As womanhood begins to take a grasp of this gangly teens figure, shes constantly growing in every direction. Her hair is kept short in order to be manageable, the jet-black crop often left unkempt and creating a dark corona around her round face. More often than not, it falls messily in front of her blue-grey eyes. From being outdoors most of the time shes attained a healthy dose of freckles, though the Reachian sun has done little by way of a tan.
Frejyan wears simple, functional and well-used clothing, in the form of a plain white shirt and comfortably loose black trousers with a leather belt. On her feet are a pair of scuffed black boots.


Herding's in Frejyan's blood, what with her mother (Chanthea), father (Frejyski) and grandparents etc all being in the Craft. Therefore, it was only natural that, after growing up in the Hall, she picked up her own yellow and white knot once she was old enough.

Right now, she's got her focus on two things - small exotics, and doing better than her older half-sister Xanthea (also a Herder).


She's approachable, friendly, and she knows her stuff - or so she likes to think, anyway. ;)


Name Relation Location Position
Chanthea Mother High Reaches Hall Herder Sr. Journeyman
Frejyski Father High Reaches Hall Herder


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