Vostarik Gloats and Iasri is Displeased

Main Hall
A cavern originally carved out of rock, the main hall has been carefully enlarged outwards, using slate, to make the extension Threadproof and sturdy. A few deep-set windows look out on the courtyard, allowing light in. The rest of the main hall is lit by suspended glowbaskets, a system of pulleys to provide easy changing. A few comfortable looking chairs are scattered around one side, a sharp contrast to the other side, which is clearly a reception area for guests, with a desk and several more formal chairs in a neat and tidy arrangement.
This place is filthy, and some Apprentices better do something about it.
Standing quietly is Stark.
Gliding above is a gold firelizard.
You notice Ulaon and Damria asleep here.
Obvious exits:
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Iasri comes storming in from outside, muddy boots trailing dirt upon relatively clean floors. If it had been any other moment, the girl would have turned around and cleaned it, or at the very least, stomped all that mess off before she entered. But now, wasn't the time. She was livid. "Jadall!" She's yelling, slamming the heavy doors open as she moves inside, features screwed into a wild sneer. "Where in shardin' shell is that man? This is /rediculous./" Clearly, the news about Vos's promotion had finally gotten back to her. Whoops.

"That doesn't sound like the kind of respect an apprentice should be giving to her superiors," comes Vostarik's amused drawl from the stairs, punctuated by the thud of his boots as he descends. Maybe Jadall doesn't hear Iasri, but the rest of the hall sure has. "Shards, what a mess. Go find a broom." Check out the massive grin. Yeah, he's enjoying this.

Iasri turns towards the direction of Vostarik's voice, an icy look crossing her face. "You…" It drips with acid, her voice dropping with malice as she catches sight of the older boy, and she jabs a finger in the air his direction, "You, are not who I want to see. Where's the Craftmaster?" She turns her head back in the direction she came, pursing her lips in frustration at that dirt trail, and then back again at Vos. Who cares if he outranks her now. "No."

Vostarik raises his eyebrows as he gets to the bottom of the stairs, leaning back against the rail as he crosses his arms over his chest. Smug, smug, smug. "Probably in his office, doing craftmasterly things," he responds. "Don't worry. You can answer to me, now. But I gather you heard about that already," he remarks, looking positively gleeful.

Iasri cocks her head to one side, letting out an indignified huff in response. She taps a foot against the floor and crosses her arms. "Yeah, I did," she snaps, "But any questions I have probably shouldn't be asked to you anyhow. Because it's obvious you don't know as much as me /anyhow/." She furrows her eyebrows, curling her hands into fists. Oh, how she'd love to punch that smug look off his face.

"/Obviously/," Vostarik tosses back at her mockingly, his grin never wavering. "I don't know as much as you; I know more. Or at least I know /better./" From its spot on his chest, one of his hands reaches up to twine around his new knot. Ha. Ha. "/How/ long have you been an apprentice now?"

"Long enough to know how much of an idiot you are," She shoots back venomously, eyes following his hand to that new Sr. Apprentance knot. Oh how she'd love to have that instead of the stupid hall administrator knot in her back pocket. She's pretty intent on keeping herself from being bossed around by the older boy. She used to like him and all, but now, now she just loathed his existance. "I'm not listening to you no matter what. So you can wipe that stupid look off you're face."

"Or what? You'll punch me again?" Okay, Vostarik probably won't be this obnoxious for long. But at least for the rest of the day. It feels too good not to! "Y'know, I didn't get it when Thyia was talking about you being jealous and all back on Ista, but damn if I don't see it now." Grin. Oh, how sickening.

Iasri 's face blanches, and she turns nearly white at the mention of jealousy. She doesn't say anything for a moment, chewing on her bottem lip to gather her thoughts together before responding. "Yeah, I might punch you. And probably on purpose this time." There's a definate sense of commitment in that statement, and she balls her hands up into fists. "Me, jealous of you?" She lets out a loud, sharp laugh, "Keep dreaming moron."

Vostarik barks out a laugh in return. "Right, because last time you punched me it was accidental." His voice is scornful, and he pushes off the wall to stand up a little straighter. "No need to be insecure, Iasri. C'mon. We're all friends here at the Hall." He leans in slightly, still grinning. "There's no shame in not being as good as me. Really."

Iasri squints Vos's way, pulling up her shoulders and raising the palms of her hands outwards. What? Clearly, he wasn't getting it. "That /knot/ means nothing to me. And I'm not listening to you." She moves towards him, leering. If anything, she'll make her point clear by blocking him from running away. "Sorry to rain on you're little ego parade, but you can huff and haw all you want about that stupid thing on your shoulder, but I'm just going to ignore you. Get it?" And to punctuate her resolve, she pushes her hands out to shove him.

Vostarik's own hands snap up to grab Iasri's by the wrists before she can actually make contact. Phew. "You can ignore the knot all you want, but you'd better not /touch/ it," he warns her, voice low as he leans in again. Now as long as she doesn't try to bite… "Master Jadall might've let it slide in Ista, but I'd hate to think of how long it might delay /your/ promotion if the other Masters heard about an apprentice starting fights here. If they were ever planning on promoting you, I mean." He lets go of her hands, crossing his arms again.

Iasri pulls her arms away quickly, stepping away with a sardonic grin, more a flash of teeth than anything else. "Oh, sorry Senior Apprentice Vostarik. I promise to wash my hands and make sure I'm immaculate when you're around so no one touches your precious little knot." She does a mock curtsy, which looks quite rediculous coming from someone so tall. "Well, have fun while it lasts, because even though you're /in/ charge of me, doesn't mean you get to have it easy." She licks her lips, and lets out a high giggle, "It'll suck when you start screwing up, won't it? And when you need help, don't think I'll answer your questions."

"By the looks of your knot, /apprentice/ Iasri," Vostarik is enjoying this entirely too much, "it doesn't look like I /need/ your answers." Yes, because those kinds of sentiments never come back to bite people in the ass. He smirks, raising one hand to run through his hair as he turns back to the stairs. "And tidy up that dirt before you go screaming through the hall again for Jadall, there's a good girl." And he's off, bounding up the stairs two at a time.

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