How-To Manual for Herders


This book will cover the subject of basic conduct around the Herder Hall. Many of these things you should already know. Okay, so this book will be a bit short, but bear with me, I'm a man of few words, but with lots to say. I will cover the subject of Greeting Visitors Properly, Selling Pets, and even Giving Tours. Of course, each person has there own way to do these things, but these are just general purpose things, after all, there's no need to be rude. ;) Well, Enjoy!
- Kiltern the Herder Senior Apprentice.
P.S. This book is partially IC and partially OOC. ;)

Greeting Guests

Guests can be unpredictable - they respond based on instinct rather than reason, wait, those are animals. Heh, okay, greeting guests properly can depend on if you know them or not, and on their on personality. Even if you know the guest, you should be polite, and when I say guests, I mean people who come to the hall either to join or to purchase pets or that sort of thing. You should treat a guest with respect at all times, but if they begin to get rude, simply ask them in a polite manner to leave. I will show you two examples of greeting a guest, the first is wrong, the second is how you should greet a guest.

1: The Wrong Way
Guest walks in from outside.
Foo says, "Heya, guest, wanna buy a pet?"
Guest says, "I'm sorry, I don't believe we've met… how do you know my name… and I was hoping I could join this craft…"
Foo says, "Oh, you're gonna have to talk with a staff member."
Guest says, "Well, are there any I can speak with?"
Foo says, "I don't know."
Foo leaves.

2: The Right Way
Guest walks in from outside.
Foo glances over at guest from where he is cleaning, "Goodday and welcome to Herder Hall, can I help you with something?"
Guest smiles and nods, "yes, my name is guest and I was hoping I could join this craft…"
Foo gives a slight grin and stops his cleaning, "well, I don't believe any staff members are free to interview at the moment, but I can give you a tour of the hall if you'd like, oh, and I am Apprentice Foo."
Guest chuckles, "No thank you, I can come again later I guess, thanks."
Guest leaves.

Notice how Foo posed more in the second one than he did in the first, and how he was also more polite. You don't /have/ to do it this way, but it allows for more RP and also makes the guest feel a bit more welcome.

Selling A Pet

OOC Note: This is not the OOC Manual, for commands on how to sell a pet, read the OOC Manual.
When selling a pet, as before, be polite and POSE!! I can't stress enough about how important posing is. Now, remember to always check the reserve list for pets that are reserved before you try and sell a pet to anyone, if it is reserved, you can politely tell them that it is reserved and that they can choose another pet, or, if there isn't any other pet that they want or there aren't any pets for sale, you can remind them that they can order pets. Always RP the ordering of a pet, I'll give you an example.
Foo frowns slightly, looking at a set of hides, "I'm sorry, but that feline is reserved for someone else.. is there any other feline you'd like to buy?"
Guest sighs and shakes her head, "no… I was hoping I could get that one…
Foo thinks a short moment, almost popping a vein, "Well, I can order a feline for you…"
Guest smiles and nods, "that would be great, thank you."
Foo puts the hides away and takes out another set of hides, writing something upon it for a second, "Okay, I'll need a bit of information about the pet you'd like, namely it's gender, the type of pet, its age, physical attributes and personality and anything else you might want your pet to be like, then when we find a pet that closest fits what you want, we'll send you a letter.."
Guest nods and lists everything wanted.

See, not so hard ;) Just Remember to pose! Oh, and never ignore the guest.

The Tour

In my personal opinion, I feel that there is no need to show the person around every small room of the hall, but you should show them everything important, leaving some areas for them to explore. Also, again, remember to pose and be polite when giving someone a tour. Now, down below is a log of a tour as I would give it:

