Weyrtime Fun

Living Cavern
The smooth, rounded walls cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient, lustrous tables run along the axis of the cavern, and at the far end rests the raised dais and high table, where Weyrleaders and honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is embedded into stone: a smoking mountain in black on an orange shield, trimmed in gold.
Perched near the food are seventeen firelizards.
You see Firelizard Tapestry, Dart Board, Living Cavern Notice Board, and Kangarru here.
Xoria, Jadall, and Thyia are here.
Obvious exits:
Northeast Caverns Kitchens Bowl Southern Caverns

Jadall pads up from the lower caverns, balancing a ferret on each shoulder while trying to sip from his mug. Glancing around the emptyish space, he flops down at the nearest table, dislodging both fluffy bundles into his lap.

Xoria appears to be well established at a table. There is an empty plate to one side as well as a mug and her nose is rather firmly planted in an old and distinguished looking book. As her table is flopped upon she looks up and cautiously gathers her various bits and pieces towards her. The ferrets are eyed somewhat suspiciously before she offers a polite "Afternoon."

Vostarik, still bearing the last vestiges of a black eye, sulks his way from the food over toward the tables, a mug of klah in one hand and a piece of redfruit in the other. It's creepily quiet! He pauses by Jadall's and Xoria's table, offering a nod to Xoria and a "Sir" to the craftmaster while he contemplates which would be more rude: to sit with them, or to not sit with them. Hmm.

Maitea walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Thyia runs in from the direction of the bowl, hair in a hair curly ponytail and her grey eyes darting behind her every so often. Eventually she stops, takes a deep breath, and waits. "I guess she got distracted," she says to no one in particular, pouting before she turns back around and walking at a slower pace to the food table to get herself some klah and a good plate of bubblies and sweetrolls. On her way to the tables, she passes by the sulking Vostarik, only to give him a double-take. "Shells. Did you get kicked in the face by a runner, boy?"

Jadall scoops the fluffies from his lap and sets them on the table instead. That way there's room for his mug. Glancing up at Xoria, he mutters, "Already?" And to Vos, he quirks his mouth in a slight smile and comments, "I really hope the other guy looks worse than you. Otherwise you'll be going for more self-defense classes when we get back to the hall."

Xoria does a double-take at Vostarik, or more particularly that fading black eye he is currently sporting. Her polite non-commital nod is accompanied by the faintest twitch of her lips, which may or may not have anything to do with Thyia's comments. "Last I checked it was." She replies carefully to Jadall, his knot, and his reputation precedes him alas. "Thyia." Headbob, before a small blue thing is teased out from her lap. "Look how much he has grown!" Someone is proud.

Aha! Potential for sympathy. Vostarik plops down at the occupied table, mug and fruit thunking down before him. "Worse," he responds to Thyia, trying to look mournful and mostly just looking sour. "Iasri." A pause, in which he peers at Jadall. "I suppose she does look worse than me. Not 'cause I hit her or anything, though," he's quick to add. He's a buttface, but he doesn't hit girls! Xoria just receives a suspicious glance. Whatcha looking at?

Thyia ends up staring at Vostarik's eye for a long moment before she realizes there were others there. She studies each one in turn before nodding politely to the Craftmaster and grinning to Xoria. She moves to an empty seat at that table, joining the group. "Oh, you were one that got one of M'yr's nastry critters? Well, at least you had gotten the cute one." She chuckles to the little blue before turning back towards the abused Herder. "Iasri? That sounds horrible. Poor Vos… anything I can do to make it better?" She winks to him before taking a bite of one roll, muffling a giggle. "Only with your permission of course, Master Herder."

Jadall hmms softly, "Well, Iasri is the hall administrator. You must have been doing something wrong for her to go after you like that. Did you make a mess?" He nudges a ferret head away from his doctored juice before nodding to the rider, "Afteroon, so I'm told. Anything exciting planned today? Or that I should be worried about?"

Vostarik's reputation also precedes him, double alas. Xoria responds with a tilt of one eyebrow, and a very smug smirk as she crosses her leg and leans back in her chair, her book is happily forgotten now. "Yeah. He's a smart one too." Or at least she thinks he is. The interplay between Thyia and Vostarik is watched with interest.

Vostarik's infamous! Probably not in the way he'd like. He sputters at Jadall. "She was drinking! /Drunk/! And spreading these lies about /you/ giving her some half-dozen wineskins to polish off!" Huff, huff. "And— no, I didn't make a mess." He settles back in his chair to sulk more, arms crossed over his chest as he glances up at Thyia. Much to his chagrin, he starts turning red. "You could get me a muffin," he mutters, ducking his head to eye the blue Xoria's displaying. He looks distinctly unimpressed.

