Apprentice Kainicky




Kainicky is your typical teenage boy; gangly, not quite comfortable in his own skin, and with limbs so long he makes a colt look short. He's got some growing to do before he comes into his own, and until then he's plagued with the horrors that come with having feet too big for his frame. His complexion is naturally light but tanned from hours spent in the sun, with a healthy dappling of freckles covering the bridge of his slender nose and his cheeks - and of course, beeing a teenager, he's prone to bouts of pimples. Kai's eyes are blue and his hair, kept in a shaggy crop, is black.
Practicality is what counts, as does affordability. Kainicky wears simple shirts and trousers, as he doesn't care overly much for his appearance. So long as he can slip into it, even if it's too big, it's considered as a good fit and because of this he oftten looks just a bit dishevelled.
Kai's knot is a simple affair; a double cord in Herder colours twisted into a single loop, denoting him as a Herder Apprentice based at the Crafthall.


Kainicky was born into a long line of High Reaches Hold residents, traceable back as far as memory allows… and probably even longer, if someone were to take the time to check the records. He was the third child born to cook Nickia and gardener Kailian, who was especially pleased for a son following the daughters who'd come before. Kai, however, turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment. Rather than being the rambunctious young lad Kailian had hoped for, he was soft and preferred to follow in the footsteps of his sisters and his mother, choosing to cling to their skirts rather than heading into the wide outdoors with his father, other than when he was forced to do so.

In an effort to push his son to be more masculine, Kailian arranged for him to be apprenticed into the Herder Craft when he turned 15. It didn't bother Kainicky; he liked animals and looked forward to working with them, but his hopes of working with the chickens he loved so much were somewhat dashed when Kailian bullied him into choosing farriery as a specialty, in the hopes that working in a manly sort of craft might toughen the boy up. Kainicky doesn't dislike runners, but he is somewhat wary of them… and having to work beside such massive, scary hooves does freak him out a little.

He's found some sort of solace at the Hall though, in the most unexpected place - Aloysius.


Name Relation Location Position
Kailian Father High Reaches Hold Gardener
Nickia Mother High Reaches Hold Cook
Nickaila Older Sister High Reaches Hold Resident
Kaia Older Sister High Reaches Hold Resident

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