Herder Log: Herder Insanity

Courtyard (#11096)
Slate grey stone forms an even surface, with no stray pebbles to bruise runners' hooves. Scattered around the courtyard's edges, the occasional tree or bush brightens the deadening effect of the rock's expanse. Twin planters, with convenient handles, frame the main Hall's doors, filled with saffron and argent flowers as the season and weather permits. Placed just above the entrance, a ledge offers a perch to firelizards in need of one, large enough to hold a fair without seeming too crowded. Sturdy rings of iron are placed here and there upon the walls of the building, allowing the secure tying of runners and other creatures who might require it. Towards the northeast a path leads off to a stout building that is placed well away from the main hall and stables. There one can find the local smith who provides for the Craft.
It is an autumn sunset.
Standing quietly are Stark, Proximate Cause, and Clouded Flames.
You see Flamer Shed and Graldo here.
You notice Alochkarina, Bryann, and Ulaon asleep here.
Obvious exits:
Pastures Road to High Reaches Main Hall

Off to one side a blazing bonfire is popping cheerfully sending sparks up into the air. There are several buckets nearby, Dala may be crazy but she's not dumb. Also there's a wagon with several barrals on it and a hand pump. All filled with water. Back near the hall are some tables and there are various skins of wine and bottles of brandy. Yes, Dala's broken out her private stock. There's some food, various fruits and meats. It pays to have contacts and favors owed.

Issri comes running from the direction of the pastures. She's in a dead sprint, and yelling. "Fire! Fire!" She skids to a stop in the courtyard, her eyes going from the bonfire to the Hall, especially over the safe distance between them, and she hastily backs up, trying to hide herself in shadow away from her embarrassment.

Maitea has come scrambling along after Issri as she starts yelling about a fire. As the bonfire comes into view she blinks "Hey, it's okay. I'm glad to know you've sharp eyes." she murmurs and then points to some tables "Think those are far enough away? Looks like they've food on them." She glances around a little.

Issri shifts her weight as she stares into the flames. The apprentice still hasn't fully gotten over the disaster, and she nods slightly to Maitea, "I-I think s-so," she stammers, pressing her hands against her ears to block out the crackling of the hungry flames. She slowly edges around the fire, following Maitea.

Dalaynia watches as people come in and doesn't even seem to notice Issri's panic "Yup, nice big fire!" she exclaims. She looks quite pleased with herself. Lets not even think about the mess that'll be left "Come on, come on, plenty to eat. Had to do something with my money and I wanted a gather."

Maitea watches Issri a moment and then pulls out her scarf that she was given to use while out in dusty pastures. "Here, wanna borrow this? You know tie it around your head." And ears. "Help keep the hair out of your eyes and all" She can be nice. She grins a little shyly at Dalaynia, she's still not recognizing all the faces around and then her eyes fall on some fruit "Oh that looks good."

Issri takes the offered scarf and smiles shyly, but very gratefully at Maitea. She tucks it behind her hair and pulls it up, tying it on top of her head so it covers her ears. It does help, and it makes her feel a little more secure. "T-thank you," she whispers to the other apprentice. She nods, reaching out for some of the fruit, "And cool, too," she agrees. "S-so, what is your specialty? Mine's avians."

Kirai scoots over slowly to the warm flames staring into them, a drink in one hand. It certainly isn't her first tonight and she feels a little giddiness coming on. "And a very fine gather it is Dala!" she exclaims keeping her eyes towards the fire as if it were going to hypnotize her.

Dalaynia is smiling, a drink in her hand as well "A fine one indeed." Course she's already been drinking so this is just icing on the cake. She looks around "Funny, I'd expected a few more people. I knew I should seduced some harpers to come join us." Haha, whata laugh. Her? Seducing? Well, who knows.

Maitea nods as she bites "Oh delicious. Wonder how they got it here? I don't remember anything like this around." As she nibbles on the fruit she glances towards Kirai and Dalaynia and then answers Issri "I'm gonna do felines." She notes with a smile "They're really cure and all, and don't have this big sacks, umm udders hanging from them" She shudders a little at that.

Issri giggles a bit, "Felines are cute…but not when they're chasing my avians around. But I still like them. Do you have any of your own?" She always keeps an attentive eye on the fire, lest it spring to life and run at the Hall.

Kirai frowns slightly "Who all did you invite?" she questions her long time friend and barely pauses before adding "Well, gotta make the best a small group… we ought to liven this thing up soon." It's not nearly as crazy as she remembers some of the gathers in her younger turns… maybe she's trying to relive her youth.

Dalaynia hms a little "Well some vintners from Gar, they brought some brandy but they couldn't stay long, seems a little cold for their bones, but it ain't bad, almost warm out. Be good for a ride and all. Any of you all ride?" she calls to the apprentices as she tosses back another drink "I remember some of the night rides I had. GLorious marvelous fun."

Maitea gives a little nod "I do, I just recieved one. She's cute and still a kitten. I left her sleeping back in the hall. She's got to different eyes as well. Pretty neat. I've called her Tink because she seems to always be playing or well tinkering with my stuff." A glance towards the MAsters "Umm, not really, I just started learning."