"No excitement that I have heard about, besides whipping weyrlings into shape," Thyia responds to the Craftmaster before taking a large gulp of klah. "Cute and smart make good matches. I got myself a defective bronze, but the others make up for him." She turns back to the Herder conversation, arching a brow at this talk of a certain Iasri. Slightly interested… "Muffin? How about I give you a bubbly now and I will make sure to keep some muffins up in my weyr." There's a big grin and a wink while she pushes her plate of bubblies and rolls at the younger Herder.

Jadall hmms, "Wine skins. Yup, I gave her a bunch of them. Being the hall administrator is a stressful job, she needed to loosen up, not get drunk. I'll have to talk to her… later." Pushing back on his chair so that only two legs are on the floor, he glances after the rider, "Sounds like fun. Do you use real whips? I wouldn't mind trying that on some of the apprentices back at the hall, but all we have are riding crops."

Xoria's smug expression gives way to something resembling disapproval, which is directed more at Jadall than at Vostarik. Thyia is grinned at briefly. "You sound like my mother." Aka a proddy green-rider and not at all maternal. Jadall gets another frown but that is all, curse her lack of age and rank.

Dear nonexistent Pernese religious entity, are you there? It's me, Vostarik. He sents Thyia a distinct 'do you see what I have to deal with?' look of appeal before turning back to Jadall. "You /gave/ them to her," he repeats, trying to remain within the realm of respectful disbelief. He's not entirely successful (bother age and rank; he's not as smart as Xoria, apparently). The fact that Xoria's spotlight look of disapproval has moved on to Jadall is a relief, though, and even as his face turns redder at Thyia's remark, he's casting a more curious look at the resident. "Who're you again?" Despite himself, he picks up a bubbly from Thyia's plate, picking at an edge.

Maitea makes her way into the caverns, she looks around a little warily, seeing who all is there. A narrowing of her eyes as her gaze centers on VOs. Figures /he'd/ be there. Sniff. Another look Jadall, okay, this should be interesting…wait. whips? SHe makes a muffled sound of dismay and then her eyes center on Xoria, and there'in lies safety. She carefully makes her way over there, a side-ling glance given Thyia before she murmurs a hello to Xoria.

"Whips. Horse crops. I bet they work just as well… " Thyia shrugs her shoulders as she turns her grin to Jadall now. "Though I only use them on the worse of the lot." She glances between Vostarik and then the Craftmaster. "What is so wrong about some wine? Everyone should drink from time to time." She beams when the bubbly is taken, dragging her plate back to snag one herself. Holding it up to her face though, she freezes at Xoria's comment. "I really hope not. Do I look like a mother already?" Gasp!

Jadall nods firmly, "I totally agree. Without wine, I'd never be able to do all the things I do in a day." Or break as many things. "And anyways, we're on vacation. There's no snow and lots of attractive people your age. Do you have to pester Iasri?" Kicking up his feet onto the table leg to balance himself, he ponders out loud, "We will have to be heading back in a day or two. I really hope they haven't set the hall on fire again."

Lanti strides in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Xoria is processing all the various threads of information quietly, which earns Vostarik a quick sympathetic glance, she's still not entirely sure of him after all. Maitea gets a small smile. "Hey." She responds before her attention returns to the bizarre two-point drama unfolding before her. "Yeah. That is /exactly/ what I meant." Or not. "You've met Mum haven't you? Sapha, rider of /green/ Phirath." Clear as mud? Good. "I know the healers have a variety of ways to relax that don't require the use of alcohol. Perhaps you should ask them for some assistance with this Iasri person." Gasp! Constructive much?

"If you look like a mother, it's one of those hot young mothers," Vostarik responds semi-irritably to Thyia around a mouthful of pie. Mm, pie. Better than persecution by herderfolk by a long sight. Doesn't stop him from giving Maitea a narrow-eyed Look as she tries to slip into the group. "I don't /pester/ Iasri. She pesters everyone else! All that moaning and bitc— griping about hall duties this, administration blah freaking blah that," is his retort to Jadall. "Sir." Like that'll make it more respectful. Xoria's suggestion is met with an emphatic nod, a swallow of pie, and some finger-pointing. "See! Yes. I like that. Let's drug Iasri instead."

Maitea eyes Vos a little her nose wrinkling as she listens to him and then leans close whisper to Xoria. Yup, she really doesn't like Vos and isn't above to letting others know about it.

You overhear Maitea mutter, "… … I mean? … half … … not … in her … … … her he … … … a ton of … to … … … … … … … … he treats … … … …" to Xoria.

