Issri has reached her final height of 5'4. Her body is slender and lithe, and the way she moves betrays strength that can only come from turns of hard work with the Herders. Her hair is blonde, kept light by constant time outdoors. It's usually pulled back and up with a curved piece of wood, a stick fitting through holes on either side. Her eyes are a lovely shade of hazel, cherry wood brown surrounding the iris with flecks of gold scattered throughout and stretching into the spring green along the outside. A small nose and shapely lips finish out her round face. Thanks to the fire, she has scarring on the back of her legs.
She wears a Herder standard outfit - thick pants and a long sleeved shirt, as well as sturdy boots and a belt with several pouches from it. Gloves and leather arm guards are also either worn or stuffed into her belt for easy access. Box hangs loosely over Issri's shoulder. A brown firelizard is perched on her shoulder.
Around her neck is a locket carved out of reddish grained wood and oval in shape. The locket itself has carvings of various animals, from avians to canines to felines and even runners. They are small designs etched around the outer edge of the oval. It hangs from a wooden beaded cord, the beads threaded on a thin, woven strip of leather. The locket is kept securely closed, keeping whatever it contains safe. Issri is wearing a delicate and intricately carved wooden ring around her ring finer.


Issri is from the High Reaches Area, who joined the Beastcraft at around 12 turns. She was one of the apprentices who escaped the fire, due to her cot being right next to the door. She was burned on the backs of her legs, and now always wears pants. She is still terrified of fire, and stutters whenever she remembers it. Her two best friends, Rauken (boy from Tillek) and Tinari (girl from High Reaches) perished in the blaze.
Issri reached Journeyman at the age of 16 with an avian cooking contest project. She requested a posting to High Reaches Weyr, but was sent to Ista Weyr instead. When her posting expired at Ista she returned to High Reaches.
While posted at High Reaches she was named Acting Craftmaster by Jadall when the man ran off somewhere. She held the position for several months, doing an average job, before realizing Jadall was not coming back. She turned the craft over to Haveen and went happily back to being a Journeyman.


Name Relation Location Position
Eric Husband HRW Guard Captain
Ricci Son HRW Child
Sriella Daughter HRW Child


Name Color
Hawk Brown
Meadow Green
Glacier Blue
Roast Bronze


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