Herders Really *ARE* Crazy...

Main Hall
A cavern originally carved out of rock, the main hall has been carefully enlarged outwards, using slate, to make the extension Threadproof and sturdy. A few deep-set windows look out on the courtyard, allowing light in. The rest of the main hall is lit by suspended glowbaskets, a system of pulleys to provide easy changing. A few comfortable looking chairs are scattered around one side, a sharp contrast to the other side, which is clearly a reception area for guests, with a desk and several more formal chairs in a neat and tidy arrangement.
This place is neat and clean, the work of busy Apprentices.
You see Tink here.
You notice Ulaon and Damria asleep here.
Vostarik, Rozalija, and Iasri are here.
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Stark is in the main hall, placidly chomping on the remains of Jadall's hayfort. Whaaat? Nobody told him not to. He's just a big pretty runner doing what big pretty runners do best: eat.

Vostarik, on the other hand, is sitting in the guest-y reception area, a plate of food balanced precariously on one knee and a mug of klah in the opposite hand. Don't mind him. He's just a big pretty boy doing what big pretty boys also do best: eat. Munch munch.

Iasri is seated in what used to be Rhaenyra's old desk, chewing absently on her writing utensil. Her new found job as Hall Assistant has been hard, and stormclouds seem to spew turmoltous lightening above her head. She hates this job, literally, hates it, and her attitute has changed from carefree apprentice, to grumpy, mean old lady. Bah. She's doing some writing things, practing her pretty letters, pretending to do something important. The runner is ignored. Stranger things, have happened.

Iasri releases Rock, who launches into the air.

Azusa lets out an indignant screech as the runner gets a little to close to her. She's set up home in the haystack. It's hers. All hers. Hiss and fluttering of wings at the runner.

Stark continues to chew placidly. His black velveteen muzzle inches closer and closer to Azusa, and eventually the gold gets a placid snort, more a huffed exhalation of warm air than anything. 'Quit your bitchin', lady,' is all but written on his expression. A wisp or two of hay still sticking out of his muzzle, he lifts his head and whickers softly at Vostarik— well, more appropriately, Vos' plate. Foooooood? Treeeeeat? Ears prick out of the wavy mass of his forelock, brown eyes limpid and oh-so-innocent.

Rozalija was unceremoniously deposited outside by some bluerider whose gotten several bags strapped to his side. A few which belongs to the young girl. The rider, a tall older woman, nudges this suddenly hesitant teen into the hall, nearly making her trip over her feet. "H-hello?" she calls out, her voice cracking about halfway through that two syllable word. She shuffles slowly, eyes going curiously towards the runner for a brief moment. "I… I was told to come here. Ask about… the Craft." She approaches the reception desk cautiously since that appeared to be the place to go, though her eyes were continuously distracted by the rest of the hall.

Vostarik eyes the stallion, crunching warily on a vegetable. Foooood. Treat! "Carrot," he gets out around his mouthful, offering a piece flat-handed to the runner. Iasri is ignored - have they reached some sort of peaceable truce? probably not - but then the new arrival catches his eye. He cocks his head, glancing past Stark to the girl and the rider. Let's see Iasri's administrative duties in action! All that's missing is the popcorn.

"What you want?" Iasri croaks from the desk, the tall girl leaning foward to peer down Rozalija. If she had glasses, they'd be hanging on the end of her nose. She leans foward towards the other girl, propping her elbows on the table and motioning for her to grab a chair. An eyeroll is made in the direction of the pony and firelizard parade, and then a squinting glare Vos's way. Slightly awkward. Yep.

Stark arches his neck oh-so-prettily, and sidles up to Vostarik, lipping the carrot out of the apprentice's hand softly, and crunching. Hindquarters swivel around, and he lifts his head, freezing for a moment, his gaze steady on Iasri and the girl. He doesn't need popcorn, so to speak. He's good with the carrots. He finishes crunching on the carrot, then, and drops his nose to whuffle at Vostarik's plate. Ears prick more intently. If he was a canine, he'd be slobbering by now. But really. He drops his head a biiiit closer to the plate. Hey. You gonna eat that, man?

Azusa hisses again at the runner and then gets a faceful of runner breath. Blink, squawk and then blink gone. The gold his higher up in the air and then divebombs after runner and oh wait, is that a chicken? No.. Food!

Rozalija's forward shuffling is quickly halted by Iasri. She considers taking a step back, goes half-way through the motion, and then teeters unbalanced. She gets her footing before she falls to the floor in a heap, but the flush isn't kept off her face. "R-right," she says, gulping, and finally manages the last few steps towards the chair. "My foster mom told me… Well, she c-called a rider…" She thinks over her words and sighs, holding her hands out as if asking the other girl to bear with her before taking a deep breath. "I want to be an apprentice with the Herdercraft."

