Herder Boys Can't Streak

Waterfall's Basin
The Weyr's freshwater pool flows clean and clear, almost undisturbed by the river that rests here after crashing down from the heights above. This small bay is neatly surrounded by a series of smooth stone steps and hidden beaches, a haven from the wider lake beyond before the water drops further to the sea below.
One gnarled, ancient tree has survived the ravages of time and Thread, reaching up towards the cliff above and the water below. A set of crude boards makes the climb an easy one. The wide, warm beach stretches to lap at the pool's edge, within earshot of the distant waterfall.
It is a spring late night.
Gliding above are four firelizards.
Bronze Nverath, gold Jeyth, and blue Gelirumeth are here.
You see Ieraimy here.
Thyia and Iasri are here.
Obvious exits:
Branch Forest Path

Thyia leans back a bit to look in Iasri's direction, winking at the younger girl. "Sure you do!" she giggles some more and gives her lifemate a poke. "Up." Phthongoth raises a leg up for her to clamber on so that she can scrub read good on the spot where she normally sits and the straps occasionally rub against his skin. Standing on the outstretching limb and balancing against the blue's neck, she looks down on the Herder girl. "Oh? Me too? As if I would refuse that. You are on! Let us go running all over the Weyr!" She hops back into the water, creating a small splash from the short height before popping once more with a laugh. "You do not mind, right Phoony?"

Well crap. Iasri didn't think Thyia would say /yes/ to stripping buck ass naked and flailing one's wobbly bits around for everyone to see. But really, Iasri didn't have wobbly bits, but she was just as naked as the other girl was. Every time Thyia has been clambering up and out of the water, the younger girl is looking away. Yeah, sure, boobies. No one wants to see that. "Really? Oh, well okay." There's an agreement… halfassed one. But an agreement to streaking none the less.

Skulk, skulk. Vostarik is .. out walking, apparently, for whatever reasons teenaged boys go out walking, hands in his pockets. It's not surprising that he hears voices in the basin - people like the water, sure - and he ignores them until he's close enough to see the flash of skin. Oh, for the love of. "Doesn't anyone in this Weyr wear clothes?" he calls irritably, about to turn around when - oh wait. Double take. "Thyia? ../Iasri/?"

Thyia would have thought Iasri would think better about that, especially after Thyia was the one to dare her. This bluerider had no problem displaying what wobbly bits that had grown in over the last few turns. Phthongoth gives a huff, grumpy now that he was being put off until later. "Pok and Tok will keep you company," she notes before swimming over to Iasri, grinning wickedly. "Come on! We might as well go while there is still some light out." She even tries to reach out for the girl's arm to tug back to shore, if she can. One arm goes up, and the short girl will be practically bouncing in the water if she had good foothold. "Vos! Perfect timing!"

Iasri dies. Right then and there, has an out of body experience. Iasri had never died before, but if she had the chance then and there, she'd assume that's what it'd feel like. Total, utter, out of body weakness. She was a fairly well kept girl, but the sudden realization that Vos was standing over /there,/ made her lose all control of where her body was going. Yep, there she went, tugged along after Thyia. Inside, she's screaming. Soon, she'll be shreaking on the outside as well.

Vostarik's screaming a little on the inside, too. "/Timing/? Oh, Faranth" He looks up, and up, eyes scrunching closed. Not that he minds naked people, but naked Iasri? That seems /wrong./ "What are you two do you know what, I don't even want to know. Iasri, for the love of all that's right in the world, /cover/ yourself /up/!" Poor boy.

Thyia didn't stop tugging the girl for one moment, either. In fact, she was giggling at the two of them, what with their looking-away-when-naked-people-are-about problem. "Oh, /hold-breds/," she says with a sigh of exasperation that doesn't quite manage to work with her giggles. "Out you go, Iasri! Do not listen to the silly boy! Vos, you have to tell me what you think of her legs. I have a feeling she has some /really/ nice legs. Tall girls normally do." Thyia is climbing out, hoping that she is successful in dragging the Herder girl with her. "You want to join us streaking across the Weyr too, Vos?" she looks over her shoulder to the boy, beaming. She hasn't had this much fun in awhile.

Iasri has succesfully shut her eyes shut, furrowing her brow as she stumbles along behind Thyia. If she doesn't open them, this whole thing doesn't exist. Oh geeze, Oh geeze. "Shut UP, Vostarik," she screeches, trying her best to cover up her bottom and top at the same time. It definately isn't working. Deep down, she's pissed. Pissed that Vos has to pick on her. "Don't tell me to put on clothes when Thyia is /just/ as without them as I am. This wasn't /myyy/ idea." At this very moment, the girl wants to throw herself between. Or kick Vos in the balls. Either or.

