An even 6' tall, this man's body is still muscular from his youth - broad shoulders, slender hips, strong legs. However, his age is beginning to finally cause visible changes in his physique. Wrinkles line his weather beaten face, his skin freckled from turns spent in the hot sun of Igen. Brown eyes are expressive and lively, and his short black hair is showing streaks of gray.
His clothing has altered since his arrival in the High Reaches. Thick black breeches tuck into calf high boots with a low heel. His undertunic is white, the outer tunic yellow as denoting the Herder Hall. On his belt he carries a belt knife and many pouches for various things. The knot on his shoulder is a double corded knot with a triple loop, two tassels and a gold thread noting his rank as Craftmaster of Herder Hall.



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