat from her spoon emphatically.

Arianya toys with her soup as well, in fact she seems to be plotting just to see how soon she can get out of this. Whats wrong with a nice sandwhich scarfed down on the racetracks?

Damria chuckles at Beka and nods. "Yes as a matter of fact. After Kiltern whined and threatened to kill her and then posted a transfer to Ista, I thought getting her out of the way was a good idea for awhile." She turns to Dala and smilse, sorta…. "Well, if I don't keep getting interrupted for important matters like moving apprentices up in rank. I think, personally, we should only have upward mobility for those who've been helping with the hides." She's kidding of course, but well, there's at least a decade's work waiting for her in the hayloft.

Chaemelle just chuckles and gets on with eating her soup. "I really don't mind. Someone to talk to and all that. She's pretty tame at the moment. Likes snacks as well as I do."

Fehin takes the down the soup with gusto, it's swallowable, therefor it's edible. Poor guy, he's eating like he's not seen a decent meal in months. And well with all the work he's done he's probably not had a chance to get more then a few bites here and there, and the bagginess of his clothes adds to that impression.

Beka opens her mouth to reply to the comments about her table— before hearing a clatter, and swinging her head about. "Junior Apprentice Jahan!" she thunders, recognizing the face. A single hand beckons, gaze semi-stormy. Rut roh. Soooomebody's in trouble.

Xilan shrugs and continues eating. "Tastes good." No talking for this one until the hunger passes.

Lirena chuckles and slips the crawlie into her pocket. "Okay, I'll eat it, can't be any worse than things mum has served us when she's preoccupied with one of her litters, you know, Ralin. So, Xilan…. what kind of things do you get up to when you're home at Ista?" Might as well pump and prime the boy before setting him up, ya know.

Dharsheva glances down the table towards Jahan "Wonder what he did." she whispers to her friend "Maybe he spiked the Master Beka's drink with something nasty" her friend replies.

Iqe smiles she had walked in late, she had to check on her rabbits before comming, as well as her new foals. "Hello everyone!" she cheerfully says as she swings down into a seat. Looking at the soup on the table she reaches for a bowl. She notices a few of the people from the previous day's class and waves.

Ralin peeks at the soup a little "It's got weird things floating in it. I dunno. I think I'll pass, sides soups for sissy boys." he adds, he makes no comment on girls. Girls will do has they please he's learned. "Yeah, what kind of things do you do?"

Darmalo chuckles softly. "Ah, don't let them get you down. You know, the runners will be there if it takes an hour or 3, and they'll not hit you any harder whichever gets done first, if it all gets done by the end of the day. And so, it sounds like you've not got any spare time to yourself, which is too bad. It's been nice at Ista lately. ya know."

Jahan's head jerk up, at the sound of his name, eyes flickering around the table then moving toward the source of the yell and he's on his feet in moments, chair pushed over. "Uh, yes, ma'am," he says, the firelizard screeching and fighting to get loose from Jahan's panicked hold on it.

Jaclyn finally consent to some inner battle and tastes the soup, "Hey it's not bad." the girl murmurs softly to no one in particular, Faythe's head appearing out of her overalls to blink curiously up at the girl and chirr a single note of question. Jaclyn just beams at the lizard, and shakes her head at Kalikxyl, having heard the question, "No, not really… just I get weird sometimes." and here she shrugs, she can't really explain it… if you questioned fruther it'd just be a confusing story about some girl who's her age, and they well, they're better than best friends… and that girl had to go away, and Jac's just not used to boys trying to follow her everywhere, she's more used to a girl doing that.

Cooks linger; those who've finished with their soup are relieved of the bowls, and fresh, green salads are settled in front of them. And, for special cases like Coram, the soup is just taken away, spoon and all, in favor of the salad.

Laurelyn gives the apprentice a look of symphathy. Never a good idea to make one of the Masters upset in public. "I wonder what the boy did?" she notes to the other journeyman. "Must have been really bad to garner a public humiliation."

Jatraenik blinks, and looks toward Jahan as well as his names shouted by Beka. He hears Dharsheva, and nods. "I wonder too." He says, as his soup is taken and replaced with salad.

Coram grins at the blonde who was leaning over him and winks at her, "Soup. Its whats for dinner." he teases her softly as he reaches out for the bread to dunk that in his soup. See, thats the only way to eat a soup. Pretty cute, isn't the herder? Good, the soup is gone! Cheer on the conquering hero! And the bread is set down in favor of a fork.

Nuff trundles in from the KH Sales Pastures.

Dalaynia eyes the salad "Oh, joy. Rabbit food." she mutters and picks at the leafy vegetable dish. She nods to Damria "Well I'll try and see that such important events don't ruin your life too much." she adds smiling. "Though things are coming along pretty well though aren't they?"

Brier chuckles adn shrugs, "I'm under JOurenyman Kiltern now, so I run his errands constantly, but I do end up with a wee bit of free time after cleaning the kennels out and running messages to and fro andsuch." he notes, grinning as he politely swaps empty bowl for salad and turns back to appreciatively eyeball poor Malo.

Rabbit food. Snigger snigger. If only Dala had any idea.

Kalikxyl ponders towards Jaclyn. "Okay," she states, shaking her head; she lifts her salad bowl, and slips away from the appy table- clever. Everyone's distracted. Proudly, she settles between Coram and Ari, and looks boredly attentive. Shiftyeye.

Beka motions for the nearest cook to cart away her half-done soup, with a murmured thank-you; gaze turns, hard, to Jahan. "Boy, are you capable of understanding that if you cannot keep track of your firelizard, you should not bring it?" A single blonde eyebrow hefts above impassively cold blue eyes.

Iqe accepts the salad as it is handed to her. "Thankyou," she mumbles and picks up her fork. Quickly with two fingers she snatches up some of the leaves and stufs it into a small pouch. Rabbit food… she giggles and looks around trying to look as innocent as possible. Hopefully no one saw that, especially the masters…

Nuff pads in along the fenceline, her steps quiet, her attention on some young beasties that follow along beside her on the other side of the fence. She runs a hand along the rough wood, following the neat line between pasture and lake.

Arianya looks curiously over at Beka and Jahan, mm firelizards? Wander where her's are off too. She eyes the salad a little and pushes it aside. She had soup, wasn't that enough? She'll never be able to ride in a race at this rate.

Jahan nods silently as the young 'lizard squirms in his arms, "y-yes, ma'am.." he begins, then launches into an explanation, "but, but he was hungry 'n I didn't have time to feed 'im before the dinner began, so.. So.. I thought it better to bring him rather than being late… Ma'am." Or let the 'lizard starve while Jahan was stuffing himself.

Fehin dives into the salad, ain't much to salads, but well food is food and he isn't about to turn it down. He doesn't even notice Jahan getting reamed, as intent on the food he is. Bring on some more. Salads go down quickly.

Jatraenik listens to Beka and Jahan, glad his own firelizards didn't follow him, not that they're bad behaved, but one never knows with crowds.

Kalikxyl solemnly begins on eating her salad, -after- doing the smart thing; snagging Arianya's salad and leeeeaning back to set it next to Fehin, who appears to need it more. Hack.

It's a Nuff! Tnhelys - who's oft been posted to High Reaches - hauls in that direction, excusing himself quietly to hop on over. "Goldrider! Care to join our humble dinner?"

Laurelyn eyes the salad. "Who ever thought up salads?" she murmurs softly "Nothing but bland tasteless filler." she adds and shakes her head. a little. She blinks as she hears someone cry out Goldrider. "Goldrider?" she blinks and looks up "Oh! Goldrider!"

Xinea starts in on the salad after motioning for her soup to be carted away. She belatedly thanks Galan for the wine, takes a sip to make sure it is up to her standards, then idly watches Jahan and Beka while munching on the greens. Galan just lets the salad sit as he watches the conversation. He refrains from commenting himself.

Damria gives up her soup in favor of the salad and continues to eat. Dusty hides do not a good meal make, for sure. "Yes, they're coming along, Master Dala. We've found a hide that says the jouneyman was never found. Another on rabbit diseases that we've copied and quite a few on bloodlines. They've been copied in a neat hand. I'll say Jaclyn does a neat job of copying. She's fast too, which I appreciate. We're taking the ones that are the easiest to read first, then we'll be going to the illegible ones. Maybe we'll have to borrow something from the starcrafters to read some of these hides. And… I apologize for being grumpy. I'd forgotten the time and I look like I've been rolling around in the hay with someone, which I haven't. Nothing like Xinea and Galen over there. Well turned out and not looking like something that was drug through the bushes backwards."

A shrug and the last of the soup is eaten. Luckily it is a small enough portion for the 4 turn old Xilan. "Usual stuff. Rolling ina hay, catching crawlies.." He eyes look up at the cook as a salad is set before him. "What's this?" "A salad. Eat, it's good for you." He makes a face and just looks at it.

Beka meanwhile eyes Jahan. "Hm." Well, he's got an excuse, at least. "How old is he, boy?" Head tilts to a side. "What are you thinking of specializing in?" She draws one of the cooks over, murmurs something to the man; he retreats and returns with a plate of meat scraps, holding it out to Jahan- presumably for his hungry bebbe firelizard. No, Beka has no conscience. She continues to eat while staring down the poor junior appy.

Estel eats his salad, mucnhing happily away. He'll eat anything, and he glances around again at all the people…….Wow, he thinks….so many people…..

Lirena eagerly gives up her soup bowl and starts into the salad. Least with the salad, you can see what's been put into it. One piece at a time. Since Xalan can't be bought, she'll wait until dinner's done and get him to talk then. "This is better'n the soup. You can tell what it is." she says, taking a piece of bread too.

Iqe smiles, as she munches on the salad. Iqe then looks over in Damria's direction. She had heard the word rabbit. She shifted in her seat. "Damria what type of rabbit disease?" her face full of alarm.

Nuff was half-hoping to go unnoticed, but when she turns to face Tnhelys, her smile is warm and friendly. "I intrude, yes?" She looks around at the gathering, nodding here and there to those she knows. "I do not wish to intrude on your festivities."

Chaemelle listens to the conversation at the table as she eats her salad. Now, kitty'd hate this stuff. She usually likes the raw meat that Chaemelle feeds to her firelizrds best.

Jaclyn perks up as Master Damria mentions her and beams at the Master's table, hunching back down into her chair to inhale the soup and hoard the salad, Faythe half clambering out of her overalls to blance, wings half-spread to lick at the girl's soup. Funny girl, funny 'lizard, yup, Jaclyn still wanted to creep back to the hides, she wasn't one for the big occasions.

Tnhelys grins to Nuff, lopsidedly; "Oh, you hardly intrude, ma'am. You—" Pause. "Yeah, what the Craftsmaster said." He dips back to his own table.

Darmalo chuckles. "Journeyman Kiltern, eh? I hear he's a strange one." he offers. "Course, maybe I'd be working a little harder if I'd moved when my mentor moved. Maybe I'll have to find myself another mentor. But, until then, I'll take care of my runners and stay outta sight. My mother is craftmaster, so I guess they don't push me too hard." Maybe that's the trick. Be the kid of someone important. Either you're persecuted or they leave you alone. Course, he tends to spend his time out in his room, so that nobody even remembers his name.

Jahan's eyes widens as he hears the world 'Goldrider' added in the mix of voices, but doesn't dare glance around to see who, or where. His eyes are locking in a steady stare at Beka. "Uh.. He's about a sevenday old, ma'am," he says, getting a nudge from the cook to take the plate. Hand shaking he sets it down on the table and goes on, "um.. Haven't had much time to consider a specialty yet, ma'am, but I reckon beasthealing might be good.." Doesn't he just get chattery when nervous, huh?

Ralin eyes the salad "Well sure you can tell what it is. Better maker sure there no rabbit hairs in it. Sure it didn't come from the rabbits supply of food?" he asks with a grin. Course he knows rabbits don't genrally get lettuce, considering it's bad for there health. But that's besides the point right?

Xinea blushes slightly. "Well, I'm sorry if we overdressed for this dinner. We rarely get to put on our formal wear so I thought this dinner would give us a chance to wear them." She notices the goldrider but not as fast as Galan has. He stands up and walks over towards Nuff. "Please ma'am, there is an empty seat at the Masters table. We would be honored if you join us." He smiles and offers him arm. "Always the gentleman.." Xinea mutters and takes another bite of her salad.

Arianya laughs softly at Kalik, and wonders why she never took on an apprentice sooner. They take good care of you.

Coram grins slightly as he turns to eye Kalikxyl a moment and starts a random conversation, "So how 'bout those runners." he notes idly, knowing answers to anything about them, nothing about anything else. Hrm, she dun't look like a familiar J-man. Eyeball…closely. See, Arianya plays with her soup as much as Coram does, really!

Xilan picks up a piece of lettuce in his fingers and takes a tentative bite. He thinks as he chews and takes another bite. "Well, 'suppose its k."

Beka considers Jahan, either not hearing or just not bothering to acknowledge the fact that there's the Nuffster about. "Beasthealing, eh? Well, boy, I'm going to keep a close eye on you." She considers him thoughtfully. "In fact—" she digs about her pockets, and hefts something clear. "I'm going to keep a -close- eye on you. Consider yourself an apprentice, and report to Master Dala's hayloft tomorrow for hide duty."

Fehin grins brightly at Kalik "Hey thanks!" he says and grins diving into the salad. "Why they don't make salads more filling I'll never know." he adds with a grin for the girl.

