Herder Log: Dalaynia and Lilah

March 08, 2002

Foaling Barn (#14588)
This barn is split into two areas. One side has foaling stalls, which are twice the size of normal, as well as a few smaller stalls for the orphaned foals. Nearby are benches, which are covered with blankets, providing a place to wait. Blankets also cover the walls, muting sounds and keeping the chill down to a minimum. Nestled near the benches are a few cots for those that might need to stay overnight. On the other side is an area that is reminiscent of an infirmary, with cabinets full of medical supplies. But added to it is an area to cross-tie a runner and a table large enough to hold a young foal.
The sweet smell of fresh cut hay permeates through the room.
There are 4 stalls here.
The stables are basically very clean.
Lilah is here.
Obvious exits:
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Dalaynia makes her way down from her rooms. She gives a bit of a nod, just the apprentice she was looking for. "Ah Lilah, I've been wanting to talk with you."

Lilah turns around a bit surprised to even be spoken to as she is mucking out one of the empty stalls. "Oh, hullo." Soft spoken, the back of her hand moves up to brush sweat off her forehead. "I figured so, but I'm here now.." Helplessly offering a shrug..

Dalaynia nods softly "Well I've been hearing some complaints about you concerning your studies." she murmurs softly, looking quite pained.

Lilah emits a soft sigh, "As I've heard from too many already." Not trying to be harsh or sarcastic, but she has; she was pretty much expecting Dalaynia to come around sooner or later and bring it up..

Dalaynia just gives a nod, her face not really portraying anything but dislike at having to be put on the spot like this. "Well, it is my duty to talk with you about it. Not a duty I take pleasure in, but we all must uphold the hall standards." she gives a long and weary sigh. "Though perhaps it is partially our fault. For here at Ista you are far from the main crafthall."

Lilah shrugs some, "Could be." She really never thought of that her moods were all part of the fact that being away from the main crafthall, could make her feel a bit more "laid back?" Tips of her mouth twitching twitching into a slight frown.

Dalaynia nods softly "So I've been talking with Master Myra and we feel that perhaps you would benifet from some time in the Main Crafthall. We really cannot afford disrespect from our apprentices."

Lilah snorts softly; face dropping a bit at the idea of moving back to the Main Crafthall. A bit angered at the idea, "Fine then. An' I suppose I'll be so much better there, since I haven't been doing well here in the Hall and in general." That's right, just pack her off and send her away, sure, perfect!

Dalaynia sighs softly, she does so hate confrontations "Well it has been stated that I've not been able to teach you properly." she notes, not having liked that as well. "So I have failed in my duty as a Mentor." something she didn't like being reminded of one bit.

Lilah holds her tongue about Dalaynia failing in her duty as a Mentor, shall she keep her comments to herself on /that/ topic? Releasing a cross between a look of pure anger, humiliation, and just looking like she would cry. "Fine. I'd rather leave here, I'm obviously of no importance."

Dalaynia looks almost as if about to say something and then sighs again as she closes her mouth. "Then your duty is to report to Master Myra at the Keroon Crafthall as soon as you arrive there." she says in a too quite voice, who is really feeling the weight of her own duties.

Lilah stubbornly shrugs, "I'll be sure of that. And I might as well figure out something else to do there than specialize in foals, since the only reason why I came to Ista was because their program was so much better and productive." Trying to avoid explode in anger, and begin verbally listening who all she blames and why, which would be extremely bad.

Dalaynia nods softly and sighs "I am sorry, please believe that. I do not like doing this, and I hate loosing a mentee." she turns away for a moment, was that a tear in her eye?

Lilah continues to shake her head, "Then I suppose I'm of no use in here anymore?" Wiping her hands off on her pants, smearing straw and dirt all over her pants. "I guess I'd be best off going up to the dorms and packing, best be at the Hall and working on /something/ at the Hall." Mumbling softly about, truly earning a promotion, not like some who hardly do anything..but..that's her opinion..

Dalaynia turns back at Lilah and arches a brow "And you think your attitudes will earn you a promotion?" she asks, catching the faint mumble. "And just who do you think didn't earn it?" she asks her eyes flashing a bit at the implied slight to the ability of teh Craft to know whether or not someone has earned the right.

Lilah reflects a glare towards Dalaynia, yes she can be angry, "I guess you can figure why my attitude stinks now!" Snapping softly, "Tons of people, but I prefer /not/ to say who, because who knows I could hurt someone's feelings." Cracking her knuckles idly, offering a look of 'Let me go, I'm not wanted here, and I don't want to be here anymore.'

Dalaynia eyes Lilah "Tons of people? And I bet you believe you've earned it? You who give your superiors nasty looks? Yes I think the attitude stinks because I expected better out of you." she sighs softly. "I think you prefer not to say because your thoughts are based solely on jealously and are otherwise unfounded. Shards girl, where do you think you are? Some laid back hold. And who do you think we are? Lazy herdbeasts with manure for brains?"

