Still unruly blonde hair remains mop-like over tanned skin, although the once-boyish features have turned masculine with maturity, hardened over time into a handsome guise. Dark gray eyes continue to observe with darting intensity, the tendency to stare through and beyond continuing into adulthood, although the clumsiness of his youth seems to have dissipated. Even taller than before, the lankiness has filled out with muscle from constant travel and the rigors of his chosen life, adding to his maleness and attractive demeanor.
Purest white gleams against tanned skin, fine blond hairs just visible within the open collar of %n's tunic, the black laces untied and dangling down the smocked front in casual disarray. The shirt's lapels lay flat on broad shoulders, so nicely defined beneath the thin cotton, before looser sleeves drape in piratical style to masculinely ruffled cuffs. The large shirt tucks into a pair of crimson suede trousers, form-fitting and tight across muscled thighs, yet loose enough to be able to comfortably travel long distances, as is %n's wont. The trous tuck into knee boots of molded wherhide, black leather polished to high sheen with rolled tops of crimson suede, embroidered with an intricate design of geometrical shapes in black thread. The same embroidery is just barely visible on the collar of the tunic as well as around the open front, the design shifting with %'s movements.
He's wearing something that could have been a knot before it was severly burned and apparently stomped on a couple times.


Jadall was born.

And then the world began.

Er, actually, he was born at Southern Hold. Child of a steward and a steward's assistant, oops, he was raised up in the normal hold way. Once he was old enough, he was fostered out to Ista Hold to learn stewarding, but got waylayed along the way. Actually, he was kicked out of the hold and dropped off at the herder hall. So, instead of just sitting there, he joined up as an apprentice. Okay, he saw a cute girl and joined to get closer to her.

Fast forward and he made it to journeyman status. Handfasting Anya, he spent a turn working on his Master's project of trying to make a flame-proof feline. Once that got too much attention, he slunk off to the Healer Hall to join up as a cross crafting apprentice. He gave Rarah more gray hairs than she already had, but made it to journeyman there too. As a dual j-man, he finished a new Master's project, not involving fire, and was promoted to Master in both crafts at the same time.

Anya died. No one knows how, it didn't involve flamethrowers. But Jadall came back from a trip back home to Southern without her. He spent a couple turns being all reclusive and secretive. Or maybe he forgot that the door opens in and not out. But after a while he came out and started to study administrative duties under both Tarmel of the Herders and Jaqui of the Healers. And recently, when Kirai needed to step down for unspecified reasons, he stepped up and became your fearless (except for tubers) leader.


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