Former Crafters

Former HerderCrafter members who are no longer active and who have a wiki page are listed below.

Name Rank Specialty Posting
Dalaynia Retired Master Runners
Damria Retired Master Runners
Kirai Master Runners
Bryann Master Small Exotics
Rofocale Master Barn Management
Arianya Journeyman Runners (Racing)
Conlan Journeyman Runners (Farrier)
Darmalo Journeyman Runners
Hyotan Apprentice
Inali Apprentice
Maitea Apprentice Felines
Myra Apprentice Canines
Ulaon Apprentice
Haveen Craftmaster Caprines HR Herder Hall
Jadall Former Craftmaster Felines HR Herder Hall
Chanthea Master Rabbits and Runner Breeding HR Herder Hall
Callianna Journeyman Felines HR Herder Hall
Esrion Journeyman Ista Hold
Issri Journeyman Avians (General) High Reaches Weyr
Kahielle Journeyman Draybeasts HR Herder Hall
Koveran Journeyman Beasthealing HR Herder Hall
Merevan Journeyman Canines (Training) HR Herder Hall
Mireille Journeyman Caprines HR Herder Hall
Tercero Journeyman Felines HR Herder Hall
Briony Apprentice HR Herder Hall
Kainicky Apprentice Avians (General) HR Herder Hall
Kiana Apprentice HR Herder Hall
Melliona Apprentice HR Herder Hall
Naismil Apprentice HR Herder Hall
Rozalija Apprentice HR Herder Hall
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