Vostarik keeps an eye on the two girls, but it's kind of difficult to focus on that when the plate on his lap is being targeted by one - no, apparently two hungry animals. Hey now. "Quit that," he tells Stark absently, flapping his elbow benignly at the runner's head as the nose drops closer to his plate. And now he's being divebombed! Is there no justice in the world? "Hey! Quit!" Now his other hand is engaged in swatting at the firelizard, too - "Would you mind speaking up?" he calls over to Iasri and Rozalija as he tries to protect his food. "Prying ears want to know."

Iasri 's eyebrows raise, at first distracted by the scene starting to take place behind the girl. She sighs, more to herself than anything and shakes her head. "Okay. Okay. That's good." She doesn't sound convinced. "Whats your name then? You didn't just get thrown on top of a dragon and dropped off here without any recommondation did you? I don't see that I was expecting you." She starts to rifle through her badly written notes, when the sudden interuption makes the girl grit her teeth, and she waves a hand absently towards Vos. "Oh. And that's our resident idiot. Don't mind him, or even /talk/ to him. He's.. you know," She leans in to whisper, "Slow. In the head."

Read Insane in the Membrane.

Stark half-rears and pivots on his haunches before shying hard to the right side, shod hooves ringing loudly against the stone floor. He's not exactly used to being divebombed by firelizards, you know. Vos' safety is the last thing on the fight-or-flight— FLIGHT!— responsive stud's mind. That said, he gathers his legs underneath him and near launches off of his hindquarters into a full-out gallop, straight towards the front of the hall. Hey, that's a big desk in front of him! And people! He doesn't seem to be slowing. As a matter of fact, Stark appears to be ready to debut his cross-country (cross-hall?) jumping career, as he gathers himself for the leap over the reception desk (and Iasri with it). Time slows.

Rozalija wasn't oblivious to the scene behind her, but she was trying her darn best not to turn around. She was too focused on sitting there and looking at Iasri instead and not fidget. "R-right, sorry. I'm Rozalija, from Southern Hold." She does fidget, grabs her skirt and plays with it before smoothening it out. "Mom's a Herder. I mean, s-she was a Herder. Aunt Duvi told me. I-Is that good enough?" She's definitely looking towards the scene now, glancing at Vostarik curiously and then nodding to Iasri while blushing fiercely again. But she doesn' say much else when there was a runner suddenly… well, running their way, and she lets out a shriek and throws herself to the floor, as if that would help.

"Dude, I /heard/ that—" Vostarik starts, before, you know, the sudden rear and thunder of hooves beside him. "Aah!" He flings himself out of his chair - in some aborted attempt to guide Stark away from people, or just to save his own behind from getting squashed into the ground where he sits - food goes everywhere, by the way, and when the dust hopefully clears, he's taking cover somewhere in the remains of the hay fort. Because /that's/ sturdy.

"Oh Shardin'…" At the same time, Iasri ducks as well, falling out of her chair with a high piched scream. "VOS. You let the runner in didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?" comes a muffled yell from underneath the desk. When she was shoved that Administrator knot from Jadall, stampeeding runners wasn't in the description. Above her, Rock pops between, screeching with a panicked tone as he circles 'round and 'round the desk.

Azusa is now dipping and diving, aggravated by the runner and screeching her own profanities at the beast and causing quite the ruckus. She's then chittering at the blue and again doves down after the runner. Towards his face. Her hall. Hers. You hear that?

Stark dodges Vos, but manages to somehow topple the topmost layer of the hayfort wall with the force of his mad dash through the hall. He narrowly avoids tramping Roza— but does soar over the desk, and the hall administrator with it, his hooves striking dangerously close to Iasri's left side— and one of the beats of his hooves strikes home, not to the ground, but a glancing blow to the Herder apprentice's shoulder. For the record, his form is impeccable over the desk, hooves tucked almost daintily up out of the way, the landing near textbook. And then? Well, then he gathers himself up and flees the scene— and that crazy Azusa. Why can't a man eat in peace? WHY?

Rozalija crawls along the floor as she gets away from the runner's clear path. When he's closing in, she ducks and covers her head with her hands, hoping he doesn't feel like trampling all over her. Which thankfully he doesn't. The last thing she needs is to be scarred before she got into the craft. "F-faranth," she breathes only, only peeking up when the runner's hooves are heard far from her. "Are you okay?" She pops her head up and sits there on the ground, staring in shock towards the desk where Iasri no longer sits but lays under it.

