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Date: Thu Jul 17 11:27:52 2008 CDT
From: Rhaenyra (#26758)
To: *Announcements (#2050)
Subject: Disaster Strikes At Herder Hall!

Rumor spreads as quickly as fire kills.

The Herder Hall, so recently recovered from the natural disaster at Keroon, has been struck by a different sort of calamity— and the rumors flying across Pern tell a different story at every location, but it stays the same; it was a fire, in the apprentice dorms: that much everyone agrees on. Some say it was the apprentices themselves, tucked in for the night after a long day of chores and classes, that tired of the cold night and struck the fire. Others claim it was an accident, a covered lamp overturned.

Only one thing is certain: the leadership at Herder Hall is taken with grief at the massive loss of the most promising apprentices— and the death tolls are racking up to show that the vast majority of the Hall's apprentices are just gone. Some have ventured a casualty estimate of up to 90%, and gone unchallenged.

Whatever the cause for the fire, the Herdercraft has not ventured an official statement regarding the incident… but posted journeyman from across Pern have been called back, to help support the herds and hall alike.
What's the Craft to do, with the apprentices gone? It's yet to be seen— the present is given to grieving the loss, with the future hanging precariously in the balance.

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Date: Sun Jul 27 21:55:33 2008 CDT
From: Rhaenyra (#26758)
To: *TinyPlots (#2060), *Gossip (#627), and *Herdercraft Mailing List (#3001)
Subject: Rebuilding at Herder Hall

Pern was notified. Herder Hall is crippled. The staggering loss of a multitude of apprentices has brought Pern's largest craft to something of a standstill, on global impact, while the main hall starts to see the efforts of reconstruction. The gutted remains of the hall have started to see rebuilding of the most literal sort. Life continues. The vast herds are tended, albeit the tenders a bit stretched out. Classes are taught, if now more one-on-one than ever before in the craft's history.

The main hall at High Reaches has recalled junior journeyman and older apprentices to help with the herds, even as it sends ferret specialists into the tunnelsnake-ridden Istan areas, to help with the culling of the snakes. These actions are leaving smaller niches of the craft vulnerable to overwork and even, some whisper, theft.

More whispers are heard from the main hall, trickling down from the upper echelons, of new Craftmaster Jadall and some… plot? Indeed, the masters are in a tizzy, and some of the elders in the craft have gone as far as publicly declaring the new Craftmaster crazy. If the words have affected Jadall, the rest of Pern has yet to see it.

So the craft focuses in on recovery, and something yet more— and the whispers continue.

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Date: Sat Aug 2 13:46:41 2008 CDT
From: Jadall (#26763)
To: *Herdercraft Mailing List (#3001)
Subject: CM's Corner

Welcome my minions.. er.. fellow herders!

It's been a month (IC) since our apprentice dorms burnt down and the debris has been removed. Woodcrafters are, as we speak, reinforcing the remaining beams and support structures so that they can start replacing the cracked stone walls. In a week or so we'll need volunteers to start painting and decorating. Remember what happens when we don't get volunteers…

Just a reminder, with the erratic and unexpected threadfalls that have been happening, High Reaches Weyr wants us to keep the foliage far away from the hall. No, this doesn't mean you get to burn the pastures again. But if you're listed on flamer duty, grab one and start walking around the hall and fences.

It's autumn! What does that mean? It means get out of the lake and get a hammer in your hand. Our winter barns and sheds need repairing and cleaning. In a couple months we'll be moving the animals inside for the night and they're a lot more picky about being clean than apprentices are. This is also the time for us to harvest the last of our vegtables in the gardens and get them into storage. We should also be getting that wagon train of winter food stores coming in soon. We had to spend a good amount on it to feed you greedy-guts, so make sure it gets put away safely.

Your Leader (Mwa ha ha ha),

* From: Rofocale (#25329)
* To: *Herdercraft Mailing List (#3001)
* Subject: Advertise Herder!
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Date: Mon Aug 4 12:44:25 2008 CDT
From: Rofocale (#25329)
To: *Herdercraft Mailing List (#3001)
Subject: Advertise Herder!

Four turns ago, Keroon was destroyed by a hurricane. Left homeless by the storm, refugees headed for nearby Ista with little more than the clothes on their backs. Many made the long trek to Tillek, even. Master Sea Hold had mysteriously fallen out of communication with the rest of Pern, only to be found with a giant barricade up - the storm winds keeping both human and dragon from tending to them. A plague ravaged Master Sea Hold's populace, most notably taking the life of Lady Risana of Ista Hold.

But what of Herder Hall? The main hall is - or rather, /was/ - stationed in Keroon. A minor Hall on the outskirts of High Reaches opened their arms to the displaced Herders and many smarter masters moved their important stock before the hurricane hit the coast, but the storm was devastating. Many animals were lost, the craft's livelihood left in shambles.

Four turns of rebuilding, Herder had been doing fairly well for itself despite the climate change… until a fire ravaged it's apprentice dorms, killing all but a few of their apprentices. Seeming like a ghost-hall, the craft is useless without students and apprentices to teach, so after throwing all of their effort into rebuilding what the fire destroyed, Herder's masters and journeymen will soon be making their rounds to collect apprentices to keep it's legacy going.

OOC: Now is a great time to create a character to join Herder Hall @ HT! We are a small but lively group of people, looking to make our craft more active. We are primarily looking for apprentices, but if you're interested in other positions, don't hesitate to drop a line and ask! Please @mail *herder-staff with your interest. :)

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