Cinnamon's sultry red is now cropped to below the ears, rich bronze highlights running throughout, paled in places to coppery gold by the sun, a few tiny streaks tinted by moonlight's pale silver, tendrils of fringe often slipping in front of sparkling emerald green eyes. Tiny laughter lines surround fire-filled optics, eyebrows neatly shaped above, highlighting pleasant facial structure in their suggestive openness. Delicately peppered nose leads down to rose-blushed mouth, cupid's bow playing the curves of lips into many a smile. Age has perhaps added a little girth, though not noticably much to her slender figure, which still retains it's youthful litheness.
Tints of goldenrod and jasmine touch cambric cloth, clinging to form %N's tunic, which remains un-tucked at the waist, a row of silver buttons fastening the garment in front. Cobalt lengths of flax wrap from %p waist to form a pair of straight cut, deep-pocketed, drawstring trousers; their cuffs brushing the tops of a pair of sturdy sable work shoes.
She wears the knot of the Herder Craftmaster


Kirai joined the Herders with her twin sister Kiana at the age of 10. Kiana was into felines and Kirai quickly became attached to the runners. After a few turns, Kiana left the craft to be a dragonrider and Kirai became a rather adept runner trainer, breeder and beasthealer. During this time she also met her first love, Arthin but it never lasted and Arthin disappeared altogether. No one quite knows what happened to him. After becoming a journeywoman, she finally met the love of her life in a quiet but supportive Kerf. Shortly afterwards the feisty woman became a Master at her trade and her daughter Keira was born. Kerf stayed home with the baby and Kirai juggled her life of runners and her new project of breeding drafters and spending time at home. When Keira was older and Dalaynia decided to retire, Kirai took the reigns and became Craftmaster for several turns. Those were happy, busy and challenging times. However, when the dorms burnt, Kirai was overcome by grief and feeling responsible for the apprentices she lost, decided to go into retirement and allow Jadall to take over. The former craftmaster may have now joined the ranks of insanity with her friend Dalaynia. This is yet to be determined though.


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