Inali's most remarkable feature is her hair; a smooth shiny black that falls straight down to the small of her back. She is a thin, short girl, at about 5' 3". Her shoulders and hips are the broadest parts of her, but they are still relatively petite. Her skin is a natural tan. Her face is round and her eyes are large and a deep dark brown.
She is wearing a beige tunic beneath a rusty red surcoat dress. The dress has a straight-line neck and a full skirt, but there is no trim. The sides of the dress are cut open, the tunic's sleeves falling midway down her arms. She also wears beige slippers, her footfalls soft against most surfaces.
A double cord in Herder colors encir


Inali was born to a Journeyman Harper (father) and a Journeyman Healer (mother). She was raised in Fort Hold and quickly became a 'city girl,' expecting the newest fads to show up with the traders, and never really leaving her bubble of Fort Hold to learn much about the outside world. Even the halls rarely got a visit— she was too busy (and happy to be too busy) running around the Hold.

When Inali was around seven, she found a kitten alone in the storage room, and took it to the resident Herder posted to the Hold. Instead of simply taking it in, the man told Inali how to care for it. The kitten was named Opa, and is Inali's feline (whom she has not brought to the Hall yet, but may bring in the future). After this, Inali began to take in other felines from around the Hold, and soon earned a reputation for herself.

She wished to join the Hall, but her mother sadly did not support the idea, considering Herders 'dirty and disgusting'. Her mother's opinion changed after the fire, and she considered sending Inali to the main hall 'a service to Pern as a whole'.
Inali is now here, but is suffering from some extreme culture shock. Her personality is still bottled up inside herself as she attempts to figure out just how to live in this environment, let alone relax and make some friends.


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