"Oh please! And who /doesn't/ give other Masters and Journeymen nasty looks? I've seen many of 'lower ranking' do so!" Snorting, "I never said I earned it, and I surely didn't assume I'd get promoted. Though I know for a fact I at least work hard for it, compared to /some/. Jealousy, could be, but hardly enough because I know /I/ do things truthfully!" Lashes fluttering as she still holds back tears, "I could you even say you expected better out of me, if you did you would have said something sooner instead of not informing me, and thus telling me it's out of hand! And you think it was okay to do that to /me/?"

Dalaynia cocks her head a bit "It is expected of apprentices to show the proper respect, and most get their own punishments as well, if they are caught. I was elected for this nasty task because I am your Mentor. Shards girl, you took an oath when you joined. Does that mean nothing to you? I expected it from you because of those oaths. Where is your loyalty to the craft? Your actions betray the craft. Where is your obedience to your superiors?"

Lilah snorts some, "Oathes, psht. I'm always the one singled out for such things, no one ever believe /me/ that others disobey Masters and don't treat them with respect. At least /I/ don't go around like some who go about speaking of such behind their backs like they never even existed. But what's the point? What was I /thinking/ when I became your mentee? What convinced me that I wanted to come to Ista so badly? I can't /wait/ to go to Keroon now! I can get away from you and all the people around here!" Ouch?

Dalaynia snorts a bit herself "Are you not even listening? I just told you, others get punished as well. Shells, it's not like we are kicking you out. Like some we have done in the past. You've got potential girl. And the only reports I have about you are from those who are not apprentices. " she notes and just shakes her head. "I could also say what was I thinking when I took you on? I don't take on just anyone." she sighs softly "Why do you think I gave you a foal to train? One of my own? One to work with before you were even an apprentice? I tend not to give one of my mentees a foal until then. But you showed potential, you've got skill girl, but you're still young, still hot headed." she sighs softly "Do you think I enjoy doing this? Do you think I enjoy loosing a prized mentee?" she trails off a little, her voice becoming choked with feeling.

"Like I said, oathes or no oathes, if you actually cared about loosing me or any of your mentees, wouldn't you just go and tell them to shape up? Pausing Lilah states, "Or should I next time write the oath on a piece of paper and take it everywhere with me, because obviously I wasn't liked enough by my own mentor, who couldn't even hint to me to get my act together."

Dalaynia sighs softly "Obviously nothing I can say will mean anything to you. Shards girl do you think I have a choice sometimes?" she slumps down onto a bench, suddenly looking very tired. She is silent for a moment or two. "And what if I went against Master Myra's request that you go back to Keroon?"

Lilah smirks, "You'd get in trouble, of course. What was /I/ thinking?" Shaking her head a bit, "What's the use? I might as well be leaving this place now. Maybe even the Craft itself, I give respect towards people, and I don't get it back, /that/ is why my attitude stinks. I doubt it'll improve at /this/ rate."

Dalaynia eyes Lilah "You call your looks and your attitude towards your superiors respect? You have a lot to learn then." she notes and then shakes her head "Maybe it is for the best that you go to Keroon. I can see why I've heard complaints about you then, if this is the way you act towards others."

Lilah shakes her head, "I didn't just say that. I said that I treat people with respect but I get none in return. Thus I act the way I have, I guess /you/ have never had such a thing happen, or should I not assume things?" Psht. "Nobody even knows me. I /tried/ and I failed."

Dalaynia cocks her head "What do you expect girl? People to be bowing down before you? You forget who you are, an apprentice. We do not have to show you respect, and you are acting above yourself if you respect it from people who rank you."

Lilah snorts, "I never said that I had to have the same respect, I'm not stupid." Smirking some, "I suppose maybe /I/ was raised a child to have good manners, unlike many in this Craft. I guess I shouldn't be myself than, should I?"

Dalaynia is seeming less and less sympathetic as she was earlier. "If that's the way you feel? I can't stop you from wallowing in self pity, or an over sized ego." she snorts "Shards girl you had your chance here. And /you/ screwed it up. Not someone else. Though I can't help it if you blame your own faults on others. I guess I can't expect any less."

Dalaynia sighs softly as she just hangs her head and says nothing more. If the girl wants to hate her, that is her choice. Even if her opinion of her hurts, though perhaps it's the truth? She's a sorry excuse for a mentor, isn't she? Another sigh is given. "I will miss you." she says softly and with that she turns away to attend to her newest foal, tears streaming down her face.

Lilah stands up from slumping against an empty stall door. Sympathetic? Lilah? Maybe a bit, seeing an adult become all weepy makes her melt, bad thing at times! Muttering softly, "I'm sorry for being a disgrace." It's kind of weird how women in general have bizarre mood swings within a short period of time, no? Stepping towards the exit tossing one look over her shoulder to glance at her ex-mentor before towards the Dorms.

Lilah walks to the Main Stables.

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