Brier shakes his head, 'Nah, he's not that strange, Coram is the strange one." Brer notes as he wrinkles his nose somewhat and then nudges Darmalo gently with an elbow. "Heh, I'm sure you'll work yourself as much as you wanna, or as much as you needta, and thats abvout enough." Of course, he dosen't think that he works all that hard, yet he's always on errands.

Kalikxyl beams, firstly at Ari, then at Fehin. "No problem— I dunno, either, man. It's like, no filling whatsoever." Headshake, headshake. "And I think they're calling you weird," she neutrally reports to Coram. Ahem.

Galan falls into step with Nuff, making sure the seat is pulled out for her, and she is served before sitting back down next to Xinea. "What?" He asks quietly at Xin's look and she just smiles and shakes her head. She decides to just continue eating before starting up in conversation again.

Iqe is still hopeful that her mentee will show up. She finnishes her salad in a hurry, they were right salads are not very filling, and unfortunately she had missed the begining of the meal.

Those that finish their salad find their plates whisked away; there's a feel of general anticipation, as the tables slowly clear of the salads. Anybody ready to find what the mystery main course is?

Jahan blinks, not quite understanding what'd just happened, just nods as his eyes finally trails sideways to spot the goldrider, then back at Beka. "Yes, ma'am," he says, still not daring to take his seat again.

Oh Goody! Another slave! Dalaynia grins at Jahan "Delightful, you better make sure you have a decent hand." she notes with a smile. She turns her attentions back to Nuff "Thank you, we work hard and breeding the best qualities into them. Course it does tell in the meat and marrow as well, and if your Gold enjoys them as well, all the better."

Beka snickers slightly at Jahan. "You can return to your seat, Apprentice Jahan," she addresses. "And do feed that firelizard of yours."

Damria looks over at Iqe. "Well, the hides were talking about rabbit illnesses, where rabbits are aborting the fetuses, or reabsorbing them, and also cannibilizing them. I've got it and you can read it if you're so inclined, after the dinner or a bit later." she says.

Jatraenik grins. "Hey! Congradulations!" He calls over to Jahan as the boy becomes an apprentice, before he goes back to eating his salad/

Jahan nods furiously, almost sits, remembers that his 'seat' is overturned and quickly rights it to sit down, focusing on satisfying Khalil's hunger before his own. Heck, he'd already missed both soup and salad. Better get this firelizard stuffed and to sleep, pronto.

Nuff leans forwards so she can peer past her closest seatmates and grin cheekily at a few people she thinks she knows, or wink at any she doesn't, then she settles back to concentrate on those closest. She doesn't mind missing the salad in the least. "Ah, Craftmaster, I wouldn't loose 'Reth on your herds for all the marks in the mountains. We choose less elegant beasties, for her dinner. And besides, she likes the thril off the hunt and chase in wilder lands. Or the familiar setting of the Weyr. Faranth be thanked she need only feed a few times a moon now as age catches up with us both."

Arianya doesn't look like she's even ready to hear what the next course is, let alone eat it. Whats the big deal about eating anyways? She watches Nuff curiously up with the Masters, perhaps it's a good thing she's not Master yet, she's never been easy with the riders, even after her Gerwin impressed and left.

Lirena grins at Ralin and shakes her head. "I don't see any rabbit hairs in it. I think it would have been easier to hide rabbit hairs in the soup than in here." She finishes her salad and starts in on her bread, leaning back and looking at the crowd, planning some mischief and some escape routes.

Iqe looks worried. "Damria, could you tell me what lines of rabbits its in so far? The rabbits I brought to the farm hall are pretty icolated, but I did bring a few to the hall for the visit." She looks at the small pouch on her lap. "Also do they know how it is spread?" she looks towards the master again. "Thank you for the runner class a few days ago…" she says on a commpletely differant topic.

Ralin eyes the Masters tables even more intently now. "Think now would be a good time to infilterate?" Even better with a rider to prank as well. This is going to be a fun time "How can you eat though when there's things to be done?" he asks, just itching to get moving.

Chaemelle smiles at Xinea and eases her embarrassment. "I'm sure Damria didnt' mean it that way. I'm sure she's just envious of your sparkling dress. It is very pretty, you know. Some of us just don't know when to come in out of the rain." She looks over at Damria when she says it, though the reproof is mild.

Beka focuses in on Nuff, grinning slightly. "Apologize, miss Nuff— craft business." She reaches for her goblet of milk- no wine for the Bek, oh no- and sips. "How is the Weyr, these days? It's been quite a while since I visited that cold climate," she grins faintly.

Iqe stands up as she waits for the main meal. She walks over to Damria and kneels down beside her to talk. It is much easier to talk this way than yelling accross the table.

Lirena snickesr softly, "Yeah, now would be a good time. You got crawlies, Ralin?" She's got hers in her pockets. "Eh, Xalan. wanna come play?" she asks the innocent or not so innocent young boy, depending on what they find out about him.

Dalaynia smiles at Nuff "That's good to hear, it does tend to run the muscle off of them when their hounded. And it's good to know there is a dragon with manners. I remember the time Hesh's Yaguth wanted a bite out of Shadow, when I was still on the runner. Poor runner nearly died of heart failure that day. Though I must admit I was a bit taken aback by Yaguth as well. First and only time I ever heard a dragon, and if it's asking to eat your mount, I'm glad it was the only time."

Xilan nods eagerly. "I will, in minute. Wanta see whats dinner."

Damria thinks for a moment. "Well, from what I saw in the hide, Iqe, mostly it's vitamin deficiency and dirty cages and such. Stress causes much of the problems and as for lines. No, I think it's any rabbit."

Suspense, suspense, suspense.. is broken, by a floodgate of cooks serving the entree dish with a flair. What /is/ it, all wonder? Well— it's sections of rabbit filets, grilled with herbs, atop fresh vegetable spears atop a bed of mashed tubers or wild rivergrains, depending how good one's luck is.

Ralin rolls his eyes at XIlan "You're gonna get fat on all the food." he admonishes and then checks his pockets. "Crawlies and and jar of small spiderclaws." he adds. "They outta work just fine."

Iqe looks at the food in horror. Rabbit? She did not like the thought of that… she turns away from the table, in disgust. "I hope this one dosn't have desiease."

Jaclyn finishes off her soup will Faythe helping, the gold 'lizard nuzzling back into Jac's overalls when the bowl's empty and then she starts in on the salad, head shaking empatically at a cook who asks if she's done, no… wasn't that easy to see. Jaclyn keeps an eye on the Master's table, listening to the various discussions about the hides, and blinks as Jahan gets promoted, expression seeming to say 'Aye, good for 'em' but smirk seeming to counter, 'yeah, that's see you have good copying skills.' wah-wan, Jac's jealous, but its anyone's guess why she feels that way.

Coram shrugs a bit at Kalikxyl and grins good-naturedly, "They're apprentices, like you," he notes at he finally pinpoints her rank. Grinning, he shrugs, "Besides, I'm sure they do think I'm odd. I'm always in the stables, never leave them from dawn til after dark." he notes proudly of himself.

Xinea finishes her salad and then just looks at the main dish of rabbit on wild rivergrains. Lovely. "I hope you figured out something sweet for dessert." She takes a small bite of the rabbit to see what it tastes like and shrugs. Galan takes a bite and then shakes his head. "Way too much spice."

Fehin looks eager for the main course and ooo, how delicious "Bring it on!" he calls out to the cooks "They certainly went all out for this. I feel like the porcines getting ready for slaughter, fatten them off and shicck" he draws a finger across his throat."

Wait.. Had he just been promoted. Sitting stunned for a while, Jahan's eyes trail around the crowd as he automatically gives little chunks of meat to the lizard in his lap. No sooner than this realization hits him, a plate of food sits in front of him before he even gets a chance to see who served it. "This looks good," he mumbles to no one in particular.

Brier is not doing well, keeping track of anyone besides him and Darmalo, whom he's perusing again as he finishes his salad and absently listens to conversation around him. Stare, "Yaye!" he calls in Jahan's direction, keeping an obviously low profile. Riiiight.

Nuff shakes her head making tsk tsk tsk noises. "One does appreciate a dragon with manners, though its taken Tiareth more than a few turns to learn them." Fish are food, not friends. Runners, however, are not for eating and, though crunchy, do /not/ taste good with catsup. "Mayhap he was just jokinig, Dalaynia. " A pause. "They do." Another pause. "On occasion."

Arianya eyes the rabbit and the vegetables and the obscene amount of food. "Can I get some more juice please?" she asks and just eyes her plate. Honestly, she's not expected to eat /all/ of that is she? She'll weigh more then her runners do.

Kalikxyl pouts at Coram. "But -I'm- always in the stables, but nobody calls me weird," she states with a grin. Wink. Then, she's observing her main food with thought. Mmmm. "This looks really good." She digs in, contemplating over the first few bites; "They could have made it spicier," headshake, sigh. She uncerimoniously snags Ari's main plate, and brandishes it backwards for Fehin. Cough.

Darmalo smiles over at Brier and claps for Jahan. Anybody getting promoted deserves a hand, for sure. There are enough people though here for him to drown, not knowing most of them. For shame, hiding in his room.

Dalaynia snorts a little "On occasion perhaps, I've had my fair share of lickings, but I'm not so sure about Yaguth, he seemed quite serious about." she shakes her head a little "Ahh Beka, you've outdone yourself. This is a definate good use to all those rabbits we've had over running the hall."

Lirena snickers. "Well, we'll let him get fat. He can miss all the fun." she says poking Ralin. "Let's leave him to his food." she says and starts to casually walk away from the table they've been sitting at.

Dharsheva looks disappointed, she was sorta hoping for chicken or duck. "I really was sorta looking forwards to seeing, Noah or Ping, or even Aztec." she notes to her friend "It would have been neat." course she'd have no idea which was which, but it's the thought that counts right?

Shelana eyes the main dish suspiciously. Rabbit? She pokes at it with her fork for a moment, alittle unsure weither she wants to try it or not. Never had had it before… And she is up to new things… But rabbit??

Beka grins at Dala. "I know. I've reports that the rabbitries are actually not overflowing, for once." A light beam, and she settles down to the serious business of eating. "Mmm. Mashed tubers…" Mmm. She slants a look over towards Ria. "Hey, Damria." Casual-like, y'know.

Jahan doesn't really notice shouts and applauds coming in his direction. Well, maybe, but doesn't realize that its in his honor. Giving a satisfied sigh the little firelizard curls up in his lap and goes to sleep, and Jahan mimics the sigh and digs into his food. "This /is/ good," he notes, mouth half-full of rabbit.

Chaemelle smiles at Nuff. "I'm sure your dragon has plenty of manners." she says to Nuff. "Okay, so she's a pretty quiet person and tends to hides more than people.

Jatraenik eyes the main course of rabbit, not sure if he should try it or not.

Jaclyn nods thanks for her plate of the main course and begins eating it inbetween finishing off her salad. What did the child never eat, well maybe, but she just hadn't eaten yet that day, funny.

Fehin grins at Kalik "Hey, thanks!" he says once again to the girl and finishes up the Journeymans plate as well. Is he actually starting to slow down a bit? He blinks and glances at Kalik a bit "Do I know you?" he asks as it dawns on him that it's Kalik who's been feeding him.

Damria chuckles at the comments around here. Musta been /her/ converation about rabbit diseases that is causing all the discussion. "We treat our animals with dignity and comfort. None of these showed any signs of disease, I'm sure." she says, not worried about the cooks poisoning /her/. They wouldn't dare.

Ralin just sort of meanders away from the table and Xalin as well. Okay now the best place to slip under the tables. Now which Masters to give the crawlies too, and which ones to give the spiderclaws too.

Arianya smiles thankfully at Kalick once again. She's gonna have to see about getting the girl her own mules here. She's happy now with her glass of juice and no food in front of her. A jockey has to watch her weight after all.

Kalikxyl grins to Arianya. See? She's good at this. It comes from all the turns of bartending before apprenticing. Hack. She innocently glances towards Fehin. "Nah. You just looked hungry," she states in reply, grinning slightly. "Y'know." A shoulder lifts and falls.

Coram chuckles as he starts in on his rabbit. Bring on the DISEASE! Chow down. And so he eats, and replies! My oh my, all the conversation Lix is getting out of him tonight, eh? "But see, everyone thinks that apprentices are always in the stables and that the Journeymen and up are out drinking wine and eating well." he teases the girl and nodding, "I like the spice. Perfect." he states.

Dalaynia laughs at Nuff "Many of us like meat just as much as the other. I've even got a good recipie for caprine. We also trade a lot of our milk and get some of it back as cheese." she notes softly as she takes a bite of the rabbit. "I like the seasoning. Just the right amount od spice."

Laurelyn hmms rabbit, not bad, not bad at all. Beats eating there food. She'll eat them instead.

Brier agrees and nods back to Darmalo, their conversation having gone dead. "So, how about them promoters. Seems mighty neat for people to get a big dinner when they're promoted, no?" he asks of Darmalo.

Jahan certainly isn't complaining about getting a dinner along with a promotion. Or a promotion along with dinner. Whichever way it was. "Been a long time since I had such a great meal," he says to someone sitting across from him. "Not bad.. Not bad at all." Then he goes quiet again, in order to stuff more rabbit in his mouth. Any chance for seconds?