Thyia falls silent for a moment as she considers the name. "No, I do not think that I have. Sapha, sounds familiar, but we probably have not been properly introduced. Hot? You really think so?" she asks Vos, leaning forward on the table a bit now and giggling some. It doesn't last as she sits up, flicking hair over her shoulder before taking a big bite of the bubbly. While she's trying to clean up the bit of mess, her eyes snap up to Jadall. She gulps it down her bite and pouts. "Leaving so soon! I still owe Vostarik a night in my weyr, and now we have a time limit?" Whiine. She gives her own greeting to Maitea with a little wave and a curious brow arch. "Can you not leave a few of the apprentices behind, Master Herder?" she turns back with a pleading pout.

Jadall hmms softly as he looks over Vos for a moment, "I think I could manage without him for a sevenday or two. But ya gotta promise not to break him too badly. He's rather good at cleaning up stables and anything Iasri needs washed." Tipping his mug over, empty again, he pouts slightly, "But he's not good at keeping his craftmaster from getting totally parched. He just ignores an old man like me. Those cute female apprentices seem to take up all his time." Glancing at Xor, he asks, "You're not an apprentice, are you?"

Lanti enters from the direction of the bowl and takes her sweet time meandering among the tables on a mostly direct path towards the sideboard, where she continues to take her time in picking out a drink, and in pouring said drink. Her interaction is limited to a nod to answer one of the Bakers near the kitchen entrance.

Sauni walks in from the South Caverns.

Xoria rolls her eyes. "Not nessecarily drugs…" She responds quickly to Vostarik before her attention is drawn to Maitea, there is that frown again, dratted frown. Poor Xoria's head is being mildly exorsist-like as her attention focuses upon Jadall once more. "No. Not one of yours at any rate. After careful consideration I decided I really don't like runner crap all that much." It's an honest appraisal at least. Taking a moment to mutter something to Maitea, her gaze finally rests upon Thyia, who gets a rather large grin. "You're terrible."

You overhear Xoria mutter, "… … been watching … carefully. … may … a … … … … but I feel … … … the Weyr … … safe." to Maitea.

Sauni isn't really paying much attention around herself as she makes her way into the caverns. For cradle in her arms is a creeling /starving/ firelizard that looks just a few days out of its shell. The kitchens door is made for quickly as she shouts into the depths. "I need some meat! Come one! It's for the baby, really!" apparently the cooks aren't thrilled with her in general but finally it appears.

Vostarik winces, trying to keep the innards of his bubbly from spilling out onto the table with one hand. "I mean— not, like /hot/, uh" He seems to be trying to think of some way to keep himself from looking like the completely hormone-addled teenaged boy he is when Thyia brings up - tada! - a night in her weyr. "Ggwha!" That is the sound of Vos choking on a piece of pie. He coughs so hard that he all but misses Jadall's response. "Not — it's not like it sounds what?" This is a trying time for him. Finally, he nods at Xoria again, scowling. "You might be the only sensible person I've seen so far since we got here. Though I think that if you knew Iasri, you might reconsider the drugs." Sauni's entrance gets only an annoyed glance. Find your own meat, really.

Thyia's grin couldn't get any wider. "A sevenday? /Plenty/ of time. And I have the pair of dragonwings to get him back if he is needed earlier." She shakes her head a bit sad to the Craftmaster's dilemma. "You poor man… I would offer you my hospitality as well, if you did not have a Hall to get back to and all. I always have Igen firewater stocked, too." There're poorly muffled giggles at Vostarik's reaction. "I do not know what you are flustered about. It is exactly as it sounds. A night in a dragonrider's weyr." She winks to Xoria. "I know." Snicker. "You want in?" Creeling firelizards ruin the mood for a moment as she winces, eyeing the young girl sympathetically.

Jadall hmms, "Well, I'll have to take you up on that later. We do have a couple riders apprenticing at the hall, they love to be my transport." He sets his mug down and flips it over, then closes his eyes and just rests to listen to his poor apprentice's dilemas. (Gotta idle, sorry.)

Xoria really can't help but laugh as she too is propositioned. "Thanks." She struggles to regain control of her lips. "Perhaps if Vostarik requires hand-holding…. Or a defender of his virtue." She quirks a brow at the poor Herder apprentice. "One does ones best." She admits modestly.

Sauni juggles the bowl of meat and the firelizard that's doing his best to crawl into it as she moves to find a seat at the tables. "Quit that, if you bite my finger I'm just going to put you back in the shell. I'll do it!"

