When Herders Go Crazy

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Main Hall
A cavern originally carved out of rock, the main hall has been carefully enlarged outwards, using slate, to make the extension Threadproof and sturdy. A few deep-set windows look out on the courtyard, allowing light in. The rest of the main hall is lit by suspended glowbaskets, a system of pulleys to provide easy changing. A few comfortable looking chairs are scattered around one side, a sharp contrast to the other side, which is clearly a reception area for guests, with a desk and several more formal chairs in a neat and tidy arrangement.
This place could use some small tidying.
Gliding above is a bronze firelizard.
You see Tink here.
You notice Maitea, Hyotan, Dalaynia, Iasri, and Damria asleep here.
Ulaon and Jadall are here.
Obvious exits:
Classroom Clinic Courtyard Kennels Stables Stairs

[OOC:] Ulaon says "Dun dun dunnnn."
[OOC:] Jadall says "Oh crap."
[OOC:] Rhaenyra peers. Say what?
[OOC:] Jadall is building a hay-fort in the main hall. *^.^*

Jadall has to make sure they're perfectly lined up, which means lots shifting and making of dust. Dust indoors. Covering his mouth with the collar of his tunic, he grins behind it and muffles, "Camping." And right out the door and back in with a third large bail. AT least he's getting his workout for the day.

Ulaon squints a little as the air gets all the dustier. "But you're indoors," is pointed out rather flatly. A careful step is taken toward those hay bales, the training stew all but forgotten. "Why would you need more shelter?" And he idly picks at a wedgy, while Zippedee strains toward one of those haybales. Ever curious.

A Checklist For "A Day In The Life Of Rhaenyra". Wake up, check. Get dressed, check. Pick up latest head-count reports from the Herdbeast Master, check. Eat half an apple while feeding the runners in Wing 1, and checking on a broodmare ready to foal in the Clinic. Check. Get a few candlemarks time in with a green broke Igen Thoroughbred for Rofocale, check. Commandeer the Craftmasters office to draft the pasture rotation schedule for next turn, check. Go searching for said Craftmaster, check. Stumble upon a massive effort by said Craftmaster to turn HER perfectly cleaned main hall into a hayfort… jaw drop. A stylus drops out of her hand, ringing against the stone, and Rhaenyra simply stares, agog. Is she silent, for the moment? (Check.)

Iasri has connected.
Iasri does some cleaning.
Iasri does some cleaning.

[OOC:] Rhaenyra DIES!
[OOC:] Iasri says "Stop getting messy damnit. I cleaned this yesterday ya hear. "
[OOC:] Rhaenyra points at J. XD XD XD It's all his fault!
[OOC:] Ulaon says "It's Jadall's fault."
[OOC:] Ulaon takes the braincell and walks away.

Jadall is up to six haybales in the main hall, the first wall of his new fort starting to take shape. "Might thread in here. Gotta be protected." He pats one of the bales to kick up another puff of dust, unable to see Rhaen through it, and goes out to get another large, heavy object.

"But wouldn't Thread just…" Ulaon was not one of the popular kids back home. A moment or two more of peering after the Craftmaster, and the apprentice offers, tentatively, "Do you need a hand?" Rhaenyra's entrance is only noted belatedly, obsessed as he was with the hay bales. He doesn't step forward just yet, despite the offer.

Rhaenyra isn't having an fit, surprise surprise. But the hides follow the stylus down to the floor, and a sudden grim determination sets the line of her jaw. She doesn't scream. She doesn't yell. She doesn't even fuss. No, she simply strides over to the first 'wall' of the fort, reaches up, and yanks the uppermost bale off. Her chin rises, eyes squinted through the dust, and proceeds to walk the bale *out* the main door, not speaking a word as she passes Jadall on the way out.

Iasri has a definate, new lift in her step as she enters the Hall from the female dorms. Her days seems a little more sunnier than usual. At first sight of Jadall's hayfort, she stops in her tracks. "Oh… Shi-" she doesn't finish that explicitive, just pauses to stand there jaw dropped. Inside, bombs are blowing up in her brain. She just cleaned that floor! Angry thoughts. Angry thoughts. Glower.

Jadall passes Rhaen on the way back in, grins at her removing the bale and calls in to Ulaon, "Yeah, I need as much help as I can get. We gotta get more in than she can take out. Otherwise it'll never get done." He drops the bale and notices Iasri, "Hey, can you climb up to the top and put this one in place?" It's a good thing Pern doesn't have OSHA.

Outside, an unequivocal screamed roar of frustrated rage and anger can be heard. Whoa. Was that Veriameth, or Rhaenyra?

Ulaon looks to the canine, looks to the bales, and with a nod, turns to head outside. But stops short at the scream. "I'll just… stick Zip somewhere first, huh?" And it's a hurried step that takes him outside, where surely the angry Rhaenyra is avoided if at all possible.
Iasri was always taught to respect her elders. If a master tells her to do something, she's naturally suppose to do it. Right? As a lowly apprentice and all. But when the Craftmaster is a complete /idiot/, the girl is at odds with her natural instinct. She doesn't say yes or no. "I'm not cleaning this up. /Seriously./"

Jadall shakes his head slightly, "I don't want you to clean it up, I want you to help make it bigger." He scoots after Ulaon, taking the long route around Rhaen and grabbing back the hay bale that she just confiscated. Dragging it back in, he piles it next to the other one, both waiting to be installed.

