Vostarik is Promoted

Slate grey stone forms an even surface, with no stray pebbles to bruise runners' hooves. Scattered around the courtyard's edges, the occasional tree or bush brightens the deadening effect of the rock's expanse. Twin planters, with convenient handles, frame the main Hall's doors, filled with saffron and argent flowers as the season and weather permits. Placed just above the entrance, a ledge offers a perch to firelizards in need of one, large enough to hold a fair without seeming too crowded. Sturdy rings of iron are placed here and there upon the walls of the building, allowing the secure tying of runners and other creatures who might require it. Towards the northeast a path leads off to a stout building that is placed well away from the main hall and stables. There one can find the local smith who provides for the Craft.
It is a spring midmorning.
Standing quietly are Proximate Cause, Clouded Flames, and Clouded Flames's Foal.
You see Flamer Shed and Graldo here.
You notice Alochkarina asleep here.
Jadall and Hyotan are here.
Obvious exits:
Pastures Road to High Reaches Main Hall

An earlymorning rainshower keeps the dew on the grasses longer than usual, so that Hyotan's pants are soaked from the knee down and his boots look positively drenched. They squelch a bit as he walks into the courtyard with two other Apprentices, by their ragged look and tired gait just in from a spate of searching for missing 'beasties. "We'll resupply and clean up a bit, maybe even take a nap, eh? Then head back out this after, fellahs." To his comrades, Hyo somehow happens to be in charge.

Jadall slips down off the fence he was perched on. He was the last one back from the weyr and is just getting back into the routine. Not that it's ever routine around here. Glancing over at Hyo, he nods, "Been out swimming? Or did you fall down?" Glancing past them, he still hasn't found his hall administrator, either one of them.

And Vostarik skulks out from inside the hall, shovel in hand and sour expression on face. Coming back from Ista doesn't suit him, apparently. "Nnng." He manages something like a nod to Jadall, a halfhearted glare at the other apprentices, and sets about wordlessly scraping up the day-old runner-piles by the hitching post. Sigh.

Hyotan stops scrubbing his hand through his hair long enough to look up at Jadall in surprise and consternation. "Sir!" His hands flail a bit as he tries to remember how to salute or if he should and in the end he just flaps them once and lets them hit his side. "No, sir, th' grass is wet as a fisherman's backside out there." He flings a hand towards the west. "We're just in from searching for the missing 'beasts, sir." After a beat, he adds, "Didn't find any, though. Not yet."

Jadall glances out to where Hyo points, trying hard to see that way before shaking his head, "Nope, I don't see any either. But Dala will have our hides if they got eaten again. I think she was sharpening her knife this morning." Glancing over his shoulder at Vos, he calls out, "Apprentice, come here for a moment. There's something I forgot to tell you about your.. adventures at the weyr." Ominous, just a little. "Those piles aren't going anywhere anytime soon."

The way Vostarik looks back at Jadall as he's called over, you'd think his /soul/ was invested in those runner-piles. After a few seconds of foot-scuffing, though, he sets the shovel down to lean against the post and shuffles over, hands shoved into his pockets. "No, I didn't let the 'beasts out," he preempts what he assumes will be the Craftmaster's question, shooting a suspicious look at Hyotan. "Sir."

Hyotan pales slightly, which makes the thin dark hairs that have begun to pepper his upper lip suddenly noticable. Too bad there's no mirror about. "Eat them? What's up there that's going to /eat/ them?" Hyo thought he knew these hills; being eaten isn't on his list of Things to Expect Up There. To Vos's suspicion he returns a low-lidded look of distaste. Weyr adventures. Lucky bastard.

Jadall hmms, "Well, there's dragons. Or maybe holdless folk. Or even apprentices that skipped breakfast. I'm sure something could eat them if they were wounded or already dead." Quirking a brow at Vos, he asks, "I didn't think you did. Unless you snuck back here, did it and flew back to the weyr. I've got other plans for you." One hand goes into his pocket as he ponders, "You see, we promoted you, but I totally forgot to tell you."

Vostarik's eyebrows go up. He also pales considerably, but in lieu of stubble only his freckles stand out more. "Promoted?" He glances between Hyotan and Jadall, eyes narrowing, then looks back over his shoulder. (Iasri's probably back there waiting to attack him with a pitchfork, right?) "Right, sir. Can I get back to mucking now?"

Hyotan hasn't got time to contemplate Jadall's revelations of eaty-things. He's busy trying to pick his jaw up from the stones and find his voice. "…promoted?" A weak echo of the word, laced with disbelief and not a little envy too.

Jadall manages to pull a rumpled senior apprentice knot from his pcoket, "Slap this on your shoulder and you can get back to cleaning. But make sure you talk to a journeyman later today about getting new classes. And you'll get to mentor an apprentice, show them the ropes and stuff. I was thinking of putting you in charge of Iasri, since you two get along so well." Turning back to Hyo, he hrms softly, "I suppose we could call up R'yn and his dragon to take us up so we can look for the beasts. Might be faster than just walking in the mud."

Vostarik, thanks to some awesome self-control, manages to actually keep his mouth shut. He obediently (wow) tugs off his old knot and fastens the new one in its place, glancing up as Jadall turns to Hyotan. Now that the craftmaster isn't looking directly at him, he feel sfree to gloat. Gloat! 'Ha!' is mouthed at the younger apprentice, and there's a gleeful point before he turns toward the shovel. And then turns back again. Uh. "D'you want this old one back? Sir?" His apprentice knot is held out in one hand.

Hyotan swallows hard to cram the sense of unfairnes back down his own throat; it tastes just like bile. Hyotan hasn't even been back long enough to hear the rumors abot what Vos was really up to yet, either. "Right, sir." He has to look twice at the Craftmaster before he's got his wits, such as they are, recollected. "Bronzerider R'yn, sir?"

Jadall glances at the old knot before motioning to the piles on the ground, "You can toss it in there if you'd like. Or just keep it for your folks. Only the journeyman and master ones are worth anything. We tend to expect you guys to lose them. A lot." And with that, he lets Vos get back to the fun and exciting world of runner maintenance. "Yeah, he should be coming in for class later today. I don't think he'd mind playing escort, especially if it means learning to herd using his dragon. We need to work on that, the last beasts almost died."

Vostarik will be setting a fantastic example. Allegedly father oodles of weyr children, get promoted! He nods once, smirks at Hyotan, and - abandoning his shovel - he walks back into the hall. Heading for the hearth to throw the knot in the fire? Shell yeah! A faint, triumphant whoop echoes out from somewhere within. Don't worry; he'll be back to shovel more. Later.

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