Vostarik is doing his best to look neither completely mortified nor like he has his mind completely in the gutter. He kind of fails. "I— but" And look, Jadall has abandoned him too! There is no justice. He rubs at the back of his neck before deciding that going back to eating is probably the safest path. "I don't /need/ any of that," he huffs at Xoria, apparently over the fact that she might actually be on his side now. Maybe. "Why—" His question to Thyia is cut off. Pie. Pie is good.

"Yah, well… not exactly what I meant," Thyia answers Jadall with a confused chuckle and a shrug. She licks the fruit filling off the edge of her bubbly befoe looking first at Xoria and then to Vostarik. "Well, you can always figure something else to do… We will figure it out together. And he is just looking for the closest meal. Fingers are very filling, I hear." That is said towards Sauni with a snicker, turning back her attention on the Herder, smirking. "I guess it is just you and me here at the Weyr while everyone else goes back. Oh? Why what?" Pie is good, but the bluerider's curiosity kept her from shoving it all in her mouth and preventing her from talking.

Maitea just eyes Thyia and shakes her head "I can't wait to go home." she murmurs softly and gets up from her seat. "And I thought Vos was terrible." she shudders a little and then gives Xoria a little way. Sorry VOs, you don't get one yet. A wary look to Thyia and she escapes back to the outdoors.

"Are you absolutely sure?" Xoria asks of Vostarik, amusement clearly evident in her tone of voice. "I don't think you are sure." She adds, wiggling her foot a little, before throwing a wave at Maitea as she leaves. Thyia is given a twitched brow. "Well he doesn't seem to need my company, so I guess I'll have to decline."

"Yeah? Well— /you're/ terrible!" Vostarik snaps after Maitea, voice rising as she gets further away. Apparently having his nerves rattled doesn't do wonders for his witty comebacks. He leans back in his chair again, slouched over as he finishes off the last of the pie. Nom. "And I—" He huffs at Xoria, but he doesn't affirm or deny anything. Let's get off this topic! Before he has an aneurysm. "You see? You /see/ how they all treat me?" The melodramatic question is directed mostly at Thyia, though a last-second glance includes Xoria as well. Pityyy himmmm.

Sauni shoots look at Thyia and it's not really a dirty look but one of those childish irritated ones. "I'm trying. This isn't easy you know!" she exclaims to the other woman. Which from the way she says it makes one think that she realizes people likely do /know/. "But… he's cuddly at night at least."

"He is not hungry at night," Thyia explains to Sauni in her teacher voice. "He is only asking you as nice as he can manage, being new born and all, that he wants food. Now." She chuckles dryly at her dilemma before returning her focus to the one close by. "You need to give Ista a bit more time to love it!" she calls after Maitea, giving her a more cheerful parting wave than she should. "She said she /thought/ you were terrible. Which means she was probably wrong. And they are probably just jealous you are with the hot girl. Right?" Beam, wink, and looking like a cute innocent bluerider. "Aw, and it would have been fun with more people around. Though maybe another day, Xoria?"

Xoria rubs her forehead slightly. "Ever consider that you may be in the wrong craft?" She asks, sympathy whats that? "My father managed a very successful career in Healer Hall, and he is even more socially deficient than you appear to be." Perhaps that is a compliment. Who knows? She adds in a much quieter tone, because Jadall is still there pretending to sleep and listening to the conversation and such. "Personally, I'd get the hell outta Herder before it goes balls up." More social deficency courtesy of her father apparently. Thyia gets a puzzled frown. "More fun with more people?" Sounds kinky. "I found establishing a regular feeding routine helps eliminate the urge to bite fingers." She also offers helpfully to Sauni.

Sauni gathers up the bowl and firelizard once more, less creeling as she does so at least. "I'll try to do that… but it means I'll have to get up at like a normal time or something." she grins impishly before moving towards the outside. "At least he'll nap after this! I'm glad I never had little brothers or sisters, this is just silly." and out she goes.

Sauni walks to the Bowl.

"Or she could quit rewardin' it chomping on her fingers with food," is Vostarik's peevish observation as he watches Sauni leave before he turns back to the girls at the table. Woe. "If they see me with a hot girl they'll probably just start telling people that I knocked her up or bribed her or something," he responds to Thyia, disgruntled. He reaches for his redfruit, turning it over in his hands. He glances at Xoria over the fruit, head tipped in consideration. "Successful, huh." Let's think this over. "How successful?"

Thyia bobs her head to her two companions. "Or all that. Whatever… Hope it learns some manners soon," she says towards Sauni, nodding after the young girl as she heads out. "I doubt they would think that, especially with /me/. As if I would be knocked up." She giggles at Vostarik again, shaking her head quickly. "Who cares what they think, anyway? And if you quit, you might as well stick to Ista Weyr for a little bit. Us Igenites have to stick together afterall."

