Bath Time

Public Bathing Chamber
Steam billows, shrouding the many glow-baskets that line the low, tunnel-filled walls or swing down over the variable heated pools of clean water; light dances, lithe and sharp, defining the racks of freshly washed clothes yet to dry, or the tangle of muddled bundles yet to be washed. Shadows play over the large cupboard that holds fresh towels of orange and black, and a variety of bathing items including a vast array of sea-sponges from pumice hard to gentle softness.
Thyia is here.
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Pool Inner Caverns

Midafternoon apparently isn't a real popular time for the baths; Vostarik is alone in the chamber, chest-deep in the 'hot' pool, eyes closed and head tipped back against the lip of the bath with an uncharacteristically blissed-out look on his face. Steam? Good. Quiet? Good. Ahhhh.

"Would you just /shut up/ already?!" Thyia, of course, breaks the silence as she comes stomping into the baths, a hand placed to her temple and a scowl on her face. She was in one of her moods. Usually meant someone outside was witnessing a very cheerful blue dragon. "Oh, go drown one of those sharding weyrlings already and leave me alone," she mutters before dropping her hand from her aching head only to strip down and toss her clothes aside. When turning to the nearest pool, her glower turns to surprise as she finds someone else in the chamber. "Oh…" Woops. "I hope you do not mind that I barge in on your alone time here."

Vostarik is just as surprised as Thyia - his eyes fly open as he sits abruptly upright, at least for long enough to note that it's a) Thyia and b) unclothed. There's a slight grimace as he automatically redirects his gaze to the ceiling, sinking back into the water. "I, uh. You're as welcome to it as I am," he answers aloud, only vaguely grumbly. "Who's drowning weyrlings now?"

Thyia can't help the smirk at watching Vostarik react. She even stands there with her hands on her hips as she looks down on him, trying not to furrow her brow to much. "Well, I would hate to ruin the peace for a guest. But you are /exactly/ what I need." She finally sits down on the edge of the pool, slipping in with a satisfied groan. "Phoony. He is trying to explode my head again because he is happy his weyrlings are flying." She leans her head back against the side. "If only there was an off switch."

Vostarik waits for the definitive splash of body-entering-water before he lets his focus drift down from the ceiling, eyebrows going up as he glances at Thyia properly. "Exploding, huh?" He sounds amused, reaching up to scrub one hand through his hair briefly. "Well, I've gotta give him credit. I was starting to think nothing could put you in a mood like that. Soapsand?" He tilts his head back toward a bucket of the stuff, a few feet behind him. "Or just here for a soak?"

"Boom," Thyia clears up with a wince as her eyes squeeze shut. "Stupid dragon of mine." She opens an eye to the Herder, followed by the next with a smirk. "Well, that dumb blue is one of the few that can. Oh, in time." She waves the bucket away, too far from her current spot. Instead, she focuses on him, sinking all the way to her chin, and then tries for her best pained expression. "All these headaches and lessons with the weyrlings… You know what would be better than just a warm soak? A massage." She turns full pouty mode on him too. "What do you say?"

Vostarik makes a noise that sounds kind of like 'gnnnn.' Unbidden, his eyes go back to the ceiling. All the better to escape the power of the pout! "A massage," he repeats, then clears his throat. "A, uh. Okay." He looks at Thyia again, takes in the pout. "Wait, me? Or, uh, I could go get someone from the caverns. I'm sure they're, uh, terribly clever at it." This is Vos stuck between a rock and a hard .. place.

Thyia honestly pouts that her pout was being ignored, but at least it lasts long enough. "Well… yah, I was hoping it would be you. Unless there is another Herder hiding in the baths with you…" She pretends to look around, only to wince again and raise a hand to her head. "Quit it," she mumbles before returning her mind to the present predicament. Unreliable Herders… "You would think a boy would be thrilled to give a… what was the word you used? Hot. A hot girl a massage. But if you really do not think of me that way. I can just sit here with my headache." She sighs and sinks into the bath, leaning back against the side.

Oh. Making him feel bad? That's just mean. Vostarik grimaces again, fighting the urge to just sink further into the water until he can drown himself. "No, I'm thrilled! This is just, uh, how I look when I'm thrilled." Good one. He takes a deep breath, running a damp hand through his hair again. "See, I'll do it!" He sits up a bit in the water. "So. Whaddya want me to do?"

