A midsized young man, stretched out in the throes of growth. Hard work gives him wiry strength but won't make his long face any prettier. His hair's dark, thick, and short, his eyes medium brown with a rare hint of greenish gold in the right light. His wide mouth has thin lips and his nose is quietly normal, but his large ears tend to draw comment.
Undyed wool was good enough for his grandfather so it's good enough for him, and the thigh-length jacket keeps him warm enough despite its frazzled edges. His pants, also wool and also old, are dark to


Hyotan, or Hyo (sounds a lot like Yo, with an aspirated Y), comes from White Valley Hold, south of Crom and a short ways east of the Herder Hall at 'Reaches. The lush pastureland of the valley makes it home to a healthy population of ruminants, primarily milchbeasts and caprines with some ovines and a few meatbeasts as well. Hyo's father is one of the resident Herders, and he's been raised to do much of the work as well, so he comes to the Hall with a fair bit of knowledge already. What's more, his generally calm and laid-back manner give him a natural knack for the bovines.
Thing is, Hyo doesn't like being a Herder. The animals are all right - he likes 'em well enough - but it didn't take too many turns of morning milking for him to start daydreaming of something different. Namely, being a Seacrafter. But he's good at Herding, so here he is.
He tends to keep quiet about it, especially around fanatics, but he's not too fond of runners. He can ride them, but general considers them just smart enough to cause a body serious trouble.


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