Xoria takes a moment to think. "I believe he is a master now, after switching from mind-healing part way through his journeyman's course." She taps a finger on the table. "He cuts up dead people." Because thats everyones dream career choice isn't it? "Oh and he has a hot green riding girlfriend." Her mother obviously. "Yes, I had heard it was your intention to impregnate the entire Weyr." Score for Thyia perhaps?

Vostarik looks rather baffled by the influx of suggestions for what to do with his life. He thought he had that one down already. "Well— it's not like there's a whole lot of apprentices to hang out with," he tries to defend himself, taking a bite out of the fruit. "I kind of have to care what they think, right? I mean, not that I /do/." Fluster. He wipes his chin on his sleeve, then freezes mid-motion to stare at Xoria. "What? /You/ even heard that? From who?!"

"There are plenty of others besides apprentices to hang out with here." Thyia says with a stern nod. Herself included in that list, of course. "Not when what they think are just stupid assumptions. If it is something important, than I guess you should listen…" This bluerider had a bad habit of not listening in the past herself, and she just shrugs. Her brows lift up in surprise to Xoria's comment. "Impregnate everyone? You want an army of brats? Might be a little tough with the riders, but I am sure there are lots of willing girls in the lower caverns. Have you asked around?"

Xoria blinks at him solemnly. "I don't think I will reveal my source." Not that it is hard to figure out after all. "But after watching you, I'm pretty certain that we're safe from an influx of babies in nine months." Her long forgotten mug is picked up and it's contents inspected. "Yes. Other peoples opinions of you are dreadfully important." Cue eye-roll. Of course just as she was about to take a sip from her mug Thyia pipes up, causing an unladylike snort to echo from said vessel.

"No! I'm — I don't want to — her. See," Vostarik gestures with th efruit at Xoria. Drip, goes the fruit. "No influx! No babies. Not that I /couldn't,/ I mean," he has to add. "I totally could. But I'm a good person!" He demonstrates by even wiping up the trail of fruit-juice that's dripped on the table. "So I won't. Do that. I bet it was Iasri told you, wasn't it?" he rounds on Xoria, eyes narrowing. "Yea high" he holds out a hand above his head. "Built like a broomstick, probably still hungover?"

Iasri walks in from the South Caverns.

Speak of the devil ladies and gents, because Iasri is making her way from outside, ambling her way into the living canverns. She's not drunk this time, maybe a tad hung over, but none worse for wear. It's the little crowd she notices first, with Vos right in the center of it. Oh great. She pretends she's seen nothing, ambling away towards the nearest table of food and klah. If she pretends he doesn't exist, maybe he'll do the same.

Thyia shrugs both her shoulders, hiding her smirk this time in her mug of klah. "Alright, no babies. Not that it would not be bad. A bit of variety in the Weyr and all…" She giggles at him again. "Good person, okay. But you /are/ going to stay here another sevenday, right? That is plenty of time to change your mind. Or you can just hide out in my weyr more than just the one night." She sets the mug down, squinting her grey eyes to study Vostarik closely. "There goes Iasri again. You know her pretty well, hm? In love with her?" Is that a pout on the bluerider's face? Most likely.

Jadall opens one eye and glances over at Iasri, careful not to tip his chair all the way over and end up on the floor again. Holding up his empty mug at her, he coughs loudly and calls out, "Apprentice, while you're up, can you refil this for your poor, old craftmaster?"

Xoria cocks her head as she listens to the incoming description. "No. Never met her." She eventually decides, this time managing to get a sip of cold-klah goodness down her gullet. "Somehow I don't think you could." She offers her opinion on the matter. "You stutter far too much to be effective at seduction." Thyia's unrelenting attempts earn a small snigger, she doesn't have a stutter see. "He'd need more than a week I think rider."

Vostarik would not add anything positive to the Weyr's bloodlines. Really. "I mean .. I guess I'll stay. Better than going back to much out stalls and kennels." At the suggestion that he's in love with Iasri, though, he looks positively alarmed. "In /love/ with her? Dude, she has no boobs!" Or, uh, a better reason. "I mean, she's a total bit—" And Jadall sits up. "Bitran," Vos finishes rather weakly, following the Craftmaster's gaze over to.. Iasri! "See? Just like I said." He points. "No boobs. Broomstick. I don't /stutter./"

Iasri tries to ignore the conversation, giving Jadall a grunt as she reaches for the jug and starts to pour. She's not paying much attention though, because her gaze is locked straight on Thyia and Vos. Well, it's not really a gaze, it's a glare, a hateful, jealous glare at the pair. "I can hear /you/ know," she shoots back Vos's way, her hand tipping the jug even more. "I might not have boobs, but you fight like a sissy girl. I hope you told them where you got that black eye from." At this point, she's blushing. Ear tip to ear tip. "And if you don't shut your trap, I'll give you another one."