Thyia was just a mean girl in general. And she makes sure her head is turned away to smirk in success when he changes his mind. "Oh, really?" she asks with a glance back to him. "Are you sure?" But she doesn't really wait for an answer, instead she giggles and turns fully around so that she can lay her arms on the side of the pool. "Just a neck rub would do, if it is not asking for too much. You are the best, Vos." She lays her head back onto her arms and sighs. "I wish all of you Herders can stay here for a long longer."

So mean! Vostarik slosh-floats through the pool as Thyia turns around, finally settling behind her. He lifts a hand, then drops it back to the water, then lifts it again - to gather up her hair, setting it all relatively out of the way over one of her shoulders. "All of us?" His voice is steadier than his hands, which are settling tentatively on the nape of her neck. "Careful what you wish for. We might get a little too drunk and burn down the weyr like we did the crafthall in Keroon."

Thyia was quite smug that she led the Herder into her trap. "Sure, all of you. Iasri is pretty fun when she is drunk. And cute when she is all angry-jealous, too. Did you not notice? And Master Jadall is a real blast to be around… you would think the Master Herder would not be so much fun." She sighs dramatically when his hands reach her neck, and she rolls a shoulder slowly under them. "Do not worry about being gentle." She turns her head just slightly, enough to be able to grin at him. "And no worries. The Weyr is hardier, I am sure, and can handle rowdy Herders."

"I think you might need to reexamine your definitions of 'fun.' And 'cute.'" Vostarik sounds doubtful. Poor boy. He has no idea what he's getting into. "There's rowdy Herders, and then there's /this/ bunch of rowdy Herders. You saw Iasri, sucking down wine like it was klah." That is his Disapproving Voice. With the outside curve of his hand framing the base of her skull, he presses a little harder with the pads of his thumbs into the muscle between neck and shoulder. "And she calls herself holdbred. Pf."

Thyia giggles again, with a little bit more energy this time. Either her lifemate was leaving her alone, or the hot soak in the baths was working. "Aw, some people are cute in their own way. And that one can definitely drink plenty of riders under the table." She looks back at him with a wink. "I bet you just are afraid of being outdrunk by her, hm? I certainly was." She groans when he works a spot, eyes closing for a brief moment. "Oh, you can tell she was holdbred. A bit of drinking, not that bad… You need some Igen firewater to warm you up. Remind me to let you try some when you come up."

Vostarik snorts, fingers smoothing in broader circles along the back of her neck. "Shouldn't be an apprentice's place to drink /anyone/ under the table," is his assertion, though he carefully avoids the topic of whether he would be outdrunk by her. (He probably would. Lightweight.) "And I've /had/ firewater before. I'm not just a kid." His voice wavers between sounding amused and sounding irritated, and ends up on amused. "How bad did she outdrink you?"

Thyia groans again, head melting into her arms. "Ooh, that feels good. Just a little to the right." She's enjoying every little bit of the massage. "And apprentices need to loosen up sometimes. Cannot blame her for enjoying vacation, so technically she was not really much of an apprentice at the moment." Her head lifts up just a bit again, so that she can look back on him. She eyes what little bit she can before grinning appreciatively. "Of course you are not a kid. Just got to prove it more…" At the memory she slumps her head back into her arms. "Oh, bad. I cannot remember much, but we were outside and Phoony said she got sick."

Vostarik's fingers oblige obediently. "Iasri hardly needs to loosen up," he remarks critically. "Not, er, that she's loose or anything like that." No, they actually /don't/ promote that at the Hall. He glances up as she lifts her head to look back at him, a faint grin echoing hers. "That /is/ pretty bad. Good grief. And you call yourself a dragonrider?" The amused tilt to his mouth is meant to take away from the sarcasm of his words, anyway.

"No, she is not loose," Thyia agrees with a bit of a sigh. "A few turns down the road and she might settle in nicely to a Weyr-life." The remark makes her pout again, though the look doesn't last long as she was clearly enjoying the neck rub. "Ooh… Well, a sober dragonrider is a bit embarrassing. Maybe we can practice together? I will add a few free drinks to the night at my place, what do you say?"

