Herder Event - @mails for Tithe Train

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Date: Thu Aug 7 14:56:33 2008 CDT
From: Rhaenyra (#26758)
To: *Herdercraft Mailing List (#3001)
Subject: High Reaches Tithe!

Currently the hall is prepping a rather, er, overlarge tithe to go to High Reaches Weyr. Wagons are in the courtyard, being loaded with cured hides and finished leather products and the like; all the herds are being culled, riders packing their bags for an anticipated overnight 'cattle drive' to High Reaches Weyr.

What does that mean? That means that tomorrow, at 6:30PM EST/5:30 PM MOO Herder Hall will officially have the wagons roll out!

If you'd like to get on the action, please addcom tt=TitheTrain. Please note that this is the starting event for a mini-plot intended to span the length of this weekend.

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Date: Fri Aug 8 19:18:40 2008 CDT
From: Rhaenyra (#26758)
To: *Herdercraft Mailing List (#3001)
Subject: Tithe Train, redo!

Okay, so apparently that time wasn't good for everyone… :)

So the Tithe Train mini-plot has been pushed back until *next* weekend. What I need from anyone interested in RPing the "kickoff event" is a good time next Thursday or Friday (that's August 15th & 16th), for an hour or two for the "blessing of the wagons".

Also! While you're at it, take a gander at your calendar for the last weekend of this month (August 30-31st), and figure out what time would be best for you to attend a formal Herdercraft Dinner. Once you have those times, please @send *herds with that information.


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