Jadall amlmost gets an overfull mug, lifting it to tap the mug and stop the appy at the last moment, "We've heard his side of the story.. wanna get yours out?" He's leaning back in his chair, at the same table as the others in the cavern, with ferrets sleeping in his lap. GLancing up at Vos, he smirks at the "poor" apprentice, "Remember, we all gotta live in the same hall. Too many babies would clutter the halls."

"I do not know… he has this adorable factor that can be useful on the caverns gals." Thyia winks towards Xoria now, giggling some more into her mug. She sips one more time before setting it aside. "If he stays with me a few days, a week will be plenty of time after I am through with him. And you will stay? Great!" She beams and then nods her head at Vostarik as he explains. "It just sounds like the beginnings of a heated lovers' quarrel, the way you always talk about her— that her?" She grins wickedly when said girl is pointed out. "He told us!" she calls over to her, waggling a few fingers. "Join us, and we can discuss your relationship together with you, too. Vos is too cute to be hated and attacked, and too much of a gentleman to strike back."

Xoria coughs slightly before finishing her klah and placing the empty mug on her plate. Then she turns to look at Iasri. "No wonder she gave you a black eye." Boy. "And no wonder your fellow apprentices don't like you. Suppose I were to describe you as a tall boy, with a small …. package?" Yay for euphemisms. "How would you like that?" She adds for good measure. Thyia is as always amusing, and gets a /giggle/ from Xoria. "What is it with your family and that whole cute and adorable thing?" She asks.

Vostarik is all set to start spouting off his own vitriolic response to Iasri when Jadall (thankfully) cuts him off. So he just sputters at Thyia instead. "Relationship! I— she— people don't have relationships with /hateful cows/!" He raises his voice toward the end, just in case Iasri somehow didn't hear it. He looks vaguely perplexed at Xoria's assessment of the situation, though. "That's speculation," he answers, looking stung. "Her boobs are /right there./" His package, happily, is not. "I don't say anything that isn't /true./"

Hesitating at Thyia's suggestion, Iasri turns first to collect a few bits of fingerfoods to her plate before moving towards the little group, a scowl plastered on her face. "Sure.. I'll tell you, /gladly/" she snaps, plopping down in an empty chair. "Craftmaster gave me some wine skins. I offered some to this thing," motion towards Vos, "And instead, he had to have a stick rammed so far up his ass to start taking them away from me. So I nailed him." In her anger, she seems a bit hurt, face flushing so much that she counteracts it by stuffing her mouth and chews. "I'm not a /cow/," she mutters back at Vos. Are those the first hint of tears? Maybe. Or tears of death.

Jadall reaches into his lap, picks up both ferrets and deposits them in Iasri's lap, "Hold these for a moment, will ya?" Pushing up to his feet, he pads back over the food for a moment. She gave him an idea. And he returns with a wineskin, plopping down into his chair once more but with something better than juice, "Sounds like a cut and dry case of.. uhm.. insubordination. Tie them up and let them wait for thread." THey'd only have to wait a couple hundred turns.

Thyia turns towards Xoria with an innocent grin now. "I do not think that is a good comparison. Vos actually looks pretty good naked, and I can say that as a witness." Her grin only widens at her and she giggles. "Well, M'yr is a whole different case. He thinks /he/ is the only cute and adorable one. While I think lots of people can be cute and adorable." She tsks at Vostarik. "Cows are fat, and she most definitely is not. You already said she was a broomstick." Her eyes quickly turn towards Iasri. "Not a bad looking broomstick, either, of course. And I see… I guess stealing alcohol is bad, but maybe he was only looking out for you." To Vos: "Were you looking out for her?" Her eyeslight up at the Craftmaster, and she downs the rest of her mug quickly before holding it out. "You are sharing, right?"

"Just because her boobs…" Or lack thereof. " are right there does not give you the right to discuss them." Xoria spells it out for him in reasonably simple language. Iasri is given a frown, partly due to the diatribe, partly because Xoria has views on apprentice behaviour. "You're angry at him for not wanting you to harm yourself?" She questions thoughtfully, giving Thyia a 'Faranth help us, these crazy people and their emotional issues' glance, which resembles any number of eye-rolls she's had during the conversation.

Vostarik's nakedness is not up for discussion. His virtues as an apprentice are, though! "Yes! See. I was just trying to stop her doing a disservice to herself or contributing to the image of the Herdercraft as a madhouse." Clearly, it worked. He leans back again, looking smug, long legs stretching under the table as his chair tips onto two legs. "Good grief. Rhaenyra had the right of it, getting out of here while she could." Er. He didn't just say that out loud.