"I did /not/! Stop screaming!" Vostarik shouts back at Iasri, looking up from where he's not-really-buried in the hay just in time to see the runner leap over the desk and all but land on top of Iasri. Augh. As Stark clatters away, the apprentice scrambles to his feet, rushing toward Iasri and Roza. "Loose runner!" he bellows toward the stables as he skids to a stop near the girls. "Of all the stupid— are you okay?" It's directed toward both girls, though he looks toward Roza after Iasri, and then to narrow his eyes. "You completely /ruined/ my meal."

Iasri screams. It's not a, "woah! that was scary," scream, or an "aw, man, that smarted," scream, it was an agonizing, blood curdling, bones had been broken scream, and she rolls to the side of her body that isn't hurting. Iasri isn't one to cry, never ever in public, but tears are streaming down her face and she's sobbing, wildly. Her little blue is circling, creeling hysterically, hissing and spitting. "Not. OKAY." she seems to blubber out. "Help.. HEALER." Damn, this job sucks.

Rozalija quickly has her face drain of all color as she pales to Iasri's screaming, her mouth dropping open as she looks from Vostarik running to Iasri. "S-someone! H-Healer!" She jumps to her feet, and instead of bolting for the safest place (like somewhere where crazy runners aren't trampling and killing people) she moves to Iasri's side where she can then wave her hands above her uselessly. "I-I'm fine," she answers Vostarik, but her wide amber eyes were only on the girl. "She's not. Oh, Faranth, she's not. I-Is she going to die?"

Rock perches on the edge of the desk, walking all chicken like back and forth, hovering over his bonded. Get away you fools! Shoo! He flairs his little wings, giving tiny sputtering hisses and squalks. Who you be Rozalija?! Get cho' ass away for I kick it with my claws. Snap Snap.

"Oh, she's not going to die," is Vostarik's cross-sounding response, but his freckles are standing out against his paler-than-usual face. Think, buttface, think! "You—" he points to Roza after a minute, "can you run in and see if you can find someone who can help? And you shut /up/!" That last directive is aimed at Rock, along with an irritated hand-wave. Rock and Roza are much easier to deal with than Crying Girl. "Okay, so calm down," he finally settles for, crouching beside the fallen Iasri (though he doesn't make any move to touch her). "Hey. HEY. Can you get up?"

"NO. Does it look like I can get up you /idiot/?!" Iasri spats back, cradling her shoulder in one arm, continuing to roll back and forth on the ground. She may be in pain, but she's still pissed. Deep down in the pit of her stomach, Iasri would love to have Vos pick her up, cradle her in his arms, rock her back and forth. Coo… wait, forget that. She's HURTING. At this point, she'd love to kick him in the face. Another, involuntary sob racks her body and she starts to cry again. "It /hurts/" she continues to hiss.

One of the resident beasthealers comes running down the stairs. She'd been enjoying a break from fixing a break until the screams happened. Healnomora is actually only half dressed at that, with wearing only a long shirt that goes down to her thighs "What happend!"

Rozalija lets out an undignified squeak at the firelizard suddenly angry firelizard trying to shoo her away, but she doesn't move. Kinda frozen in her spot what-the-hell-can-I-do sort of look on her face. Vostarik gets a relieved look when he gives her a suggestion. "Oh! Y-yes! Absolutely!" And yet she takes too long to actually run off, since by the time she's moving (with no idea where to find help), someone's already down to help. "Her!" she says, pointing to Iasri on the ground. "Runner! Hurt! She's not dead yet!" she shouts off her words, hoping they made sense, and stands by wringing her hands.

Vostarik isn't so small-minded as to kick someone when they're down with a broken shoulder, but he does look mighty tempted for a minute. "Oh, shut up," is his judicious response to Iasri before he turns to the healer who comes running in. His eyebrows go up, and he gives her and her attire a rather taken-aback look before he answers. "She got herself run over by a runner," he replies - like she meant to - after Roza's somehwat less coherent flailing. "/She's/ hurt. Not the runner. Would you calm down?" The question is directed to Roza, not the beasthealer. "You make /me/ want to get down on the ground and cry. Augh."

Healnomora hmms a bit at that and then settles down next to Iasri "Ain't we taught you appies to stay out from under a runners hoof?" she asks as she checks over the shoulder "You've sointenly done yerself a number thar girl.' she shakes her head "Well now, we'll just get this set up, anyone got any leather straps?" she asks as she looks at the others. And then her eyes settle on Roz "Ain't seen you 'for. Must be new. Make yourself useful and tell Master Carnage to bring me the fellis."