Darmalo chuckles and nods. "I'm actually glad I'm not doing any promoting or anything. After all, having to get up in front of all those people and talk. But then, it'd be worse to be promoted, I think." he chuckles. "Having to get up in front of all these people and be acknowledged. I'm too much an isolationist for that." he says turning to size up Brier. "So, what do you do with your spare time?"

Nuff nibbles away at the rabbit-processed-rabit-food, fingeroots and pellets always taste better when transmuted into hossenpfeffer. "Really? I don't think I've ever had caprine, though I've heard it can be roasted quite fine." She glances around, again, "This is a promotion dinner then, Craftmaster? And who are the newly knotted then? Do they look any different from the rest?"

Beka rises to her feet, after finishing just about half her plate. "Daaaamria." It's said again, intoned, as she straightens properly and moves about the table in a saunter, headed for her fellow co-conspirator.

Lirena continues to meander towards the master's table with Ralin. She's kinda hoping he'll spot an opening she doesn't see.

Ralin spots an opportunity and quickly moves to occupy and then disappear under the table at Beka's placing, casually slipping the by product of crawlies in his pockets on the seat before moving from view.

Damria looks up, as if truly surprised at the call. She's a master anyways, so why would anybody call her? She stands though. "Yes, Beka? Oh, and by the way, the main entree is very good." Moving towards Beka, she stops next to her. "You rang? Surely you didnt' bring me any new hides, did you?" she asks with a grin. Any new hides will promptly be burned.

Dalaynia nods softly "It is really good roasted. Newborn bucklings are the tenderest. Though the older ones can make a good sausage too if you add some porcine fat to it." she notes. with a smile.

Jatraenik finally settles in to eating the main course seeing others eat it, and not keel over, that's a good sign far as he's concerned.

Estelelen eats his way though the meal, oddly quiet but a smile on his face, happy to be there.

Chaemelle looks up with interest. She didn't know Damria was involved in anything but those mouldy hides. Her entree is good and she continues to eat neatly. Mustn't disgrace the herdercraft after all.

"Something better," Beka replies, winking softly before leaning in to murmur something towards Ria .See the halo? Seee it? It's real, honest. No horns. Ahem.

Beka mutters, "… … why … … … … … that … were talking … earlier in the … … … … /him/.. … … bait." to Damria.

Galan and Xinea finish off their meal and quietly talk about the latest runner beasthealing cases as well as the apprentices at the Istan hall. Both thank one server quietly as their red wine is refilled and they continue with their discussion. Many apprentice names are spoken, especially Estelelen.

Jaclyn noses her salad bowl away and works on finishing her main course. She pauses fork mid-air as Beka gets up and strides to Damria, observing the Master's table and ever curious about what fun things would occur now.

Brier chuckles and nods, "I agree, I'm glad to be neither in line for a promotion, nor a promotionist." he notes almost gleefully. "But hey, Darmalo, it just means that we're spif." he notes, randomly using the first word or not-word that comes to his iddy-biddy mind.

Shelana watches the other people eating the rabbits. Can't be poisoned, right? Right? Well… Some could be… But not hers, right? Hesitently she takes a bite of the food infront of her.

Damria mutters, "…" to Beka.

Nuff trusts noone dare poison a 'Reaches rider, even an old fat one like herself, so digs into the rabbit with relish (though she'd prefer catsup). "I won't Tiareth get a taste of this, she might develop an interest in the smaller edible beasties and, given my grandchildren keep some as pets, this could be worrisome." She's teasing, mebbie.

Laurelyn seems to be doing fine or her 'poisoned' rabbit. Oh wait! Is she gagging? Maybe she's dying!!?? Her face turns a little red as her eyes widen. Then she gives a resounding cough hack and spits up a hunk. "Sorry bout that." she says to the disgusted Journeyman next to her. "Went down the wrong pipe."

Coram just continues to eat, almost oblivious to whatever is happenign around him, Except for Lixe's comments, because she's so close to him, of course. Overhearing some of the muttering, he leans back to listen, but shakes his head and continues to eat. Its not about him, nothing ever is. Yaye! Coram is spif too.

Beka mutters, "… … … you … the … … fine … … … … … … him … though." to Damria.

Jatraenik continues to eat, thoughthe moving around at the masters table does get a curious glance, and then he goes back to listening to the conversation around him.

Kalikxyl honestly is a bit antsy. Beka and Ria? Muttering? In plain sight? That cannot be good. At all. Ahem.

Arianya glances at the two whispering Masters and shakes her head. "They do love their intrigue don't they? Wonder if they're planning on murdering one of teh apprentices like that old CraftMaster murdered his craft."

Jahan wipes his mouth in his sleeve (naughty appy!) and sits back with a faint smile on his lips. Aye, certainly a good meal, this. Spotting Beka and another Master standing together, whispering. What was that all about, then? Eyes rest on the two, while he absently stractes the lizard's eyeridges, while reaching out for his glass with his other hand.

Damria nods after her whispered conversation with Beka. "Fehin… Master Beka has something to say to you." She says it in a way that might not bode well for the senior apprentice. "Hop to it boy." Well, does that make him her absolute minion or not?

Fehin ignores the Masters, ignores the others and just nods at Kalik. He's cool with that. He goes back to eating his food. It's good food, tasty, deliciousm goes down real well. Well with the exception of Laurelyn's perhaps. Most definately edible. Course he's been told he must have a stomach of iron and all. However once his name is called, food is forgotten and he's out of his seat in a flash. His Master has trained him well, no? "Yes Master Damria, Master Beka?"

Lirena follows quickly and quietly, very quietly. No use being called for reprimand like that Fehin fellow. She sits underneath the table right in the middle with Ralin, pulling out her crawlies and well, she's got a couple of spiderclaws in a small bottle too, even though she doesnt' really like them. They pinch, ya know.

Darmalo grins at Brier. "I'd say so. I dont' mind moulding in the craft, myself." he says to Brier.

That's the whole reason behind crawlies. Ralin frowns as he looks at the feet. Funny how they all look the same sometimes from under a table. Ahh but there is that dress, who else has on a blue dress? He opens his bottle of spiderclaws and starts seeding them on the Masters feet. Pity he's not sure which one is the riders, but well that's what happens.

Chaemelle watches with interest and no little amusement as Fehin nearly leaps over the table in response to Damria's call. She must have trained him well. She didnt' think anybody could make it through that maze of tables in such a short time.

Beka looks Foreboding. It's her job. She does it well. Arms cross over her chest and she judiciously stares at the young man. "Senior apprentice Fehin. What do you -think- you're doing?" Her tone is pitched into incredulousness, blue eyes accusing.

Dalaynia just watches with an amused look on her face. These things are always so entertaining. She's just glad she's not on the recieving end anymore. Only place for her now, is back down the chain. THough somedays that idea has it's merits.

Jaclyn finishes her main meal and nudges that plate away too, eyes watching Masters Bake and Damria and also Fehin, interesting, no? Jac grins and settles her elbows on the table to prop up her chin and watch, rubbing a twitch on her nose absent mindedly.

Nuff's are the ones with the fuzzy pink socks, which do nothing to enhance the elegance of the Weaver-crafted dress and thin dark slippers. It might be a graceful outfit, on some. On Nuff it only wides her ample bosom and clings to the too-broad rolls of fat around her middle. But her ankles are protected only by those pink fuzzy socks. 'Claw's don't like pink, right?

Coram hears another mention of him and then smirks faintly, glad his name wasn't called, its all Fehin's fault. Happily, the journeyman settles back into eating, and then drinking, and when his food is gone, he snarfs at the bread. Yes, he'll be full, maybe, by the time he leaves tonight.

Brier nods his agreement, "I don't mind moulding either." he notes, eyes glinting. He didn't say moulding into the craft however, but we'll save that for a later date.

Fehin blinks a little, what does he think he's doing "Obeying Master's Damria call to come over here." he says simply. "Was I not to come over?" he asks, looking just a little confused.

Jatraenik glances up curiously and watches Fehin and Beka.

Jahan leans forward a little, watching a new victim taken under care of Beka. He's already had his turn, so they won't turn on him again. Will they?

Lirena's eyes are somehow glued to those pink fuzzy socks and she nudges Ralin and points. "Whatcha think?" is barely whispered.

"Don't be smart with me, boy. You -know- what I mean. Being completely idiotic in Southern, almost getting yourself killed— letting Damria here run all over you. Do you /have/ any balls, Fehin?" Dude. Beka. Do you think that was blunt enough? Hack.

Kalikxyl chokes on a bite of rabbit. Choke. Did she just hear what she thought she just heard?

Ralin glances at where Lirena is pointing and then nods "Looks good" he whispers back to her and very carefully adds a few little spider claws. "THat should give them something to latch onto." he adds quietly.

Damria just stays silent, staring at Fehin. Yup, it's his turn to face the music and Damri does run right over him. Everybody knows that for a fact.

Dharsheva chokes on her food, practically spitting it out as she her eyes widen. She looks up at Beka and blinks. Wow.

Remaining eyes-peeled on the two Masters and Fehin, something about Southern, hey what'd Jac miss in all her own fun down that way… Hey, she got promoted while there, it was cool!

Chaemelle watches in surprise, attention arrested from her food to the scene going on in front of her. Wow… glad /she's/ a master and nobody talks to her like that.

Jahan's jaw drops. And he thought Beka had been tough on /him/. The kind of music /he'd/ faced was a whisper compared to /this/. Poor Fehin. "Sure glad I'm not in his boots…" he mutters, glancing around him, then back at the trio up front.

Lirena is oblivious to what's going on around her and carefully takes one of her spiderclaws out so it doesn't pinch her and sets it right on one pink fuzzy sock. After all, Ralin needs a spot too. Now, for crawlies… Gee, two good masters aren't at the table, maybe it'd be good to distribute them and run while there's a chance of not getting caught.

Xinea looks up at Fehin and Beka and shifts her heels under her teal dress. Oh, Fehin's going to get it hmm?

Fehin blinks again at Beka and then very carefully chooses his words. "I must admit, I am not very good at being point for hunting. I haven't done much hunting so I am sure I made several mistakes." he notes thoughfully "As for Master Damria, when I first joined the craft I gave my oath of loyalty to the craft and promised to be obediant to those appointed over me. I'm not letting her run all over me. I am mearly standing by the oaths which I believed in whole-heartedly when I took them. Was this wrong?"

Darmalo nearly chokes on his food and is glad his butt isn't up there in the ringer. Or anythign else. Maybe it would have been good to stay at home, oh familiar home, but then he'd missed the circus here. He nudges Brier and points silently, not wanting anybody to notice him at this time.

Nuff, oblivious, just keeps eating her dinner while trying not to look to interested in affairs of the Hall. She crosses her ankles beneath the table, unwittingly pulling one foot just out of reach of that dropped spiderclaw just as it was about to grab a hold of a bit of pink fluff. Nyah.

Arianya pauses with her glass to her lips as she hears beka's words and then she can't help but snicker at Fehins words in reply, well maybe he does have some at that. Not many would have the guts to do more then blubber.

Coram coughs and drops his bread down on the table, his violet eyes turning towards Beka and just wide-eying it. Family, Master Beka…think about it, look at all the youngers here. Good thing Coram didn't /say/ the words though, he'd be shot down next.

Ralin frowns as the feet move. Dang it. He drops another for good measure and then moves on. Gotta get these crawlies placed as well and then get out of there before someone notices them.

Brier coughs soft and peers towards Beka and Fehin, watching the scene vapidly. Oh look, valley girl, ahem! "M sure glad I'm not up there too." he adds in a quiet mutter to Darmalo.

Beka scowls at Fehin. "I've had extensive talks with one Master Myra, who— I must tell you, doesn't keep you in very high regards. I've had talks with -quite- a few people, actually. Tell me, apprentice" Oh, that was deliberate. No 'senior' tab for Fehin, oh no. "have you ever acted inappropriately around Damria?" Dude. Tough enough, Bek?

Shelana blinks and chokes on her just now swallowing food. See? Not safe to eat! She looks 'round to spot who said it and her eyes land on Beka and Fehin. "Poor guy." she whispers before she eyes her plate again, not thinking its safe anymore.

Damria just lets Beka ramble. She's heard all this before. Poor Fehin, she's not even coming to his defence.

Jahan is learning a lot. Really, he is. Learning how to behave and -more imporatantly - how /not/ to behave as an apprentice. Yeah, let someone else make the mistake before he does..

Lirena drops a crawlie down Dala's shoe, one down Chaemelle's shoe and another one on Xinea. She gives a glance to Ralin, waiting for him to position his and then they're ready to scoot.

Darmalo is silent for a bit, just watching wide-eyed. Boy, he's known Fehin a long time and never has anybody dumped on him like this before. "Shhh…." he whispers. "I wanna hear this."

Fehin is silent for several long moments, and then once again he answers very carefully. "I have never shown Master Damria anything but the upmost respect. I had not realized so many people have thought Master Damria so undeserving of loyalty. Master Myra, her own mother Master Damista, and now you." Okay so he's a little upset. "What would Master Damria see in me? I am nothing but a lowly apprentice. Do you think she'd risk her own career? Do you think she'd have even let me live if I so much as even looked at her in /that/ sort of way." he draws himself up. "For too long has this craft taken loyalty and respect to mean someone is sleeping around. Sure I'm nothing but a dumb apprentice but think of how such accusations make Master Damria look." he didn't miss the dropping of the senior, in for a pinch in for the whole bushal. Might as well get the rest of his knots removed.

