Herder Pets and Sales

Animals for Sale

Generally, the Herder Craft only sells canines, felines, rabbits, ferrets and runners. Anyone can sell the smaller animals, but runners can only be sold by a Journeyman or above, or by a Senior Apprentice being supervised by a Journeyman or above.
Roleplaying a sale can be great fun. You get to haggle, barter, wheel and deal and your character will ICly get a little richer. There is no longer an OOC money system in play on Harper's Tale, so any monetary transaction will be purely for RP purposes.
All pets that are for sale will be listed on the @hinfo command. (Type @hinfo, followed by 3). This will give a list of all of the animals that are currently available, including their dbrefs, name, species, whether they are reserved or not and, in the case of runners, who can sell them. Most of these pets will be located in the kennels (@go Herder, main hall, kennels) - runners can be found in the sales pastures (@go Herder, pastures).

To sell a pet, it first needs to be set ok by its owner. Then, the command is simply 'sell <pet name or dbref> to <customer name>'

**There are a few rules to stick to when selling a pet. These include:

  • Pets should not be sold to travellers (those without an affiliated area).
  • Apprentices should have permission from either their mentors or Craft staff before purchasing a pet.
  • Small children who could not ICly care for or afford a pet should have permission from an IC guardian.
  • Runners should only be sold to those who can ICly afford it - even the price of a cheap runner is high, as there is lots of after-sale care to be taken into consideration.**

A rough guide to the pricing of pets is as follows:

  • Rabbits: Anything from 1/2 mark to 1 mark, depending on variety. Pet rabbits will be cheaper, rabbits bred for meat will be in the mid-range while rabbits bred for wool will be top price.
  • Ferrets: These are quite expensive, and should not be sold for less than 1 1/2 marks each.
  • Felines: Anything from 1/4 mark to 1 mark, depending on variety. Pet felines should be at the lower end of the pricing scale, whereas proven hunters/show felines should be at the top.
  • Canines: Anything from 1/2 mar to 1 mark, depending on variety. Pet canines should be at the lower end of the pricing scale, whereas proven hunters/show canines should be at the top.
  • Runners: Anything from 8 marks upwards, depending on variety. A poorly conformed runner who's no good for anything other than companionship and a little light riding/carting will be at the lower end of the scale, whereas a pedigreed draft or racing runner will be at the top.
  • Anything else: There are no set prices for any other animals, simply because they are not animal objects, like the above are. If you are asked to roleplay the sale of, for example, a chicken, then use your initiative and guess at a price that you would call fair.

Items for Sale

We don't just sell animals, you know! Every animal needs a plethora of items and goodies to go with it, and we make and sell those, too! (Each item needs to be approved before being sold though, so please bear this in mind!)

  • Pet toys: 1/16 mark - can be more, if the toy is 'special' in any way (including being specially made.
  • Pet blankets: 1/2 to 1 mark, depending on the detail involved.
  • Runner blankets: 3/4 to 2 marks, depending on the size, detail and materials involved.
  • Bridles and saddles: 4 to 6 marks, depending on the material and detail involved (could possibly go higher for custom-made items).
  • Halters: 1/16 to 1/8 mark, depending on the detail involved.
  • Collars: 1/16 to 1/8 mark, depending on the detail involved.
  • Cages: From 3 marks upwards, depending on the size, detailing and materials involved.
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