How do I join the Herders?

We're glad to see you're interested! Joining is actually quite a simple process. Once you have a character established on Harper's Tale Moo (click here for more information on this), all you have to do is type touch #3121. This will have the application form send immediately to your inbox, and then all you need to do is return it to us, all filled in and sparkly! :D You can also add the channel, Herder Students (addcom hs=Herder Students, followed by hs on), where you'll be able to discuss the Craft and what joining it means with other applicants and existing members.

Requirements to Join

There aren't many of these, but there are a few things that should be done as a simple courtesy.

  • If you're already a member of another area (in other words, not a traveller), then you should send a quick message to your current area staff to let them know of your intentions to join the Herder Craft. This lets them know what you plan on doing, and, should they have any objections (which is unlikely, unless you happen to hold a position of significance within the area), they will be able to let you, and us, know.
  • You should have at least a basic interest in animals - after all, that's what we're all about!
  • It is not necessary to have an extensive knowledge of any particular animal. It might help a little, but at the end of the day, you're here to learn and the learning experience can extend beyond the character and to the player, as well.
  • You should be honest in your application - if you don't know something, then say so! It's not a test, we just want to know a little bit about you before you join. :)
After You Send the Application
  • Staff will read over your application, and will ask you any questions they may have before accepting or rejecting (which is rare!) your application.
  • New applicants, once accepted, are added to the craft as Probationary Apprentices. Don't worry, it doesn't take long to become a full Apprentice! See here for details on promotions.
  • As a Probationary Apprentice, you will be posted to the main Herder Hall, which is located in High Reaches. (You can later choose to be posted elsewhere under your mentor).
  • If you haven't done already, then you should have a read through the on-game helpfiles, and you can have a browse through this website to become more familiar with the Craft.
  • Sometimes we get a bit busy, so if you don't hear anything back from the Herder staff within seven (7) days of sending in your application, feel free to @send *herderstaff via MOOmail to check that we received it.
The Application

Below is the application, as it will appear in your MOOmail inbox, along with some other handy information. Like we already said, this is not a test, just a way to get to know you and your character a bit better. :D
Try to use good grammar and spelling when filling out the form. We understand and appreciate that not everyone has Shakespeare's grasp on the English language, so please try to the best of your abilities to make your answers clear. While it is by no means necessary, you can mention anything that may affect your written English, such as it being your second language, dyslexia or so on. We don't mind, honest! :D
Click here to see a sample application, with answers and explanations of the questions.

1. How long have you been playing on HT? As this character? As an alt?
2. How long have you been Mu*ing in general?
3. Which of the Pern books have you read?
4. What OOC skills can you bring to the craft? For example, description writing, coding etc. If you do not have any that is okay.
5. What sorts of OOC experience do you have with animals?
6. What do you feel is a Herders role in Pern, and what is a Herders role on the game? What do you feel is an apprentices role? (We understand if you don't know specifically we just like to have a feel for what you know about the hall)
7. What is your characters history? Relatives? Where is your character from? What sort of personality do you have? Why are you the way you are?
8. Why do you OOCly want to become a Herder? ICly?
9. Where do you see your character going in the craft? What plans do you have?
10. At this time are you planning to apply your character for Search, or do you see it as a possibility? It is all right if you do again we'd just like an idea.
11. When are you usually on? Even if you don't have a regular schedule, please try to give us two or three different times, so we can try to track you down for an interview!
12. Have you formally been a herder or similar type character, here or elsewhere? If so, what kind of experiences.

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