Chaemelle feels a stir of air around her ankles but figures it's the wind off the lake, because this is being held outdoors.

Jatraenik silently watches Beka and Damria with Fehin. "What'd he do?" He asks the nearest apprentice in a whisper, before he goes back to watching.

Ralin glances longingly at Beka's feet and then sighs, hopefully the mess on the chair will be sufficent. He glances around a bit and then spies an opening on the journyemans table, not as full as the Masters and darts in and under.

Brier nods slightly to Darmalo, still starting and hushing. "Me too." well, except for that, he's hushing of course. See, still silently watching, sorta. "I dunno." he whispers in Jatraenik's direction.

Jahan's jaw drops another couple of inches as Fehin stands up for himself and Damria. "Can… Can he talk to a Master like that…?" he asks of whomever cares to listen. Being rather new to the Craft, he's uncertain of these things, but knew in his own heart that he'd /never/ speak like that to someone who outranks him.

Dalaynia scratches one foot with the other, she does hate those crawling sensations that she gets. She listens quietly and is quite reminded of day when Damista came in. Boys got guts, she'll give him that. Standing up for someone elses honor and laying his life on the line.

Beka lifts a brow, listening to Fehin's reply. And? Quietly, a smile blossoms on her face. "Well-said, /Journeyman/ Fehin. Worthy of your station. Turns out you do have balls after all." She gives him an arch look of consideration. "And let me tell you right now- if anyone ever accuses you of something you didn't do, you phrase it just like you replied to me. And if they have a problem, they can talk to myself or Dala." She reaches out, swipes Fehin's knot nimbly, and settles a new one on his shoulder, properly adjusting it. Her parting remark? "If Master Damria doesn't see anything in you -now-.. she's a fool." A cool look to her fellow master, and Beka walks away. C'est la vie.

Coram is, for one, also very glad he's also not in line for promotion. Or if he is, he definately thinks that this is the time to remove himself from the area. QUICK! Bombs! Evacuate! Run! Beka is da bomb! Famil…oh, whats the use. It dun matter no more, as Beka says.. C'est la vie. Back to bread. Mmm, bread…and wine!

Nuff had just finished sopping up a bit of rabbit gravy with a lovely tender bit of bread when one of the 'claws finally finds a fuzzy-clad ankle and, out of some misguided association between pink with red, and fuzzy with hard-shelled enemy, takes one of Nuff's ankles for the enemy and claps one very strong, very sharp claw around the Rider's foot. Suddenly everything happens very quickly: she screams, jumps up, reels backwards over her chair with her terror of surprise thrown out to the only anchor it knows, Tiareth.

Tiareth lumbers in from the KH Sales Pastures.

A rampaging gold dragon is a sight to behold, especially one that careens in from land as well as sky, half-hopping, half flying towards her rider with her wings of sunfire scattering herds and herders alike. Her bellow is meant to cow even the most stalwart of enemies and her usually sedate swirling gaze is faceted in anger, passion edging each diamandic square; eyes of fire, voice of ire, she rampages towards the Nuff she cannot see.

Damria starts to give Fehin a grin and a wave back to his seat, but things seem to be happening behind her. She turns abruptly around and watches in shock as Nuff fall from her chair to the ground with a scream and her dragon starts lumbering in. Oh, my, there must have been something in that rabbit after all, she thinks. "Hey, Beka, didja really poison the rabbit?" she asks going over to see if she can help Nuff in any way. But since she doesn't really know what to do, Nuff not being a runner and all, she just kinda stands there wringing her hands.

Oh sweet Faranth! The calvery has arrived. Ralin's eyes go wide at the rampaging gold. His life isn't going to be worth the trash tossed into a midden heap. He glances back to see if Lirena's coming. Run! he hand signals her and scrambles through the tables, not even bothering to try to stay hidden.

Lirena scrambles out from under the table in Damris' empty slot and runs for well, for where? She gives Ralin a frantic look. What'll mama do when she finds out about this? They weave through the tables and she spots a clear space and ducks underneath this one… everybody's eyes on the gold tearing for Nuff, hopefully, not to see her or Ralin.

Jahan /stares/ as the huge, golden dragon appears, sitting paralyzed in his chair as the world goes into a tailspin around him. Only when the very sharp talons of a baby firelizard dig into his thigh does he react, with a shout of his own, quenching it very quickly as his eyes flicker toward Beka. Don't wanna get /her/ attention again.

Jatraenik eeps as she sees the goldrider go down, and then eyes the ramp[aging gold, ready to to scatter if it comes to that as he gets to his feet.

Dharsheva lets out a scream of pure high-pitched feminine terror at the sight of the rampaging gold. Her glass is over-turned as she pushes back from the table and falls over backwards as she scrambles to get away.

Chaemelle stands abruptly, shoving her chair out of the way and goes over to Nuff, kneeling down before she spots the spiderclaw firmly attached to Nuff's ankle. She glances around, getting a quick glance of youngster clothing before turning all her attention to Nuff.

Tiareth is big, bigger than big, bigger than most, but she manages not to squash anything smaller and squishier than herself, including scattering pranksters as she comes to a reeling stop right in front of the Master's table. Her great golden muzzzle is lowered over the table and beyond it, her noise stopped only when Nuff regains her feet (if slowly), raising a hand to the dragon and humming softly: "Shh… its okay, its okay, I'm okay. I just fell, is all. Shh… sorry I scared you. Yes, I know you were sleeping. Yes, I shouldn't wake you up like that, shhh…" The gold settles, a bit, but her tail lashes the grounds behind and her wings sails are all a'tremble. Nuff looks down at her foot tries to shake off the offending creature. "It bit me", she explains rather lamely.

Darmalo whispers to Brier. "I'm thinking this is turning into a farce. Wanna go look at some runners or something?" Is this retreat? Heck no… it's a strategic withdrawal.

Brier nods and abandons his plate and just about leaps fdrom his chair, "Yes, please. She's scarey," he points to Beka, and eyes then widen, "And she's scarier!" he adds, pointing to Tiareth. "Gogogo!"

Dalaynia blinks a moment as mayhen breaks out. Rider down, dragon charging, animals in the distance running. She sighs a little and stands up and bellows ""EVERYONE CALM DOWN!" as soon as she see's the spiderclaw that Chaemelle pulls off. She eyes the dragon ans sighs "I think your rider is just fine. If a little sore perhaps.

Its a credit to Dalaynia's power that even Tiareth settles.

And now we know why -she's- Craftsmaster.

Save us all….Don't inspire her Wrath.

Coram just stares. Downright stares, "Oh Shards!" he notes, picking his bread and wine up and escapes behind the cooks, ambling over to stand near that buxom blonde he grinned at earlier. "Quite the party!" he comments, winking at her faintly. He's calm, just…over here with the cooks away from the dragon.

Fehin is just silent absolutely silent. He stares at Beka, he stares at Nuff, he stares at the Dragon and just blinks. Hmm, okay. This is all very interesting. He frowns a little and jsut watches the proceedings around him just disentegrate. So this is why thye say to keep your tongue or else disasters happen. He just didn't think they meant literally.

And its a credit to Rl that Nuff /has/ to go. Now. Pretend she stayed and was assuaged and give her cookies or something. Sorry! Thansk for the fun! -nuffplayer.

Jahan isn't grabbing /anyone/, though he's probably close enough to Brier and Darmalo to intercept. But this apprentice has decided that it's better to stay below Beka's radar for now. Though Khalil might have other ideas about that; his creel going off again, in hunger and fear.

Ralin eeps and puts on the speed, little brat runs and dodges "Move! Outta the way!" he yells as he pushes past a couple of apprentices. Mother is going to kill him for sure now. He tries to head for the lake, hoping to swim out of reach.

Darmalo was going to escape with Brier, but…well, Beka's got that voice that turns strong men into statues. His eyes widen as he sees the kidlets disappear and well, a blink at Beka and maybe just maybe retreat is still the best. He grabs Brier's sleeve and sidles away from all the commotion including the two youngsters.

Laurelyn hmms a little and eats a bit more of her rabbit, though her plates almost finished "Don't you just love these dinners?" she asks to the poor stunned journeyman beside her. "It certainly keeps things from getting boring doesn't it?"

Damria turns back to the mayhem a gold dragon and a few spiderclaws can create and just stares. Now, where's that harper she invited? Apparently nowhere. Darn.

Brier squeaks in dismay and nods to Darmalo, "Come on, before someone gets us fer good and Master Beka eats our livers!" he mutters, sidling as fast as he can with Darmalo. Nothing better than retreat, now, is there? Yeah, thats what I thought.

Dharsheva just faints, yup she just truely does, this delicate southern flower, she ain't go after any terrorizing herder brats. They might do something awful to her birds.

Beka eyes the two kidlets. She knows where they live. She'll enact revenge. She takes strides towards Darmalo and Brier. "Honestly, Darmalo. I saved your life. I'm not going to be redundant and -kill- you now. Come back here." Her tone's stern.

Coram has escapes away from the cooks and back over to his table. Turning, he spots Dharsheva starting to go down and he rushes over to her and catches her quickly, grinning as he sets his wine glass down on the table, he saved the day! Bread's in the dirt you see, he dropped that. But don't be stupid and drop the wine, you know.

Arianya knew that she should have stayed and worked on the tracks. These dinners never seem to go nice and quiet like. Seems like a good time perhaps to make her retreat, after all isn't that why she took an edge seat?

Retreat does sound good in Jahan's ears, his young lizard making far too much noise for comfort, creeling loud enough to make himself heard over the noise of the crowd. "/Be/ quiet, Khalil!" he pleads and reaches across to get a piece of rabbit from an unfinished plate, stuffing it into the blue's maw, silencing him for as long as it takes to chew through the meat.

Kalikxyl is all for retreat. She hauls after Arianya, silently. See? She's the journeywoman's shadow, she rightly is.

Darmalo stops dead. She's got him dead to rights. "Okay, Master Beka. I think one disappeared under the tables and the other ran for the woods, I think. Which one would you like me to get?" After all, he's not up for a promotion, so she must want him to do something for her.

Fehin retreats himself back to his table. Oh wait, that's not his table anymore. He sits down at an empty spot at the table and wonders at his chances of getting some more food.

Xinea has ended up in Galan's arms, due to trying to get out of the way of a rampaging gold dragon and getting clawed by a spiderclaw in the process. The spider claw has been removed but a cut across her ankle shows where it dug into the skin. "Put me down Galan! I can walk with a cut across my ankle!" "No, I don't think so. You are just too fragile to.." He gets an elbow in the stomach and he sets her down. "Alright, alright…shards.." She tests her foot and finds no other crawly things in her shoes. She then looks for Xilan who is huddled in a ball near the lake, watching that gold dragon with a slight fear. "Dear, go get our son. Tiareth scared him to death." Galan starts to argue and then just moves off. Now, to find out who did this and get down to business. In any case, whoever made her spill half a glass of red wine on her dress is in for trouble.

Damria stands up a little taller and decides that something must be done. "Stop!" her voice in stentorian bellows that should stop a rampaging cat in it's tracks. "Everybody here had better sit down at a table and I mean NOW!" See if anybody listens to the kidlet turned master.

Kalikxyl sits. Grudgingly, and notably in the nearest decent-looking guy's lap, but hey, she sat down, at least?

Arianya stops in her tracks and then mutters a little under her breath. Her runners will be lonely without her and sits down as well. *sigh*

Brier is /stuck/ Darmalo still has his sleeve, "She's gonna eat our livers." he adds with a mumble to Darmalo as he gives Malo a /look/ and sighs. "I know! You want me to go find whichever one that he dosen't go after, yes?" oh boy, he almost looks eager.

Dalaynia smiles at Damria "Brillant most brillant." she notes as she takes a drink from the nearest glass and grimaces, wine. She sets it down and gets her juice. "Couldn't have said it better myself."

Jahan was halfway out his seat, ready to join retreating parties, but gets his behind back in the seat, glued there with a guilty look on his face. He wasn't running. Nooo… Just had to, erm.. Get some more raw meat for Khalil. Yeah, that's it! The firelizard didn't like the rabbit meat. Ahem.

Dharsheva gives a quiet little moan as she comes too and finds herself in a strange mans arms. She squeaks as her face reddens "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to I um…" oh help?

Lirena is listening really carefully and knows they've been caught, However it's simple enough she hopes to put that trouble off and she sneaks out from under the table and hightails it back to the barns. Plenty o places to hide, including underneath a whole pile of old musty hides.

Ralin dives into the lake himself, they'd have to split up to catch them. You think he's going to return? Hmm sleeping out somewhere is sounding really good.. wonder if the starcraft or the miners or maybe the Weyrs need someone.

Jatraenik glances at Damria, and slowly sits back down in his chair.

Coram chuckles as he shakes his head and sits, as Damria orders. "No problem my dear, I just hope you're all right?" he asks, not yet relenquishing his hold on Dharsheva quite yet. "You hurt anywhere?" he asks, just wanting to make sure of course. He's a perfect gentleman, he truly is. And he likes to save the day.