Iasri raises her good arm, flailing her hand, now balled in a fist under Vos's nose. "Loath your existence." She's gritting her teeth, rolling still, calling for help. She seems to have stopped crying, but the pain definitely hasn't stopped. "She's nneeww." Iasri hisses out to Healnomora, whimpering as she does so. She wouldn't know who to run after. "Hate you," She continues to spout wildly, rocking now, back and forth. "Even if you're cute." The last phrase is almost inaudible and she curls into a fetal position. Oh, the pain is making her delirious.

Rozalija is too confused by it all to really focus on the details, but she looks close to blubbering when Vostarik tells her to calm down. She sniffs but nods her head slowly, keeping her mouth closed from her one-word replies. "I-I'm not… I don't know if I'm new," she says, completely confused, but quickly nods towards Healnomora, about to turn face and run off again when she hesitates. "W-Where's Master Carnage?" Lots of running around the hall when she had yet to even get herself an apprentice knot. She gets distracted by Iasri, laying there hurt and all that.

Vostarik rocks back on his heels to avoid being suddenly and somewhat expectedly punched in the face by Iasri. Huff. "Like she needs fellis," he mutters under his breath, standing up and beckoning toward Rozalija. "Down into that wing;" he gestures; "and there'll be a corridor on your left. Carnage's door'll be at the end." He makes himself busy stalking into the stable, comin gback a moment later with a handful of leather straps of various sizes and uses - mostly stirrup leathers, which he presents to Healnomora. "Anything suitable?"

Healnomora grins at Vos and the directions. "Follow yer nose, you'll be findin her likely yanking them guts out of something." she notes and then shushes softly to Iasri "Easy there girl." she murmurs "Easy there. Where's them, ahh good this one'll do." she notes as she takes a likely one "Bite this'n girl, keep it tween yer teeth. You ain't gonna wantin to be bitin that tongue hurts it does. Make yerself a mute" she notes as she slips the strap in gets ready to set the shoulder.

Iasri opens her mouth willingly, taking the strap and biting. Heck, she had been screaming the whole time, it was easy to even shove it in to shut her up. By this point, her body is starting to send those feel good fuzzies to try and placate her. A good kick into Vos's groin would also have done the trick, but alas. We can't have everything, can we? Rock continues to squawk stubbornly, trying his best to get everyone's attention. I have it under control people. Move away from the Iasri. When that doesn't work, he turns feline, swirling orbs in Vos's direction. A flurry of wings and the blue is attempting to land on his shoulder for comfort. HEY. LISTEN.

As if thinking of yanking guts out would make Rozalija run out quicker. She stares at Healnomora a long moment, turning just a lovely little shade of green along with her pallid face, and turns away before Vostarik even comes back with the leather. A "Master Carnage!" does ring down the hall as she travels down the proper direction. It continues until Roza finds the proper person to deliver her message, making sure to be worried (aloud) all the way back to the hall about the crippled girl in the Hall.

"I'll need to remember that trick ot shut her up on better days," Vostarik muses, watching Iasri bite down on the strip of leather. As the firelizard lights on his shoulder, he rolls his eyes but doesn't make any effort to swat the thing away. "You keep quiet," is his only command to the blue. "Need me to do anything else?" He glances toward the healer, hands in his pockets. He does have the audacity to look faintly amused as he hears the distant message from Roza. "Would you listen to that fuss," he says to no one in particular, though he does lean in a bit to peer down at Iasri. "Next thing you know, you might be dying instead. Cool."

Rock flaps his wings, whap whap, up against Vos's head. Shut up cracka' boy, don't be dissing my Iasri like that. He sends a warning hiss in his ear, eyes whirling red and angry the entire time. Hiss Hiss, spit spit. Don't mess with me dude.

Glancing up at Vos Healnomora frowns "You can help by shutting up so I can concentrate. You all think it's so easy setting a bone. I'd like to see you try, most of you all are wimps. Likely couldn't even pull hard enough to do it." she states and then there's an audible sound of shifting bone and the shoulders set. Master Carnage, a small petite lady no less, comes out. She actually wasn't pulling guts out, but she does have a platter of just cooked food with ehr. "Whats all the fush about?" she asks between mouthful and then notes the girl on the floor "She don't look lik no beastie." she states through bites. Healnomora wipes at the sweat on her brow "Just hand me that there fellis and get back to yer food." she snorts "Ain't time to send for no people healer." she adds as she pops open the flask with her teeth "Tis wine with fellis, it'll taste nasty, but you drink Feel better after that bone moving and I'll just wrap you up tight." she adds.