Iasri? Weyr life? Vostarik contemplates this for a moment. "You can practice with me /around/," he answers Thyia absently, hands shifting until he's palming her shoulder blades, fingers moving against the contours of the bone. "I don't .. drink." He clears his throat as if to cover up the hesitation and briefly lifts one hand to rub at his nose with the back of his wrist. "'sides, you aren't really drunk unless you've got someone sober there to record it. And blackmail you."

Thyia tries that pout once again. "No? Not even joining for one shot of Igen firewater? One for our home?" She wasn't going to pressure him too much, seeing that she had no alcohol on herself to bribe him some more. So she just sighs against his fingers, leaning up a bit further on the side so that she can give him better access to her back. "Well, the company is still good, so I will take that. Blackmailing and all, though you are going to have to look hard for that." She snickers softly before groaning again. "Shells, you are real good at this massage. You sure I cannot keep you? Hide you out here in the Weyr for when I need to relax?"

"..maybe just one. /Maybe./" Vostarik is a sucker for women. As long as they aren't herders, anyway. It's a good thing she isn't looking back at him now - as she shifts to bare more of her back, his telltale flush is rising up his neck, even more apparent than usual thanks to the heat and lack of a collared shirt. "I, uh. My brother used to swear by massaging pressure points on his runners, before races," he says thickly. "I got a lot of practice. —not that I'd mind staying here or anything, but, uh, I get the feeling it might make getting promoted in the Hall a lot slower."

Thyia takes that maybe as a yes, and turns her smug look towards the far wall. "Sounds good enough for me." Seeing how he appeared to get flustered easily, this bluerider wouldn't be surprised if he was turning red. She shifts to a more comfortable position, finally turning to look back as she gets his explanation and raising a brow at him. "So humans and runners are that similar?" She sits up away from the wall before slowly turning back to face him properly. "I guess not, but you are staying here for a bit longer, right? "

Vostarik backs up in the pool as she turns around to face him, glancing over his shoulder until he's seated on the same ledge that he was before. "Mm." He rubs a hand over his face, hoping to dispel some of the redness. Agh. "A bit longer," he allows. "Maybe just a few days. I know Master Jadall said a week, but he's a little .. uh. And I know there'll be /someone/ back at the Hall that'll get on my case if I stay here that long." A faint grin tips the corners of his mouth. "Why?"

Thyia tries not to look too disappointed when he moves away from her as she turns back around. She lifts her arms to settle them on the edge of the pool behind her, kicking her legs idly in front. "Master Herder is a little… what? He seems like a lot of fun, that one. I bet it is great to have him as a Craftmaster." She giggles a bit before she shrugs. "Well, you all were here such a short time, and it was only lately I got to run into you and Iasri and… well, the two of you." The others didn't seem that interesting. "I just wish there was more time to… get to know you." She winks to him before splashing playfully a bit with her foot.

"Weyr fun must be considerably different from craft fun," Vostarik says, looking mildly unsettled by Thyia's description of Jadall. He sinks a little further into the water, tipping his head back to dunk the top of his head before sitting back up. "Believe me, a little time is all you'll want to spend with Iasri. Any more and she'll punch you right in the face." Vostarik, on the other hand… He tries to avoid swallowing nervously. "I think we've gotten to know each other, uh, plenty. There was nakedness and everything."

"Well, obviously we are more open from what I have learned," Thyia agrees with a giggle. After studying him from her spot for awhile, she pushes off her side and cirles closer to him. "I think Iasri has a thing against boys. She softened up around me alone… so maybe in a turn or two she will find herself too irritated with boys to deal with them in all manners." She grins wickedly at him. "Nakedness is natural. It happens all the time. Shells, all I know is that you are a Herder from Igen." Once she was next to him, having been moving slowly in his direction, she holds up her hand. "My headache is gone. Thank you. But I think I need to return the favor. You look a little tense."