Xinea looks at Damria with a look at that could kill but does as /asked/. She does get another glass of wine before settling down though. If those kidlets aren't punished enough, she'll see to it they are. She has a bunch of stalls that some sick runners were in that could be scrubbed out with a toothbrush. Galan returns with Xilan who is crying and her mood suddenly changes. "It's ok dearheart." She sets Xilan on her lap and lets him cry on her shoulder. "I knew they were going to do something…and..and..I was going to…but..but..I was hungry…and…"

Laurelyn watches everyone retreat back to their seats and laughs. "Well that was most entertaining as she reaches out to haul the journeyman back to his seat as well. "No leaving for you either, sir." she notes ever so sweetly.

Damria nods in satisfaction as people return to their seats. "Okay, on with the promotions. Beka?" she nods… okay, she's done powerplaying now.

Beka notably doesn't sit, just glances over her shoulder and dips her chin in a nod to Ria in acknowledgement. "Darmalo, did you see where the little she-brat went off to?" she addresses, flickering her gaze over to Brier. "Do you know how to swim?" she so-sweetly questions. Which is much more scary than her drill-seargant bluntness, lemme tell ya. "If you do— go fetch Ralin. He's trying to swim the lake. Bring him back and I swear you'll have quite a reward." Arms fold over her chest. She's working. Ahem.

Darmalo nods. "She hightailed it off to the stables. Want me to go find her?" he asks, oh so sweetly, knowing better than to make Beka any madder than she is already. In any case, without waiting for an answer he heads for the stables and Lirena. He knows how kids can hide, having done it himself many a time.

Jatraenik watches Darmalo leave, and then takes a deep breath as he tries to calm down, and relax.

Jahan knows how to swim. Growning up among sailors requires it. But that's not information he's willing to share right now. He's had his time in the spotlight and isn't interested in more. Besides, there's a noisy little firelizard to deal with. One who's only mildly calmed by a steady stream of rabbit meat.

Brier nods quickly, "Yes ma`am. I can swim." and off he goes, only dumping his boots before swimming quickly after Ralin, catching up to him quickly. Catch up! Catch up! Sigh, he hasta drag a boy almost his age back. Ack, "Come on……!"

Dharsheva blushes even redder then she was before, to find herself in his lap. "I'm, I'm okay." she murmurs softly and then quickly shakes her head "No, no, oh no, I'm not hurt." she adds almost fearful of what he might do if she was hurt. She's never been on a guys lap before and she's noticably most flustered.

Damria settles back into her chair and gives the whole gang a once over with her eyes. "Well, at least some semblence of calm has been achieved." she says quietly, picking up a glass of wine which is generally never touched and taking a sip of it. "I'd say this is a lively party, Beka. Those kid'sll get punished enough when Myra gets back, I'm sure. After all, they're my niece and nephew." she notes. Course, she'll get to them first, maybe after Beka, but she'll definately get to them.

Dalaynia quietly waits for things to come back to normal. She almost feels sorry for the kids, though they are a little big for having one of Myra's canines sit on them. "I do wonder what got into them, they're usually a little more discreet about things."

Dowagac walks in from the KH Sales Pastures.

Kalikxyl eyes Coram, and jokingly tosses out, "Pervert." She then waxes angelic, and keeps a hawkeye out on Arianya. Her job, y'know.

Arianya is still sitting in her seat, like a good little journeyman. Though her eyes glance back towards the tracks a little. THe work she could be putting in now. She eyes her glass and finds it empty hmm.

Coram erks faintly and nods, not quite releasing her as he looks over her as critically as a runner, "Are you quite sure you're all right?" he asks, nodding faintly and then finishing his wine, not setting the glass down on the table quite yet. Then he eyes Lix, "Hush you, she just fainted!" he mutters.

Chaemelle watches the crowd and then stands, heading for Coram and Dharsheva. Stopping right in front of him, she stares down at him. "I suggest either you put your wine down and remove Dharsheva from your lap or resign and find another occupation, Coram. I'd thought better of you than accosting a poor apprentice, no matter how comely." Yup, our calm mild little Chaemelle has come out of her shell and into her own. She scowls at Coram, waiting.

Ralin swims harder but he's still has a couple of jars in his pockets so it slows him down. Oh shards, he's in for it now. He tries to duck under the water and swim back past Brier.

Beka shifts towards the lakeshore, looking quite stubborn as she eyes over the lake- and Brier. She peers over her shoulder, though, and notices a Crisis Emerging. Smirking faintly, she lifts a brow at Coram, gazing at the normally mild Chaemelle. Oooh. Mwa ha.

Brier is too good a swimmer than that, so he dives under and keeps his eyes open, catching up to Ralin and then snagging his fingers into the boy's clothes and starting to drag him back. People are light when they're in the water, adn all he hasta do is turn the lad back in the direction he wants to go and he'll just be helping him for a moment. Draaaag.

Dharsheva looks up in horror at Chaemelle, her eyes going wide in fear. Oh sweet mother of Faranth, preserve her. She's already so flustered, first the dragon.. then the CraftSecond of all people. Poor Dharsheva, she looks almost ready to faint again if she hadn't sat bolt upright and stiffly and looking non too sure on just what to do.

Lirena no more makes it to the stables than she sees Darmalo pounding after her. A frantic look around. They /know/ and he's got longer legs than she does. She heads for one of the stalls … it's handy… and well, he's gaining.

Dowagac sneaks in and tries to be seen as little as possible, considering as he's still such a new apprentice he still feels a bit out of place. He notes that the evening is quite nice and the area looks very pretty all lit up and with everyone around. He digs his heel into the dirt idly as he checks out what's going on and who all is here.

Laurelyn hmms thoughfully at Coram "And here I thought rumours had you playing with the guys." she notes ever so sweetly. "Say whens the dessert course?"

Fehin eyes Coram a little, after he practically got reemed for being loyal to Damria, Coram has to go and blatently place an apprentice in his lap. He's not going near that one, no way. Especially not with the CraftSecond involved.

Darmalo sweeps into the stables, wildly looking around. A squeek and he's after the girl, hauling her out of the stall and back into the light. She's now a prisoner of Darmalo, though he's actually on her side. Pranks were fun when he was a kid too. However, Beka has spoken and so he frog-marches her back to Beka. "Here, she is, Master Beka." His fatal words.

Ralin is literally dragged back, through the water kicking and putting up a holler, hey if he drowns them both no punishment?

As if the action wasn't enough— but the bakers seem to have themselves back together. Their hefty overlord of a master passed clear out when Tiareth did the Charge of Spiderclaw Lake, but a stately senior journeyman has them back together. Desert's served whether there's anyone in the chair or not— a light cube of pound cake, smothered in fresh berries and cooled cream, berry sorbet on the side.

Jahan gets that pesty firelizard calmed down again and sits back in his chair with a sigh, closing his eyes for a moment. This was all just a /little/ too exciting for his likes.

Coram winces and quickly helps the girl out of his lap, "M..master Chaemelle. I, she, she fainted master! I only caught her, and then Master Damria said sit and I sitted! And…" oh Shards, he's gone back to basic brat talk. What is the world coming to?

Dalaynia ahhs as dessert is served "Now this is a lovely way to top off a dinner." she murmurs appreciativly and digs in. "Definantly good, too bad Nuff couldn't stay to enjoy it.

Beka critically eyes after Brier and Ralin, considering hopping in after them- boy, Ralin's puttin' up a fuss. Instead, she focuses down at Lirena, and coldly stares at the bratling. "What have you to say for yourself, girl? Putting spiderclaws and /crawlies/ on a visiting goldrider's -foot-? Are you stark raving /mad/

Brier grunts and he pulls Ralin from the water and ignores his boots, dragging his sopping wet self and Ralin's over to Master Beka, "Here y'go, I brought him back for ya." he notes with a slight grin to the Master, slill holding tightly to Ralin's clothes as he almost dangles him in front of the Master.

Beka then eyes to Ralin. "Thank you, Brier. You did an excellent job. Report to the hides 'loft tomorrow, apprentice." She absently pins a shinier knot to the boy's shoulder, while staring down Ralin. "The question goes for you as well. What -were you thinking-?"

Dowagac wanders around the area finally ending up standing at the banks of the lake looking out over the water. He turns back as he smells that there's actually food and wonders how he may sneak some off of the table, or swipe some desert.

Dharsheva sits quietly on the bench, mortified to no end. She concentrates on the dessert in front of her trying to block everything else out. Yes hide, become one with the table.

Damria spies her apprentice Dowagac as she is served her dessert. "Hey, come sit down at one of the tables. There's at least dessert." She grins and digs in. Let Beka handle the miscreants this time.

Chaemelle just shakes her head as she's obeyed and goes quietly back to her table, spying dessert. Might as well enjoy. She'd lost some of her rabbit when Nuff hit the ground screaming.

Galan has taken Xilan and has finally got him calmed down. It only takes a couple more moments and the boy's fast asleep on dad's shoulder. Poor kid didn't get his afternoon nap. The crafthead watches Beka with the kidlets and just waits to see what is going to happen. Then dessert is served and luckily for the kidlets her attention is on the dessert. Galan manages to eat pieces with one hand.

Ralin looks up at Beka his eyes peeking up from under his wet bangs. He tries to look contrite, no longer kicking and screaming. Well at least not when he's finally presented to Master Beka. "Thinking Master? Mama always said I got the worst of lot and don't seem to know how to think."

Darmalo stands now in front of Beka, Lirena held firmly in his grasp. "Here's this one, Master Beka."

Jatraenik eyes the desert in front of him for a moment, before he picks up his fork, and starts to eat it, though he keeps an ear out for conversation.

Jahan opens his eyes as a dessert is placed in front of him. Well, it's something to get your mind off all the spectacles. Doing his best to concentre on eating, he ignores apprentices, journeymen and masters alike and just lets the taste of the dessert fill his mouth.

Lirena gives Ralin a glare. "Just cause Mama had you last. Just means you got less of everything thatn me'n Lirya." she says, aiming a kick at his shins.

Brier is quite pleasantly grinning to Beka as he continues to hold Ralin, nodding his acceptance, even if he knows that he'll be missed at the other hall, he can help here for a couple days, y'know. "Yessm." he comments, keeping quiet.

Dowagac smiles as he hears a familiar voice and heads over towards the tables to sit down. "It looks delicious.," he says as he takes his seat salivating intensely over the desert. Not being able to take the suspense of how wonderful it must taste he must try for himself. He picks up his eating utensil, takes a small bite, and savors it, "It's wonderful!" He says as his taste buds melt with the most awesome taste of the desert that has been laid before him.

Coram sighs a sigh of relief and pats Dharsheva on the head before /rushing/ over to flop down back in his chair and nibble at desert and his newly filled cup of wine and starts to drown himself in it. Ha, he'll go home and faint into bed. Shooting a glare at Laurelyn for her previous comment. "I dun like girls, I dun like boys. Hush you!" he grunts as he starts to develop a newly acquired taste for wine….

Beka stares at Ralin and Lirena. "Lirena, that is -quite- enough! Darmalo, would you— keep her out of his kicking range?" She stares down the two brats dubiously. She likes punishing apprentices. Brats? Entirely different. "It's obvious that both of you don't know how to think. Or act. Or be at all reasonable." She shakes her head. "I have no idea what to do with you." She glances over her shoulder, and spies a random, blushing journeyman. "Coram! Get your arse over here and give them a punishment they'll listen to." With that, she strides towards her table- and desert. "Hold 'em apart, if you would, until he finishes," she blandly comments to the two apprentices, before hauling towards desert. And relief.

Darmalo moves Lirena out of kicking range as asked.

Laurelyn can't help but laugh at Coram "Hmm did I hit a nerve?" she asks with a tilt of her head as she takes a bite out of her dessert, savoring a berry so carefully. "Hmmm?"

Brier also shuffles slightly out of the kicker's kicking range with Ralin, just a bit.

Ralin watches Beka leave and appoint Coram in her place. Okay this isn't going as expected. He looks at warily at Coram, but he's not kicking, least not anymore. Hmm maybe leaving home would be a smart idea? Aunt Damria ran away sevreal times after all. He and Lirena could too?

Bryann trails rabbit hair behind her as she strolls in from the KH Sales Pastures.

Coram groans as he's called upon and stands, nodding at Laurelyn "Yes, you did." he grunts before shuffling over to where the pair of troublemakers stand with their…erm, escorts. Ah…punishment. "You released spiderclaws on a /goldrider/. A most honoured personage from High Reaches Weyr. I can not believe the gall of you two." he barks to the pair, turening on his mean, green, angry Journeyman voice. Really it was the dragon he was afraid of. "Until your mother, the esteemed Master Myra, gets back…the two of you are to muck stables /completely/ and cleanse them with disinfectants, and you two will /also/ be cleaning the apprentice areas. Not just the dorms, the areas. I mean the dorms, the lounges, the dining areas. All of it."

Brier is glad he didn't release a spiderclaw on the goldrider, thats a load of work. Whew. Face does remain passive of course, not even twitching. He's just along for the ride.

Jahan finishes up his dessert all too fast, looks up and glances around at various authority figures. Khalil still awake and feeling his stomach again, the boy slowly, slowly stands, trying not to be noticed while people are busy eating or disciplining. He'll just go and get that raw meat for Khalil now.. Okay?

Jatraenik continues to eat his desert in silence, shaking his head, thinking those 'brats were crazy.

Lirena glowers at Coram and reaches into her pocket and surreptitiously tosses a spiderclaw on the journeyman Coram. In for a penny in for a bushel as her brother said. Might as well get all the punishment. Shards, but that's a lot of work.