Rhaenyra returns from outside, looking as calm and composed as she always does; heck, maybe even /serene/. She strides over towards the wall again, and yanks the *next* bale from the top, and flips Iasri a quick, appraising look. "Iasri," she states, tone terse but not angry, per se; "Would you please assist me in removing these misappropriated hay bales? I'm sure Dalaynia is wondering -where they went-."

"I'm.. not going to get maimed for listening to you over him, right?" Eyebrows raise accusingly at the Journeyman, reluctant to skirt any authority. Seriously though, it's not like Jadall is really running the crafthall or anything. Iasri scoots closer to Rhaenyra warly, but submissive, raises her arms out to take a bale from the other woman. "I hope Master Dala doesn't mistake these for biscuits either.." Snerk.

Jadall plops his butt down on one of the bales, pouting, "Y'all aren't any fun. When thread hits and we've got no protection, I'll stand there laughing at you. That is, until it eats me." He lays back across two bales, but stops trying to drag any more into the hall, "Maybe I could make a hold out of horseshoes. I've gotten really good at making them."

Rhaenyra tosses the bale she has in hand to Iasri, as if it weighs about as much as a feather. Yeah, Rhaen's not a spring chicken. "Don't worry about it," she replies to the lass, and then returns to the hay 'fort'. She doesn't even seem to notice Jadall there, at first, studying the fort 'wall' and the incipient mounds of dust everywhere instead. "Oh, what an interesting plank we have here…" Perfectly dignified, Rhaen lifts a boot, braces against Jadall's hip, and levers her weight against said 'plank'. She's so not responsible for any broken bones.

Iasri oof's at the weight of the bale hitting her chest. It almost knocks the gangly girl over. She's fit, but not all that strong, and she teaters slightly. "Just.. throw.. outside?" The sentence isn't really well formed, or well thought out. Her attention is on Jadall and Rhae, and the possible bone breakin'. "Oh.. that's gotta hurt." the apprentice drolls, as she scuttles outside to get rid of the hay.

Jadall grunts deeply, "Oooh, if that's how a piece of wood feels, I'm never stepping on them again." He looks up at Rhaen, "Take a note. Let's replace all the wood in the hall with something else. Maybe furs and stone." He closes his eyes, but his entire body is tense, muscles flexed to support thr weight of the journeyman.

Rhaenyra uses J's hip as a step, reaching up to grab the last top bale, and hops down, nimble as ever. She never even acknowledges the man, other than possibly crushing some small bones, turning on a heel and striding towards the door again. Her braid snaps behind her like a whip, and she marches for the door with stormclouds over her head again. Can you seeeeee the muscles tensing up in her shoulders and neck?

Rhaenyra mutters "He can't take anything serious. He's supposed to be running the -hall- for Faranth's sake, and all he does is shard around like every day's a restday!" to you.
You overhear Rhaenyra mutter, "… can't take … serious. He's … to be … the … for … … and … … … is … … … every day's … …" to herself.

Jadall lets out a long, heavy breath after the other herder steps off him. Reaching down, he checks to make sure everything is still where it should be and he can still father children, then pushes up off the hay, "Well, if you two are going to play around with the hay, I should get to my office to do work. I think there's, uhm, something that needs something done to it by.. some time."

After depositing the last bale outside, Iasri takes note of Rhaen's actions, but desides that stepping on top of the craftmaster would be a bad idea. She instead sidesteps around him, scurring up the fort to grab the nearest bale. Baneful glances at J, and then a fearful one back Rhaen's direction. "Crazy." Which one she's referring to, who knows. Probably both at this point in time.

Rhaenyra stiffens at Jadall's words, halts, and just stands there for a moment. Did veins just pop out on her forehead? She then pivots on a heel, strides back to where the Craftmaster stands, hay bale still in her arms, and shoves it to one side of Jadall's feet. He apparently said the wrong thing at the wrong time. The journeyman puffs herself up to her full 5'7, steps right into his personal space, stretches up onto her tiptoes, and gets aaaaaaall up into J's face. "I. Am. Done." She reaches up, grasps her knot, none-too-gently tugs it off, and throws it down at Jadall's feet. And then? Well, then, she's turning back around, and proceeding to walk towards the door, shaking with a furor that cannot be voiced.

Jadall glances up at Rhaen, pouting slightly, "But.. but.." He glances around and looks at the first person he sees, Iasri, and tosses her the knot, "I guess you're the next hall administrator. Good luck with it." He pushes up to his feet and shakes off the dust, leaving a cloud of it as he starts off towards his office.

Iasri blinks, catching the knot as Jadall throws it to her. "Wait… WAIT." she's chasing after him now. She can do this! She's 14 turns old! "Hey.. Craftmaster Jadall.. Jadall. Take this back. I'm not even 15 turns old yet!" Her voice is squeaking. Breaking even. "I'm not even a JOURNEYMAN." Well… Crap.

Rhaenyra smiles, though it cannot be seen, and glides out the door like a dancer. Now… where's Stark at? The winds of change indicate a trip is in order, it seems. "Have -fuuuuun-, Iasri," she calls over one shoulder, her Fortian lilting with a very un-Rhaenyra-like sing-song.

Jadall wiggles his fingers at Rhaen, then slips into his office and closes the door. And locks it. It's nap time didn't you know?

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