Vostarik does indeed look a little tense. To his credit, he doesn't move further away as she approaches, though. "Probably a good thing, if Iasri never learned to deal with boys. Can you imagine her with children?" She'd be a child-beater. Yep. He clears his throat again, eyebrows raising. "Return? The favor?" Ahem ahem. Well, it's just a neckrub. Right? Right. "Uh, yeah, sure. Not - I'm not trying to impose on you or anything."

Thyia shakes her head with a half-muffled giggle. "No, it is tough to imagine her with brats while she is still so young. But just because she would not want to /stay/ with the boys, does not mean she cannot have a kid or two on the side. If she wants." Her little shudder shows just what she thinks about brats, though the only ones she knew were weyrbrats. Bad enough. "Perfect! Now turn around, love. I have plenty of time, and I think you deserve it. Call it a part of your winnings for the race the other day." She giggles as she sidles up close, hands at the ready

Vostarik turns obediently, elbows propped on the lip of the pool as Thyia sidles in. His neck is still red. That's a pretty good indicator of whether or not his face is, too. "I was never actually going to hold you to that," he says faintly, shifting slightly. "The whole race thing, I mean."

Thyia's muffled giggles fail, and she snorts at his red neck is presented. Though she doesn't waste too much time before her short little body and short arms each for the Herder boy's shoulders. She wasn't quite as skilled at massaging runners, so it was more of a plain rubbing. Rub Rub. "No? Why not? Take advantage of a rider's offer and all that… others would be jumping on the chance of something like that! But… if you really do not want to. You can call it forfeit or ask for something else."

"No, I want to!" Wait. Be cool. "I mean. It's fine. It'd be kind of lame for me to call forfeit /now,/ anyway," Vostarik reasons, as - despite himself - he finds himself relaxing slightly under her hands. Ooh, that's nice. "Do you do this with all the crafters you meet?"

Thyia tries working in circles as well, since just rubbing wasn't too creative or nice. She's at least gentle at first. "No? Okay, well, I really do not mind. I am /very/ hospitable, and Phoony and I love the company." If he glanced back, he would notice her tongue sticking out the side of her mouth as she concentrates on the massage, actually not pulling any stunts back there. Too focused on actually doing some good! "Oh? Well, I would, if I got to meet more, more often. I would have offered Pippa a good massage, but she went and Impressed to Jeyth and all. Kind of awkward…" She giggles some at that.

"If you're looking to meet Herders, I hear the Herder Hall is a good place to start," Vostarik says dryly, rolling a shoulder appreciatively as her fingers dig in a bit more. "Though I think the naked racing thing might be put an end to pretty quick. —Pippa? The hot goldrider from the other night?" Hmmm. "Yeah, I can see that. Guess you just have to give it until she gets out of weyrlinghood, huh?" He sounds amused.

Thyia blinks at his back a moment before laughing. "Of course, that is true! Unfortunately, I have a full weyrling class here that I need to watch out for, and other duties. Not often I find the need to just want to travel out to a Hall or two. I might have a need now, though." She makes sure to start moving her hands down from his neck to his shoulders. "Yup, that hot young goldrider. Probably." She doesn't elborate on that topic, and instead moves back to him. "So if you do not care to forfeit, and have not decided on anythign else, what do you say about coming up for a drink tonight?"

Vostarik's resolve is melting away, just like the knots in his shoulders, and his self-respect as a holdbred boy. Sigh. "Yeah, I guess so." He lets his head drop forward a few degrees. "Just one drink, though," he adds, almost as an afterthought, though he certainly doesn't sound very sure about even that. "Since, y'know. Uh. You've got all those duties and weyrlings to look out after." Right?

Thyia had the magic hands! And she wasn't stopping just yet. "Sure, a drink, a game, then you can sleep off the drink in my comfy bed. And do not worry about /my/ duties. Stupid lessons… we had a new one today, tomorrow is just more drills that I am sure the others do not need much help with." In other words, she would make sure she was free. She leans forward now, not quite looking over his shoulder as she was a head or so shorter than him. "But that is so sweet of you to care, and all. I am a big girl, you know."

Vostarik coughs, head coming up again as he feels Thyia leaning toward him. Hey now. "Heh. Yeah, I know." He is painfully aware, as a matter of fact. "Just. Y'know. Exercising my newfound virtues and caring powers, apparently," he mutters sardonically, putting his head back down and stretching out his back. Ahh. Wait a minute. "Game?"