Jahan walks to the Lower Pastures.

Beka stops, and stares at her seat. A dark glare to Lirena and Ralin— it's just good she saw that /before/ sitting in it— and she snags another chair, eats her dessert, and cocks a head to the side. "Mmm, that's a good one." About Coram's punishment. A brow furrows. "Hey, wait, Dala. Didn't we have a discussion about Damista a few days back?" Head tilts more, as she munches blissfully. Mmm, good food.

Ralin just stares at Coram "How were we to know it was the goldrider! All we saw were feet!" he looks shocked at the at punishment, he is moving away "We were only living up a dull and boring dinner so people wouldn't fall asleep and snore and get in trouble. Isn't it good to keep others from getting in trouble?"

Bryann smirks as she overhears trouble. Nothing like brats. Can't have a normal boring dinner without them. Thank Faranth she's never had children, she couldn't handle them.

Dalaynia blinks a little a mouthful of poundcake in her well mouth. "Mmm, yes that's right. We need someone to take her place now that she's retired." she mumbles around the food and then swallows.

Arianya just looks ready to crawl under her table if she can't leave. It's been several turns since she's crawled under a table, but she could probably still fit SHe glances underneath it and ponders the thought.

Xinea hears something about Damista and perks up. "I thought Kirai was my second down at Ista?" She comments idly and eats the last berry on her plate.

Beka mutters "Well, then… what do you think about making /him/ her replacement? He seems to be competant enough, if prone to stuttering when accosted by savage Craftseconds…" to you.

Beka mutters, "Well, … … … … … … … … … replacement? … … to be … enough, … … … … when … by … Craftseconds…" to Dalaynia.

Brier thinks his duty is done, is it? Glancing around to Beka, he pauses. "Can I let go now, or do you need me for more?" he just wants to make sure.

Jatraenik relaxes into his seat as he sits back a bit in his chair, munching happily on dessert, yum, quite good.

Ralin sticks his tongue out at Coram. "But the apprentices are used to that sort of thing, that wouldn't interest them, but getting a master would guarantee that they'd stay awake." He just didn't take in account a dragon.

"No, I think you're okay," Beka murmurs to Brier. "Go on ahead with.. whatever you were doing. Same with you, Darmalo," she calls over, grinning sideways at Xin; "We're not talking about craftheadseconds." Wink. Her gaze stays upon Dala, thoughtfully.

Dalaynia mutters, "Mmm, … … … … he … to … … well. He … not … the … fire … … … … should do well …" to Beka.

Damria finishes her dessert and watches the others, now it's Beka and Dala whsipering. Better them than her. Her family's caused enough trouble today.

Xinea blinks and looks from Beka to Dala and back again. Wait a second, what hasn't she be told? She ahs slightly at Beka's comment but tries to catch as much of the conversation as she can. Afterall, she is the crafthead so should know these things right?

Beka mutters "Well, then. Shall I do the honors or do you want to harrass him?" to you.

Beka mutters, "… … Shall … … … … … … you … … … …" to Dalaynia.

Lirena glowers at Coram and then says. "Nobody said nuthing bout no dragons. Did you see a dragon? I ddin't see no dragon until it came charging round the bend. Now, is that fair or what? Besides, they were cute fuzzy pink socks and deserved a bit of adornment." She too sticks a tongue out at Coram and being released at Beka's command flounces over to her seat.

Dalaynia mutters, "Oh, … … … … harrasing … … … … be quite … … … … … … … … … … … …" to Beka.

Bryann pretends disinterest in the whispering going on amoung those who lead the Halls at Keroon and Ista. What does it affect her, stuck at Gar as she is? She pays no attention, but keeps her ears open anyway as she munches on her dinner.

Dowagac glances around as he listens to all that's going on. He tries to keep the conversations straight, and to also absorb all of the information he can. He also continues to eat his desert, and strains his ears to try and hear the whole conversation that's going on between Dala and Beka because it sounds like it may be important.

Dalaynia glances over at Xinea and nods "Yes, Kirai is your second. However Master Damista left another slot opened when she retired not only from that position." she glances at Coram "Coram do come this way, I'd like to talk to you about the brillant way you handled those brats."

Darmalo just lets her slip out his fingers when Beka gives the word. He returns to his vacated seat. No use leaving now, all the excitement is over, far as he's concerned and now he can have dessert.

Beka grins at Dala and motions the cook to give her another serving of desert. Mmmm. Poundcake and fruit. She chomps into it, grinning just this side of evilly. Seeeee the halo?

Xinea thinks and it finally dawns on her. "Oh yes, that's right." She finishes off the last bit of her dessert and then takes her wine glass to savor the red wine as she relaxes into her seat. She nods to Galan at his whisper that he is going to go lay Xilan down and leaves.

Damria gives Bryann a grin and then offers. "I've some hides about bunnies and diseases, if you'd like to see them before you go back to Gar?" She's dug them out of the mess that was in Dala's office. She thinks she deserves a medal for all that she's been going through.

Brier releases the boy and salutes respectfully before taking himself and his new knot over to flop down, all exhausted like, and eat his dessert.

Bryann gives Damria a look of interest. "You do? Out of all those hides that none of us wanted to go through. Damria, you're wonderful. Thank you. I could use some more information on diseases. I'm so woefully behind in healing rabbits."

Coram stands up and still eyes that little spiderclaw on his clothes before trying to pick it up and just having it clamp down on his fingers. "Ow." he mutters, keeping curses to himself as he waanders over Dala way and waves the finger bearing Spiderclaw at her. "They're horrible." he adds softly to her, then trying to fix the problem. Yes, Coram's slightly above screaming, he /knew/ he was gonna get it. "It was to harsh, wasn't it?" he asks Dala, winding as he shakes the hand around.

Xinea idly looks around and spots a couple of apprentices to have a talk with. As Galan comes back, she starts whispering to him about those Ista apprentices again while keeping an ear open on the conversations around the table.

Dalaynia can't help but smile at Coram as she reaches out and takes poor spiderclaw from finger. "Oh I dunno. I suppose it's better then sending them off to the mines." she notes thoughtfully as she flings the little spiderclaw to the hoard of firelizards that have perched around to pick up scraps. "Still, such a hefty punishment deserves some comment don't you think?"

Damria chuckles. "Well, I told Iqe about it and everybody within hearing thought our main dish was poisoned, so I think it can wait until the dinner is over. Not that there's much else that can happen after this disaster." She laughs. "Actually, it was a lot of fun watching a gold dragon charge across the field cause Nuff got bitten by a spiderclaw that was loosed by some of the kids around here." Not that she's telling Bryann that they're her niece and nephew. Nope, that'll come out later.

Turloch snugs Dalaynia! Dalaynia smoochies and adores. Ayup.

Ralin is released and finally after all this time takes a seat, mm just in time for dessert too. Wow, imagine that, his favorite meal.

Estelelen had zoned out, yep, that's what he had done. And now he's glancing about, reaware of where he's at, gee, stupid thing to do really. And hadn't someone been talking about him earlier, really who had that been. Interesting expression of half-wonder and half-smile upon the boys face.

Turloch walks in from the KH Sales Pastures.

Lirena gives Ralin a look and starts to whisper, eyeing Coram and Beka. She for spotting them and he for giving them all that work. Also, a glace towards Darmalo and Brier… surely, a little senna in their drink wouldnt' hurt, now would it?

Brier is being very quiet, maybe he'll see if Coram'll take him back home to Ista tonight. He's almost afraid of Lirena. Almost.

Coram can just see the firelizards. If only they could speak. Mine! Mine! Mine! *crash* The journeyman nods his thanks, "Thank you very much for removing the bugger." he comments to the master as he nods graciously. "I couldn't, in my right mind, send them off without their mother's knowledge, master." he adds. "And I suppose it does deserve a comment, just hopefully not a negative one, master."

Xinea continues to mutter with Galan, Estelelen's name coming up time and again. A couple more sips of wine and Xinea leans over to mutter to Beka.

Turloch sneaks around the lake, hoping no one saw him slipping in. He's late. He knows he shouldn't be, but things held him up. Taking a seat next to no one in particular, Turly looks around trying to be invisible.

Dalaynia hmms a little and nods "Well it was shows thinking, and well that's a good thing. Especially now that Master Damista has retired. We need someone to fill her spot." she notes as she watches Coram. "I can't think of anyone better to fill it then you. Laurelyn changed professions and went into games, Flarra seems happy at the Weyr. Damria is also not into Showcase so that leaves you. I do hope you'll keep the Showcase going strong Master Coram."

Beka leans towards Xin, looking vaguely interested. She cranks a hip up from the chair, and digs in that pocket, fishing out something flat that she hands to Xinea with a slow smirk. Her gaze is arrested by something else, however; hawk-eyes focus in on a Very Late Apprentice. "Turloch?" she pitches her voice low, as to not override Dala's 'tormenting'; however, her eyes are sharp as she gestures over the Very Late Apprentice.

Coram stares at the master a moment, looking slightly shocked. "I..er, Wh.." he almost asked what they were thinking, "As the former second in command of Showcasers, I'll do my best and try my hardest to fill Damista's position, Master Dalaynia." he comments softly, smiling a bit as he tugs at his journeyman's knot and puts that away in his pocket. He'll put it on his wall or something. He has worked hard the entire time he was a journeyman, he *sniff* needs a memento, you know.

What's Jaclyn doing… zzz… zzz… zzz… "Huh? Wha? Who? dying kitties?!" the poor girl seems /very/ confused, and looks a trifle sad at the moment… Dying Kitties, maybe that's the elusive last name had read back in the Hayloft. The girl blinks, hey what'd she miss, and what's this empty plate before her, did she miss another course. Still confused she remains curled in her seat, settling her head comfortably over her arms that are folded flat on the table.

Turloch murmurs underneath his breath. He ambles quickly towards the Apprentice Master. "Sorry about that Master Beka." Turl mumbles quietly. "I'm so sorry about this. My runner had some problems, and I had to go attend to him." He's repeating himself because he's so nervous. Never one to be this late to anything.

Arianya hmms at Turloch, bad mistake to show up late, especially the mood Beka must be in after all the chaos that has happened tonight.

Beka sharply gaze at Turloch. "Sit down, apprentice," she states, gesturing to the chair next to her. "Have a peach." It's a pointed statement, as she leans back - but there are baskets of fresh fruit about, now that the evening's winding down. Sorta. "What was he doing now?" she then questions, shifting to sip at her milk, her face a mask of undeterminate nature.

Xinea smiles and nods to Beka and then gets up from her seat, making her way over towards the apprentice table. "So, how did you apprentices like the dinner?" She finally settles right behind Estelelen.

Dalaynia gives a not to Coram. "You see that you do since you are now in charge of the program." she notes and looks thoughful "You should look into taking on some mentees to help keep it aliveas well." She hears Beka a moment and does hope the chair gestured too wasn't the same one that Ralin left that mess in.

Beka would never do that. She gestured to the -clean- one. .. Right.

Turloch flops down next to Beka. "A peach? Now, that reminds me of something, how about you?" He means the peach he was given by Master Dalaynia. His tone is still kept low. He's a bad apprentice coming in so late. "How much have I actually missed? Most of it?"

Jatraenik looks up as Xinea approaches the table. "Oh, it was good, other then the chaos before dessert." He laughs lightly, leaning back in his chair, and pats his stomach. Ah, nothing like a full stomach.

Coram bows his head slightly and grins, "Thank you again, I'll look into getting some Mentees to get me program going again." he comments, donning the knot and just melts away from Dala's side and moves to sit in an unmessed in chair. Yes, clean.

"It was meant to be poignant, Turloch. You missed the entire dinner. Soup, salad, grilled bunny, fruit salad, poundcake, the whole shebang." Beka eyes Turloch critically. "How old are you, boy?"

Dalaynia makes some comment about rampaging gold dragons, crawlies, spiderclaws.

Oh, don't forget the fainting. And the accusing. And the balls.

Oh yes, can't forget the balls.

Turloch drops his head down. "I understand I missed the entire dinner." He pauses. "I am old enough to know better, but I really did have trouble with my runner. He must have hurt his leg or something." He's never going to live this one down.

Jaclyn murmurs, giving a beam in Master Xinea's direction, eyes mostly fixed oin the head table, mainly Master Beka and Turloch… Mmmmm… peaches, she remembers that referenced day quite clearly, yup, the day the wall came down. And isn't it funny, she snoozed through all the chaos, hey that menas she could stay up late working on hides, eh eh? Yes, Master Damria would prolly love her to pieces for that. XD

Never forget the balls.


Fehin glances up from his dessert, he's managed to snag 3 or 4 more plates and listens quietly. Sure he's got more rank now, but goodness that's a scene he doesn't want to repeat.

What were the balls again?


No. The balls were blue.


Hey no they ain't!

Y'sure? Then they were red?

I thought they were fuzzy and pink… oh, wait, those were Nuff's socks.

Oooooh. *snickers*

Ditto! They were fuzzy and pink.

Wait, can they be fuzzy and pink?

They are neither fuzzy, nor are the pink thank you very much. A beige maybe but hey you leave them out of this!

What a way to attract people.

And slimy

And moldy.

I should never have mentioned the balls.

Random Baps.. back to the RP

We agree. You shouldn't have.