The mention of Vostarik naked almost makes this poor girl's brain explode. First chiding about drinking, then about her boobs, and now this? Oh Faranth. "What?" Slow motion head turning towards Thyia, laserbeams of hatred are directed towards the blue rider. She's trying to help and all, but geeze. Don't toy with the girl's feeble, Vos loving heart. "Can we stop talking about him /naked/, and also about if I have boobs or not…plea—zee" The wineskin is given a longingful look as Iasri shifts in her seat, miserable. She'd like to between now please.

Jadall takes another pull from the wineskin before handing it over to the rider, "Now, don't you go and drink it all. I'm sure the apprentices would like some. Maybe it'd cool down things a bit." Glancing around the table, he snitches a piece of meat from someone's plate, he's not that picky, before smirking at Vos, "Rhaen is on assignment. She'll be back at the hall before too long." Really, she will.

Thyia's brow pops up as her jealousy-meter spikes. "Jealous?" she asks Iasri with the slowest of grins spreading across her face. "What is so wrong about talking about him naked? It is kind of normal around these parts. Maybe not /Vos/ naked, though that would be great. We can go skinnydipping in the beach more often since you will be staying here for a bit longer, Vos!" Beam. What a great plan. "And see? Vos is a /great/ guy. Only looking out to help you, Iasri." The wineshin is plucked happily, but only to fill her mug up some before wiggling it up towards the apprentices. She was too short to keep it out of their reach. "Who wants a drink first?"

Xoria's eyes travel from one person to the next her expression gaining a disapproving frown, and a wee bit of a lip nibble. Eventually she decides to pick up her forgotten book, to tap on its cover whilst she thinks. Dilemma dilemma, apprentices drinking is bad, telling off old people is bad too. "Drinking causes heart attacks and death." She eventually chimes in.

"Then I vote Iasri keep drinking." Vostarik is, if anything, even more of a buttface, now that he has Xoria to back him up on a moral front and Thyia to back him up on the naked front. Huzzah. Smug. "Yeah, Ias, what's so wrong about talking about me na.. ah. Oh, never mind." He can't even do it. And the continued mention of skinnydipping is making him start turning red again. So he turns to Jadall for something to talk about that doesn't involve his package. "Rhaenyra was my mentor. Doesn't that mean that I should be, like, on assignment /with/ her?"

"I want some.. here." Raising an expectant hand, Iasri motions forcefully for that wineskin, a look furious adolesent pain flashing across her face. Brows furrow to Thyia's comment, and she gives a loud, all to obvious rebuttle, "NO. NEVER." The first hint of tears are starting to well up in her eyes and she turns her head to wipe them on her shoulder. You know, the almost healed one. "Good then Vos," she snaps back, making an effort to keep her face turned, because her nose is starting to run, "Maybe I will drink myself to death, then I'll never have to /deal/ with you again." So there. Hrmp.

Jadall looks at Xoria and snickers softly, "Wine causes babies too." And then to Vos, so many people to keep him awake, "Not if you're not cleared for secret assignments. You'll have to settle for learning from me until she gets back." And finally he turns to Iasri. "I only have the one skin this time." And she's crying, it's like kryptonite for him. Reaching over, he lifts up the apprentice with hands under her arms, he's strong like that, and plops her down in his lap, "Maybe we need stronger wine."

Maitea has wandered back into the caverns, just in time to see Jadall put Iasri in his lap. Her eyes go wide, her jaw practically hitting the floor. "Shards! Is everyone sex craved?!" Okay, so maybe she saw something into that that wasn't there, but knowing the Herders, who knows. Maybe's he's just a dirty old guy. Either way it's a shocker for the poor little girl.

"All lies," Thyia informs Xoria. "So long as you do not drink alone and you are careful not to drink the whole Weyr's stock in one night. So how about the first sip, Xoria?" She holds the skin to the young resident instead of Iasri. "You are too fun to kill yourself off by alcohol. Aw, do not be sad. It is normal to be jealous. I am jealous that… that Vos gets to be in that Hall so far away with you… oooh, and that." She points to the girl on the Craftmaster's lap before setting the skin down in the middle of the table for whoever wants it. Xoria, who she nominated for first sip, or Iasri, who might need it… "And it is nakeD, love," she says to Vostarik with her trademark wink. "Easy to say… easy to do."