Thyia giggles, amused by every little reaction. She drops back to her previous position, much more comofortable for her shorter limbs. "Newfound? Nah, I bet you were always such a good boy. Just needed to show it in other ways." Her hands drop another fraction, working in circles. "Never played cards before? If you do not want to try betting anymore, for fear of what you might lose, then we can just play for fun. Or, you know, try /other/ games." Brow-waggle. Snicker. Her fingers finally reach down to his sides, where she tries to give him a bit of a tickle.

"'course I've played cards before. I'm an Igenite, aren't I?" And there's that familiar indignant-huffy tone from Vostarik, before he subsides slightly. "And I'm not— not /afraid/ of what I might lose. Not like I have much to lose, anyway." Famous last words. When her fingers tickle down his ribs, though, he nearly levitates out of the water, with a decidedly unmanly sound, before he spins around in the water, half shocked and half amused. "Don't tell me your other games involve tickling." That's just cruel.

"Well, I had to check," Thyia replies, grinning faintly at his tone. "Are you sure you are not afraid? You can be surprised at the things that can be at stake…" Cackle! Except loud giggles come out instead before she hops one step back away from him, holding her hands up and her fingers wiggling in defense. "Oh, they can, if you want them to." She winks and pretends to tickle the air above the water. "So unless you keep putting it off, how about we make it a set date for tonight? Firewater, cards, tickling… or not. And anything else you want. Anything you can think of?"

Vostarik swallows again, running a hand through his hair. "Yeah, tonight, okay." Uh. Should he have things to think of? "No, that sounds.. adequate." His mouth thins as soon as the word gets out, but alas. "Great, I mean! So. Uh. Tonight. Where'm I meeting you, then?"

"Adequate?" That confuses the bluerider a bit before she chuckles some and bobs her head. "Alright!" That's better… fake enthusiasm, if you have to. "Well, if you cannot think of anything… do you know where the waterfall is? Phoony and I have our weyr not too far from there, so that would be a decent place to start. If you might get lost, we might as well just meet up in the caverns… Phoony and his wings and all, you know. The distance does not matter /too/ much." She dunks down to get her hair wet again.

Does he know where the waterfall is? "You mean the giant, extremely visible waterfall?" Vostarik says drolly, finally cracking a grin. "Yeah, I'll be there, then. No need to go around looking for me." Not that it would be difficult. Just locate the source of the yelling and punching, and there will be Vos. He looks down at his hands, then sighs and hoists himself out of the water, snatching up a black towel and wrapping it firmly around his waist. "Anything you need me to bring?" Apprentices? ..whips?

Thyia beams at him and nods vigoriously. "You got it! That is the one!" What a smart boy he was, right? She hops out of the water, sitting on the edge near the soapsand to give herself a quick scrub down with wrinkled fingers. "Thanks for making me feel better now… And no, unless you want to bring something. Anyone you want to invite?" Here she actually waggles her brow a bit more to him. "It is /your/ night at my weyr. Anyone you want, anything you want…" He could probably invite the whole Hall and she probably wouldn't care, openly. She does make sure to properly look disappointed when he stands there all covered up before dropping back in to rinse off.

Vostarik snorts. "You've met just about everyone in Ista I know. I think I'll stay away from inviting any of them." Oh, the rumors /that/ would cause. He reaches for another towel to start rubbing through his hair and drying off his shoulders as he starts stepping past the pool and toward the door back to the caverns. "So I'll see you at the waterfall, then," he says, glancing back at Thyia, head cocked,
"Your choice," Thyia says with a broad grin, looking pleased at that decision. Well, whatever he wanted, right! It wasn't like she would complain to any more invites to her place, after another night's comments. After getting the soap off, she skips right back out, dripping wet and naked and slowly moving towards the towels before she turns back to face him and wink. "At the waterfall. Wait up for me if I am not there, but we are rarely late!" She makes sure to blow him a kiss too before finally grabbing a towel for herself. "Fun times await us!"

Vostarik has enough time for one more brilliant blush before he nods, ducks his head, and all but dashes for the door. And he's outta there! Fun times indeed.

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