Issri shakes her head at Dalaynia, "Not much, ma'am." She smiles at Maitea, "Really? I'd love to meet her, if you…if you would want to show her to me. I can show you some new baby chickens in the avian enclosure. They're very adorable."

Kirai nods her head while listening "Pssshh… woosies. It's not bad at all" she shakes her head with a grin "Would be a lovely night for a ride. Not too hot or cold." A glance towards the apprentices "Well, you all better learn then. Ridings got to be one of the best things.. and not only fun but useful later on." Her giddiness has caused her to have a momentary relapse into thinking she wasn't retired.

Maitea oo's at the thought of baby chicks "THat'd be neat and I'd love to show her to you, she's really very friendly, she doesn't seem to mind anyone picking her up, just so long as she's loved and all." She glances back at the Masters. What is it with Masters and riding? Master Rofocale was the same way too.

Issri looks very excited at the prospect of meeting the kitten. "Okay!" she says, with a true smile touching her face briefly. "I-I'll try to learn more, ma'am," she offers to Kirai, hoping she's not coming off badly.

Dalaynia takes another drink. Yup another drink as in a new glass, she's already finished the one "It's almost hot." she adds, course with the alchohol and the bonfire.. "I suppose a could ride could help that and all, whatcha think? Get the appies up on an old plodding mare, they can join in too. Whoo hoo!"

Kirai raises her glass and cheers right before downing the whole thing "I would hafta agree" she flaps the bottom of her tunic "Gettin a lil toasty in here I'd say actually. A ride would make it lots cooler." she waves her hand apprentice direction "If they come… alls we're gonna do is watch em… better to get em up when I can do something when they fall." Cause she knows that the further into drinking she goes, she'd probably just giggle instead of help.

Maitea looks warily at Dalaynia. After earlier, she's not sure she's up to that and at Kirai's word she sighs softly. Saved by the other Master? What? Isn't that a contradiction? She shakes her head and stays seated. Yup, can't waste the fruit. She whispers over to Issri "You think they'll be okay if they go riding?"

Stay safe? Hah! Dala is actually heading towards one of her runners. She pauses as she runs a hand along the mares back "You know.. I remembering riding naked before. Was so much fun. "We should do that." She's seems to have forgotten about the poor apprentices and the fact she's in public, or maybe she doesn't care. Since she just starts stripping.

Rofocale is dirty. Dirty /and/ tired, that's not a very pleasant combination. She comes from the direction of the stables, wearing her riding clothing and a bridle in hand as she suddenly sees a stripping master. "Dala! For Faranth's sake, keep your damn clothes on! Are you drunk already, seriously?"

Kirai rises from her place at the fire to join Dala "Gives you such a free feeling." she answers as she pulls off her boots and proceeds with the rest of her clothing. You can bet a sober Kirai would have thought twice but a drunk one? Not at all. Once a suggestion is made, she's all for it. She pats her own mare with a grin "Stop lookin at me like I'm crazy Star… "

Maitea is silent, her eyes wide. "Oh, sweet Faranth." she stutters out as not only one but two Masters are stripping and then out comes the mean one. Help? "Maybe, maybe we should leave? She'll blame me I'm sure." she swallows and starts sliding under the table.

Issri squeaks as Dala begins to remove her clothes. "Master!" the girl cries, "Surely not…not here?" She looks over at Maitea and nods, "Let's get out of here. I don't want to be here.

Dalaynia glances at Rofocale "Don't be such a prude, the apprintices see each other naked all the time when they change." Course, they're younger and not as wrinkly and hanging like she is. But with that said she's up on Clouded Flames. The mare just stands there waiting. Yup, nothing to see here, move along.

Kirai isn't quite as wrinkly as her counterpart. In fact for a 53 turn old, she's looking rather buff. This of course does not mean, however, that anyone should want to see her naked. Of course this isn't really a choice though as the woman finishes stripping and leaps astride her own mare "Nothing like feeling free! Whee!!" and she starts the mare into a slow trot.

Shocked Rofocale suddenly turns into pissed Rofocale. "Yeah, but they're /apprentices/. Way to send a message to the rest of Pern," she says exasperatedly. "'Hey, parents! Send your kids to Herder, we've got masters runnin' around naked everywhere!' That'll go over real well. When did we turn into a dang Weyr?" She looks to Maitea and Issri, "You kids, get to the dorms. It's only going to get worse from here." With a disgusted sound, she continues her path into the main hall.

Rofocale walks to the Main Hall.

Maitea is shocked into place under the table. She tugs a little on Issri's pants. "Maybe we should go in? They'll be fine, they've lived this long…"

Issri nods, "In sounds real good." And she breaks into the run she's wanted to do ever since she approached the fire. Just get away from it.

Issri walks to the Main Hall.

Maitea walks to the Main Hall.

Dalaynia kicks her hills into Clouded's sides and takes off down the road, whooping and hollering it up.

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