Hey, there's no reason for eithe rof the girls to close their eyes. Vostarik is fully, gloriously clothed. And planning on staying that way. "Her legs?" he repeats after Thyia, eyes opening - but he pointedly focuses only on her. No, he is not going to look at Iasri. "She has legs. Two of them. Without any pants on them. /Thyia/ is a rider and doesn't have a crafthall's reputation to uphold!" he barks at Iasri, shifting his gaze so that he's actually looking somewhere above her head. "Also she's not /thirteen/ or however the shell old you are!"

Thyia pats Iasri's arm tenderly. "Calm down, girly. You see, he is just being super sweet and wanting to look out for you. Aww, you are great, Vos." She grins wickedly in his direction when he was looking at her, making sure to place her hand on her hip. "Walking around, or running, without clothes is not that big of a deal. And just think— she has no knot on to identify her!" It makes perfect sense. Tug tug on Iasri, if she allows, and she moves in Vostarik's direction. "Thirteen? That… might have been flattering… But I Impressed at thirteen and grew out in the last six turns since, do you not think so?" She gives him a good twirl to boot. Do the math, too, boy, she was an oldie.

"I'm almost /fifteen/ you bumbling idiot." Iasri finally snaps back, gritting her teeth as she moves along with Thyia. She doesn't want anyone looking at those long legs of hers. And the twirling on the rider's part? Oh shards, girl, control yourself. "You aren't doing any better, fathering as many babies as humanly possible. I heard the stories. By the time we get back to the hall, we'll be known as the craft that singlehandledly repopulated Pern." She shoots the older apprentice a mean, hurt glare. Yep, she's opened her eyes. But only to deliver the message, before squinting them shut again.

Vostarik /is/ great. "You've grown out just fine," he responds to Thyia, waving one hand distractedly - yeah, she's hot, but she's also naked and his brain is all over the place right now - before pointing directly at Iasri. Which is impressive, since he's still not looking at her. "You might be hearing stories, but I'm actually seeing /naked reality./ For the love of" He turns back to Thyia again, though his eyes do make a valiant struggle to stay above her shoulders. "You're a weyrlingmaster! Give her a lecture! Or a a towel, or something."

"We need more genetic variety here at the Weyr," Thyia puts in, defending Vostarik's rumors. "Naked, naked, naked. Really. There is no problem with just swimming in nothing. Shells, what do bathing suits do? Barely nothing!" She throws her arms up in the air before the hands find themselves on her hips again. "First, I am an assistant weyrlings. Second, she is not a weyrling. And third, I do not have my knot on. Neither does she. Now I think it is your turn." She even reaches out for him now, hoping to grab a bit of cloth to tug. Just like she did with Iasri, and pouting. "It is only fun to streak in groups!"

Iasri bristles inside, eyes cracking open around the time Thyia grabs for Vos. She wants to smack the older girl, smack her hard on the arm and yell, "No," like she was some very bad canine. But she wasn't going to do that. Instead, she splayed her fingers across her face with a loud, anxious groan. "Noo…" she whines, "Don't make this /more/ embarrasing than it already is Thyia." And she doesn't want to see Vos naked… or let anyone else see him naked either. "Shells, and cover your boobs up. They don't make /me/ feel any better about this situation…" says the sans boobs girl.

Vostarik doesn't actively resist while the hem of his shirt is grabbed - he /is/ a male, after all - but he doesn't help the process, either. "I /really/ don't think—" he starts, then turns a (gasp!) vaguely approving look on Iasri as she speaks up. Then promptly looks away again. Whoops. "If you don't feel good about the situation," and no matter how approving his look, his tone is still flatly acidic, "maybe /you/ should cover yourself up."

"Embarrassing," Thyia says with a snort. "It will not be embarrassing at all if we all just end up naked. We will not even be looking at each other while we are running across the bowl and into the caverns." She is still completely set on streaking, and would have if this predicament didn't ruin her chance of corrupting Iasri some more. She was still gripping Vostarik's shirt, but wasn't about to pull it off his head. Especially when her height wouldn't allow it. She does turn her body towards the Herder girl though, brows raised. "You do not like my boobs, Iasri?" Pout.

Iasri 's crush on Vos might be waining at this moment. Her poor little heart might be very well breaking, punched with holes, and filled back with hatred. Pure, unadulterated hatred for the boy. "Oh," She huffs, "And maybe /you/," she jabs a finger at him, "should stop being the perv you are and stop gaping at /her/," jab in Thyia's direction, "breasts." A sheepish look at the bluerider and she raises a hand to try and keep modesty on her own body. "Yeah, make me look flatter than him." A pause for thought. "Lets go streaking, alright? This is awkward as all get out."

The horror! The .. incredible awkwardness! "Maybe it's not embarrassing to weyrfolk," Vostarik says, looking pained (why yes, he is /turning down/ the chance to streak with two girls), "but it's embarrassing to /good crafters./" And he shoots a steely glare at Iasri's face. "Or it should be." He takes a step back, disentangling his shirt from Thyia's hands, and then goes back another pace. Clears his throat, straightens his sleeves, and turns to head back to the caverns. "Have a good night." He slinks off.

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