Xoria concedes Jadall's point with a tilt of her head. "Indeed, although I believe my brother was the result of a mango liquor." Iasri is watched with particular concern, "I wouldn't really suggest alcohol for her condition sir." After all crying girls usually get by without it. "It could make things worse rather than better." How so? She doesn't know. "Not my first sip by a long shot." She admits before taking the offered skin and having a good guzzle, she's protecting the apprentices from the evils of alcohol she is.

Vostarik is smug! Was smug. Actually, as Iasri gets closer and closer to real tears he's looking kind of wary. (Jadall putting her on his lap makes Vos even more wary.) Good thing Maitea's there to distract him. "Why do /you/ think everyone's sex-craved?" he wants to know, eyes narrowed. Lightbulb. "Dude, /you're/ probably the one who's been telling everyone I'm getting people pregnant. Oh, Faranth." And now Xoria's drinking, too! His look implies that this is something of a betrayal. Here he was thinking she was the sensible girl. "If you end up gettin' drunk and punch me in the face, too, I—" He stops short. "Well, I'll do something. Mean!"

Jadall motions to a drudge passing by and manages to obtain a couple more skins of wine and one darker one of something a bit stronger. He drops the wine on the table, but the good stuff is saved for his mouth. He's gotten good at drinking around people in his lap, comes from.. er.. consoling people a lot. He'll use that excuse. "Drinking alone is always a bad thing. It's hard to do something really stupid if there's no one around to witness it. Or even better, to take part in it too."

Maitea eyes Vos "Oh, gee. I wonder why. You're only just talking about it everytime I turn around." she states and a glance is given Thyia and then back to VOs "ANd the things I've heard about you, and the things you are doing. You're one to talk. And don't you dare talk to Xoria like that. SHe's a thousand times better than you and you probably drove her to drink. You're such a stuck-up, skinny beanpole manure diver." she snaps. "I hope you trip and fall out of someone's weyr and die!"

Thyia laughs at Xoria suddenly drinking. "Good job," she says to her, bobbing her head. "And here I thought it sounded like you abhored drinking. It is not fun being the only ones in a group drinking, either. Everyone needs to join in, or you do not like the taste of alcohol?" That, of course, is to Vostarik, as she holds her mug out to him after she took another, bigger, gulp. "I would never punch you in the face, Vos…" She trails off as she stares at Maitea's outburst, blinking at the young girl. "Vos has been nothing but a good boy, really. No need to kick the poor kid when he has not done anything as awful as you say. Assuming things with the little bit that you came in to like that only makes you look like a fool." Ready to defend her new friends!

Iasri is at first startled, really startled at being moved over to Jadall's lap. It propms her to start crying now, for reals, tears running down her face freely. No sobbing, that's a good thing, Vos has seen that one before. But it's kinda awkward, with Iasri, all 5'10 of her crowded on the craftmaster's lap. She's also beet red; By Faranth, if that man tries something, she'll deck him harder than she did Vos. She darts her face into his shoulder with an embarrased whine. She'd run over to Maitea and high five her friend if she could, but she needs to be drunk first. "Wiiiinne." she mutters into Jadall's shoulder. Please.

Jadall ruffles up Iasri's hair as he laughs softly, "Oh fine." Reaching over to grab a skin just for her and trying not to press to tightly against her while he does, he slips the alchohol into her hands, "Drink up. The night is just starting." He glances up at Mait and snickers, "You've been hanging around Dala too long to be talking like that. Men aren't evil. Just most of them." And then to Thyia, he queries, "Before we head back, I really need to find these hot springs everyone talks about."

Xoria quirks a brow at Vostarik. "Promises, promises." Really its the apprentice rule-breaking she's against. "But alas, it takes more than half a glass to get me drunk." Seeing as even more alcohol is arriving, Xoria finally comes to the realisation that it is a lost cause, nothing she can do can save the apprentices now. "Well, as enlightening as this conversation has been, I think I'll go relax on the beach with my book." Said book is retrieved before she offers head-bobs to all and sundry. Vostarik is offered a partly sympathetic, partly amused glance, Maitea gets a concerned frown as does Iasri. Thyia gets a wink. "Its not the drinking, it's who is doing the drinking." She points out before heading towards the door.

Xoria strides to the Southern Caverns.

Vostarik looks surprised - and grateful, mind - when Thyia springs to his defense. Aw. "You," he looks over at her, shaking his head at the proffered mug, "are my new favorite person. /Ya'll," and there's a dark look at Iasri and Maitea - and possibly Jadall, by extension of Iasri; "are really not. I'm getting out of here." Before Maitea and follow through on any of her threats. He pushes his chair back, hands shoved in his pockets, and turns to go. "And, uh, you let me know whenever I can come check out your weyr," he adds to Thyia in an undertone. "Before someone tries to kill me in my sleep in the dorms." And he's off!

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