A comfortably appointed room for Herders to relax in their off hours, it is carpeted in a muted beige, comfortable yet practical. Several overstuffed sofas and chairs sit along one wall, while a table sits next to the fireplace. A lavishly appointed bookcase supplies reading material on just about every animal known to Pern. A small room off of the main lounge acts as the Craft's kitchen, the delicious aromas of klah, baking bread, and bubbling stew waft from the open door. Although riding gear and racing silks are scattered around, it's a comfortable clutter. At just about any hour, night or day, apprentices and the occasional staff member can be seen reading or just relaxing on their rare off hour.
Kiltern grins slightly, "Goodday Apprentice Foo, I'm Senior Apprentice Kiltern, welcome to the HerderCraft family… I've been appointed to show you around, if you don't mind… you can just follow me and I'll show you a few things around the hall…" he waves his hand slightly around the room, "this is the lounge.. many of the herders come here for refreshments, to talk, and to check on their credits.." he chuckles, "it's a good place to hang out.. now if you'll follow me…"
You stand in a high ceiling room moderately decorated with tapestries depicting scenes of runners and races long since past. A very large door dominates, and you can hear the sounds of the stables from within. A wide stairway leading to the Herder's quarters ascends from one side of the room, while a door marked 'Herder Lounge' stands open on the other. Kiltern says, "This is the courtyard… there are a few places to go from here.. to the east, we have the stables.. lots of runners and stuff to do, but we'll show you that later, first let's go upstairs and get you situated.."
The hayloft is built above the stalls and just beneath the high ceiling of the cavern, where the air is dry and good for the hay. The floor is made out of sturdy wood, and occasionally creaks as you walk upon it. The room is mostly filled with hay, and is not very well lighted, having only a few glowbaskets, which are set in various indentations in the walls, far away from the stacks of hay. In the rear corner of the room is a small stairwell. A tightly-winding staircase leads down into the stable from there, and its continuation leads upwards into a hole in the cavern roof above, and into the living quarters of the senior Herders. Near this stairwell is a modest door leading into the barracks reserved for the Apprentices.
Kiltern says, "there are two separate dorms here… and upstairs there are rooms belonging to journeyman, they're very privileged…" he chuckles softly, "now, OOCly, you'll have to @sethome in the male apprentice dorms until we can set you up in the female apprentice dorms (if you're a female, if not, ignore this). Let's go back down and to the stables to show you a few commands.."
You stand in a high ceiling room moderately decorated with tapestries depicting scenes of runners and races long since past. A very large door dominates, and you can hear the sounds of the stables from within. A wide stairway leading to the Herder's quarters ascends from one side of the room, while a door marked 'Herder Lounge' stands open on the other.
A long cavern lined with stalls on either side of its wide, stone-surfaced aisle. The atmosphere is rich with the presence of beasts, and the rafters are often full of firelizards. Several doors lead from various parts of the aisle to small caverns, and a stairway winds tightly up to the loft. There are several boxstalls here. There are twenty stalls, three of which are without a nameplate. They are very fresh and clean, with newly laid bedding.
Kiltern says, "okay… here, there's a few things to do… we have a few commands (which can be found in the OOC Manual) and I'll show you the basic ones. There's 'cs list in all' shows you which stalls are open and which need to be cleaned. 'feedall' feeds the runners, 'clean' cleans the room, you'll have to clean each stall separately, and 'feed ' feeds one runner. The south wing and racing wing just hold more runners."
You stand in a high ceiling room moderately decorated with tapestries depicting scenes of runners and races long since past. A very large door dominates, and you can hear the sounds of the stables from within. A wide stairway leading to the Herder's quarters ascends from one side of the room, while a door marked 'Herder Lounge' stands open on the other.
You stand in a central point of the Herder Hall. Beneath your feet is a trail made of tightly fitted squares of stone which wind this way and that… seemingly random, but each branch does have it's own destination. Outside the path is nicely trimmed green lawn, which serves the purpose of a comfortable space for training. A large archway stands in front of you, leading into the Herder stables, and on either side are other smaller doorways. Water pumps and troughs adorn either side of the largest opening, and a well-beaten path leads upward toward runner pastures, it seems.
Kiltern grins, "okay, the courtyard, to the southwest is the clinic, to the east, the kennels, to the west, the riding ring, and to the north, the exit out of the hall… you'll have to look in the OOC Manual for how to sell pets, besides that, there isn't much more to show you, you can explore a bit if you'd like.. are there any questions?
Notice we went through the Corridors a lot, I would say that's a central point… but that's just me. That's the end of this chapter, I hoped ya liked it and I hope you read the rest of the book.