Beka quietly watches Turloch. "You didn't answer my question, apprentice," she pleasantly states, a bite to her words. "How old are you?" An eyebrow lifts.

Estel regains all composure, looks behind him, smiles, and says, "Dinner was great….I'm full!!!!!"

Estel looks around some more, turning his first to his left, and then to his right……. "A lot of chaos tonight….can't believe all that has happened." as eyes droop just a little bit, a clear sign of having a full stomach.

"You're older than me," Beka states, her tone detatched. It's much softer- much more apologetic- as she reaches out. "I'm sorry, but I have to do this," she gently states, plucking the knot from Turloch's shoulder.



Turloch is startled. "Hey, what are you doing that for? I have earned that knot plain and simple." He's now getting furious. "I have spent countless turns trying to help out this craft. Why are you doing this?" He's utterly confused.

Dharsheva eyes widen as she watches Turloch's knot get plucked. ANd here she thought she was close to getting it plucked with that too forward Journeyman.

Xinea nods slowly and happens to lean over Estelelen as she looks at the table. "I see most of you liked dessert. Did anyone have any trouble with the rabbit that was served?" She manages to gently untie the knot from Estelelen's shoulder, hopefully without him noticing. The knot untied is placed behind her back and she absently drops a knot on to the ground next to him. Her eyes never leave the rest of the apprentices as she waits for answers.

Coram didn't get his knot plucked! And he wasn't forward! He just caught Dhar when she fainted!

No knot! No knot! La la la la la la!

La la la la!

"Because some things happen whether we want them to happen or not," Beka replies, and this time there's the ice in her tone- that low boiling, checked anger that means business. "You don't deserve that knot now," she states, her tone chillingly cold, eyes narrowed at the man.

Turloch stares at Beka. "I'm sorry for being so upset, but why do I not deserve that knot. I know I should not be so disrespectful to a Master, but this just isn't fair. I would like my knot back." Ooooh, temper is flaring, and he doubts anyone has ever seen him this furious.

Jatraenik nods to Xinea. "It was all good." He replies. "Specially the rabbit, mmmm." He chuckles. "Desert was good too." He blinks and spots Turloch getting his knot yanked, feeling glad he's not him, certainlu wouldn't want to get his knot yanked.

Coram nods as well, "The rabbit was deliscious, dessert was great, soup…ah, we're not gonna talk about it. Salad was good too. In short, it was all, well, most of it, was amazingly good. I'm full." he notes, which is an accomplishment.

Jaclyn blinks at what Master Xinea is doing to Estel, but remains pointedly quiet, more curious about the looks of a fight at the head table… She'd already been promoted once, and it was all fun fun and with her mentor no less, and they found kitties, and hey Apho, her cousin, still hadn't sent her hers… her fur that is… ooooo's drool runs down a crack of her lips, kitty fur!

Estel's eyes widen in shock as he observes the events surrounding Turloch. He maintains silence, realizing that it is not his place to interject. He looks around, to see what else is going on, and he notices an object on the floor, he touches his shoulder, and realizes his knot is gone and is in a small state of shock…..but then he looks towards the ground, and notices a knot on the ground….."Master Xinea, is this mine?" he asks, in a state of shock from the recent chaos at dinner, the events with Turloch, and the finding of a knot next to him!

Brier removes himself, he truly does, going off to wander around. He's good at that..

Brier walks to the Lower Pastures.

"What do you expect me to do when my runner has hurt his leg. He got spooked from a tunnelsnake crossing in front of him. I'd much rather tend to my runner which is part of my livelihood than worry about him while I'm having fun." Turloch rambles. He gets upset when his runner health is concerned. Turloch shoots a glare at the master.

Xinea has been watching the fight brewing between Turloch and Beka and then gets her attention turned back to Estelelen. "Oh, yes. Sorry, you must not have had it tied right and it fell off." She smiles and then looks back over at Turloch and Beka. "I better get back to the master's table…" She mutters and walks back towards the smiling Galan.

"Good. Because if you did anything else as a -senior- apprentice, I'd be forced to hurt you," Beka tartly states, leaning out to affix a shiny new knot to Turloch's shoulder. "Take care of that runner or I'll whip you from here to Ista and back again," she warns, rising with grace and striding for the nearby pastures.. just like that.

"Sen-" Turloch stops looking down at his new knot. "Senior apprentice?" His face turns beet-red. He's not going to live this down. He's just yelled at a Master for promoting him. "Master Beka?" His voice trails off. Nothing will help now.

Dharsheva thinks she's going to hide away with her birds foreever, promotions are certainly scary business, especially with Beka as Apprentice Master now.

Coram thinks thats it. He's eaten, been scared to death several times…well, time for bed and some more wine. And off he goes, to catch a dragon and possibly to drop by the vintners for some of that good red…

Nothing. Definitely not Beka, cheekily whistling a jaunty Bitran melody as she… leads a pair of runners back towards the tables? Huh.

Laurelyn can't help but grin. It has certainly been an interesting dinner. She's not sure what could top this off.

Jatraenik chuckles and congradulates the ones that seem to be getting promoted. He then waves to Xinea as she goes back to the masters table, and looks around.

Dominicke starts an orgy with Dalaynia, Kennet, Lynar, Cennia, Synte, and Jhishivyl! Hot wild sex for all!

Beka heads for Xinea, first, strolling with lanky stride. "Hey, Xin— I have an aniversary present of sorts for you and Galan," she teasingly states, outstretching the leadrope for Freedom's Heart. "Another brindle for the collection." Wink.

Estel looks at his knot, and grins from ear to ear, realizing what has happened, and flashes a smile that shows both excitement and gratitude for this promotion. He knows what this means, more work and more responsibility, but he's ready for it. "I really should do something for Master Xinea, who has done so much for me.", he says quietly, as he fixes the new knot to his shoulder.

Jatraenik chuckles at Estel. "Oh?" He asks. "Like what?" He adds curiously.

Xinea blinks and looks up at Beka, taking the lead rope. "Thank you Beka."

Jaclyn scratches a spot on her nose and sighs, glancing around a bit, before slipping out of her seat and eyeing the tables…no, her mentor has never shown up, but Journeywoman Callianna had been hurt, so…Jac's up and off, half shuffle, half striding in a weave of some manuevering to the head table and up near Master Damria, pausing before her to open her mouth, look dumbfounded a moment, close her mouth while rethinking what she'd wanted to ask and than… out it flys, "Master Damria, How much longer will I be required to stay for the dinner, I was wondering if I could go get some more work done on the hides?" Good ahead, look at her strangely, she had felt this entire fiasco, that she'd slept through no less, had gone on long enough for her, and she wanted to work again, or learn.. she'd always accept a lesson… ;)

Beka winks. "You're welcome." She then turns, with the other mare, and strolls towards a certain Gar Master. "Hey. Bryann. We wanted to say thank you for helping ruin Dala's wall," the apprentice master grins; "So we figgered we'd dump one of these on ya. Here. Take her. She's a beaut, ain't she?"

Damria watches as the brindles get passed out, they're nice but not what she needs for breeding. She looks at Jaclyn "You can go ahead and get started back on the hides. I will most likely be there soon myself."

Bryann is a bit surprised. What is she going to do with another runner. She's grateful for the recognition, and all that. It's not often she's noticed. "Umm…Thank you, Beka. I'm not sure what to do with her, but she's is beautiful." she gives a genuine smile. and looks over her newest runner.

Myra walks in from the KH Sales Pastures.

Jaclyn releases Faythe, who launches into the air.

Myra slips in quietly, trying not to yawn too much, and hunting for a decent cup of klah

Dalaynia grins at Damra and shakes her head "Go ahead and go too." she notes softly "Not much more left it looks like other then the booby prizes."

Estel smiles and looks towards Jatraenik, and puts his hand to his chin, thinking….."Hmmm…….I'll have to think about that for a little bit." he says, as he adjusts himself in his chair. While adjusting himself, he feels the pendant around his neck move back and forth, and he gets an idea, "Hmm….I wonder…." Estel quietly says as he not so subtlely gets an idea.

Beka grins faintly. "She's broken to bridle and I've sat on her, but I'ven't cinched a saddle on her yet. If you need any help with her, just let me know." After all, a little known secret is that Beka's specialty is training runners.

Dharsheva eyes the runners warily as they are brought in. No one told her runners were going to be a part of the dinner and such. No, not one single person.

Jaclyn bobbles her head at Master Damria and curties to the head table before heading off to the hall and more hides… more hides, happy skipping away she goes… one strange child, likes hide copying, learning, and kitties…. riiiiiiight….!

Jatraenik watches the runners be handed out by Beka, and chuckles lightly, before he sips at some juice as he looks back Estelelen waiting for his answer, and he chuckles. "Well, if you put alot of thought into it, I'm sure she'll like it, it's the thought thatcounts after all."

Bryann nods at Beka. "I might take you up on that." she grins. "I haven't trained a runner before." she scritches Love's ears and looks over the pretty brindle.

Jaclyn treads softly to the Lower Pastures.

Ralin looks positively panic stricken as he see's his mother walk in. Shards. He grabs Lirena's hand and the two dash off back towards the stables. They've work to do yeah…

Myra spots her youngest two making their mad dash, and calls them over. SHe recognizes that guilty look… "Ralin, Lirena…. C'mere…"

Beka rolls her eyes as Ralin and Lirena run off, and flashes Bry a grin. "She's a sweetie— a good one to start with. A bit spooky, but mindful." She winks to the Gar Master and hauls towards Myra, striding long. "You have the most masterful brats, miss Myra," she states with a grin. "They managed to make Nuff near keel over, and poor Tiareth came charging in here like a houseafire," and she strolls past.

Estel nods and starts fidgeting nervously, deciding that his mentor deserves a small gift for all the guidance Estel has been provided with. How should he approach, what does he say? Estel has always been a bit shy.

Kalikxyl sees an opening and escapes whilest noone's watching. Score! Back to the racetrack goes Kali, slinking off.

Myra quirks an eyebrow, and beckons the children over, as she responds to Beka. "Really. Dare I ask what they pulled this time? Or should I just assume the worst, and act accordingly?"

Turloch barely lifts a finger to his new knot when suddenly he remembers his runner. What a dolt! He's forgotten the most important part of his training. Keeping his runner healthy. Turly scampers up to the head table. "I need to go back and check on my runner. I'm concerned about him. Is it okay if I head over there?"

Ralin looks quite contrite as him and Lirena get called back. They know better when Momma gets that tone in her voice. "We were only trying to keep the apprentices awake. We didn't do nothin to the dragon, she came running in on her own."

"Oh, spiderclaws and crawlies, of course. Coram put 'em on heavy-duty cleaning until you could deal with 'em." Beka rolls a shoulder, and nods at Turly. "Go 'head. I'm hitting the hay, myself. Whew, tired."

Dalaynia shoo's off Turloch "Far be it for us to keep you from taking care of that precious stallion. Just remember what I warned you about."

Jatraenik stands up and stretches, and looks around as the dinner goers slowly head off. "I should probably get back and check on Paleeye before heading to bed."

Turloch sheepishly looks at Master Dalaynia. "Yes'm. I remember what you've said." He knows all about what could happen to him if the rumors were true. "I am sorry for all the disturbance I've caused tonight." He turns towards Beka. "Thank you Master Beka for promoting me. I really appreciate it." Awww, look at Turly get all sweet-like.

Myra smiles sweetly, and then ponders. "I see. Sounds like heavy-duty cleaning is a good start." SHe quirks an eyebrow at the short-ones. "Perhaps afterwards, Nuff will need a pair of willing, Obedient, drudges to wait on her hand and foot, to make up for their behavior?"

Ralin eyes widen "You wouldn't send us away to the Weyr now would you?" He says looking horrified. "Don't you want us anymore?"

Beka smiles at Turloch. "You're most welcome, Turloch. Now go hop to that stud," she states with a wink and a grin.

Dale enters quietly moving straight for Myra, "Sorry I am late Master but business at my hall took my time. So many things to get done and so few Masters to handle the load." Dale looks around slowly examing all the herder, "Great turnout it looks like."

Turloch gives a little wink towards Dalaynia and then grins at Beka. He turns towards the stables and runs away from the dinner quickly. He needs to check on that runner.

Beka heads out herself, off with a jaunty whistle, braid flickering behind her… and a spiderclaw slowly crawling up the back of her leg. C'est la vie, indeed.

Myra reachs out to ruffle the hair on Ralin's head. "'Course I do, dear. But you still need to learn to behave, it appears." She half-turns, to greet the smith, "A, good evening… I'm afraid I just arrivied myself. How are things going at your hall?

Estelelen wipes his forehead; a couple drops of sweat resulting from nervousness having appeared on his brow. He takes a deep breath, and gets up and slowly walks towards Master Xinea. Approaching his mentor, he takes a deep breath, and says "Excuse me Master Xinea." as his fingers twitch ever so slightly from nervousness, "I'd like to thank you for all your help and guidance so far, and for promoting me." Reaching both hands behind his neck, he unclasps the crystal pendant hanging around his neck, being careful not to drop it (crystal is fragile, afterall). He holds the pendant and its chain out in his right hand, nervously saying "I'd like you to have this in appreciation- you've done so much for me."

Beka strides determinedly in from the KH Sales Pastures.

Dalaynia shakes her head a bit at Turloch as he heads of. Apprentices these days, she murmurs softly then smiles at Dale "It was a pretty good turnout. Nuff even stopped by for a bit." Poor Nuff, to have been accoseted by the brat pair.