Iasri doesn't seem to care. Fellis sounds nice. And feeling the bones in her shoulder pop into place makes the girl scream, muffled. A nasty aftertaste is better than searing pain, and the girl would rather be out like a light than rolling around blubbering. A huge swig of fellis makes the girl cringe. Yowzah, that stuff is horrible, but she gulps it down just the same. The effect is almost immediate, and she starts to mumble softly, her firce hand waving becoming sloppy, and then, really, limp. Her last bit of conciousness is directed at the two apprentices, first at Roz, who she mumbles, "Welcome. Hall." and then, a sloppy, wobbly fist at Vos. "All your fault." and then she passes out.

Rozalija has learned today that Herders are going to leave her a nervous wreck if they go around having runners stampeding in the Halls every day. Wringing her hands still, she peeks over Master Carnage's shoulder, falling quiet once they approach the working beasthealer with the apprentice. She winces when she hears the bone setting, rocking back on her feet and looking just a bit faint. "Faranth," she breathes. Her eyes focus again on Iasri as she catches her words, and she blinks in surprise. "W-what about my recommendation?" Color her confused now, but she bites her lip from further asking about it. No use when the girl's unconscious.

Vostarik looks like he's about to take issue with being called a wimp, but then there's that lovely sound of grating bone and he just sort of winces instead. Whatever, he's okay with wimpiness. "That's gross." The whapping on the side of his head is ignored, and he turns to Roza. "Ignore Iasri," he says pleasantly. "Delirious. All the time. Someone'll get all that stuff sorted out later, I'm sure. Uh. But if you want to settle down for a bit, the dorms are just up the stairs - there should be a few spare cots open, I'm sure. Or there's a lounge, too. Unless you want to come back another day and try again."

Healnomora glances back at Roz, noting her pale face "I reckamend that you don't try beasthealin' lessen you get yerself a stronger stomach. Iffen ya can, I can always use more help. Course, iffen you can't cotton to sticken yer hand up some animals passage, then I wouldna reckamend. I'd say bunnies, but thems vicious and all. Canines ain't half bad iffen you don't mind slobber." she pats the unconcious Iasri and eyes Vos "Muscle up and get her up to the dorms. She'll sleep it off and be good as new."

Rock gives a relieved chatter, whapping at Vos's head again with his pretty little wings, before blinking between to the female dorms. Gotta make the bed and all, you know.

Rozalija shakes her head towards Healnomora, her eyes still stuck on Iasri for the moment. "N-no, ma'am. I… I just didn't expect that, and…" She trails off, color faintly returning. Albeit slowly. "Just never seen that before on a person." Vostarik finally gets her to pull her eyes away and she nods. "T-they didn't expect me to return back home," she says in a soft voice, nodding her head towards her bags that had been piled at some point by the rider near the entrance. Whether they were tired waiting for her or they didn't want to stick around, who knows. "I can stay?" she asks, even though that was already cleared up, and she was making her way towards her bags.

Vostarik might be lazy, but he's not about to defy a ranked healer. Sigh. "Someone better be keeping track of this. She owes me." And with that he kneels, hefting Iasri into his arms with a grunt - he staggers once under her weight as he stands (what, we already established that he's a wimp!), glancing over at Rozalija. "Yeah, for awhile, anyway. Get your crap, I'll show you the way up." Since he's headed that way, apparently. "Good grief, joining the craft just so I can become a friggin' draybeast," he mutters under his breath as he makes his way toward the stairs, even so conscientious as to shift Iasri so she won't whack her head on any walls or furniture as he goes.

Healnomora snorts at the girl "Yes stay, go ifen you wish. Me my legs are gettin cold." she stands and eyes the girl. "Iffen you need a knot still, might be some unscroched ones in the top drawer of teh desk there." she notes "Welcome aboard. And don't worry none much. This is typical." and with that she's back up the stairs.

Don't worry? When this is typical? Rozalija should suddenly fear for her life, as she watches the Healer go with her mouth gaping open again. She was going to have to get used to catching flies like that. "S-sure," she says, snapping her mouth shut as she turns her attention back on Vostarik. She picks up her bags, hefting a backpack over her shoulder and two bags in each arm that looked heavy enough. She sways a bit but finds her balance and follows up after the apprentices, completely ignoring the desk's top drawer. Unscorched knots just didn't sound good to her ears, but she might have to pick up one when she gets her bearings.

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