Well, I thought this book was finished! But I was asked to add more, so guess what, more chapters, maybe this one will interest you a bit, but there wont be much here. For commands on how to do chores, check the OOC Manual (that's what its there for ;) ) Chores are an important part of the HerderCraft. They take up much of a herder's life, do you think it's supposed to only take 5 minutes to clean over 30 stalls? Nope! (although OOCly it can be done ;) ) There are several chores to be done all over the hall. Rooms need to be cleaned (Especially the men's dorm!!!), Runners need to be fed, stalls need to be cleaned, and there are other things that should be done ICly although not needed OOCly! Here's a bit of info on that.
Cleaning Stalls- OOCly, it's just a question of a few commands. You would just 'cs list in all', enter the dirty ones, and type 'clean', but ICly, herders would be checking each stall separately to see if they are dirty, checking to see if the runners are hungry, throwing out old bedding and adding new bedding, making sure each stall is closed so the runners don't get loose… These involve /poses/! Poses are important, especially since you don't really know when a JM or someone might be watching, remember, you can get Brownie Points for good RP.
Another thing, when cleaning the stalls, remember to pose that you're cleaning, otherwise, there isn't any way for the person who may just be watching to know that you are cleaning.
Feeding Runners- Feeding runners is simple when just doing 'Feedall', but try feeding them one by one once in a while. Not all runners are friendly, that's another thing to remember, some runners have an angry temper and may try kicking or biting, good subject of RP. Also, when feeding a runner, try doing stuff like petting them or something, its a subject of RP which is what the Moo is about.
Cleaning Rooms- Cleaning rooms is a cinch, just have to make sure that the rooms are dirty and then type 'clean', however, there are some rooms you can do other things in, for example, when you clean the kennels, it says that you clean out the cages and stuff, you can RP putting food into the runs for the pups and the such, its something to do.
Other Chores- Although there are things you don't have to do OOCly, they can be done for the sake of RP and having fun, things such as feeding the pets in the kennels, playing with them, talking them for a walk… You can also do this with the runners, Runners need exercise and should be taken out of the stalls and taken for a walk, but should always be returned and put in their stalls (stall doors should be closed). When taking Runners, remember to ask the owner of the runner if they are on. Another thing you can do is sell pets to people, this earns you marks and a bit of recognition from the higher-ups (it shows you're active within the hall), just don't go around bothering people. If I've forgotten any chores, just tell me and I'll add them on. ;)

A day in the life of a herder

Kiltern woke up early that day, a normal day at the hall just like any other. The other herders were waking up and he made sure to say 'goodmorn' to each of them. He was used to this after spending several turns at the hall. He quickly got up and got ready, making sure to awaken the new HerderCraft members who weren't used to waking up at such hours of the day. He was quick to gather all his things and go downstairs to start his chores after grabbing something to eat from the lounge. He calmly walked into the stables, taking a sniff of the air which smelled of the scent of runners, hay, and manure, nothing he hadn't gotten used to by now. He moved to the tackroom to grab a brush and some other things and quickly cleaned out the main room. Checking each stall to see if they were dirty, he was greeted by the nickering of hungry runners. With a sigh, he placed his things against a wall and took up the wheelbarrow, stopping at each stall to feed the runners. When done, he grabbed his tools and began cleaning out stalls, making sure to place a new layer of bedding when done. He finished in the main stall after a painstaking hour and moved to the next wing, doing the same thing, it took him two more hours to finish cleaning the other wings and he then went back to the lounge, covered in hay and smelling rather badly. He grabbed a quick mug of klah and some bread to eat. With a soft hum, he finished his small meal and went to see how the others where doing, with as many herders as there were, it still took a few hours to get everything done around here, and even then, the animals always still made a mess. He found a few of the new herders sleeping in a few rooms, probably tired from waking up early and decided to let them rest, although he knew they'd get in trouble if they got caught by a journeyman. He made his way to the kennels in no particular hurry, he knew that if it wasn't clean, he'd be in there another hour trying to clean cages and make sure the canines didn't get loose while he did it, and of course there were the felines and the exotics, quite a load of trouble. He was lucky enough to find it all clean, although a few of the canines had made a mess and he ended up cleaning a few cages. His eyes roamed around for a moment, he was tired by now and he smelled like… well.. like a herder after a busy day. He would need a bath, but just as he was on his way out, a customer came in. He gave a quick sigh but attended to the customer anyway, greeting them and making sure to do everything politely until the customer decided to leave. He quickly slipped out and left the hall, he'd have to bathe in the nearest river. After about an hour of taking a rest, Kiltern quickly went back to the hall, he knew he had some freedoms being a senior apprentice, but he was still needed at the hall. On his return, he went to the pastures, making sure each runner was fed and clean and that no stallions had been let loose with the mares. The sun was getting close to setting and he knew he would have to start everything over again, by this time, he was sure, the runners in the stables would have made a mess again, but this time, when he returned to the stables, he was surprised to find apprentices cleaning the stalls. He gave a quick grin and watches them for a moment before joining them, making note of who each of them were so that he might mention them to the journeymen sometime. The day would be long, but a normal day none the less. He stopped by the clinic where he found a fellow senior apprentice giving a class and he decided to sit in on it. The class took up another hour and afterwards, he knew he only had time for a quick meal before heading to his cot. "Ah, for the days when I was an apprentice…" he sighed, "things were easier then…" he mumbled to himself and finished his meal, following everyone else to bed.

The End

The End! Ya, short wasn't it? You can expand on that of course and do anything you want, just be good! We are only crazy on channels and occasionally while RPing! Do not freak them out until they're comfortable ;). Well, that's the end of my book, I hope you enjoyed it. The Hall is a busy place, it's true, but it's fun and there's plenty to do if you take the time to do it. Well, that's all, thank you. - Senior Apprentice Kiltern

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