Beka is dragged in again, against her will. Kind of. But a headstrong weanling and a similarly headstrong mare are not to be argued with, ya know?

Ralin just looks up saddly at Myra. "But you're going to send us away….." he says and then sighs a little as he tugs on Lirena's arm "COme one, lets go clean" he says looking quite dejected as the pair start to head off.

Dale thinks for a little trying to choose the best words, "Busy to say the least. About time I name a Craftsecond I suppose but I am unsure who is sutiable for the posistion. Natali was my first choice but she has just bacame my Apprentice Master yesterday. I need to make some more rounds to the halls and holds of Pern in the comming sevendays to check up on things. Neverless trying to continue to build the craft like always." Dale smiles and offers a wave to the Masterherder before turning his attention back to Myra.

Jatraenik finishes off his drink, before heading along the tables, stopping to chat with friends. Myra, the littles and others in the little group get a curious glance, and then back to his friends.

Nuff is still here? Oh my. One hopes she's got a good drink, lots of deserts, and Tiareth is curled up someone within sight, but well away from beasties and beastly little Herders.

Beka allows herself to be semi-dragged by the two runners. They're bigger than her, anyhow. Big mare to her left, headstrong impish colt to her right, the young Master makes her determined way towards the clumping of Myra-Dale-ect.

Good wine, good brandy and fresh cooked pouncake with fresh berries and cold cream…

Myra eyes the desserts hopefully, while making sure that a pair of young bratlings doesn't get away before she can assign suitable 'rewards' for their actions earlier that evening.

Mmm, I'm hungry, now.

Me too…

Beka idly meanders. "Hey, Myrs!" she calls, grinning cheekily. A Beka-with-runners, grinning cheekily, is something to fear, for the record.

Me three!

Me four!

Myra leaves off eyeing the desserts, and instead eyes Beka. Warily. "I didn't do it… I swear!"

Me five! (wanders away and back)


Ralin sighs as they end up not being able to leave after all. Instead him and Lirena head to an off spot and wait for their punishment, as if mucking stalls and stuff wasn't enough. Life's just not fair.

Xinea looks over to Estelelen and smiles. "I'm honored Estelelen but please keep it. With my work in runners I might get it broken. Besides, once you get back to Ista I'll get you something a little less fragile then that crystal. I don't need any more jewelry to get in Xilan's clutches." Galan hides a chuckle and mutter about Xilan pulling apart his mom's necklace from Damista once.

"No, your brats did it," Beka calmly replies. "So I figure I'll give you a runner for each of 'em- y'know. A little bit of sunshine for each of the divvils," she winks, holding out the leadropes. "Consider them mementos from Southern."

Nuff pushes herself away from the desert table, finally, though her pockets are suprisingly bulky and she's waddling moreso than no. She too makes her way towards the clumping of other people. She balances a small cup of sweet dark klah in one hand, forcing herself to become sober enough to fly home. Finally she reaches Myra et al. "So."

Myra warily takes the leads. Not like she can do much else. Oh well, there goes her hope of desserts. And now another person… "Occasionally. Though usually I end up darning instead…"

Estelelen smiles, "Ok Master Xinea, but I at least have to say thank you for all you've done for me." Nervousness leaves Estel. He becomes looser and the slight nervous twitch in his hands disappear, "It's been an eventful dinner, but is there anything that needs to be done before the end of the night?

Nuff has enough sense to keep away from animals she does not know so well, so just stands and watches, warry of hooves and any other harder parts of Animal. "I find darning peaceful", says the old Nuff cheerfully.

Beka beams innocently. "Be good, ya'll— and I'm sorry about the whole incident," Beka apologizes towards Nuff. "My regards to High Reaches and her queens," she formally states, dipping head into a nod before hauling off. Again.

Beka strides determinedly to the Lower Pastures.

Tables cleaned, trashe picked up. Dalaynia gives Myra a smile as she just shakes her head. It's no wonder the kids are such trouble, just look at their mother.

Dharsheva heads out herself, to the safety of her birds.

Myra smiles brightly, praying quietly that neither of the beasties that she's been inflicted with decide to act up. "As do I. THough I must confess I'm horrible at it. Just ask my children." And it's a good thing Dala didn't say that out loud. Else Myra might just have to do something about it… like stick her tounge out at the CraftMaster!

Xinea chuckles slightly and puts a hand on Estel's shoulder. "You're very welcome. Now unless you want to help the drudges clean up, just consider it a day off work and relax. That's what these dinners are for afterall." She smiles and then, "Oh, do you know when you'll be coming back to the Istan hall? If you are still interested in runner beasthealing, Galan and I are starting to get time to teach more on the subject."

Estel grins from ear to ear at the mere mention of runner beasthealing, "I'll probably be going back to Istan soon." A burst of energy noticeably hits Estel as he says, "I'd love to take classes on runner beasthealing!"

Ralin grumps, it wasn't dangerous, they were just little itty bitty spiderclaws, hardly more then babies. Rampaging dragons are more dangerous then that.

Fehin makes his escape while the going is good. Especially now that most of the food is gone.

Jatraenik makes his escape as well.

Xinea chuckles and nods again. "Good. Just make sure they don't keep you too long." She holds the lead rope to Freedom tighter as she begins to get fussy and leads her away from the crowd. "Excuse me, but I best put this mare away before we have another rampage on our hands." At that she heads off towards the pastures to let the mare loose, coming back within a matter of minutes.

Arianya thinks it's time for her to go home as well, especially seeing as she's been deserted by her watchdog of an apprentice.

Myra quirks an eyebrow, "No more dangerous than one might expect, being around large animals…. for the most part. Though I imagine the weavers have an easier time of it, since cloth is less likely to cause mischeif whenever it can." Unlike children awaiting punishment. Why did she want kids again? ;)

Laurelyn stretches up out of her seat "It was a most entertaining dinner." she notes as she moes away. "My duty to your queen." she says with a smile to Nuff and heads on back to the Hall.

Nuff eyes the disappearing troublemaker… troublemakers? Tiareth, always trouble herself, live somewhere in this unReality where nothing she ever does is dangerous, or wrong. So says the Nuff. "Still, doesn't do to threaten a Rider, no no no, doesn't do at all. Don't you teach your young folk any manners?"

Ralin didn't threaten no one.. how was he to know the pink socks belonged to her. Palia has line green ones, why not another herder with pink? He lets out a long forlorn sigh, he can see it now. Mother's going to send them off and never wanna see them again.

Estelelen stretches, yawns, and smiles "It's been a very eventful night." he quietly says to himself. Obviously tired (and full), Estel heads out, ready to relax after a very eventful evening.

Myra sighs, "I try. Believe me I try. Unfortunitly, they seem to have developed a taste for the less pleasent chores." She hmms a bit, before getting a truely delightful idea. "No, threatening anyone, but most especially a Rider, isn't good. Perhaps if they were, instead, to expend a great deal of energy attempting to make up for their behavior to said Rider, they might learn better? If the Rider were interested, that is." An amused look hovers near her face. Is it still legal to sell children into slavery? And after she does, how long before the 'owner' would insist on sending them back?

Ralin looks up, his eyes going wide. She is going to send them off "We're sorry honestly we are. We didn't mean for anyone to get hurt" he stammers, starting to look a little panicy. He darts a kick from his sister to not make things worse and pleads "We'll give your dragon a good bath, please don't get rid of us mom… please?"

Iqe smiles at the masters, she was litening. She stands back up and goes to her seat again, although she hoped to have another chance talking to Damria.

Myra fights down a laugh. "Who said I was getting rid of you? I was instead proposing to 'lend' you to Nuff for a while, until she felt you properly understood the consequences of your actions. At which time, your brother, M'lir could then bring you back." She shakes her head, "No, Goldrider, I was thinking it might be more convienient for you to take them with you - and to send word when you believe they had sufficiently repaid you." In other words, slave labor for daNuff. A matched set to bring her cookies whenever she wished…

Nuff takes a sip of the Klah to give her brain a kick. "Oh! The 'Reaches." Doh. "Well, yes, that would be much more convenient… yes.. much." She eyes the lad and his sister. "They're house trained?" Papers? Shots? Vaccinations? "They don't bite or anything, do they, and — pranks aside — they can behave themselves to some extent? I mean, I could leave them locked up in my Weyr, night and day, but that wouldn't be much fun for either of us. But a Fighting Weyr with eggs on the Sands is… less forgiving, of pranks, than the Halls might be." She makes her voice low and scary, "Accidents happen."

Iqe smiles and sits there, she was interested to learn more about the rabbits. She stands up again and walks over to her. Maybe by now she would have the hides?

Ralin just sighs. He knows how lending works, you let someone borrow something and you never see it back. He looks up sharply "We knwo how to use the neccasary!" he says looking quite offended at that "We're not mothers canines" he grumps.

Faythe eyes Iqe from where she's curled up on the Master's table, hides, that's where her Jac went, yup. Sleepy warble is uttered and than the gold sprawls back out into a lump.

Myra eyes Nuff. "As do they here. Runners are not especially forgiving of young children's mistakes. And yes, they're normally passibly well behaved. Should they prove too much of a trouble for you, though, their older brother M'lir rides bronze for your Mudslide wing, and ought to be able to deal with them … effectively." She smiles sweetly, "And a FIghting Weyr could always use a pair of young hands, to free up others for more useful, necessary tasks, now couldn't it?" And after all, they're quite capable of scrubbing floors, and peeling tubers, and doing laundry. A glances is tossed at Ralin. The *canines* don't generally have hold-traning problems…

Iqe looks at the firelizard, she had recognized it from somewhere but she was unable to place it. Still, she picks out the greens from the pouch on her lap, and slowly chews on a corrner. Out of the corrner of her eyes she watches Myra and Nuff; while cracking her nuckles of her right hand.

Ralin sighs a little and then perks up, that's right Myli's there "Hey Rena, we'll get to see Myli again" he exclaims and then closes his mouth at the glance from Myra. "We're twelve" he answers up. At least he's truthful?

Myra nods, "About 12. Of course, I'd want them back sometime… They *are* my children. Would you want to take them with you now, or shall I send them on later? If now, they can run and grab a few things to take with them." A change of clothes, and the like…

And a nice leash.. a bowl..

The occasional cookie treat…

Nuff rolls back her shoulders and, on queue, Tiareth lifts her great big sleepy head and stretches like the firelizard. She, however, rises to her feet and lumbers over towards her Rider whuffling softly. "Well, there's room now, if you're that eager to be rid of them. You can send their things on later? But if they prefer to pack, I'll have a Rider come by in a day or two if you'd rather. Just send a 'lizard?"

Iqe smiles and then looks directally at Myra. "Where are they going?" she asks, nosing in even though there was no reason for her to.

Myra mms, and then eyes Ralin, "Which would you prefer - go now, or later?" See, she's not a completely horrid mommy… she lets them choose! And she'll even take care of their animals while they're gone. AND she's said she wants them back.

That cinches it, it's the last they will ever see of home, though it's probably better then working the mines. Ralin gets up as does Lirena. He supposed anytime is as good as another when you are being sent into pergatory. "Whenever." he answers dejectedly.

Nuff loops a hand around under Tiareth's chin and scritches. "Well then, now's a good time as any. You must have ridden M'lir's dragon, eh? So just be careful climbing up because she's kinda big, and she's kinda still annoyed with you, so…" She winks at Myra and whispers, "Not true, really." And, lounder, "My thanks to the Hall for the lovely evening… anklebiters not withstanding."

Ralin doesn't bite ankles, that was Auntie Damria. He glances at Lirena she glances back and the two head over to the gold. He eyes Tiareth warily and then looks up. Shards that's going to be fun climbing up.

Myra nods, pursing her lips, "And my thanks for your visit. Please don't hesitate to send them back, if they don't meet up with your standards, or when you're done with them. I'll be by as soon as I can, with their things… "And of course, to visit. She'll be lonely without her littlest ones around.

Nuff nods once more. "Aye, come by anytime, Myra. And I've grandkid nests just the right size for these two. All mine grow too fast, too fast." She tugs down her flight gear and helps the children into jackets many sizes too big, mits, helmets, and fuzzy flight booties if they don't have them. "All set?"

Iqe watches from a distance, standing nearby Damista. Unfortunately she has not seen her mentee lately and she had been wondering what she was up too. Iqe was also interested in checking to hear anything more about the rabbit disease.

Myra nods, and attempts to get in a quick goodbye to each of her wayward children, "Now be good. I'll come by soon." And an attempted kiss is handed out to eachs, before she steps back…

Flight booties? Them? Yeah right! Ralin gives a nod as does Lirena "All set." he replies trying not to sound to excited about actually getting to ride on a gold, even if it is to their doom. How many kids get to say that?

Nuff clambers up onto Tiareth.

Ralin clambers up onto Tiareth.

Lirena clambers up onto Tiareth.

From Tiareth's neck, Tiareth shakes herself, setting the bells off on her straps again as Nuff automatically makes sure everyone is well belted in. "Hang on then, it takes her a bit to get into flight." Politely Tiareth moves away from what's left of the feast and the nearest beasties before starting her engines: wings beat, and beat and beat, and beat and finally catch wind as she bursts up into flight.

Tiareth notes the lack of sky room here, so.. .use your imagination. :P

Tiareth goes home.

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